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S&S hey guys just a heads up this is still the same story but i've turned it from a oneshot to a 3 part chapter storyalso yes if you have been watching season 7 you know who Alice's parents are by now but i wrote this before we learned the truth. Happy Halloween everyone here is my Halloween treat to you all and I needed a bit of a pick me up. And if anyone has seen last Friday's ep beauty you all understand YES, it's a LONG one short if you don't like long one shorts don't read. This is an AU of season 7 which only includes some of the faces from the season 7 show like tilly Lucy and Cinderella plus some storylines yes there is a captain swan baby in this and Henry did leave Storybrooke at 18 years old but that's it, with how it intertwines with the season 7 show no curse or Seattle just good old Storybrooke with everyone living out their happy lives

Note: Henry is 28 so is Cinderella. Gideon is 12 Lucy is 3 (Cinderella and Henry Married when they were 25 then had Lucy a year later at the age of 26) Belle was 17 when she made the deal with Rumple in the EF. 18 when she was kidnapped and was 18 until the curse broke she was 22 when she had Gideon and is now 35 Tilly is 1 Robin is 14 and Neal is 15

Title: Family

Author: Suns and stars

Pairings: Rumple/ Belle Henry /Cinderella hook/ Emma snow/ David

Genre: family/ humour

Warnings: spoilers for season 7 Characters also AU

Rating: K

Disclaimer: I do not own OUAT

Intro: it's Halloween morning and the families of Storybrooke are getting ready to welcome home a much loved and missed member

****31st of October 2029 Storybrooke****

The town was in a tizzy it was Halloween, and everyone was decorating the town full of pumpkins spider webs and other Halloween decorations but none were Happier for this day then the Joan's Mills and Gold Families for their son and grandson and nephew would be making the trip back home after being away for 10 years.

***The Golds****

Rumple was sitting at the table and Belle was at the stove cooking a Halloween breakfast while their 12-year-old son Gideon was playing with his 1-year old sister Tilly

Little Tilly kept screaming high pitch squeals each time Gideon mentioned their Nephew Henry

His parents laugh

"Calm down Tilly sweetie" said Rumple.

Belle looks up after putting the plate of skeleton pancakes with chocolate toping down on the table.

"Gideon Honey don't wind her up"

Gideon looks up from playing with his little sister and grinned an all too familiar grin

"You mean don't feed the madness because it will feed on you don't you mama"

His parents just looked at him in shock before looking at each other and bursting into Laughter

"I think you two have been hanging out with your uncle Jeff too much" said Rumple.

"Breakfast is ready so come eat" Belle tells the pair.

Standing up Gideon picks up his little sister and walks into the Kitchen setting her into the highchair and strapping her in before taking his own seat, So the gold enjoyed their family Meal.

"Well papa I go where tilly goes and she dose like to be babysat by uncle Jeff and besides does take after you, so uncle Jeff gave her nick name.

Oh lord Rumple thought.

"Ok what is the nick name" he asked.

Although he cringed at the thought of WHAT the Mad Hatter could think up for a nick name for his sweet Tilly regarding him.

"Little Miss Madness" said Giedion almost proudly

Belle sat there with her mouth hung open.

"Ok just wait until I see that Hatter" she said

Rumple reach over and lay a hand on his wife's hand trying to calm the storm he can see brew in her eyes before turning back to his son.

"Ok son WHY did he give her THAT nick name?" asked Rumple

"Oh, because you had the case of the crazies back in your old world and uncle Jeff does say Tilly take after YOU more than, Mama So Little miss madness was born

***Mills Home***

Zelena and her daughter Robin were visiting Regina after they got the news that their nephew/ cousin Henry was coming home for Halloween. The family were in the living room Regina was pacing back and forth about 2 hours ago she got a Mirror call from Henry saying he was coming home and well she was having a freak out which brought her older sister and niece to her door.

"Yo Aunt Gina sit down before you wear a hole in the floor" said her 14-year-old niece Robin.

"I can't dear my baby's coming home after 10 YEARS" said Regina.

Who was gripping her hair in her excitement.

Robin rolled her eyes and with a little bit of magic she produced a pill and made her way over to her MAJORLY stressed out Aunt.

"Here Aunt Gina take this" she said

Handing the pill to her Aunt.

Regina gave her Niece a suspicious look.

"Come on Aunt Gina just take it maybe it will help you RELAX" said Robin.

Regina rolled her eyes and took the pill only to feel like she had been sipping a Slurpee but then heard a crunch and she squeezed her eyes

"Damn Robin its ice" said Regina.

