This is a movie that accompanies the story Pokémon Cosmic Quest. It is a sequel to the movie Myoken, the Guiding Light, and takes place chronologically between episodes 82 and 83 of Cosmic Quest. For the best experience, read this movie as such.

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Detective Pikachu and the Case of the Coin Caper

It's a dark and stormy night. A bolt of lightning flashes and thunder booms. What looks to be a hastily thrown together structure stands in an alleyway. The Narrator states with an overtly serious voice, It's a cold and unfriendly world out there, one with injustices that occur every day. A lone figure rushes through the rain. The darkness of the night makes it too hard to recognize any defining features. Fortunately, there is one brave soul who fights against these injustices. A private eye. willing to do whatever it takes to solve the case and get the job done.

The figure walks into the structure. In the dim lighting of its interior, it is now clear that it's a Meowth. It walks with its back to the screen, never showing its front side. It steps up to a desk, at which a Kappaqueous sits. It appears to be too busy to notice Meowth. Meowth clears his throat and declares, "I'm here to see the P.I. I'm told he can solve any case, you dig?"

Kappaqueous looks up to Meowth and is shocked by what it sees. It says with disgust, "Aqueous…" It then turns to the door beside its desk and shouts, "Kappa aqueous!" After a moment's pause, it beckons for Meowth to go through the door.

Meowth nods and walks over to the door.

And that brave soul is none other than the great Detective Pikachu!

Meowth throws open the door, to find Pikachu sitting on an overly-large chair behind a desk. It wears a brown detective's cap. A flash of lightning momentarily illuminates the room. Sounding nonchalant, Pikachu asks, "Pi, pika pika chu pika?"

Meowth shouts, "What seems to be the problem!? Look at my face!" For the first time, the front side of Meowth is showing. The amulet that normally sits on his forehead is missing.

Pikachu shrugs. "Pi pika."

"No big deal!? Without my amulet, my mug is as ugly as yours and all your twerpish Poké-pals, so how about you prove that you're as great of a detective as the advertisements claim, and get me my amulet back!"

Pikachu begins to crack up laughing. "Pik, pik, pik, pik!"

Meowth demands, "What is it!? What's so funny?"

Pikachu points at Meowth and laughs some more. It then says, "Pika, pi."

Meowth recoils in surprise. "Wait, so you'll take the case?"

Pikachu nods. "Pi."

"Then let's get my amulet back."

Meowth narrates in a voiceover, "I was skeptical at first. That Pikachu and I have a very long history, most of it unfriendly, but he took the case with no questions asked. Now that last night's storm has come to an end, we're going out to begin the hunt. I will find the criminal coin-capering culprit at all costs."

Meowth has led Pikachu to a sidewalk outside a large building. Pikachu asks, "Pi, pika pi chu pik?"

Meowth nods, "Well, I was just strolling down this street, minding my own business. The thunderstorm had just begun when suddenly, something came up and bonked me from behind. Then it was lights out for me. Next thing I know, I'm waking hours later in the middle of a thunderstorm, quite some way down the street from here, and my amulet is missing."

Pikachu strokes its chin a few times as it thinks. "Pika…" Then it asks, "Pik, pika?"

Meowth reiterates, "Did I see anyone nearby before it happened?" He thinks back. "Well, there was Wobbuffet. That big blue blob was following behind me. Not sure where it ended up though."

Pikachu asks, "Pika pik?"

Meowth immeadiatly shakes his head. "No way, that blob couldn't harm a Cutiefly, let alone steal my amulet."

Pikachu nods then asks, "Pi pik pi?"

"Anyone else? Hmm… Come to think of it, I may not have seen anyone, but I sure did hear someone in that alley, right over there."

Pikachu looks to the alley and nods thoughtfully. "Pika chu pi?"

"Yes, the footsteps did have a very distinct sound. It sounded like they were hopping instead of walking."

Pikachu nods, and then suddenly exclaims, "Pi pika!"

