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Chapter 15: Restore And Farewells

Crystal held onto Beezlemon as he flew higher, making sure his young charge was holding on as they flew around a bit, checking for damage and the little girl giggled happily. "Faster, Beezlemon!" She pleaded.

"Hold on then," he said and flew faster, making her squeal in delight.

Rachel looked up when she heard her little sister's squeals and chuckled as she used her power to finish restoring part of the Digital World. With all of them pitching in along with all the Digimon, it wasn't long before the Digital World was fully restored and all traces of Kaos' magic and markings were erased from the world. "We did it!" Kairi exclaimed.

"And Kaos is back at his lair licking his wounds," Jamie said. "Hope he keeps his end of the truce."

"If he doesn't, I'll send the Mini Skylanders after him again," Rachel said.

Crystal giggled as Beezlemon landed lightly near them. "We'll tickle him into next month!" She declared, nearly falling off his partner's shoulder, but the tall Digimon caught her, suddenly chuckling as the little one was scrambling to climb back up his back to his shoulder, but her feet were scrabbling for purchase on the flying Digimon's side, which was actually tickling him. Crystal paused a moment before grinning and poking her fingers into his underarm.

"Hey!" He cried out in surprise through a yelp of laughter, making everyone laugh in amusement as Flamedramon stepped up, gently catching Crystal and playfully tickling her sides, making her giggle before the PawnChessmon tackled him playfully and it soon became a dog pile of Digimon with little Crystal scrambling fast to 'climb' the mountain of Digimon, making her older sister, friend, and cousin laugh heartily.

Just then, a blue portal opened and out stepped Master Eon, who was smiling. "Hello, Portal Masters," he said. "Hello to you Digimon as well."

"Master Eon!" Kairi called out happily as the four Portal Masters quickly gathered around him, happy to see the guardian of Skylands again.

He smiled again. "Well done, all of you," he said. "And now, my Portal Masters, are you ready to return home?"

The four Portal Masters looked at each other, happiness fading a little into sadness. "Yes, but…," Rachel began.

"That means we have to…say goodbye," Crystal said sadly.

Jamie looked down. "I'm…not sure I want to say goodbye," he said softly. "Because…,"

"We may never see our friends again," Kairi finished, looking over at the Digimon they had become close to in their time in the Digital World.

The Digimon looked equally unwilling to say goodbye as well and Master Eon gently smiled. "Portal Masters," he said, getting their attention. "It would be unfair to both you four and your new friends to part ways and never be allowed to see each other again."

The Fusion loaders glowed before the screens flashed. "Your Fusion loaders can now open the portals between the Digital World and Skylands," Master Eon said, smiling again. "You can visit your friends at any time and they can come to visit you in Skylands too."

"Really?" Jamie asked in surprise, his voice sounding hopeful.

The guardian of Skylands nodded. "They can contact you on your Fusion loaders whenever they wish to come see you and can call you too whenever they wish."

"So…we don't have to say goodbye!" Crystal exclaimed happily, hugging Beastmon, who giggled and returned the hug before the little girl grabbed Shoutmon and cuddled him.

"Hey! I'm not the cuddling kind!" He protested with huge eyes, pretending to try and get away, but in reality, he didn't mind, but his bug-eyed expression made everyone laugh in amusement.

Rachel then looked at Master Eon. "Master Eon, do you think…the Digimon can come with us and see Skylands?" She asked.

"I don't see why not," he replied with a smile.

The Digimon were in instant agreement and with a tap of Master Eon's staff, they were in Skylands. As the Digimon gazed around in wonder, some people and Skylanders came up to them and many broke into a run seeing the four Portal Masters.

"Mommy!" Autumn's voice carried over to them.

"Mama!" Speedlight's voice followed his little sister's cry.

Rachel ran toward them and dropped to her knees as her two children glomped her, hugging her and she hugged them back. "My little ones," she said, happy tears coming to her eyes. "I've missed you both."

"We missed you, Mommy," Autumn said.

Speedlight noticed the three Digimon behind his mother. "Mama, who are they?" He asked.

She smiled. "They are my Digimon partners," she replied. "They helped Mommy, Uncle Jamie, Aunt Crystal, and Aunt Kairi fight against Kaos."

"So these are the Tech Portal Master's children," Knightmon said, kneeling down, a smile in his voice. "You have two adorable children, Rachel."

"Thank you, Knightmon," she said.

Wisemon saw the two looking up at him and Angemon and both kneeled down to the children's height. "Hello, little ones," the scientist Digimon said.

"Brave like their mother," Angemon said.

Autumn and Speedlight warmed up to them and while they were learning about them, Rachel was swept off her feet by Magna Charge, who held her close and kissed her soundly. "My beautiful proton," he said, kissing her again deeply. "I missed you."

She chuckled, returning the loving kisses. "I missed you too, my magnetic charge," she said. "I'm glad to be back in your arms."

As they were hugging, Crystal spotted her two Sensei partners. "Boom Bloom! Starcast!" She called out, running to them.

"Crystal!" They both exclaimed, running towards her. The little one glomped Boom Bloom, who caught her and staggered back, bumping into Starcast, who scooped them both up in his four arms and hugging them as Crystal hugged them in return.

"Jamie!" Enigma's voice called out as he came running up to them.

