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'Zanpakuto thinking'

Chapter 2: New World


'Ow ow ow ow ow.'

Hitsugaya groaned with pain upon waking up. Gritting his teeth, he opened his eyes and found himself in a forest.


As the diminutive captain started to stand, simultaniously grunting with the effort, he analysed his surroundings. He found some wierd squirrel-like creature staring at him from on top of a log.

'Master, are you all right?'

'Just peachy. Thank you for asking.'

'There's no need to get sassy.'

'Sorry, but I can't help it. Not when I feel like I just got stepped on by Komomura's bankai.'

'Now that would be amusing to watch.'

'Sadist. Anyways, where are we?'

'No idea.'

'Wow Hyorinmaru, aren't you just the most useful~ zampakuto.'

'Thank you. I try.'

Hitsugaya rolled his eyes at the comment while continuing to stand. However, he stopped when he realised something.

Snapping his gaze back to the log he saw that the squirrel creature was still there, staring at him. He stared back. Soul Society didn't have any animals like the one before him. Plus, there was an odd reishi in the air. It felt different yet strangly familiar.

'We'll worry about that later Master. For now we have slightly bigger problems.'

'Like what?'

'The fact that you're bleeding out.'

Looking down, Hitsugaya found that he was was indeed losing a fair amount of blood. However, that wasn't what caught his eye. Teal eyes widened at the sight of the prodigy's right arm, which happened to look very different.

The fact that it looked like it belonged to a different species being that difference.

Hitsugaya yelped and crawled over to a nearby pond. Looking at his reflection, he saw the extent of the change.

After moving his sleeve the boy saw that his arm had become slightly larger with soft white feathers covering it up to his shoulder. His fingernails had been replaced with sharp, ice like claws that looked as if they could rip through steel. As he stared, the captain could feel himself be filled with panick.

'Wha... What happened to me!?

'Master, calm down.'

'I can't calm down! Not when I look like a cross between a swan and godzilla!'

'I knew it was a bad idea to let you watch that human movie.'


'Because yelling isn't going to get us anywhere. We have more important matters to take care of, like healing those wounds.'

Looking down once more, Hitsugaya found that he was still bleeding freely. Quickly, he muttered a healing kido to close the wounds so that he wouldn't pass out from blood loss.

'Once you close the more major wounds we should look around the area. Judging from what we've seen so farI believe it is safe to assume we are no longer in Soul Society. Or the Living World for that matter, seeing as there is to much reishi in the air. That makes figuring out where we are our first priority.'

'That makes sense.'

'We should also avoid any people for now since we have no idea how they will react to your... unique appearance.'


After 15 minutes of healing, Hitsugaya got up and started walking. He felt multiple eyes on him, probably from animals, although that wasn't the only thing he noticed.

'... I'm being stalked by that wierd chickmunk, aren't I?'


'... You know what? I honestly don't have the energy to chase it away.'

'I'm not complaining. At least we'll have something to eat once we find shelter.'


Hyorinmaru laughed while the 'mouse' followed behind the white haired boy, oblivious to his inner conversation. This was going to be a long day.


"So, should we take another mission? I know we went on one yesterday but it didn't pay much and rent is due in a few days."

Lucy, Natsu, Happy, Gray and Erza were sitting in the guild hall, discussing whether or not they should take another mission.

"Let's just take one already. It's not like we're gonna miss anything here."

Getting up, Natsu walked over to the request board to search for something with a decent pay.

Happy, who had flown over with Natsu, pointed at a mission for 500,000 jewel but was ignored. Instead the pyro picked up another mission, completely silent. Confused about the lack of noise, Happy flew up to take a look.

"Hmm. It says that a monster has been terrorising a village in the East. They want it killed for 600,000 jewel. That's... uh..."

"120,000 jewel each."

"Yeah, thanks Loopy."


"Whatever. Anyways, it looks like a fun job. You wanna take it Natsu?"

Happy waited for a response, but one never came. Natsu just stared at the mission.

"... We're taking this one."

Before Happy and the others could respond Natsu was already walking towards the bar where Mira was serving food.

"I wonder what's wrong with him."

"No idea. Let's just get this mission over and done with so I can go home and have a bath."

As Natsu placed the request on the counter, a rumble of approval sounded from deep within a molten volcano. Unheard by all.


"Uuugggghhh. I'm soo hungryyy. Need fooood."


"Quit your wining. We're almost at the village."