"What!? You've solved it already? That was fast!"

Pikachu beckons for Meowth to follow it.

Pikachu slams open the doors to an establishment and marches in. Meowth follows. It's some sort of shady Pokémon-only restaurant full of equally seedy Pokémon. As soon as they enter, all faces turn to them. Meowth mutters, "This place looks a little less than respectable, and I should know."

Pikachu declares, "Pik pika pikachu!"

The entire room points toward the corner. Pikachu nods and strolls there. Meowth follows, but appears weary of the reprehensible surroundings and company.

At the corner, they're approaching a Pokémon who sits with its back to them, leaning back on its chair so that only the hind two chair legs are on the ground. Pikachu grabs the chair and forcefully turns the Pokémon around to face them. It's Rabbolt. Pikachu demands, "Pika pi chu!?"

Meowth follows, "Yeah, what did you do with my amulet!?" He then realizes something and turns to Pikachu. "Wait, Rabbolt stole my amulet?"

Pikachu nods. It then begins to tell a narrative. As it narrates, a fantasy sequence shows what it says. Meowth is strolling down the sidewalk where he was attacked without a single care. He whistles blissfully.

Meowth interrupts, "Hey, I don't whistle. What do you make me out to be?"

Pikachu shushes him, "Pik pi!"

It then continues its narrative. In it, Meowth strolls right on past the previously indicated alley. Once it does, a shadowy figure peeks out from the alley and peeks at Meowth. It's Rabbolt. It leaps out from the alley and hits the back of Meowth's head, knocking him out. Once he's on the ground, Rabbolt makes an antagonizing face at him, and then yanks the amulet right off his forehead. At this point, it has begun to rain a torrential downpour. Rabbolt laughs, and then pushes Meowth into the gutter, where the runoff from the rain carries him away.

Pikachu points accusingly at Rabbolt. "Pik pika!"

Meowth demands, "Is that how you get your kicks? Stealing a Pokémon's most valuable possession?"

Rabbolt bursts out laughing. "Rab rab rab rab rab!" It then says, "Rabolt, rab rab."

Meowth freezes. "Wait, are you telling me you didn't take my amulet?"

Rabbolt nods. "Bolt."

Pikachu looks at it skeptically. "Pi pik pika?" asking it what happened.

Rabbolt gives a new story, which is once again shown in a fantasy. Now Meowth is happily skipping down the sidewalk, humming as he goes.

Meowth interrupts, "Come on, if I don't whistle, I certainly don't skip and hum!"

Rabbolt and Pikachu both shush him. Rabbolt continues. Once again, as Meowth passes the alley, Rabbolt looks out and sees him pass by, but it pays him little attention and soon looks away. Then there's a cry in pain from Meowth. Rabbolt looks back out to see Meowth unconscious on the floor. No one else is in sight, and the amulet is still on his forehead. Rabbolt runs over to Meowth to see if it can help, but it can't get Meowth to wake up. It then looks up and sees a Pokémon Center across the street and runs over to it. The story ends.

Meowth asks with confusion, "So you didn't take my amulet, you actually tried to help me? You made sure I was brought to a Pokémon Center?"

Rabbolt affirms, "Bolt, rab."

Pikachu suddenly declares, "Pika chu!"

Meowth looks to Pikachu excitedly, "With this new information, you know who stole my charm!? Then what are we waiting here for!? Let's get out of here!"

He and Pikachu head out. As Pikachu exits, it looks back at Rabbolt, and makes a motion to express that it'll be keeping an eye on it. Rabbolt makes a rude face back.

What no one notices is a suspicious and menacing silhouetted figure watching them as they leave.

The automatic doors of the Pokémon Center slide open. This time Meowth leaps in first and demands, "Alright, who knows what happened to my amulet!?"

All the Pokémon around the lobby look to them momentarily, but quickly lose interest and look away.