"Well they don't call it a chill pill for nothing" said Robin

Who stood there with a grin

Zelena gave a snort of laughter.

Regina wrapped an arm around her niece's neck and began messing up her brown red locks.

"Ah Aunt Gina knock it off" she yelled with laughter

"Fine" said Regina letting her Niece go

What are you laughing at witch" she playfully said to her sister.

Before picking up a throw pillow and throwing it at her that started a small pillow fight amongst the three of them.

After they calmed down they fell back on the sofa with Robin laying across her mother and Aunt

"So, what else did Henry say?" asked Zelena.

While running her hands though her daughter hair.

"Nothing much just that he has a Halloween surprise for his family"

"Uh mum Aunt Gina why is it Roland and I never got to see our dad on this day but Gideon gets to see his brother you get to see your dad Aunt Gina, hell I think even Snow got to see her parents on this day every year but Roland and I don't ever see dad why is that I asked little Johan each time I went to stay with him Roland and the others, but all Little Johan would say is ask your mother and each time I asked, you would always say I'll tell you when you're older "

Zelena and Regina look at one another and nodded they knew it was time

Taking a deep breath Zelena pulled her daughter up into a sitting position.

"Honey it was during a time when I was madly in love with a god name Hades we both were trying to take over Storybrooke but he was more power hungry then I ever knew he put together to pieces of a powerful weapon called the Olympian Crystal, Hades then tried killing your Aunt but your father saved her and was killed with the Olympian Crystal and because of that he was destroyed even his soul he just evaporated which mean he was never able to come visit on this day because he has no soul he was never able to be a sprite" said Zelena

who had tears running down her face as did Regina and Robin

"But he loved you sweetie he really did" said Regina

Running her hand over her hair and kissing her head.

***The Jones house****

Emma was in the newly made nursery fretting over her son's return and how to let him know that she is with child. Killian smile as she watches his wife fret before making his way into the nursery.

"Come now love it will be alright" said Killian

Wrapping his arms around his newly pregnant wife.

"It won't, he's coming home after 10 years he's going to feel like I'm replacing him I gave him up but I'm keeping this babe" she said.

Placing her hands on her still flat stomach.

Leaning back into her husband she spies his flask.

"You know what this situation calls for" she says.

Reaching out for the flask.

"OHHH NO you don't Mrs. Jones" he says pulling the flask away from her.

"Uh come on just a sip you know how much rum de stresses me" Emma whined

"Aye love I do but not in your condition" says Killian.

"So instead how about we go see mummy and grab you a hot cocoa with Cinnamon"

as he walked her out of the nursery

"Can it have…" asked Emma only to be cut off by her husband

"NO" said Killian

***Charming house***

Snow was in the kitchen cooking and humming away being her overly chipper self, David was sorting though some paper work from the sheriff's office

And their 15-year-old son Neal was in the living room playing video games

Yet they all looked up when the doorbell rang.

"I'll get it" said Snow

Walking out of the kitchen down the hall to the front door opening it she smiled at seeing her daughter and Son in law on their door step Killian stood there with a goofy grin on his face and Emma looked a little stressed

"Hello there, mummy" said Killian cheerfully.

Snow rolled her eyes but stepped back to allow them to enter, only Killian to flinch seconds later when his mother in law smacked the back of his head, she then went to hug her daughter.

"You look tired dear come in and sit down."

Placing her arm around her daughter

"She's not tired she's stressed after all the lads coming home after 10 years and she is worried about how he will react to her being pregnant and we all know that when she's stressed she wants rum but in this case, she can't have any" said Killian.

They were close to the kitchen, so David over heard the conversion and put his own.2 cents in

"You bloody better not be allowing my pregnant daughter any rum Hook or swords will be clashing and who knows maybe an arrow or two will be flying" said David

"So, you brought her over here, so I could make her a cup of hot cocoa with cinnamon" said Snow

As the three of them walked into the kitchen.

"Yes, after all you never gave me the recipe for that cocoa and well in her state she most likely will be putting rum in it so it's off to mummy and dads" said Killian

Snow sat her daughter down then Killian looked around.

"Hey where is the laddie?"

"He's in the living room playing Video games" said David

"alright love, take it easy" he whispers

Kissing her temple, he left the kitchen hoping her parents can help her de stress and went to find his brother in law.

****Many hours later****

All the families Golds Charming's Jones and Mills heading off to Granny's.

