Pink Pleasure





Location / Date / Time Change

Celestial Spirit World

Aries looked out from one of the arches at Leo flirting with a gaggle of silver key female spirits. Her heart quickened as she tried to step out and talk to him, but when he glanced over to the arch, she snapped back behind it and hid. "I can't do it..." She mumbled before walking away. "I still can't tell him..."

She walked with her head down in shame before bumping into another spirit, sending her to the ground. "Are you okay, Aries?" The Ram Spirit looked up to see Virgo offering a hand to help her back up.

"Yes, thank you." The horned Spirit took the hand and stood back up.

"Is something wrong?" The maid asked, noticing the look on her friends face.

"N-no, why do you ask?" The fur clad spirit asked back.

"Because you're normally really happy or really shy." Virgo bluntly pointed out. "Right now, you look sad. Please, I want to help you."

Aries let out a sigh before finally coming clean. "It's Leo. I-I want to tell him how I feel, and that I-i..." Her face turned beet red and she nervously wrung her hands.

"You what?" Virgo asked, leaning in.

Aries turned radioactive red before she opened her mouth again. "I WANNA DO THOSE THINGS IN LUCY'S BOOK WITH ME "

Virgo looked at her confused before realization hit her over the head. "You mean you want to have sex with him?"

"Don't say it like that." Her friend said back. "It's embarrassing."

"But you do want him to do that to you, is that correct?" The maid asked.

"Yes..." Aries mumbled, turning to where Leo was. "But I just can't talk to him..." An idea crossed her mind and she turned back to the other pink haired spirit. "Do you have any advice for me?"

Virgo actually looked flustered and rubbed the back of her head in embarrassment. "Uh, well..." She mumbled before looking back at Aries with disappointment. "No, I haven't." It was her darkest secret; she had never been in a real relationship. And a lot of that had to do with her name.

Virgo was the star sign of 'The Virgin', so everyone had this misconception that she was still a virgin. Because of that, no one wanted to be the one who 'deflowered' Virgo, or if they did, they were disgusting freaks who got off on taking a virgins first time and actively sought out new ones. And those were just the spirits.

Most of the humans she had made contracts had just... really bizarre ideas of beauty. So bizarre that Virgo actually pushed them away so they wouldn't fall in love with her. Virgo could still hear there horrible ideas ringing in her ears. "You sick freak! I'm not into this S&M crap!"

"Oh, I'm sorry." Aries said, unaware of the secret until Virgo just told her. "Looks like we both need help with love..."

"Indeed." The maid spirit nodded. "Maybe we should start with some practice sex."

"What!?" Aries asked in shock and blush. "B-b-b-but were both girls!"

"No, I mean with a man." Virgo clarified, earning an 'oh' from Aries. "So, who besides big brother can we ask to do this?" Both girls put on their best thinking faces. "Sagittarius?"

"I don't think he knows anything outside of archery." Aries said. "Capricorn?"

"Too proper, he'd never go for something like this." Virgo shook her head no. "Scorpio?"

"Are you crazy?" The horned girl asked. "The last time a girl tried asking Scorpio out, Aquarius almost drowned the entire spirit world. Could you imagine what she would do if she knew what we were planing?" Both girls shuttered in fear at idea of a ROYALLY pissed off mermaid spirit. "Taurus, maybe?"

"No, he only has eyes for the princess." Virgo shook her head before an idea crossed her mind. "Princess..."

"Do you have someone in mind, Virgo?" The ram spirit asked.

"Yes, and it's someone we know." The stoic maid nodded. "He's seen plenty of woman in their natural state, and is not shy about touching them. And best of all, he'll be able to give us what we want."

Lucy's Apartment

The blonde spirit user yawned awake and stretched her arms out. Her hair was messy and her pajamas hugged her body tight. "Alright, time to get to work." She swung her legs out and stood up before going to her bathroom. She managed to take her bottoms off before taking her top off... or at least she tried. Once again, her shirt got caught on her massive bust. "Damn. I swear, these things keep getting bigger and bigger."