"Aww, come on Erza. You've gotta have some food hidden somewhere in that big wagon thing of yours-"



Lucy couldn't help but sweatdrop slightly as her teammates argued. Honestly, they had no idea what inside voices were. Turning, the blond decided to talk to Gray who happened to currently be the sanest person in their team. And that was a terrifying thought.

"So Gray, what are we going to do once we get to the village?"

"First we'll talk to the one who submitted the request and figure out what this monster looks like and where it was last seen. Once we do that we'll search the general area and see if Natsu can pick up anything."

"Sounds good to me. Oh, and Gray..."


"Your clothes."


Once Gray put his clothes on, the team continued walking until they spotted their destination on the outskirts of a large forest.

"YES! Come on Happy, maybe they'll have food!"


Before the others could even say anything the duo rushed towards the town. Sighing in exasperation, the rest of the group followed.

It was then that they heard screams.

Running over, the wizards saw a group of monkey-like creatures holding multiple screaming women in their hands.

"Vulkens." Natsu said the name with disgust as he aspproached. Spotting him, the monsters ran into the forest while taking the women with them.


"Natsu, wai-" but it was to late. The pyro was already running after the stupid monkeys. Scowling, Erza -who was muttering something along the lines of "I swear I better get a larger cut for all the crap I have to deal with"- and the others ran after the moron.

"Wait, who are you people?!"

Looking back, Lucy smiled at thevillagers who had called out to them and held up her right hand for them to see.

"Don't worry! We're members of Fairy tail!"

Not waiting for a response she continued running. Eventually, the group made it into a clearing with the vulkens who grinned creepily as they surrounded the team. Setting his fist on fire, Natsu jumped up at one of the monsters. However, said monster blocked him using one of the kidnapped women. This caused Natsu to pull back just in time to avoid hitting the girl but also left him open to an attack, an opening the creature had every intention of exploiting. Pulling back it's other fist, the vulken hit the pyro into a tree.


Standing up, the dragon slayer wiped his mouth while grinning reassuringly at Lucy to show her he was fine.

Nodding back, the blond unsheathed her keys.

"All right you stupid monkeys, time to feel the pain. Open, Gate of the Golden Bull! TAURUS!"

Jabbing the key into the ground, a huge cow burst through the opened gate while mooing loudly. Turning, he compimented Lucy in her appearance.

"Looking as fine as ever Lucy. You're making me drool just looking at that sweet bod of yours."

"You can compliment me later. For now I need you to get rid of these vulkens."

Turning, Taurus unsheathed his large axe.

"Sure thing Lucy. Hey, maybe once I'm done here you can give me a smoooooch as a prize."

Ignoring the blond's spirit, the other wizards started fighting as well. Natsu, who once again set his fists aflame, practically flew into the vulkens. Dodging under the flying charred bodies of the defeated monkeys Erza and Taurus cut through multiple enemies, leaving Gray and Lucy to catch the falling women and lead them to safety.

Said blond smiled as she looked at the destruction her teammates had already caused.

'They never change. It's always hit first and then ask questions later.'

Turning to check on Taurus's progress, Lucy's eyes widened.

There, behind her, was a vulken with it's fist raised, ready to crush her. And she wasn't the only one who noticed.



He wouldn't make it in time. The vulken grinned as it brought it's fist down, time seeming to slow as it did so. Scrunching her eyes shut, Lucy braced herself for the impact.

But nothing came. Opening her eyes, the celestial wizard coun't have been more shocked with what she saw.

In front of her was a small, white haired child with a sword as long as his body sheathed on his back, blocking the creature's blow using his beast-like arm.

Swiftly, he swept the monkeys arm to the side before jumping up. Once he was level with the creatures face he twisted his body to the side and delivered a powerful side kick to it's head, sending it flying into a nearby tree. Using his momentum to turn, the boy seemingly teleported to another vulken whom was dealt with quickly after a strong punch to it's stomach. Using said vulken as a spring board the child back-flipped into the air before twisting and sending a roundhouse kick to the neck of another monkey who had been trying to sneak up on Taurus. Landing, the boy turned to the three downed monsters, apparently unaware of the squirrel holding onto his hair for dear life.

The wizards couldn't help but gape slightly at the skill shown by the child. After all, he had just single-handedly defeated three vulkens with ease.

'Incredible. This child could be on par with Natsu and Gray. Maybe even myself.'

As Erza thought this she noticed the boy sway slightly, alerting her of what he was about to do. Jumping forward, she just managed to catch the child before he collapsed.

"... Da... Damn... it..."

The warrior barely heard those last whispered words before the boy passed out, the blood leaking though his clothes staining her armour red.


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