"Enigma!" The boy called out, racing up to his partner and hugging him. The Magic Trapper lifted the boy off his feet and hugged him soundly, wrapping part of his cape around his young friend as Jamie clung to him.


Hearing her name, the Water Portal Master turned to find Thumpback racing towards her. "Thumpback!" She cried out, running up to him and letting him scoop her up in his arms. He held her close to him.

"My beautiful mermaid, you've returned," he said, kissing her right then and there. Giggling, she returned the kiss, holding onto him as he held her in a loving embrace.

Having heard the commotion, the other Portal Masters came out to see what had happened, along with the four returning Portal Masters' partners. Flare had been standing beside her father when she saw her three aunts and her uncle. "Auntie Rachel! Auntie Crystal! Auntie Kairi! Uncle Jamie!" She cried out, running full speed towards them.

"They're back!" Isabel cried out happily as she followed Flare and the others followed them.

Seeing the little pink ball of energy running up to her, Rachel caught the little one in her arms and hugged her. "Hey, sweetie," she said with a smile before letting the little one greet the others and she turned to hug Isabel and Blaze. "Thank you for leading the others while I was away, Blaze," she said to him.

"It was an honor, Rachel," he said with a bow as his youngest daughter, Viola, reached for the young woman, who accepted her and hugged her gently. "But I am glad you and the others have returned safe and sound."

"Believe me, so am I," the Tech Portal Master said with a smile. "But we couldn't have stopped Kaos without you guys here in Skylands helping us."

"That was something," Isabel said. "Good thing I recorded the minis and…whoever those other little guys were…tickling Kaos."

"The PawnChessmon," Rachel supplied helpfully as she lifted Viola up into the air, doing so again and making the little girl giggle happily. "And I'm glad Impmon got to you guys in time too. He didn't give you trouble, did he?"

"Just a little," Blaze said as he saw his youngest daughter reach for him and he lifted her up into the air too to make her laugh before chuckling. "But Isabel went into mother-mode and treated him like a son."

The three of them laughed heartily before Rachel yelped in surprise as she was lifted up into the air suddenly. "Rachel, you're alright," came Bouncer's familiar voice.

"Bouncer," she said, hugging him back.

Crystal and Jamie were scooped up by Scarlett Ninjini and Eye Brawl while Kairi was still in Thumpback's arms as he had yet to set her down. But she didn't mind. She loved him and she had missed him greatly.

The inhabitants of Skylands welcomed the Digimon warmly and Chef Pepperjack and Ghost Roaster declared a feast to welcome both the Digimon to Skylands and to welcome the Portal Masters home.

After the feast, the Digimon were ready to head back to their world and turned to the four humans they had become close to. "We will see you again soon," Renamon said.

Kairi hugged her and Gabumon. "Thank you, guys," she said. "I'm glad we're friends."

"Us too," Gabumon said.

"I am honored to be friends with the compassionate Water Portal Master," Leomon said, making Kairi blush a little before her face took on a look of surprise as he gave her a friendly kiss on the cheek, making her blush more. Thumpback took no offense to that and smiled, knowing the lion Digimon simply liked Kairi as a friend.

Jamie hugged Guilmon. "It was so cool to be partnered up with my favorite Digimon," the boy said.

"Guilmon liked being your partner too," the small red dinosaur said.

"To be friends with you, Jamie, is a great honor," Flamedramon said.

"And fun!" The PawnChessmon said in unison as they and the other two Digimon hugged the boy.

Crystal picked up Shoutmon and hugged him. "Thanks for believing in me, Shoutmon," she said.

"No problem, kid," he said. "You're a great trainer and a great friend."

"I agree with Shoutmon," Beezlemon said. "You may be young, but you are a clever child and an open-minded one too."

"And a strong Life Portal Master," Beastmon said with a smile as all three hugged the little girl and she hugged them back.

Rachel hugged Wisemon. "If it hadn't been for you guys rescuing us, Kaos might have won," she said. "Thank you."

He returned the hug. "You're welcome, Rachel," he said, a smile in his voice.

When she gently pulled away, Angemon pulled her into a hug. "Thank you for allowing us to help you and join you to stop that creep," he said.

"And thank you for helping us to defeat him," the Tech Portal Master said, returning his hug before turning to Knightmon and hugging him. He lifted her off her feet as he hugged her back. "And thank you for saving my life when we got separated from our friends," she said to him.

"You're welcome," he said. "It's been an honor, Rachel."

As they gathered around waiting for Master Eon to open the portal to the Digital World, Rachel stepped forward. "If you guys ever need help, just call us and we'll be there for you," she promised.

"The same goes for you all as well," Wisemon said with a smile in his voice. "Anytime you need us, we'll come."

They all waved farewell as the Digimon disappeared into the Portal and peace once again filled the air and atmosphere. Master Eon turned to the four Portal Masters who were now Digidestined. "I'm very proud of you four," he said. "And everyone else. You all pulled together despite being in two different worlds. I'm very proud of all of you."

The twelve Portal Masters stood tall and the Digi-crests that Rachel, Kairi, Jamie, and Crystal wore flashed a little in the sunlight, shining proudly.

Though peace had come to both Skylands and the Digital World, the new Digidestined, along with their friends and partners in both Skylands and the Digital World, would always be ready if trouble struck again.

And bring peace to both worlds as well.

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