The shirt was suddenly pulled off her, leaving her chest exposed. "Thank you." She said before going wide eyed. Covering her boobs, she turned around to kick whoever had broken into her apartment. If she had to put money on it, it was Natsu... she would have lost that bet. "Virgo!? Aries!?"

"Hello, princess." The maid said.

"What are you two doing here?" The blonde asked, grabbing the shirt from the maid.

"W-well, we, uh we,..." Aries mumbled, shrinking into herself.

"We both request the day off today." Virgo explained.

"At the same time? Why?" Lucy asked.

"It is a personal matter, princess." Virgo said back.

Lucy looked at the maid confused by the answer. "...okay? You two have the day off."

"Thank you, miss Lucy." Aries bowed.

"One final question; do you know where Master Natsu is?" Virgo asked.

"Natsu?" Lucy repeated, even more confused. "I think he's at his house. It's just outside the town. Why are you-" Both spirits left in a golden light, leaving Lucy alone and topless. "Well, that was weird."

Natsu's House

Our favorite pink haired male was currently in the woods near his house, training with his jacket and scarf folded off to the side. About a hundred push ups later, he jumped up onto his feet and started shadow fighting before using his magic. He turned and delivered a flaming kick that shattered a tree into charcoal.

"Oh, yeah! Next time I fight Erza, I'm winning!" He cheered, looking at the damaged stump. "And while I'm at it, I'll beat up that stripper and metal face too. And then I'll fight Gildarts." He stared up at the sky and fell to the ground, landing in the soft foliage that barely survived the training. "Wonder how Happy is doing with Carla?"

His surrogate son had finally broken Carla down and gotten her to go out with him. That was three weeks ago, and now they were on their fifth date. "Well, time to head home." He kipped up and started heading back to his house when a pair of bright lights appeared in front of him.

"What the-?" Natsu covered his eyes to prevent himself from going blind, and he could have sworn he heard two doorbells ringing. The lights died down and he moved his hands out of the way, showing two females with pink hair. "Virdo, Arena? What are you two doing here?"

"Master Natsu, our names our Virgo and Aries." The maid corrected him.

"Oh, sorry." He chuckled, rubbing the back of his head. "So is Lucy nearby or something?"

"N-no, she gave us the day off." Aries mumbled back.

"So why are you here?" Natsu asked.

"You see, we require your assistance." Virgo explained. "You see, Aries is nervous about asking brother Leo out, and I've never had any experience with men. So, we would like to ask you to fornicate with us so we know what to do next time."

Natsu looked at her like she had three heads. "Four-nah-cake?"

"No, fornicate." The maid corrected. "It means to have sex."

"Sex... oh, you mean fucking?" Natsu asked, making Aries turn beat red.

"Do-do you have to say it like that?" She asked.

"Well, that's what they call it in those books I read." He answered, confusing the spirits.

"What books?" The horned girl asked.

"Come on, I'll show you." Natsu threw his top and scarf back on and lead the spirits back to his house. Soon enough, the three matching haired humanoids reached the home and Natsu pushed the door open. "Now, if I can just remember where I put them."

The girls followed Natsu inside and were meet with bags of old food, dirty clothes and a couple of smells they didn't want to know the source of. "Virgo, I-I don't think I can do it here." Aries whispered to her friend.

"Agreed, this house is far too filthy." Virgo said, swiping the door frame and showing off a dusty finger. "Master Natsu, please step out for a moment."

"Huh? Why?" He asked, poking out over a pile of garbage.

"Consider it a thank you for what you're going to do for us." The maid explained.

"...okay." Natsu shrugged his shoulders and walked out of his house, a small box under his arm. "Let me know when you're done." He closed the door behind him and sat on his front steps for a bit before opening the box. Inside were a few smut books and dirty magazines he managed to steal from Gildarts. Thinking they had some special secret magic know-how, they were the first books Natsu ever finished reading.

As a kid, he didn't understand the 'naked wrestling' as he called it. But as he grew older and his hormones kicked in, he read them again and what happened next was just natural. He'd love to try the stuff he'd seen on a girl, and now it looks like he might be able to do them to two.

The door behind him opened and caught his attention. "Master Natsu, we're done." Virgo said.

