Sweet Taste of Victory





Location / Date / Time Change

Natsu charged into the battle and swung his arms, a massive beam of fire erupting from the ground. Sherry bashed a golem with her shield before Mary jumped over and slamming her club down, crushing the stone creature. "We're getting nowhere with these things." Mary huffed as she pulled her weapon out of the rock. "We need to find Ivan and take the stones from him."

"Easier said than done." Chelia said as she landed next to the three. "I've scanned the entire field and he's not here."

"No, he's here." Natsu declared, punting a construct. "He wouldn't miss seeing this moment."

"How do we find him, then?" Sherry asked.

"We give him bait." The male declared. "Help the others! I'll find Ivan!" He burst into a sprint and raced into the field, leaving the three behind.

"So we just keep fighting these things?" Chelia asked.

"Move!" Mary tackled the two to the ground as a blast of sand flew at them. The three looked up as Nullpudding and Kurohebi walked into view. "Looks like we won't have to worry about the golems for a while."

Lucy swung her whip and shattered a golem as Loke and Taurus worked together behind her. "We can't let a single one of these things get into the guild hall!" The blonde declared before a glowing blue energy wrapped around her neck.

"Enough of your prattle." Virgo declared as the distraction allowed the golems to punch the male spirits, sending them back to their home.

"Virgo, I don't know what Ivan did to you and Aries..." Lucy gasped as she grasped at the energy whip, trying to pull it off. "But we can... help you."

"You can't even help yourself." The spirit declared as she shifted her weight. Lucy was sent flying into the air and the pinkette pulled on the whip. The blonde crashed into the ground, making a massive crater. Lucy pushed herself up, only for Virgo to step on her stomach. "You are nothing. And you are alone."

"She's not alone." Virgo turned around to see Erza in her Purgatory Armor behind her. Ikaruga walked up to the other side and drew her own blade at the ready.

"Oh, this is perfect." The female spirit chuckled as she kicked Lucy aside. "The overbearing knight and the amnesiac assassin..." Ikaruga glanced in confusion as Virgo cracked her whip. "Doesn't matter. You'll be dead before you can understand."

The spirit charged and swung her whip, forcing the kimono clad woman to jump back. Erza charged in from behind and swung her sword club. Virgo jumped over the redhead and swung her whip, wrapping it around Erza's neck. Virgo landed on the ground and pulled, sending Erza flat onto her back.

Ikaruga charged and swung her blade in a 'slash-sheathe' style, keeping Virgo on her feet. The spirit jumped back and tapped her foot on the ground. Stone pillars rose up and trapped Ikaruga in place, her sword skills rendered useless. Virgo smirked arrogantly, only for the stone to suddenly shatter. The pebbles fell to the ground as Kagura glared at the spirit, Erza next to her.

The red head pushed herself off her 'sister' and the three charged at once. Virgo gripped her whip and blocked Ikaruga's slash before kicking her back. She turned and dodged a swing from Erza, only for the sheath of Kagura's sword to crack into her head. Erza switched to a pair of katanas and swung them both, finally hitting the spirit.

Virgo growled in annoyance before she turned and charged Ikaruga. A straight kick caught the kimono-clad woman and sent into a upturn trench. Virgo sank into the ground before her hands suddenly wrapped around the pinkette's neck, pulling her into the ground. Kagura and Erza looked around in worry before Ikaruga suddenly shot out of the dirt, chunks of rock littering her body.

"Behind you!" She shouted in pain, forcing the two to turn. Virgo charged the duo, only to get hit by both girls katana's. She stumbled to the ground and pushed herself up in pain as before her whole body sank underground.

"Gravity Change." Kagura declared, a chunk of solid earth suddenly lifting out of the ground.

The spirit unknowingly tunneled out of the dirt as Erza gripped her katanas and charged the spirit. With a 'x' style swing, the red head charged and finally beat the girl. Virgo pushed herself up in pain, only to fall over, finally defeated.

