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Penelope stood up, giggled and made her way to the bathroom. While he waited for her to come back he drank the last few swigs of his beer. He raised up, picked up the pizza box, dishes and the now two empty bottles and headed to the kitchen. He wrapped up the leftover pizza and threw away the empty box. He quickly washed the plates, grabbed two more beers and went back to the living room. He sat down, opened the beers and took a few more gulps and waited on his Baby Girl to get back.

A couple of minutes later he looked up and smiled as he saw the most beautiful and the sexiest woman he'd ever known heading towards him. He leaned up and held out his hand to help her to sit back down. He handed her a new beer, watched as she got comfortable again and took a few big gulps of it while she steeled herself waiting for the shoe to drop.

Penelope anxiously looked over at the man who long ago stole her heart and apprehensively asked. "So, my Chocolate Drop what is it that you wanted to talk to me about?"

Derek began to sweat and fidget, he proceeded to take a huge intake of air. He was both nervous and scared, but he also knew he needed to be completely honest and finally come clean. It was now or never and prayed that he would not lose his best friend and hoped she felt the same way.

As he stared into her comforting and beautiful eyes he gently grasped her hands in his. He began to stutter, "Yo, yo, you know I love you, right?" She grinned and replied. "I know Hot Stuff, I love you too!"

He shook his head, gulped hard and squeezed her hands. He knew he needed her to understand the full meaning of his true love for her. "Baby Girl, you are my best friend, but I need you to know the truth. I wa—"

She immediately cut him off. "I knew it! I went too far! I'm so sorry Derek, I really am. I will get my stuff and leave—"

Now it was his turn to interrupt her. "Whoa, whoa, whoa Ms. Thang! Pump your brakes! You are not going anywhere, especially not before we clear up a few things. So, I need you to hush up until I am finished, okay?"

She blushed and nodded her head in acknowledgement while she just wanted to run away out of sheer embarrassment. She felt like her heart was going to burst out of her chest. Derek smirked and gave a small chuckle. "That's my good girl!"

He took another deep breath while he gathered his thoughts and his courage to speak up. "Now, as I was trying to tell you. I love you, lovely lady! And, I don't only mean as my best friend. I love you, love you! I am head over heels in love with you, Sweetness. I want you to be with me forever and ever! I have loved you from the moment I saw you, it's always been you Baby Girl! I have just been a total coward and too scared to tell you. I thought you would never want someone like me. Then there was Kevin, Jordan and Tamara it just never felt like the right time for us. After you were shot I told you that I loved you, and then you began dating Lynch a few days later. I never wanted to be in the way and just wanted your happiness, that was paramount to me. You seemed so happy with Kevin, so I just continued to be your best friend."

After he paused, she gazed into his sexy eyes while the tears were cascading down her cheeks. She couldn't believe her ears. Did the love of her life just admit to being in love with her? Oh my god, all her dreams were coming true. Inwardly, she was jumping for joy.

Penelope gathered up her strength while she let go of his hands and gently cupped his face in her hands. She couldn't and didn't want to stop her tears as she quietly asked. "My turn now, Baby Boy?"

He lifted his arms up and softly tried to wipe away her tears. "Awww baby, I didn't mean to make you cry. The last thing I would ever do is hurt you. I'm sorry! Yes, it's your turn."

Penelope sniffled out as she still lovingly held his face in her hands. "Silly man, these are not sad tears these are happy tears! Is it true? Are you really in love with me?"

He grinned and nodded, "Of course, I am! You are the most beautiful, sweetest, kindest person I have ever known. You light up my life, you keep me safe and you are my God-given solace. You are the very first thing I think about in the morning and the last thing I think about every night as I fall asleep. You have the biggest heart of anyone I have ever known. I would be lost without you in my life, my beautiful Baby Girl!"

Penelope was still crying, but was sporting a huge grin on her face. "OMG, Handsome! Do you know how long I have waited to hear those words from you? I have been dreaming about this moment for years. I've been in love you from the moment you called Gomez. I never thought I was your type, you always went for the skinny model types. I have a confession, when you told me that you loved me after I was shot, I was petrified. That is why I went out with Kevin, he originally felt safe and I couldn't take the chance of losing my best friend. You are everything to me and I couldn't lose you. I figured you being my best friend was better than losing you altogether. You are best thing in my life and I trust you like no other. I love you, Derek Michael Morgan!"

