Happy Halloween! This is my second attempt at a Harry Potter series AU crossed with another series, this time staring Hakuba Saguru and Koizumi Akako from Gosho Aoyama's Detective Conan/Magic Kaitou. This first chapter is more of a background on Akako and set the stage so to speak, for when Harry Potter enters the story in chapter 2. I hope you enjoy. :)

When Koizumi Akako was a small girl of seven, she, like most proper young witches and wizards in Japan, was sent to the Mahoutokoro School of Magic by her mother. Every morning Koizumi Akane would send her on her way aboard the back of a Giant Storm Petrel from their home in Ekoda.

Being a Koizumi, Akako - even at a young age - was gifted with a charm that won over many of her fellow students. From the start she was considered a gifted and talented student and adored the attention that was lavished on her. She breezed through the materials easily and got top marks in all of her classes. It wasn't until she was nine, however, that her world began to crumble around her.

During the seventies, a darkness could be felt growing within the magical community from the other side of the world where a Lord Voldemort was raising to power in the UK. The man was obsessed with the lineage of Salazar Slytherin. This worried Akako's family greatly, for it was no secret in Japan that the Koizumis were descended from the Legendary English Wizard. Snakes were their symbol and served as their familiars for a reason.

According to the detailed and longstanding Koizumi family history record, Akako's several times over Great Grandmother, Koizumi Sadashi, had charmed the handsome Englishman with her exotic Asian beauty and power. The affair was kept quiet in England (for Salazar had been engaged to some English Pureblood witch at the time), but in Japan, though the affair was frowned upon, the descendants of Koizumi Sadashi rose up in politics and Pureblood social circles, displaying great feats of magic and power. And unlike the English descendants of Slytherin, the Koizumi line didn't inbreed itself into extinction. Many wizards (Pureblood and Muggle-born alike) rose to power in Japan on the arm of a Koizumi woman, who for some reason only ever gave birth to a single daughter to carry on the legacy.

Some circles believed that the women of that line only had daughters because they were cursed for the dishonor Sadashi had brought upon her family by courting and producing a foreigner's child unwed. It was a well spread belief considering that all Koizumi women were notorious for their beauty and ability to charm any man they desired in their midst. They gained a reputation for being man stealers, even though they were unerringly loyal to their chosen husband once they were wed and with child.

But the fact remained that the blood of Salazar Slytherin and his gift for Parseltongue was passed down to every descendant. Akako was just the youngest and most current heir to that legacy. And at age nine, in the winter of 1975, Voldemort himself came to Japan and killed the entire Koizumi household. Or so he thought.

The Koizumi women were not unfamiliar with attempts to wipe out their bloodline, however. Koizumi Akane and her mother, Aiya, had prepared for such an occasion. The moment Voldemort's foreign magic was detected by the magical wards on their home, they had hidden young Akako away with the family's oni servant, Iwao, in the girl's own bedroom, which had been Akane's when she was a child, and Aiya's before her, and her mother's before her.

The room had special enchantments on it that hid it from outsiders when the wards were activated. Akako was also protected by very strong Blood Magics. Until a Koizumi woman came of age upon turning 17, she was under the protection of all those who came before her. It was a powerful protection spell strengthened by generations of Koizumi women that resided in the child's own blood.

Blood magic wasn't something the modern witch or wizard would initially think of or turn to (and hadn't since the turn of the century), but the old wizarding families like the Koizumis knew the value and power of such magics. And the protection born out of the love that a mother had for their child was the greatest form of blood magic that could be performed. Family was everything to a Japanese Witch/Wizard. So every generation of Koizumi woman, going all the way back to Sadashi, had renewed the blood spell whenever a new daughter was born. Akako was as protected as a child could be when the English Dark Lord came and slaughtered her parents and grandparents.

Though Lord Voldemort swept the house for any other living soul, he could not find her or Iwao. Because of the wards and blood magics, there was no sign in the house that a child lived there, so for all Voldemort knew the Koizumi line had been ended.

Once he was gone, Iwao took Akako from the house of her mothers and went into hiding. They lived among the muggles and as far from wizarding society as possible while still being able to keep appraised of the situation in the UK. Akako wound up attending muggle school and did not like it one bit. But she tolerated it, fearing the day that Voldemort would find out that a Koizumi had survived and came back to kill her as he had her beloved family.

Then came the day that Voldemort met his demise in the summer of 1981. Not a soul in the magical world didn't know about the baby Harry Potter and his story. Akako was fourteen at the time and had adjusted to attending muggle school by day and receiving a private magical education from Iwao by night.

After the fall of Lord Voldemort, Akako was able to return to her family home and freely use her family name proudly once again. The magical community rallied around her, praising the Gods that she had survived the Dark Lord's wrath upon her family. She was free to return to her mother's people, to be among the magical community and resume her schooling at Mahoutokoro, but in the end she refused. She didn't feel as though she had a place there anymore. It had been five years and all of her old classmates might as well have been strangers to her.

Besides, she found she enjoyed her newfound power and charm that she had over muggle boys. Unlike wizards, muggle males had no resistance to her magics. Even at fourteen she was capable of wrapping a man twice her age around her finger. Though part of her longed to properly rejoin the magical community, a larger part wanted nothing to do with the very people that had led to her family's demise.