Kagura fell to the ground in exhaustion as Erza dropped to a knee. "Was... was she telling the truth?" Ikaruga asked as she pushed herself up.

Panting, Erza pushed herself up and walked over to the revived girl. "I'll explain everything after this battle is over." Erza declared as she helped Ikaruga up, her armor returning to normal. "But you should know, that's not who you are any more."

Inside the Guildhall

Meredy stared out of the window of the guildhall, nervously holding her swollen stomach. "I really wish I could go out there and help fight."

"We can't risk that." Angel said as she walked up next to Lisanna, Happy and Carla on the floor. "We are not putting you on the battlefield with that precious cargo. If Ivan gets his hands on you, it's all over."

"I just feel so useless sitting here." The expecting mother replied.

"Don't worry. You won't feel useless for long." Everyone turned and saw Aries standing in the room. Before Angel or Lisanna could cast a spell, pink wool shot forward and blasted them both. The fuzz pinned them the guilds walls and started squeezing, constricting them. "Now, for you."

Happy stood in front of Meredy and Carla with a fish in his paws. "Oh, please." The spirit chuckled before she leaned down. Her horns fired off her head and shot at the group, destroying the fish and the table Meredy was sitting at. Aries walked over and searched through the rubble, throwing Carla to the side.

"There you are..." With as smirk on her face, she threw Happy out of the nearest window guild hall before she gripped Meredy by her hair. "Once these idiots see you with me, they'll give up. Then Fairy Tail will be slaughtered, and Ivan will pleased."

"Back off!" Meredy kicked Aries as hard as she could, sending her into a nearby window. "I'm not so helpless that I can't fight you off."

"That's cute. You really think you can beat me in this state?" Aries asked as she pushed herself off the glass, leaving cracks in the structure.

"I don't have to beat you." Meredy confessed, holding her stomach. "I just need to get you in position."

Black wind sunk through the cracks before the breeze exploded, launching Aries out of the guild hall. The dark-skinned girl landed on her gut before pushing herself up. Sherry and Chelia dropped into fighting stances as the spirit regained her footing. "Oh, this is rich. You two think you can beat me?"

"I know we can." Chelia declared before the God Slayer charged. Aries summoned a wall of wool and blocked herself off, only for a tornado of black wind to tear it down. A massive wooden doll suddenly appeared and swung its claw at the spirit sending her flying back. Aries flipped through the air and landed before standing up.

A heavy hit cracked her in the back of the head, forcing her to turn to see Mary swing her mace. "I'm going to enjoy this." She chuckled as she swung her weapon again. The heavy weight was caught by the Spirit and Aries crushed it in her hand, the chunks of metal falling to the ground.

Aries smirked before she kicked the Dark Mage back, her cloven foot leaving a print over Mary's eye. A gust of wind caught her and pushed her back up, showing Sherry and Chelia standing next to her. "We have to do this together. It's our only chance." The Doll mage declared.

Mary chuckled as Aries fired off another round of horns at the trio, forcing them apart. Chelia swing her hand and a black tornado shot forward, forcing Aries to dig her hooves into the ground. "I won't be blown around that easy." She chuckled, only for Sherry to bashed her shield and cracked Aries in the head.

Mary delivered a spin kick and forced Aries backwards, right into Chelia's path. "Sky God's Blizzard!" The girl unleashed a flurry of heavy punches and deadly kicks before a big kick into the face, sending Aries stumbling back. "I really don't wanna keep hurting Aries." She confessed as her cousin came up next to her.

"Just a little longer... She's almost in place." Sherry said as a stone puppet rose up and punched the ground, forcing the Spirit back. Sherry tried another shield bash, only for the guard to get caught and crushed by Aries. Mary whacked the spirit with the chain and Chelia kicked Aries again. "Now!"

All three girls raised their legs and kicked Aries as hard as they could. The spirit flew back and hit a tree before strings wrapped around the trunk. "Sorry about this." Sherry apologized before all three pulled on the strings, toppling the tree onto the spirit. The impact kicked up dust and all three blocked their eyes.