"'Kay." He stood up and followed her inside and what he saw made his jaw drop to the floor. "I have a fridge?!" The trash bags were gone, indeed revealing an old fridge, all the dishes were washed, and the floor was cleaned. All the dust was gone and in the middle of the house was a staircase leading to a second floor. "What's up there?"

"Your new bedroom." Virgo answered, walking up the stairs. Natsu followed her, taking note of her everswaying ass. Virgo was very glad she changed her body so she was closer in size to the women in Fairy Tail. The two reached the top of the stairs and stood at a three way intersection of doors. "That is the bathroom." She pointed to the door on the right. "That is a closet." To the one on the left. "And this-" She gripped the handle on the main door. "Is where we will fornicate."

She opened the door and there was Aries sitting on a pink bed made of her magic. She was trying to look sexy, but with her radioactive face it was almost impossible. "H-hello, Natsu."

"You mustn't be nervous, Aries." Virgo said, walking over to the bed and sitting down across from the horned girl. "Now, come here Natsu."

He listened to the request and walked over, his box still in his arm. "Okay, so how do you wanna start this?" He sat down and opened the box, showing off his 'collection'. "Some of this stuff? Or maybe you wanna start with some of this? I really like this stuff." He shuffled through the box before Virgo pulled his hand out of it. He looked over to her to find her completely naked, the same as Aries.

"Let's start with something simple." She placed his hand on her breast and he squeezed it. "Yes..." She moaned out, her face turning red. "Harder, punish me." He dropped his box and started using both hands. "Yes, more!" She felt her pussy heat up and start quivering.

Natsu seemed mesmerized by the big boobs he was fondling before his instincts took over and he kissed her, sending both to the bed. Their tongues swirled around before they left for air and noticed Aries was still sitting still, now rubbing her knees together. "Master Natsu, you can't forget why we're doing this." Virgo said. "This is to help Aries to. So she needs to be involved in this as well."

"Okay." He dumbly nodded. "Come here, Aries."

She nervously crawled over to him and laid down next him before he pulled her in for a kiss of her own. 'Someone other than Leo is kissing me...' She said to herself, feeling heat build up in her core. 'And I'm liking it...' The kiss deepened as Virgo sat up and climbed on top of Natsu.

"It's not fair that we're the only ones who are naked." She said before forcing his vest off and flinging his scarf to the side. She then crawled down his legs and undid his sandals before feeling his now hard member poke her in the stomach. "It's almost time." The maid nervously swallowed before climbing off the bed and grabbing his waistline.

Natsu was so enthralled with his kiss with Aires, he completely ignored Virgo pulling both his pants and underwear off. The freedom from his lower half let his proud penis stand at eight inches hard. The only reason he looked down was because he felt a breeze. "First time seeing a dick?"

"Y-yes." Virgo nodded. "I've never seen one before until now." She gently gripped the organ and felt the heat come off of it. "Are they all this big?" Natsu shrugged his shoulders before going back to Aries. Virgo studied the shaft in front of her before giving it a kiss.

Aries melted back into the kiss as Natsu kept playing with her boobs. "M-more." She whimpered out, still a beet red. Natsu obeyed and nibbled on her ear. Suddenly, he yanked on her nipples, making her cry out. "D-don't do that." The pain then faded away as she felt a warmness on her breast. Looking down, she saw Natsu sucking on her boob like a child. "That-that feels so good."

Down at the bottom of the bed, Virgo kept kissing his penis before a small amount of transparent precum to leak out. "Pay attention, Aries." Virgo said before moving her hand up and down slowly. "This is what humans call a handie."

Her soft hand felt great to Natsu who let out a soft moan. "This is way better than when I do it myself. So soft." Virgo gave him a smile before returning to her to her task. Something in her body told her to speed up her handjob, so she did just that. The action was well received by Natsu, letting out another moan.

Natsu returned to sucking on the ram's boob before one hand snaked down to her core and rubbed against it. "Gah!" The ram spirit moaned before Natsu brushed her clitoris. He travel furthered down and found his target: her pussy. He rubbed the slit gently and found it soaking wet.

"Are you really turned on this much?" Natsu asked, starting a very important part of intercourse: dirty talk.

