A different side of Cade

The trailer door flew open and Cade Foster stumbled inside. It was obvious he had gone out and had a little too much to drink.

Eddie Namboulous was at the computer adding new data to the Paranoid Times web site when Cade had arrived. He stood from his chair and stared at his friend. "Where have you been? I've been trying to reach you on your cell phone but got no answer."

"Out." Cade answered Eddie's question. He stood there staring at Eddie, trying not to fall over. "I turned the phone off...or did I leave it here?" Shrugs at the question he had asked himself. "Oh well."

"Oh well?!" Eddie exclaimed. "I thought something happened to you Foster."

Cade grinned then managed to walk over to Eddie without tripping and falling over anything. "I'm sorry." He said trying to hold back the laughter that wanted to burst out of his mouth. Foster couldn't hold it back anymore he just started laughing.

Eddie didn't see anything funny about this. "You're drunk, Foster...Well now I know where you spent most of the night."

"Uh...yeah." Cade said as he smacked his friend's arm then started to move over to the couch. This time he managed to trip over his 'bag of tricks' that he had left there earlier that day and crashed to the ground.

Eddie stood there, arms crossed, shaking his head. "Are you all right Foster?"

Cade jumped up and looked at his friend. "Did you see that? It tried to kill me!"

"I'm sure it did." Eddie sat back down in his chair still keeping his eyes on the drunk Alien Hunter.

Cade threw off his leather jacket then laid down on the couch looking up at the ceiling. "Isn't it funny how we all imagined aliens a green little men who drove flying saucers?"

Eddie didn't say anything, just listened and watched Cade.

"But in reality they look just like you and me and they don't come by a ship. They come in TINY little silvery balls." Cade said as he drew little circles in the air. After drawing a couple circles he rested his hands on his stomach and closed his eyes. "You know what?"

"What?" Eddie asked.

"I love you." Cade replied.

"Uh...okay..." Eddie didn't know what to say. That was the only thing that would come out of his mouth.

Silence fell over the two of them. Eddie was waiting for Cade to say more strange things but nothing was said. "Foster? You awake over there?" No answer. "You're going to wish you never went out tonight," he said to his now passed out partner. He shook his head then turned in for the night.

-I dont own these characters the people who made them and everything else does. I just got bored and made up this short little story-