Pikachu marches up to the counter and demands, "Pik pika chu pi!"

Blissey steps forward and asks, "Blissey bliss?"

Pikachu points to Meowth and asks, "Pika pi pikachu?"

Blissey looks over to Meowth and then nods with recognition. "Blissey."

Meowth shouts accusingly, "Ah ha! So you do recognize me! Busted!"

Blissey is taken aback with surprise and confusion. "Bliss?"

Pikachu begins its accusation. In it Meowth is dragged into the Pokémon Center by Rabbolt and dropped off in the middle of an empty lobby. Rabbolt quickly runs out. The dimly lit lobby is illuminated briefly by a flash of lightning. Blissey walks into the room and finds Meowth laying there. It smiles deviously. Moments later it returns to the lobby with a stretcher and places Meowth on top of it, then it wheels him into the back. The back room looks like some sort of torture chamber, full of menacing instruments of unknown functions. Blissey rubs its hands together and chuckles devilishly. It reaches to its side and grabs some sort of forceps, which it uses to pry Meowth's amulet right from his face. It holds the shining coin in front of its face and stares at it with captivation. While doing so, Meowth makes a groaning noise, catching Blissey's attention. Determined not to be caught red-handed, Blissey kicks Meowth's stretcher away, pushing it right out of the backroom and into the lobby. It keeps on rolling until it exits the building and continues to roll down the sidewalk, until it hits a bump and flings Meowth off and onto the ground, leaving him where he was when he came to.

Pikachu concludes its story with, "Pika."

Blissey is left starring dumbfoundedly at Pikachu. Moments later, it slaps it so hard, that Pikachu is sent slamming into a wall. It angrily declares, "Blissey!"

Meowth, who moments ago looked willing to accuse Blissey, asks in both fear and surprise, "So you didn't take my amulet?"

Blissey sternly shakes its head. "Blissey."

"So…what did happen then…?"

Blissey begins its explanation. Meowth has been brought into the Pokémon Center by Rabbolt. In this version, the lobby is brightly lit and full of Pokémon seeking refuge from the rain. Blissey quickly runs out with a stretcher, loads Meowth onto it, and brings him into the back room, which is actually much more like a hospital than a torture chamber. Blissey quickly begins to administer medicine to Meowth. It leaves the room to find something else for Meowth, but once it gets back, it finds that Meowth is missing.

Blissey concludes, "Blissey bliss."

Pikachu, who has recovered from the slap, nods skeptically. It sarcastically says, "Chuuuu."

Blissey stares at it with threatening eyes. Not wanting to be slapped again, Pikachu quickly nods and agrees with the story. "Pika pi chu."

Meowth asks, "So you really didn't see what happened to me? You don't even have a clue?"

Blissey nods regretfully and apologizes, "Blissey…"

Meowth turns to Pikachu and asks, "So what do we do next? This is a dead end."

Pikachu declares, "Pika pi!" encouraging Meowth not to give up. It then holds a magnifying glass into the air and begins to search the room with it.

Meowth understands. "Alright, I get it. Now we have to look for clues." After a moment's hesitation, he asks, "Hey, where'd you get the magnifying glass from? You weren't carrying that just a second ago."

Pikachu simply winks back at Meowth and continues its search. Moments later, it declares in triumph, "Pika!"

Meowth asks, "What, what is it!? Did you find something?"

Pikachu proudly holds up a single gray feather.

Meowth asks, "A feather? What does that mean?"

As if there's no time to explain, Pikachu beckons for Meowth to follow it, and it runs out of the Pokémon Center. Meowth rushes to keep up, leaving Blissey alone and very confused.

However, Blissey isn't as alone as it first appeared. The same shadowy figure from before is snooping behind a nearby planter.

Pikachu has now led Meowth to a park. Meowth asks, "So who does that feather belong to? Is it a Murkrow? I bet it was a Murkrow. Those wretched things always have their beady little eyes on my amulet. I just know they would take the first chance they got to take it."