Entering the diner, they were greeted by Granny and it was a day reserved for just them the place was set up as it was many years ago AFTER the final battle.

They all too their place in a similar fashion to the night after the battle.

They all started talk about memories over the years with mirror calls or Henry just popping up in a mirror without warning.

"Oh, I remember our first anniversary" said Emma.

Smiling at Killian and grabbing his hook.

"I was in the bathroom doing my make up in the Mirror and was just applying my red lipstick when he pops out and Screamed, MUM in the end he made me look like the joker, so I had to redo my lip stick, cheeky" said Emma shaking her head.

That got a few laughs

"I remember I was about 5 months pregnant with Tilly I was in our room just fixing up my outfit and hoping it still fits and he appears saying your beautiful grandma and before I could throttle him for calling me grandma he was gone" said Belle.

Emma sighed.

"He reminds me so much of his father, Neal oh he was. Just…just… it made me wanna" said Emma

Her hands imitating the chock hold on her self

"Hey, I was never like that thank you very much sissy" yelled Neil

"I was talking about your name sake you, royal pain" Emma counted.

"Yes, I know what you mean Mrs. Joan's Bae was just like that, loved to play a prank or two" Rumple reply's wistfully.

Belle smiled reaches across the table and squeezed his hand.

"best thing about tonight along with this time of year every year is I get to see my BB" said Gideon.

Rumple and Belle chuckled while the others smiled.

They were still chatting away when they all heard the door open Regina looked up and froze in walked 28-year-old Henry with a woman and child it took a minuet for all of them to relies it was henry and once they did the young man was bombarded with his family.

Henry laughs and hugs all he can until a high-pitched squeal made them all turn to Tilly

"Little miss madness feels left out" said Gideon.

"Little Miss Madness?" Henry asked turning to his Uncle Gideon.

"Uncle Jeff's nick name for her because she so much like papa"

"How so Uncle Gideon?" asked Henry.

"Well at times from the stories I have heard Papa can go out of his mind nuts bonkers a case of the crazies and act like he's not all there in the head" said Gideon.

Henry blenched

"Uncle Gideon don't be so mean to grandpa" said Henry

"Come off it Henry we all know that he's not all there" said Regina.

Smirking over at her former teacher.

"Thank you, dearie" said Rumple giving her a small bow.

They all sat around the table chatting while Henry walks over to Tilly and picks her up

"Look at you Aunt Tilly haven't you grown do you know who I am?" asked Henry

Right on cue she throws up all over him.

Gideon snorts and burst out laughing

Neal on the other hand was holding his stomach and laughing his head off.

"Ha, ha what a welcome home gift I'm just glad it wasn't me this time nephew" said Neal

Yet poor Robin looks like she was going to be sick

Little Lucy she made a face of disgust

Belle grabbed some whips from the baby bag while Rumple took his daughter back from his grandson.

After finishing cleaning, himself up he introduced his two companions.

"Everyone I'd like you to meet my wife Cinderella, but she prefers people to call her Ella and our 3-year-old daughter Lucy" said Henry

Silence followed before it all broke loose with Regina and Emma being the mothers that they are began doing what mothers do interrogate. after the pair calmed down Killian calming Emma and Zelena calming Regina the two new members of the Mills Joins family got introduced to their husband/ father's family for a while they all sat around happily chatting and Getting to know one another.

Henry grinned over at both sets of grandparents

"Which means not only are both mum and mother grandmothers" he said looking at the pair who suddenly turned white

"But that would also make you four great grandparents" he told them with a cheeky grin

"Oh, my boy, don't make feel older then I already feel" said Rumple.

Putting his arms on the table and his head in his hands.

"Grandpa you're not old your ANCIENT"

Gideon bit his lip and Belle placed a hand over her mouth Neal ducked under the table while Robin pinched the bridge of her nose and just shook her head, Killian held his breath and looked away the others just looked at anything other than the dark one.

"After all your what 206?" he asked even though Henry knew he was slightly off.

"218 years old if you must know" Rumple huffed in mock annoyance while folding his arms.

He saw Ella eyes widened after Lucy whispered something into her mother's ear

"See grandma I knew grandpa was too old for you" Henry joked.

"Henry Daniel Mills don't make me tattle on you to your father tonight" said Belle

"What's he going to do besides roll around on the ground laughing"

Killian let go and laughed.

"Good one mate"

"Hey, you're one to talk pirate your too old for my mum to you know you're in your early 200's after all

That shut the pirate up

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