Get Over It

Chapter I

~By Pixie~

I blanched. My eyes were wide. Trapped. Now I'm done for.

"Miss Evans?" Professor McGonagall said again, persistently and then resolved to glare at me with pursed lips.

"I-I didn't…do… it," I stuttered, honestly I was going to kill those guys later on.

"Well the Great Hall didn't get filled with charmed banners without any help," my transfiguration teacher, and also the Head of Gryffindor (my house) said almost sarcastically "you are the top of your Charms class-and obviously the prime suspect here."

"But," I protested, "I honestly didn't do it. Well not all of it," I muttered under my breath.

"What was that?"

"Nothing Professor," I said sweetly, hoping that the innocent-school-girl routine would work. "But I honestly didn't do it." I crossed my fingers behind my back. Well I didn't do all of it. God am going to kill those guys for this later.

"Weeeell," Professor McGonagall said with a raised eyebrow-she still wasn't convinced I was innocent. "I can't convict you of something that can't be proven. Take this as a warning. Next time-detention."

I nodded, looking concerned "Of course Professor." Like I hadn't had had a detention before in my life. I resisted the urge to roll my eyes.

"You may go now Miss Evans," she told me and I gratefully escaped her office and made my way to the Gryffindor Tower.


It was all those stupid boys' fault. Honestly, all right, so they wanted to pull a prank on the Slytherin's. They didn't have to get me involved did they? Nooo. But did they? Of course, why not! I wasn't actually really mad at them, sort of more amused than anything, because they really do hate it when other people get credit for their work. Credit meaning an interrogation by McGonagall and possibly a detention. But I suppose it was sort of my prank too, after all I had charmed the banners (twenty in all) to flash "Stinky Slytherin's sit here" over the Slytherin table. The words weren't mine, the idea wasn't mine, and I certainly hadn't wanted to do it (not much anyway), but you know.

It's all part of the fun. My name is Lily Evans, and I'm going insane. Slowly but surely, I'm slipping away into that un-chartered territory where people like Sirius Black are considered normal. No, I'm not really going insane and I'm not going sailing to a foreign land, Sirius Black definitely isn't normal, but I am Lily Evans and a compulsive book-aholic. Honestly, if it's printed and distributed to the masses, I'd be surprised if I haven't read it. With some exceptions of course, I draw the line at paperback romance novels that you'll normally find your mother or grandmother reading, to be horribly stereotypical, and I don't tend to read picture books anymore.

Obviously, from that you should be able to realize that I'm a Muggleborn. Born just outside of Kent, moved to London at age three. Not that I remember all that much of Kent, but I assume it is a nice place. Also, I go to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Yep. I'm a freak. Ha. Petunia (my sister) is the freak. Honestly, who co-ordinates pink with a shocking custard yellow? Perhaps its something "non-freaks" understand.

Anyway, I'm a sixth year now, yes that's right, sweet sixteen and all, and I'm also a prefect. Not that you'd be able to tell. But anyway, my friends are the mischievous Marauders, otherwise known as Remus Lupin, Sirius Black, Peter Pettigrew and they're misguided by none other than James Potter. I approached the Fat Lady.

"Lexitalionis," I said, hating the fact that our passwords were mostly Latin these days. So damned hard to remember. The Common Room was half full, as it was after school and I could spot out the objects of my thoughts easily.

"You four are going to pay for that," I declared as I strolled over to where they were sitting and squished on the couch beside Remus.

"Pay for what?" Peter asked, with a confused look on his face.

Sirius rolled his dark eyes, and James groaned, "The prank Peter," then he turned to me "So, did McGonagall get up you?"

"Sort of. I mean, she wanted to give me detention, but she had no proof," I said offhandedly "you know you guys could have stayed around so I wasn't singled out."

James and Sirius shook their heads immediately, with an almost frightened look on their faces.

"We couldn't Lily," Remus said "McGonagall told us yesterday, one more stuff up and we're all banned from Hogsmeade."

"Oh yes," I mused, remembering hearing all about it the day before "you guys are terrible. Second week of school for the year, and you're already almost banned. We haven't even had a Hogsmeade weekend yet."

"Too true," Peter said dejectedly.

"Well we just have to behave for a bit," James said solemnly.

I snorted.  "As if!"

"Or just not get caught," Sirius said with a cunning grin.

"That's more like it," Remus said.

"Remmy!" I admonished, poking him in the ribs "You're the sensible one. Be…sensible."

"Are you serious? Me, be sensible with these twats around all the time? I don't think so," he replied with a grin and copped the light punches the other boys gave him. It was amazing how much he'd changed since our first year, and even our third year. Once a upon a year ago, Remus Lupin was the quietist and more introverted guy at Hogwarts. But something happened, and he got admitted into the elite group of lunatics that are our friends and hey presto- he's laughing and joking and slightly less uptight.