Once the air was cleared, they saw Aries pinned under the lumber, completely and utterly trapped and beaten. The girls smiled in victory before they raced into the building to check on Meredy and the others.

With Natsu

"Where is he?" Natsu growled as he ran through the forest. "There's no way he would pass this opportunity up." His ears perked up and he jumped back just in time for a blade of wind to cut through several trees. The trunks fell over and showed Ivan glaring in anger at him.

"Give me the stones, Dragneel!" Ivan shouted as he stepped forward. The earth shook at his power before Ivan pointed his hand forward and his armor glowed. A stream of black energy shot forward and Natsu jumped to the side, letting the Death Stone decay the trees behind him.

Natsu punched the air and ignited his fists before charging forward. Ivan changed his Stones power and sent a blast of water out of his palm. Natsu countered with a Fire Stone enhanced roar and meet the beam, turning the forest into a smokey void. Ivan sank back into the fog as Natsu came to a stop.

Sniffing the air, Natsu turned and was hit with a blast of wind, sending him crashing into a tree. Natsu turned and gripped the bark before ripping the plant out of the ground and swinging it. The smoke cleared the area before a blast of black colored magic hit the tree, making it rot and crumble.

"Come out and face me, Ivan!" Natsu shouted, throwing the withered tree to the side. "Are you scared all of a sudden?"

"Don't be ridiculous, boy." Ivan's voice boomed out. "Why would I be afraid of a fool like you?!" The mist started condensing into shards of ice and started diving at Natsu, who burst into flames and melted the attack before charging.

"Fight me!" Natsu shouted as he punched the tree Ivan was hiding behind. Ivan started to raise his arm, only for Natsu to cut him off with a head-butt.

"You damn brat!" The older man growled in annoyance before a swarm of shikigami dolls flew forward, pushing Natsu back. "I've waited years for this moment! And I will not allow some love-struck idiot to get in my way! Now die!" He pulled his arm back and all five stones in his paldron started to glow.

He thrust his arm forward and a massive beam of all five stones energy shot forward. Natsu crossed his arms and his own stones started glowing, creating a white flame shield. Natsu growled in anger as he tried to push forward. He lost his footing and was pushed back. "I will not! Give! UP!" He shouted as his eyes started glowing.

'Only the most noble of souls are strong enough to bear the power of the Void Stone.'

Natsu opened his eyes and found himself floating in a void, only a thin white cloud filling the blackness. "What the? Where am I?"

'For hundreds of years, I have waited for someone worthy enough to claim my power.' The smoke faded as a blinding light filled the expanse. 'I, the last remnants of the creator of the stones, have seen your plight and your determination. You are indeed worthy of my power. Sadly, I do not think it will be enough. Your foe has too much power.'

"He's not unbeatable." Natsu declared while clenching his fist. "He has to have a weakness! I just need to find it."

'I fear you do not have much time to do that.' The light replied. 'His power is far greater than anything anyone has ever seen.'

"Power..." Natsu mumbled as his eyes went wide. "That gives me an idea."

Natsu snapped back to reality and turned to the side, letting the beam of energy fly past him. A chunk of earth rose up behind him and hit Natsu in the head, knocking him to the ground. "Finally... after all this time..." Ivan chuckled as he walked over, picking the Fire and Life Stones from his opponent's armor. "Now, watch as I burn Fairy Tail to ashes!"

"Natsu!" The boy looked up to see Chelia, Mary and Sherry running over to him. "Don't worry, I'll get the stones back." Chelia declared as her cousin and Mary helped him up.

"No, stay back!" Natsu shouted, holding his hands out.

Ivan slammed the two gems into his pauldron and his body started glowing. He chuckled at the new magic available to him, only for his stomach to start eating himself. "What-what's happening to me?" He groaned out as his skin cracked.