"N-no, I'm not." Aries said, trying to hide the fact that she was. She was clearly failing as her face was redder than Erza's hair.

"You're lying." He growled back, putting a finger inside her and wiggling it, making her moan again. "Tell me the truth: you want me to make you cum, don't you?" He stopped moving his finger, making Aries whimper.

"Please, don't stop." She begged.

"Then tell me what I want to hear." He said with a smirk.

Natsu watched as Aries turned radioactive red before steeling her nerves. "I-I-I want you to make me cum, Natsu. Please, move around and make me cum from your finger."

"...Good girl." He praised before putting another finger inside her, making her moan louder.

Virgo's hand job was proving very effective as more precum started oozing out. The smell overpowered her and she gave into the primal urge and delivered a lick all along the penis. The taste was salty, but at the same time sweet. She started swirling her tongue around the head, making it glistening in saliva.

"Aries..." The maid called out to her friend, making the horned girl look down between moans. "This is called a blowjob." She then took half of the shaft into her mouth, twirling her tongue on the head. Natsu rocked his head back in ecstasy at the moist feeling before Virgo started bobbing up and down, taking the whole staff down his throat.

"K-keep it up." He moaned out, using his fingers to please Aries. "I-I'm almost there." Virgo could feel the member twitching in her mouth, as well as her own core dripping down her legs. Her free hands traveled down and started playing with her own pussy.

"I-I can feel it." Aries moaned as Natsu kept fingerbanging her. "I'm gonna cum!"

"Me too!" Natsu declared. Virgo could only mumble back something before Aries' arched her back in pleasure as Natsu blew a load down Virgo's throat. At the same time, the sound of a dripping faucet came into ear shot, but the sound was actually Virgo cumming as well. "That... that was amazing."

Virgo tried to swallow as much as she could, but the mass of sperm was too much and she had to cough some up into her hands. "Delicious..." She mumbled before licking up what was in her hands.

Aries had yet to recover from orgasim and was panting heavily. Natsu pulled out his fingers and held them over her mouth. In a lust clouded state, Aries started sucking on the digits, cleaning them of her cum. 'I'm doing something so dirty...' She thought. 'But... it feels so good.'

Virgo watched the scene before noticing the cock before her regain its girth. "Master Natsu, would you please sit on the edge of the bed?" She requested. Natsu listened and hopped down to the edge as Virgo grabbed Aries and guided her to the end of the bed. "Now, it's time for you to get some practice as well."

She grabbed her own boobs and pressed them against Natsu's cock. "This is called titfucking. Come, join me." Aries nervously nodded before copying her friends actions, smothering Natsu's dick between the four spirit boobs. "Now we move up and down." Virgo used her hands to her bust up and down, while Aries kept them between her arms and did the same.

Natsu moaned at the soft feeling surrounding his dick from all sides. "This is better than I could've imagine." He whimpered in joy. Virgo noticed the head of his cock was sticking out from the four boobs and decided to suck on it again. "I'm gonna cum!"

Virgo let it out of her mouth, giving a wet 'pop'. "Please, shower us with your cum, Master Natsu. We want to feel your hot spunk all over us."

Aries listened to her friend and turned red before deciding to give it a try herself. "P-please, give it to us."

Natsu couldn't hold back anymore and blew his load, sending rope after rope all over the two spirits. Their hair, their faces, their breasts, even Aries' horns were covered in the white substance. Aries wiped some off of her face before studying the substance. 'This is what sperm looks like...'

Virgo, on the other hand, was licking herself clean and savoring the taste. It was her second time ingesting the substance, but she was already hooked on it. She gripped her breasts and lifted them up towards her mouth, lapping up the cum. A bit dripped onto her nipples and she licked that up as well, sucking on her own breast.

The last of it swallowed, the maid looked up to see Aries still covered in the sperm. "You're not going to clean it off yourself?"

"D-do I have to?" Aries asked as some cum dropped near her mouth.

"It's incredibly rude of you to not." Virgo said.

Cautiously, Aries started scooping up some of the cum into her hands and lapped it up. The taste was a bit bitter, but it was also a bit sweet. As she cleaned her skin off, Virgo leaned over and started licking the horns of her friend, lapping up the cum dangling off them.