"Remus, you should know by now that I'm not Sirius," I said, using possibly the most over used cliché known to man at Hogwarts. Regardless of how un-humorous it apparently is to everyone else I proceeded to crack up laughing. The boys just shook their heads at me.

"Honestly Lily," James said almost aspirated, after I finished chortling for four minutes "you have the worst sense of humor, well if you can call it humor."

I shrugged "And? You're point is?"

"It's weird," he replied

"And you're not," I said without missing a beat

"No I'm not, I'm quite normal thank you very much,"

"Whatever. Get over it," I got up from where I was sitting. "I'm going to the kitchens to get some food, who's coming?"

"Got to do homework," James stated.

"Same," Remus said

Sirius grinned, "I've got homework too actually,"

"And what about you Peter? Homework too?" I couldn't believe what I was hearing. The Marauders, putting schoolwork before food? Certainly something to tell your grandchildren about.

The smallest boy nodded "Yep. It's part of our "stay out of trouble" plan."

"And how long have you all been on with that plan," I said skeptically. It so wasn't going to last.

"Well, you came in about five minutes ago, so," James said seriously "six minutes."

I chuckled "Riight, and how long are you hoping to stay out of trouble for?"

"Another week," Peter almost squeaked. The pressure was getting to him I think. I mean, six minutes without breaking a single rule…that was totally not their thing.

I nodded, trying to keep my face straight, but I couldn't keep from raising an eyebrow skeptically.

"Well I'm going, its' not like it's breaking a rule," I said

"Yeah, but we might get tempted," Sirius said, winking at me.

"Oh yes, a trip with me to the kitchens, its just soo seductive of me to try and pull that," I deadpanned.

"But of course," Sirius returned, "all those House Elves in the kitchens…I mean, whoa-they're sexy beasts."

"Err," I said sarcastically "you do realize they're not technically 'beasts'."

"Yep, I just like saying 'sexy beast'."

"Alright, that's it, I'm going now," I said, mock horrified. "You guys are just too strange for me." I brushed invisible creases from my skirt theatrically as I stood up, and walked slowly to the door, trying to put the guy's resolve to the test. As if they could really resist food. Sure it was before dinner and all, but still boys will be boys.

"Lily! I've been looking everywhere for you," Arabella Figg exclaimed as I almost walked straight into her as I had been looking over my shoulder. "We've got to get started on that assignment."

I groaned, spotting the totally stocked book bag she was carrying. "Do we have to start right now?" I protested. Stupid ruddy herbology assignment.

"Yes, we do Lily," Arabella's brown eyes narrowed, and exasperation was written all over her pale face. "Remember what happened last time we put an assignment off. We had to stay up all night and almost failed!"

"You know, that wasn't entirely that bad, and practically the rest of the class failed anyway," I replied.

"No, we're going to get started right now," she said, straightening her pony tail

"Listen to her," James called out, overhearing our conversation "we've only got about twenty minutes before dinner anyway."

Arabella looked at me expectantly. I was totally caged. There was no way in hell I was going to be able to get out of this one. And it was only for a bit.

"Fine." I said grudgingly and allowed myself to be shepherded over to a pair of arm chairs.


Five hours later, after dinner (which consisted of Peter and Sirius having an eating contest and Peter just narrowly winning by default), I was lying in bed, feeling utterly dead when the rest of the girls decided it was time for a giggly gossip session. I rolled over and tried to block out the noise with my pillow. Honestly, I should know by now that nothing sort of a silencing spell could shut up or block out the noise that Jenny and Tara's voices make.

"Shut up, shut up, shut up," Arabella chanted under her breath from her bed on my right. I turned over to look at her lying there, eyes screwed up and fists visibly balled on the top of her quilt.

"Do you reckon if we threaten to hole up the showers in the morning if they don't shut up they will?" I whispered to her.

"No," Arabella sighed, opening her eyes and facing me ruefully "I don't think they'll ever shut up. Although we could try," she said just as Jenny exclaimed in her shrill voice, "Oh my Lord!" (it's so much classier than God! You know…) "Are you kidding me! You're kidding me! James Potter and"-

"Oh would you two shut up?!" I yelled, sitting straight upright and glaring at them full blast before she could finish.

Tara's blue eyes widened and she bit her lip "We were just talking,"

"No you weren't," I reprimanded "you were giggling and shrieking girlishly at maximum sound. Some of us are trying to sleep!"

"Fine!" Jenny sniffed, "We'll be quiet then."

"I'll believe it when I see it," I muttered, but laid back down and attempted to go back to sleep.

"Night Arabella," I said sleepily, over the pairs still audible giggling.

"Night Lily, and remember we've got study group at six so you can't be late or forget," she mumbled.

"Yeah, yeah, get over it I'll be there," I said before slipping off to sleep.


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