"You forgot one stone." Natsu chuckled, holding the grey Void Stone in his hand. "Without the Void to regulate it, the other stones will tear you apart." He placed the stone in his gauntlet and walked over, kneeling down into Ivan's face. "I told you you'd die for that." Natsu declared before swatting the former Guild Master's hand away.

"D-damn you, D-Dragneel..." Ivan gasped out before he fell over. His body started convulsing before his armor started glowing.

"Take cover!" Natsu turned and ran from the glowing man, making the girls follow. Jumping into a small ravine, the group covered their heads as a pulse of magic substituted an explosion. Out in the battlefield, the golems crumbled into dust and fell over. The pink haired group peered over the edge and saw only the seven Stones, floating in the air in a circle.

"Where'd Ivan go?" Sherry asked.

"The Stones must have completely vaporized him..." Mary mumbled in shock. "We're probably breathing him in as we speak."

"Wait, he's not gonna possess us, is he?" Chelia asked in concern.

"I don't think so." The dark mage replied. "But it's safe to say that we'll never have to deal with him again."

"That's good." Natsu said, walking over to the stones.

"Natsu, what are you doing?" Sherry asked.

Natsu stood between the stones and they floated up around him. Taking to the sky, the stones flew back down to him and placed themselves into the free slots on the armor. His skin briefly glowed before he turned around. "I'm going to make things right." He declare before holding his arms up.

The ground began shaking as the earth moved, returning it to the state before the battle even started. Streaks of white energy floated out of the woods and reach Virgo and Aries. The two spirits started glowing before they died down, revealing their normal forms. Lucy wiped a tear from her eyes before hugging them, only for the two to suddenly vanish back to the Spirit World.

"He did it..." Mary smiled as she turned back to the male. "Now we get these stupid things as far away from each other as possible."

"Not yet." Natsu lowered his hands and shook his head. "There's one more thing I need to do first." Magic gathered around the boots before he suddenly jumped into the air. A magic circle appeared in front of him and swallowed him whole, confusing the girls.

3 Months Later

Natsu's House

"Do you think he'll ever come back?" Chelia asked as she straightened up the boy's house.

"I want to believe so..." Cosmos said as she tended the fire. "But... it's been three months since we've seen him."

"I don't even know where he went." Mary said, cleaning the dishes from the dinner. "For all I know, he could be in another universe. I'm not sure we'll see him again."

"He'll come back." Meredy said from the couch, her hand resting on her swollen stomach, ready to give birth any day now. "He wouldn't leave us behind." The door to the house slowly opened, catching the girl's attention. "Sorry, but this private property. Leave the mail and be on your way. Thanks."

"So a man can't even enter his own house anymore?" All four turned to the door and smiles graced their faces as Natsu walked into his home, a limp in his step and his left arm forever useless from the stones.

Chelia ran over and hugged him tight as Mary walked over. "Where are the Stones?" She asked, looking at his naked arms and legs.

"In the Spirit World." He replied. "I left them there for the safety of everyone. Now no one will ever be able to get any of them."

"And... what about them?" Meredy asked, carefully standing up.

Natsu chuckled as he reached into his pocket, pulling out the two gold keys. "Open, Gates of the Maiden and Ram: Virgo & Aries." A glow filled the room before the two spirits appeared in the room, their bodies and personality back to normal. The other two quickly walked over and hugged the spirits in joy.

"We're sorry for everything." Aries said, holding Chelia tight.

"That wasn't your fault." She replied, looking at the spirit. "That was all because of Ivan. The Stone corrupted you and he treated you like dogs. You're both the victims here."

Natsu smiled as he pulled the two Spirits close. "No one blames you for anything." He whispered, making them two tear up a bit. "It's okay to cry." His girlfriends broke down and started weeping into his arms. The other girls walked over and joined the hug, finally letting Natsu ask a question that had been bugging him. "Where's Sherry?"

"She went back to Blue Pegasus with Ren." Cosmos explained. "Honestly, I was half expecting her to have fallen for you by now."

"Her heart was never going to waver." Chelia replied as the group hug ended. "I'm not sure she would have done anything if you had taken up our offer three months ago."