The Koizumi household was very well protected and hidden to those who'd never been there before. Someone in Japan - someone her parents had trusted enough to invite into their home! - had to have sold her family out to Voldemort. That was the only way the Dark Lord could have found them while they were at home. Unfortunately there was always someone who wanted to see the fall of the Koizumi bloodline.

So Akako decided to take her chances with the muggles, and after transporting her family home to a new location and renewing the wards of protection (with Iwao's help), she fell off the magical communities' radar once more.

After a couple of years passed, Akako met the first muggle male that could withstand her magics. The magician jewel thief, Kaitou Kid, was an enigma and boasted no magical prowess other than his own unique brand of trickery, sleight of hand, and his immunity to her spells. He fascinated as well as frustrated her, and during the first few months of their acquaintance she had been determined to make him bow to her whim like all the other muggle males. She was quick to discover that the thief was actually a classmate of hers named Kuroba Kaito.

She became so obsessed and focused on him that she failed to properly realize that there was another male that was able to resist her magics. Due to the fact that this other boy was trying to arrest her thief, she was more focused on helping Kuroba maintain his cover instead of the lack of effect her magic had on the other boy.

It took her some time to realize that Saguru Hakuba, a half Japanese/half British high school detective from London, wasn't like the others. She hadn't realized at first that her magics didn't work on him because he blushed during the few times she addressed him. He seemed to be just like the other males in that regard, but it wasn't until she tried to directly influence him, that she realized that he was unaffected. Unlike Kuroba, however, Hakuba wasn't indifferent to her attentions. Her magic might not affect him, but her charm and natural beauty still did.

So she started an experiment. Akako would flirt and Hakuba would respond in kind, teasing her on occasion. She soon began to admire his sharp wit and dry humor. Kuroba hadn't liked the sudden turn in her behavior towards Hakuba, and for one moment Akako thought that her thief was jealous of his detective rival over her. Alas, he was not. She was rather insulted when she learned that he believed that she was manipulating Hakuba into liking her. Sadly, she could hardly be surprised that that was what he thought. And it wasn't like she could tell Kuroba that Hakuba wasn't affected by her magics too. That was a big enough blow to her ego. Two muggles defying her powers was practically unheard of for a Koizumi woman, so she was hardly going to admit it.

At the beginning of their senior year in high school, Hakuba actually asked her out on a date. She said yes and found herself falling in love with the young man. He was charming and witty. He treated her as his equal and didn't show any aversion to her being a witch even though he was a Christian (a non-practicing Christian, granted, but he still went to church with his mother every Christmas and Easter). When she felt more comfortable with their relationship, she began to allow herself to perform magic around him. He'd reacted with more curiosity than she thought he would.

Apparently during the few years that they'd known each other, Hakuba had come to see quite a few things that he hadn't been able to explain away with simple logic. And what had he done? Researched of course. It was one of the many things that Akako was discovering that she loved about him. He hardly ever judged something until he had as much evidence as he could on the subject. She was happy to share her world with him, because obviously the muggles had it wrong and if the person she was quickly falling in love with was going to get an accurate account of her culture, then by the Gods, he was going to get it from the source.

She took him with her on errands to magical market centers. She lent him her books on spells and potions. She taught him her people's lore and culture, which (thankfully) he found fascinating as it was actually pretty similar to Japanese muggle culture. It was while they were on these ventures that she learned that Hakuba had what the Wizarding community called The Sight. Hakuba was a muggle, no doubt, (he'd allowed himself to be tested) but he was one of the few capable of seeing magical artifacts and the things that most muggles were blind to. Muggle wards and glamors simply didn't affect him.

Iwao once told her that he suspected that Hakuba's mother's side of the family might have mixed with magical blood at some point in their history. He was leaning more towards an ancient race of elf or some other type of Fey creature, because of Hakuba's English heritage and the fact that he had a slightly elvish look about him with his body build and sharp cheekbone structure. Akako was leaning more towards him being part Veela or some type of nymph, though.

His physical build and The Sight aside, Hakuba at times demonstrated small feats of unconventional raw magical power. He would never be able to wield a wand, but he had the ability to imbue small amounts of magic in his speech and items he'd crafted. His singing was pleasant - hypnotic almost - and his passionate speeches usually got those listening to him just as passionate about whatever it was that he was speaking about. Then there was the scarf he'd made for Akako that winter. It held a muted power within its threads and remained warm even if she'd left it somewhere cold. She'd intentionally put it in the refrigerator one night and put it on the next day just to test it. It was cold when she put it on, granted, but it warmed faster than it should have and she never felt cold with it on.

It wasn't until Valentines Day their senior year that Akako was sure that Hakuba had a Veela or nymph somewhere in his ancestry. She noticed how much the muggle females at their school were drawn to him, like how the males were drawn to her even when she wasn't laying on the charm. At first Akako had written it off, chalking it up to the fact that Hakuba was half British (with that sexy accent) and had the exotic foreign appeal going for him. But even after three years to grow used to him, their female classmates were just as taken with Hakuba as they had been when he first arrived.