Natsu watched the highly erotic scene before him and felt his erection return. The last of the cum licked off, the maid spirit turned to Natsu. "It's time." She pushed Natsu onto his back before sexily crawling on top of him. Their eyes locked as Virgo lined up their body parts before sitting down.

His dick was warm inside her as Virgo threw her head back in joy. Recovering from her mild orgasm, she looked down to find Natsu looking at her confused. "Is something wrong?"

"Yeah, there's no blood." He answered.

"What do you mean?" Aries asked, crawling up next to the two.

"In every book I've read, it's said that a girl's first time is supposed to cause bleeding and hurt." The male explained.

Both girls looked at him worried for his mental health. "Master Natsu, that's not how a hymen works." Virgo said. Natsu looked confused as the maid leaned down and brushed his face. "I'll explain later. For now, let's just focus on showing Aries what sex looks like." She placed a kiss on his lips before raising herself off his member before slamming it back down. "This position is called 'cowgirl'." She told the horned girl, repeating the process.

Natsu started getting into things and thrusted upwards as well, making the normally stoic maid moan in pleasure. Her boobs bounced up and down freely before he reached up and squeezed them. The hard nipples caught his attention and he pulled on them like before. "Yes! Punish me!" She screamed.

Natsu stared up at the girl before letting go of the left one and squeezing the whole boob. The sensation on her breasts was overwhelming. "I'm cumming!" She screamed and she threw her head back as Natsu felt her pussy tighten around his dick.

Virgo collapsed onto his torso, still attached to him via her pussy. 'I think I read about this...' Natsu thought, thinking about to one of his books. In it, a girl got off on getting dominated, humiliated and hit during sex. There was even a special word for it; masochist.

Slowly, Natsu raised his right hand before bringing it down and slapping Virgo's ass. She let out moan/scream as Natsu saw her face turn red. 'Now I see why she's always asking for punishment.' He slapped her ass again and again. He slapped it so much that it left a red hand print on it.

Virgo's tongue hung out of her mouth as she came again. Natsu then wrapped his arms around her before he stood up on his bed and resumed thrusting, making the maid moan in pleasure. Virgo looked down at Aries, who was playing with both her boobs and cunt. "Th-this is called *moan* 'stand and carry'."

Her own arms wrapped around Natsu's neck and the two kissed again. They left for air and their tongues twirled around for bit before Natsu felt his finale coming. "I'm about to blow."

"Inside..." The spirit told him. "I want you to cum inside me." Not being one to disappoint, Natsu thrusted faster and faster, turning Virgo into a mess of moans. "I'm cumming!" Both partners let out a cry before they came at the same time.

Natsu's thick seed dripped out of her snatch, leaving a puddle on the sheets. Natsu placed the maid down before he felt his dick harden again. "Up for another round?"

"Yes, Master." Virgo dumbly nodded before she grabbed her ankles and held them over her head before glancing back at Aries, a small puddle under her. Completely forgetting the point of this little experiment, Virgo looked down at the white sperm on the sheets. "Clean that up, please."

More of a command than a request, the horned girl was on the pile of cum in an instant, lapping it up like a dog. The Dragon Slayer watched the scene and thought it was hot before Virgo ground her body on his member, making him moan. "Focus, Master. You'll have plenty of time to fuck her later."

"Sorry." He apologized before thrusting into her again, making her moan. Her snatch held his rod completely before he pulled it out, leaving just the head. A smirk on his face, he slammed it all the way back in, causing a two pronged effect. First, Virgo let out a loud moan of pleasure. And second, she lost her grip on her ankles, wrapping them around Natsu's torso.

"Harder, Master!" The maid screamed as she did the same with her arms around his neck. "Fuck this dirty, slutty maid as hard as you can!" She pulled him in for another kiss, her soft breasts mushed against his hard torso.

Aries finished cleaning up the cum before looking up at the scene. She had never felt more embarrassed in her long life, but she had also never felt as excited. Her fingers once again traveled south and she resumed pleasuring herself, letting out soft moans between thrusts.