"I wouldn't have forced her anyway." He replied, rubbing her head. "So, where's Ikaruga? She should be here, right?"

"Oh, she's probably back in the bath area." Cosmos said, confusing Natsu. "We found a underground spring while you were away and we dug it up. It's been great for Meredy and her baby. And we've had some fun times there."

"Now, now. Let's not ruin the surprise." Mary chuckled. "Let his imagination run wild. Go and relax, we want catch up with Aries and Virgo."

He looked back at the spirits and they shared a nod before the two walked over to the couch, Meredy and Chelia next to them. "So, you and Ikaruga aren't going to jail when I come back?" Natsu asked the Virus user.

"After everything that happened and the good words put in by your friends, we earned some kind of semi-pardon." She explained. "Basically, as long as we don't use our magic for anything but self-defense, we're free to do whatever we want."

"I'm not going to have to worry about that, am I?" He asked, really worried.

"Don't worry, I'm not planning in anything… too evil." She chuckled, her hand traveling to her waist. "I have too much on the line right now. Looks like you're even luckier than we thought."

Natsu smiled back before hugging her waist, excitement in his heart at the possibility of another child. Leaving the girls, he headed to the back of the house, finding a new screen door there. Pushing it open, he found himself staring at a large hot spring, complete with a cobbled floor and wooden wall to keep out animals and unwanted guests.

Ikaruga sat in the center bath, her body covered only by the steam as her eyes remained closed. "Greetings, Natsu." She turned to the side and opened her eyes. "Would you care to join me?"

"Would love to." He chuckled as he stripped his clothing off. Stepping into the water, he sighed with content as the water soothed his leg. "This is nice." Natsu said as he turned to the girl. "Surprised to see you're still here."

"Erza told me everything about my past." She explained, moving over to Natsu. "I've done a lot of bad things, but I don't remember any of them. Is it… wrong that I hope I never do?"

"Not to me." Natsu replied, seemingly unaware that the girl was heading his way. "But you do have a lot of making up to do. If you want to, I'm sure Fairy Tail will give you a chance."

"I do want that. But right now…" She came to a stop as she straddled Natsu's lap, wrapping her arms around his neck. "I. Want. You." She whispered before capturing Natsu's lips.

Natsu surprised her however, by kissing back, the two beginning a battle with their tongues. Leaving for air, the Dragon Slayer smiled as he brushed some hair out of her face. "I could smell your arousal the second I walked in." He said, licking the side of her neck. "Let's not waste any time. I have a present for Virgo and Aries and I don't wanna miss it."

"So forward." She chuckled, positioning herself over his crotch. "A girl could be hurt by that kind of treatment." She started grinding her dripping quim on his hardened cock, the anticipation tantamount to a drug. She raised her hips and lowered down, the meat spear opening her walls like never before.

Natsu started thrusting upwards and the water splashed over the edge. Ikaruga moaned in pleasure as her hair clung to her wet body. Natsu leaned forward and captured her neck as he started licking her, trying to find her weak spot. The former assassin pressed her chest into his, her firm breasts mushing into his hard pecs.

"Oh, yes!" Ikaruga cried out as Natsu gripped her hips. "I haven't had it this good in so long! I forgot how amazing this feels."

"You worked like this before?" Natsu chuckled as one hand moved down to her impressive rear.

"More than likely." She replied, her own hips starting to shake. "But never again. Only you get this treatment from now on." The two engaged in another kiss, their tongues battling for supremacy once again.

Under the water, her pussy juices started merging with the hot spring. The two started matching thrusts with each other, Ikaruga following the rod desperately. A sharp pinch caught her off guard as Natsu started squeezing her rear. Pulling his hand off, a sharp smack hit her and she finally lost the battle.

"Again!" She cried out, the two finally pushing out of the water onto the cobble. Now straddling the slayer, Ikaruga put all the effort in as she started shaking her hips up and down. "Spank my ass again, I know you want to!"