She leaned forward, pulled his face to hers and they shared their first real kiss. It started out as sweet, soft and loving. But, it quickly changed over to a hot searing and passionate kiss. After several minutes, they reluctantly pulled apart gasping when the need for air became too great.

They were still breathing hard when he managed to get out, "I love you too, Penelope Calliope Garcia!" they both chuckled. "Wow, my gorgeous Goddess, that kiss was sheer perfection! Don't you think so, sexy?"

Penelope sat there with a faraway dreamy look in her eyes and all she could manage out was, "Mmmmhmmmm!" Derek couldn't help, but to chuckle and shake his head. He thought not only was she left breathless, but speechless as well. That definitely was a first for his favorite girl.

Derek slowly placed his fingertips under her chin and gently guided her head up so they were gazing directly into each other's eyes. "Mama, you are the best thing in my life! Please forgive me for not telling you sooner? I want and need you by my side now and always. I don't want to be without you any longer. I love you more than I thought was possible, my gorgeous goddess! I know this is sudden, but will you do me the honor of moving in with me? What do ya say, you think you could put up with this stubborn old fool on a full-time basis?"

Penelope sat there in awe, dumbfounded and in shock. She couldn't believe her ears, not only did the man of her dreams love her as much as she loved him, but he wanted to spend his life with her and he'd just asked her to move in with him. As she stared up into his loving and soulful eyes she tried to digest everything that just had happened. She was the happiest she'd ever been and warm tears were sliding down her cheeks like a waterfall.

Derek was getting extremely nervous and wondered he'd blown his chance by moving too fast when he asked her to move in with him. It had been several minutes and the heart of his life hadn't said a word. His stomach was in his throat and was just about ready to apologize when a huge grin appeared on Penelope's face. She took a deep breath and reached out to cup his cheeks in both of her hands, again.

She continued to look lovingly into his sexy obsidian eyes. "Ohhh my love, do you know how long I have waited for this day? I can't believe you love me like I love you. You have been my everything forever. You are my perfect hero and I also want to spend the rest of my life with you! Yessss, I will move in with you and you certainly aren't an old fool! Stubborn yes, but not an old fool." She couldn't help but giggle and then leaned in and they shared another searing kiss.

Several minutes later they pulled apart, rested their foreheads together and tried to catch their breath. Derek was the first to speak, "Baby, I am no one's hero and definitely not perfe–"

Penelope immediately interrupted him and giggled. "Baby boy, you will always be my perfect hero and that will never change." He shook his head and sighed out loud.

"Alright, crazy girl. I give up, I will only be your hero. You have made me the happiest man on earth and someday soon you will Mrs. Derek Morgan, promise. I can't wait to take care of you, have babies with you and spend the rest of my life loving you and being loved by you. I am sorry I wasted so much time being a coward. I can't believe you are finally allllll mine."

Penelope lifted her head from his and threw her arms around his neck and excitedly responded. "Angelfish, I have always been yours. I have just been waiting for you to claim me. And, you are finally alllll mine, my love!"

Derek widely grinned and stated, "Well, I'm definitely claiming you forever and ever!"

They leant in for another passionate kiss. Suddenly and unexpectedly he brought her into his arms bridal style, stood up and rocked her gently in his arms. Penelope began to giggle and didn't take her eyes off the gorgeous sexy god that was right in front of her.

He grinned and wouldn't take his eyes off the beautiful and lovely woman in his arms. "I love you with all my heart, Penelope 'Baby Girl' Garcia!"

She gently caressed his cheek as her heart began to flutter and speed up. "I love you soooo much too, Derek 'Hot Stuff' Morgan!"

They stayed in that position for several minutes just staring into each other's face and eyes. Penelope couldn't hold back anymore and whimpered out. "Make love to me, Handsome?"

He quickly became excited, his heart sped up and he instantly became extremely hard. He passionately whispered out, "Your wish is my command, lovely lady!"

He wasted no time as he carried her to the stairs and took them two at a time. He swiftly made his way to their bedroom, shut the door with his foot and gently placed her on the floor. They both wasted no time in undressing each other. He then picked her up again and softly laid her down in the middle of the bed. There they stayed the rest of the weekend cherishing and showing each other how much they were loved.

Derek considered himself the luckiest man on earth and knew that he would be forever grateful for her promises kept.

The End

"Life always promises to give the world a person to take away everything bad." -Eloise Dyson