Pikachu shakes its head and points forward towards two Pokémon, Eagladiator and Arborrior. They are in the middle of a sparring match and are exchanging punches and kicks.

Pikachu holds up the feather and shouts, "Pika pi, pikachu!"

Eagladiator and Arborrior nervously freeze mid-match and turn to face them. Their fear is realized upon seeing Meowth. They begin to panic. Then they break down apologizing to Meowth, "Eagla, eagla, eagla!" and "Booooorrior!"

Meowth smiles smugly. "So, it looks like we finally caught our culprits. I can't believe I'm saying this, but good job, Detective Pikachu." He looks back to them and demands, "Alright, how'd you do it?"

Pikachu declares, "Pik pikachu!" claiming that it can answer that question.

Once more, a narration begins. Meowth has been left unattended in the Pokémon Center by Blissey. With Blissey gone, Eagladiator and Arborrior peek into the room. They see Meowth's amulet and both of them realize at once how much money it must be worth. They look to each other and grin. Eagladiator rubs its wingtips together and explains a plan to Arborrior. Arborrior agrees with the plan. The two of them sneak into the room. As they do, Eagladiator brushes past a table, snagging a feather, which gets left behind. Eagladiator urges for Arborrior to hurry. It nods back and grabs a hold of Meowth's stretcher. The two of them quickly tow Meowth out from the backroom. That's when Blissey comes back in, looking utterly shocked at the spot its missing patient should be. Meanwhile, Arborrior and Eagladiator have pulled Meowth down the street from the Pokémon Center. Eagladiator points at Meowth and tells Arborrior to do something. Arborrior nods and grabs a firm hold of Meowth's body. Eagladiator then wraps a talon around Meowth's amulet. It flies backwards while Arborrior pulls in its direction. The two play a tug-of-war with Meowth until the amulet pops off. Eagladiator savors the amulet and thinks of all the money it will make them when they sell it. Arborrior carelessly tosses Meowth aside, leaving him on the sidewalk.

Arborrior and Eagladiator are left extremely confused by Pikachu's accusation. Arborrior gives a dumbfounded, "Borrior…?"

Meowth groans. "Let me guess, you two have no idea what Pikachu is talking about."

They both nod in unison.

Meowth sighs. "Alright, what were you apologizing for then?"

Eagladiator reluctantly gives its explanation. It and Arborrior have just been discharged from the Pokémon Center and are heading towards the door back towards the lobby. They pass by Blissey as it leaves Meowth for more medical supplies. Once past Blissey, Arborrior playfully throws a punch at Eagladiator. Eagladiator's competitive nature instinctively kicks in and it jabs back with its wing. The resulting tussle causes Arborrior to bump into Meowth's stretcher, pushing it right out the exit. Both take a moment to look to each other in panic, and then race out after Meowth. As it takes flight, one of Eagladiator's feathers snags on a table. In the lobby, they see him just as he rolls out the door. They further chase after him, heading outside. Once out there, they see him as he rolls down a hill at high speed. They both look to each other nervously, and decide this incident is better left unspoken, and they wander off.

Meowth sighs. "So you lugs are the reason I ended up where I did, but we still have no idea what happened to my amulet." He sighs again.

Pikachu beckons to the two of them and says, "Pi pika," telling them that they're free to move along. They quickly run off.

Meowth groans, "Great, so that's another dead end. What are we supposed to do now? We'll never find my amulet at this rate."

Pikachu suddenly shushes Meowth.

Meowth demands "What? What is it?"

Pikachu whispers, "Pika pi."

"Act natural? What's that supposed to mean?" Suddenly Meowth realizes that something important is happening and he gets quiet.

Pikachu takes a quick glance over Meowth's shoulder and observes the shadowy figure from before lurking behind a tree. Pikachu whispers, "Pika pik chu, pi pika."

Meowth nods in understanding. "Alright, on the count of three. I dig."