Natsu smirked as he pulled his right hand back and spanked her again and again. After a dozen strikes, her ass had a red handprint on it. "I'm cumming!" She cried out as she pulled her head back in ecstasy. Her tongue hung out of her mouth as she collapsed onto his chest.

"Enjoy the ride?" Natsu teased, making Ikaruga push herself up.

"Don't tell me… you're done yet…, dragon boy?" She asked between pants.

"Not on your life." He chuckled before thrusting upwards again.

"Still… sensitive…" Ikaruga moaned out as her hands gripped Natsu's. "You don't… mess around… do ya?"

"Nope, and I'm not gonna start now!" He replied, another smack on her ass. "Get ready for it."

"Give it to me!" The amnesiac begged, ripping her hand free and brushing his face. "I want to feel it inside of me! I want- I want- I'm cumming again!"

With one final thrust, Natsu blasted his load into her womb, once more causing an orgasim. Ikaruga finally gave out and collapsed onto his chest, a blissful smile on her face. Natsu slid out of the girl and gently placed her off to the side, brushing some hair off her face.

Throwing on a towel, Natsu walked over to the door and knocked on the wooden frame. "Virgo, Aries, can you come out here for a moment?" He asked before stepping back.

The door to the sauna opened and the two spirits walked in, now clad in tight towels that hugged their curves. "You wanted to see us, Natsu?" Virgo asked.

"Yeah, I want to make love to you two tonight, not fuck." He explained, walking forward and grabbing their waists. "I want to show you two how much I missed you both, and how much you mean to me."

"Oh, Natsu. You don't need to sweet-talk us." Aries said, pressing her head against his chest. "We know you love us." She looked up and started kissing. Virgo slid into Natsu's right arm and let Natsu start fingering her. The two started a three way kiss before Natsu guided them over to the water.

Virgo gently sat Natsu down at the edge of the water, holding his arm close. She then nodded to Aries and the horned girl undid her towel, showing every inch of her porcelain white skin. She sank down and spead his legs wide, letting his hard mass hit her in the face. A soft smile covered her face as she began stroking the shaft.

A soft, soapy feeling suddenly pressed against his back, catching him off guard. He glanced behind and smiled as he saw that Virgo had lathered up her breasts and started washing his back with them. "Does this please you, master?" She coyly asked as she moved up and down.

"Yes, yes it does." He chuckled as he started kissing her. Aries looked up and smiled before she repositioned herself, her breasts now smushed against Natsu's shaft. She started moving up and down as the tip poked her chin. A hand rubbed her head and she let her tongue hang out, her saliva coating the tip.

Natsu and Virgo left for air and the maid started washing his arm by shoving it between her tits. "We should have done the bath thing a long time ago." He chuckled as he looked down. Aries was now sucking in the tip as she continued to titfuck the main body. A splash of water covered the two as Virgo washed the soap off of the males body.

"What else would you like, master?" She asked, knowing full well what she was doing.

"Join Aries and have some fun." He 'ordered'.

The maid nodded and sank into the shallow water next to her other spirit. Natsu spread his legs as wide as he could, giving room for both girls. Virgo lowered herself and started suckling on his nutsack, leaving the tip to the horned girl. Natsu smiled at the two girls when Aries suddenly perked up.

"Vi-Virgo…" She mumbled as she raised her ass out of the water, showing that the Earth Mage was fingering her friend. "I'm not switching… with you…" Aroes moaned out.

"Aries, you have to share." Natsu chuckled as he lifted his left arm, squeezing her firm ass. The girl moaned and pushed into the palm as she maintained her positioning. Natsu gripped her behind even harder before giving it a hard smack.

"F-fine." She huffed, pulling away from his shaft. Virgo grinned and nuzzled into the dick, licking it along the side before swallowing it whole. Natsu smiled and fondled Aries ass even more, making her moan as well. He watched as Aries hand started fondling his nuts, egging his batter to burst free.

"Get ready, girls." He groaned out.