The two engaging in the act left for air and Natsu stared into the maids big blue eyes. "I'm gonna cum again."

"Shoot it out." Virgo moans, practically begging for his cum. "I want you to fuck your cum right into my womb!"

The thrusts quicken until Natsu's hips became a blur, making Virgo moan again. "Here it comes!" With on final thrust, both male and female came at the same time. Their bodily fluids mixed as Natsu slowly pulled out, and it was like letting a cork out of a wine bottle.

"That... was amazing..." Natsu panted before feeling a soft hand on his dick, making it regain its girth. "You still want more, Virgo?"

"No, it's time Aries got a turn." Virgo said, willing herself up to her knees before getting between the other two pinkette. "Turn around." She told the horned girl.

Aries nodded before turning around. Virgo then pushed her down onto her arms and spread the horned girls pussy open. "You're dripping."

"I-I can't help it." Aries said back, extremely embarrassed. "Watching the two of you made me like this. It was just too hot."

"Well, now you get to feel it yourself." Virgo said, waving for Natsu to come over.

He lined up his part with hers, but stopped before putting it in. "Are you sure about this? What about Loke?"

"This-this is all so I can please him." She said. "I want to know what men like in a woman in bed. Please, show me how to please a man."

Content with her answer, Natsu gave a soft smile before inserting his dick into the horned spirit. The girl gritted her teeth before letting out a moan. Once she was comfortable with this new insertion, Natsu started slowly thrusting in and out. "It-it feels strange." She moaned. "But it's so good."

"It will only get better." Virgo said, rubbing the girl's horns. She looked up at Natsu and the two shared a look before his thrusts became faster. His balls slapped against her thighs, creating a series of loud slaps on every impact. Aries threw her head back in a moan as Natsu grabbed her arms and hoisted her chest off the bed, letting her large breasts bounce forward with every thrust.

"Ohh!" Aries gasped in shock before looking down at her chest. Virgo had reached down and grabbed her breasts, massaging them violently. "V-Virgo."

"Just focus on pleasing Master Natsu." The maid said, squeezing the large balls of flesh.

Aries moaned again at the feeling. She'd played with herself in the spirit world, but it felt nothing like the. She felt her release coming as her walls tightened around Natsu's cock. "I'm cumming!" Her orgasm hit her and her cum shot out of her like a faucet, wetting both Natsu and the bed.

"She's a squirter." Natsu mumbled.

"Bad girl, Aries." Virgo scolded, pulling on one of her friends nipples. "You should never stain the masters bed. Now you have to work twice as hard to make him cum inside you."

Getting into the spirit of things, Natsu placed Aries on her side. With this new angle, he was able to hoist one of her long, slender legs into the air with one hand and snake under her to grab a breast with the other. And then he started moving. "OH, GOD YES!" Aries screamed in ecstasy. "KEEP FUCKING ME, NATSU!"

"I think she's finally gotten over her shyness." Natsu joked as he felt Virgo press up against his back.

"She is a lot cuter when she smiles." The maid confessed. Tired of being left out, Virgo reached over Natsu and grabbed Aries clitoris, rubbing it between her fingers.

"OH, GOD!" Aries screamed, gripping the bed with one of her hands. Begin assaulted by one pleasurable sensation on her pussy was bad enough. But now that Virgo had decided to join in on the fun, her mind was melting into a mess. "I LOVE IT!" She turned her head and pulled Natsu into a kiss.

The kiss was long and full of passion as the tongues battled for dominance. Aries lost the battle, but she didn't mind in the least as they left for air. "Aries, I'm about to cum." Natsu told her before they resumed the kiss.

"Let it out inside me." She begged in a lust filled mess. "I want you to fucking cum inside my fucking womb, you fucking sexy fuck!"

The other pinkette seemed a little shocked at Aries language and demanding attitude. 'She's turned into a complete slut.' Virgo thought, still rubbing her friends clit. 'I think she should have been fucked a long time ago. Then she'd have this confidence with her all the time.'

She was taken back into reality as she felt the pearl moisten. "I'm cumming!" Both Natsu and Aries screamed before they shot their cum out, Natsu's into the spirit and Aries' hit the night stand across the floor.