Pikachu slowly counts, "Pi…ka…" and then shouts, "chu!" It and Meowth leap at the shadowy figure, who instantly realizes it's been found out and begins to run away.

The chase is on. Pikachu and Meowth pursue it at full speed. Meowth asks, "Do you think that lug stole my amulet?"

Pikachu nods with certainty. "Pika!" It then shouts ahead at the figure, "Pika pi pika!"

Meowth adds, "Yeah, and give back my amulet!"

The figure looks like it's panicking. It manages to run from object to object, keeping itself mostly concealed. As it passes by a magazine stand, it smacks an arm against the stand, causing its contents to cascade to the floor, potentially blocking Pikachu and Meowth's way. Neither lets it stop them, and they leap right over the mess.

Meowth says to Pikachu, "We have to catch that guy! I need my amulet back!"

Pikachu nods back and declares, "Pik, pika!"

Meowth is surprised. "What, you want me to throw you!?"

Pikachu nods.

Meowth understands the plan and nods back. "Alright. That thief is going down!" He grabs Pikachu and spins around as he hurls Pikachu right at the figure.

As Pikachu flies towards the figure, it begins to electrify its cheeks. Just as its about to make contact, it unleashes a point-blank Thunderbolt. "Pikaaaaaaa chuuuuuuuuuu!" The figure falls down to the ground, and Meowth's amulet is launched from its hand. It bounces several times before settling on the floor.

Meowth runs right to amulet and grabs it. He holds it close to his face and rubs his cheeks against it. "Oh, my precious amulet, I'll never let you leave my forehead again." He happily reattaches it to his face. He then looks up to the fallen figure, only to be shocked by who it is. "Wobbuffet!?"

Wobbuffet scratches the back of his head, expressing a sense of awkwardness. "Wobba…"

Pikachu confidently declares, "Pika pi pikachu, chu."

Meowth asks, "But why, Wobbuffet? Why would you steal my amulet?"

Wobbuffet shakes his head frantically in denial. "Wobba, wobba wobba!"

"You say you didn't steal it? What happened then?"

Wobbuffet tells its story. It's walking along the road with Meowth, just as Meowth had earlier stated. It looks up to the ominous clouds in the sky with worry. Then, without any warning, an extremely loud boom of thunder cracks. This terrifies Wobbuffet, causing it to scream in alarm. It instinctively begins to run and flail its arms about. As it does so, it smacks the back of Meowth's head, causing him to pass out. Wobbuffet is too scared to care, and keeps on running. A while later, it has finally calmed down and is catching its breath under a canopy that's protecting it from the rain. It hears a strange noise and looks up to see an unconscious Meowth on a stretcher rolling down a hill. It watches as the stretcher hits a bump in the road, which flings Meowth up into the air. Meowth then slams into floor, which causes his amulet to fall right off of its face and continue to roll down the hill once Meowth stops in place. Realizing how important the amulet is to Meowth, Wobbuffet goes running after it.

Meowth asks, "Wait, so if you were just trying to get my amulet back to me, what was up with all the sneaking around? Why not just give it to me?"

Wobbuffet points to Pikachu with some embarrassment.

Pikachu asks, "Pi?"

Meowth nods. "Oh, I get it. You were afraid Pikachu would shock you…which it did." He looks at Pikachu with some apprehension. "Oh well, all is forgiven. At least I have my beautiful amulet back."

Pikachu smiles falsely and walks up behind Meowth. It says, "Pika pi pik pikachu."

Meowth turns around slowly towards Pikachu. He repeats in a passive aggressive fashion, "Your pay?" With sudden anger he shouts, "I'll give you your pay you lousy detective!" He extends his claws and runs at Pikachu, ready to use Furry Swipes. Pikachu runs away. Meowth is left chasing Pikachu around in circles while Wobbuffet watches joyously.

And so another case is solved by the one and only Detective Pikachu!