Aries pulled Virgo off his pole and the two spirits started jerking him off. Each had one slender hand wrapped around his hard member as the other was used to play with their pussy's. Hunger in their eyes, they stuck their tongues out and kissed the head/each other, finally loosing their prize.

Natsu's spunk shot out and coated both their faces in the warm liquid, finally bringing them to cum. The sperm dripped off their faces and into their mouths, making both smile. "Don't think I'm done yet, girls." He chuckled as his shaft maintained hardness. "So who wants it first?"

The two girls pulled back and each entered a different pose, trying to entice Natsu to fuck them first. "P-please, Natsu. Let me be first. I-i would really like it." Aries cutely begged as she laid on her back, holding her pussy open as her arms pressed against her legs.

"Master, please take me. Let me feel your warmth inside me again!" Virgo begged, laying on her side as she held her leg with her arm.

A wolfish grin on his face, Natsu walked through the water and gripped both girls. "God, I love you so much."

An hour later, the trio finally finished their romp and laid on a mat, staring up at the sky. "Hope you enjoyed your present." Natsu said.

"Present?" Virgo repeated in confusion. "I don't understand, Natsu."

"Virgo... look." Aries whispered, pointing up at the sky.

The maid looked up and her eyes went wide. "It's a lunar eclipse..." Virgo mumbled. "That shouldn't happen for another twenty years. How-"

"It's a welcome home present." Natsu said, kissing both girls on their foreheads. "I wanted to show that you both still belong here. I figured what better that to start a family with you both. We only had an hour to get you both pregnant."

Both spirits had tears in their eyes as they hugged him tight. "Thank you, Natsu!" Aries called out, stirring Ikaruga.

"This… this was lovely." Virgo added, letting the happy tears fall to the ground.

"So that was your present." Ikaruga chuckled, crawling over to them. "You really are a sweetheart, Natsu. But it looks like you won't be getting off that easily."

The door to the sauna opened and the other four girls walked in equally as naked, ready to fuck the man. Natsu smirked as the harem reached him, the arousal wafting off the girls. "I'm all fired up."

The injuries Natsu suffered in that battle rendered him unable to perform as a Guild Wizard, forcing an early retirement. He didn't mind though, and neither did his wives. Chelia transferred guilds immediately and joined Fairy Tail, while Cosmos put in a request to withdraw from the Garou Knights. Joining Meredy, Mary, and Ikaruga, the five women proved to be one of the most powerful and dangerous teams in Fairy Tail history.

All the money they earned from jobs went to expand and support Natsu's home and his ever growing family. The ritual was a success and Virgo and Aries would have his children in nine months. The entire guild partied like never before, and then they beat that when Meredy gave birth to her child. The pink haired family refused to leave the house for a month as they tended to the child, making sure they nailed it before anymore come into existence

Natsu, for the most part, kept to his normal routine. Virgo and Aries were around as well, helping to take care of his children. Over their lives, they would welcome twin girls from Virgo, a boy from Aries followed by another one, a boy from Meredy before a set of twins, two girls from Chelia, boy and girl twins from Cosmos, and a girl followed by triplets from Mary. Ikaruga was rendered barren from her resurrection, but she was just as much loved as the mothers.

It was as happy an ending as someone could ask for.

And with this happy ending, Pink Pleasure as come to an end. I thought about putting Sherry in this harem as well, but I wasn't about to break up one of the few good canon pairings in Fairy Tail. If you want to make your own version of these events with her in it, be my guest.

If you're wonder why it seems like Aries went down easy, it's cause I didn't see any combat skills in her during canon. So I doubt that a serious personality change and new look would ever change that fact. And I also wasn't going to just have Natsu use all EIGHT stones without any kind of consequences. So he's forced to retire and be a caring father. Not a bad trade off if you ask me.

So with this story done, I will be putting up a poll on my profile for a new crossover story to do. If you feel like voting, please do so. If not, I can't force you. Just know that it will end at the end of the year.

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