"You're not done, are you?" Aries asked between pants.

"Not on your life." Natsu joked before he rolled Aries onto her back, gripping her legs by her thick, toned thighs. The sweat covering her body only reminded him just how sexy the spirit was truly. "So beautiful." He mumbled, leaning down and licking her breasts.

"Mmh." Aries moaned. "Yes, just like that." She wiggled her butt on Natsu's groin, making his dick regain its girth and rigidity. "Keep fucking me." She told him in as sexy as voice as she could.

Not one to disappoint, Natsu let the nipple out of his mouth and started pumping his hips in and out of the horned spirit. "So tight." He moaned out before turning into a piston.

"YES, JUST LIKE THAT!" The horned girl shouted in joy.

"You've learned lot, Aries." The ram spirit looked over to see Virgo standing up on the bed and hover over her. "But you still need to learn your place in this situation." She said before sitting down on Aries' face. The pain from getting prodded by Aries' horns made the maid spirit cry out in masochistic pleasure. "Now, start licking."

In the blink of an eye, Aries started licking the other spirit's pussy. The pleasure and pain from the sensations brought Virgo close to orgasm in an instant. "Don't forget about me." Natsu said before lurching forward and kissing the maid. Though a bit shocked at first, Virgo melted into the kiss and wrapped her arms around his neck, pulling him in deeper.

Aries kept licking the snatch in front of her as she was pounded by Natsu. Natsu kept fucking the ram spirit as he started licking Virgo's neck and went down to her boobs. Virgo kept forcing her butt down on Aries horns as her own hand traveled down and started playing with Natsu's balls.

In this mass of human and celestial spirit flesh bouncing off each other, all three came at the same time. Natsu shot his seed deep in side Aries as the maid spirit came inside the ram spirits mouth. Virgo fell backwards while Natsu fell onto Aries before rolling off her. All three panted as Virgo crawled to the other side of the Dragon Slayer.

"Okay, that was fun." Natsu panted, sandwiched between two sexy pink haired spirits.

"Thank you for doing this, Master." Virgo said.

"You know, I don't think I wanna leave him." Aries said, wrapping herself around Natsu's arm. "I wanna become Natsu's spirit."

"I agree." Virgo said, copying her friends actions.

"Is that really okay?" He asked.

"I'm sure if we ask princess, she'll understand." Virgo answered.

"Then we can do this all the time." Aries said joyfully.

"All the time..." Natsu mumbled, unconsciously turned on as his dick regained its hardness.

"Oh, looks like he still wants to play." Aries teased, gripping the third leg.

"Master has such high stamina." Virgo said, grabbing it as well. "I have an idea for a special 'thank you' gift." She leaned over Natsu and whispered into her friends ear.

"Sounds like fun." The horned girl said before they both crawled down to his dick.

"What are you-?" Natsu started to ask before he moaned in pleasure. He looked down to see that both girls had placed their asses together against his cock, making it like a hotdog trapped between two pairs of buns. "So soft.." He moaned as the girls started twerking on it.

While Virgo went up Aries went down, bouncing the hot rod between the four soft cushions. "Does it feel good, master?" Virgo asked.

"It feels so good." He moaned out. "I'm about to cum."

"Shower us in it." Aries said, sticking her tongue out. "Mark us as your property. Taint us in your hot dragon cum!"

"Here it comes!" The hot seed burst out of his member, showering their asses and backs in his white spunk. Both girls wiped their hands on their butts and started licking it off each other's hands. Once their back sides were properly cleaned, both cuddled up to their future key owner. "I love you girls."

"We love you, too." Both said before they all fell asleep together.

My second lemon and first pure fuck-fic. I suggested this idea to Kript, but then this came to me. I didn't want to force this idea on him, so I decided to do it myself. Besides, I already gave him an idea. Now, I don't want to become know as a guy who ONLY does this kind of stuff, so this kind of fics won't come out back to back. I do have other ideas, but again, I'm saving those for a later date.

Hoped you liked it, and tell me if you want ONE more chapter of this.

Beta read by Natsu is Awesome.