Title: Amongst the Ink and Pages

Summary: Eleven-year-old Ginny and twelve-year-old Luna's first meeting.

Rating: K+

Pairings: Ginny/Luna

Challenges: Can You Make It To The End Challenge - Round 2 - "Write about your OTP in Flourish and Blotts."

Once Upon A Time Characters Category Challenge-tition - Competition: Merlin - "Write about a Ravenclaw."

The Christmas Character Challenge - Gingerbread - "Write about Ginny Weasley."

Extra Notes: Enjoy!

Amongst the Ink and Pages

Molly Weasley held her daughter's hand tightly, terrified of losing the small girl in the crowd. Even though her shock of flame-red hair would probably make her very easy to spot, the mobs of people flooding Diagon Alley for back-to-school supplies worried her.

"Mum, you're hurting me!" Ginny complained.

Molly glanced down at their intertwined fingers, realizing that she was crushing the bones in Ginny's slim knuckles.

"Sorry, Ginny," she sighed, pushing one of her dark red curls out of her face and letting out a groan. "We have so much shopping to do before we meet up with the boys and your father."

"You don't have to take it out on my hand, though," Ginny grumbled. "Besides, it's Fred's fault that we have to do any shopping at all, really."

It was true. For Ginny's first year of Hogwarts, she usually would have been receiving the typical hand-me-down textbooks from Ron- after all, that was what the Weasleys had done every year. However, Fred had somehow managed to get his textbook eaten by a rogue hippogriff, which meant that Molly would have to take Ginny to Flourish and Blotts and get her a brand new one.

Molly sighed again. And they were so tight on money these days, anyway.

They finally reached the small bookstore, and Molly pushed open the door.

She tugged Ginny through the doorway, the tension in her shoulders easing when she realized the shop was nearly empty, except for another little girl and her father.

Ginny pulled her hand out of Molly's grasp and went wandering through the aisles of books, her eyes going wide as she took in the full array of magical titles.

Molly noticed as the other girl approached Ginny- maybe a year older, this girl was blonde and blue-eyed, wearing typical Hogwarts robes, a Ravenclaw scarf, and bright red shoes.

"Hi!" Molly heard the girl say to her daughter. "I'm Luna!"

"Hi," Ginny responded, smiling almost shyly. "Ginny Weasley."

"It's wonderful to meet you, Ginny," Luna said, grinning. "You aren't in my year, are you? I feel like I would have recognized you."

"Er, no," Ginny stammered. "I'm, um, just starting this year."

"Oh!" Luna beamed. "Best of luck! It's very fun, I promise. Maybe we could even be friends there?"

Molly watched as a faint blush appeared on Ginny's cheeks. She knew how long her daughter had been yearning for friends- the only people she really had were her brothers and all of their friends, and she had been getting increasingly tired of their boyish antics.

"I'd love to be friends," Ginny smiled.

Luna seemed thrilled. She took Ginny's hand and led her through the shelves, pointing out specific books and talking animatedly.

Molly's lips quirked upwards, amused. She had a feeling that Luna and Ginny were going to stay very good friends for a long, long time.

Maybe the fact that Fred had forced them to go out and buy new books wasn't a completely bad thing after all.