Akako found herself dreading the end of their high school years as winter turned into spring and final exams were coming upon them. She and Hakuba had talked about a lot of things, but the future had never come up. There had always been something they wanted to share with each other. Something about magic, lore or a cultural aspect that they both wanted to look into more. And now the end was near and she knew he would be heading back to London, as he did every summer, and planned on finishing a degree in Criminology at Cambridge University. She hadn't planned an after beyond staying in Japan and continuing to practice her magic. She had no interest in continuing on to University or returning to complete a formal magical education.

She was going to lose him.

Or maybe not.

After finals were done and graduation parties were had, Hakuba asked Akako and Iwao over to his house one night for dinner where she got to meet his mother for the first time. Akako could see the same Fey features in her that she did in Saguru. There was definitely some Veela in her, if the dazed expression Hakuba's father had sometimes was any indication when she said or did something in his vicinity. The expression was quickly turned into a sort of scowl before being replaced by his usual jovial grin, meaning he was at least aware of the effect his ex-wife had on him and was obviously disgusted that she still managed to affect him so.

Elizabeth Kingston was a lovely woman. Though perhaps a bit vain, she was very open and accepting of Akako. Not to say that Hakuba Akira didn't like Akako, but he was definitely leery of her, if the glances he kept darting between her and his ex were any indication. Clearly he thought she'd charmed his son as much as his ex had once charmed him.

Akako was surprised however, when the night ended with Elizabeth offering Akako and Iwao a place to stay in England over the summer. Akako and Hakuba had talked about possibly one day exploring the English magical community, but she had never seriously entertained the thought of leaving Japan. Japan was her home. It was where her family had lived for generations and England was where their murderer had come from. Did she really want to go there?

One look at Hakuba's face and she knew that she would. She didn't want to give him up.

So Akako and Iwao made arrangements to stay in England for the summer. Elizabeth Kingston supplied them with a set of rooms in the manor where she and Saguru resided in Wimbledon. It was a stately home away from the hustle and bustle of London's central hub and it's surrounding districts. She imagined that a hundred years ago, there hadn't been much in the area, but in recent times muggles had expanded the London city area and suburbs over what had probably once been prime countryside real estate. Even so, the way the manor looked and it's expansive grounds were maintained, it looked like it was right out of a Jane Austen novel. And Hakuba was the dashing leading man.

While they were in England, Hakuba wanted her to call him Saguru, and his mother insisted on being addressed as Lizzy for some reason. But Akako complied (because when in Rome [or in this case, London], do as the Romans [Londoners] do, right?) and after the first week, found that she was starting to like England.

At first, she and Saguru explored only the muggle areas, seeing the typical tourist traps such as the London Eye, Big Ben, and (Saguru's favorite) 221 B Baker Street, home of the famous fictional detective, Sherlock Holmes.

Then after a time, they began to explore Wizarding London with Iwao. Akako was fascinated by the difference between British and Japanese Wizarding Cultures, and so was Saguru. She was, however, rather shocked by the way Muggles were perceived there, and the ridiculous heights in status that Purebloods held themselves in. It was pretty medieval. Granted, Japanese Purebloods were very proud and held themselves in high esteem as well, but they at least saw and treated muggles and muggleborns as normal - if not less privileged - people.

It differed depending on who you talked to, but the general consensus in England was that muggles were perceived as being beneath the magical community and those they called Squibs weren't seen as much better. Akako found this ironic since most of the Pureblood community in Britain had inbreed itself to the point that only a few of the old families were still around. Any member of those families that had either been born a squib, or married a muggle born or muggle, was disinherited.

It was for Saguru's sake that when they traversed the Wizarding parts of London that they claimed he was a Squib. Akako didn't like it, but it allowed her boyfriend to accompany her into places like Gringotts in Diagon Alley, where she reopened the old Slytherin vaults and claimed her heritage. Granted, not much was left of the Slytherin fortune, but the Goblins were quite happy to accommodate her when she requested that some of her family's vast fortune from Japan be transferred to the London account.

The paperwork took a ridiculously long time. There was the process of confirming her Slytherin heritage and a lot of forms to sign since she had no intention of taking up the name Slytherin, so the account name had to be changed to Koizumi. So, while Akako was tackling all of that with Iwao's help, Saguru underwent a heritage check as well.

The goblins were most fascinated with Saguru's genetics. He was indeed part Veela, but also a bit of water nymph as well. According to the Goblins, one of Saguru's mother's ancestors back in the middle ages had a child with a water nymph, one of whose descendants must have had relations with a Veela a century or two back. It was confirmed that Saguru was indeed a muggle, but had Fea ancestry, so was indeed in possession of some magical gifts, such as The Sight and his above normal charm.

After hours spent at the goblin run bank, Akako and Saguru got some muggle currency exchanged for wizarding English gold that they spent during their exploration of Diagon Alley.

Of course, because she'd claimed her rightful Slytherin heritage at Gringotts, it got out that an heir of Slytherin had returned to England. There was a lot of hoopla the next time Akako and Saguru went out to explore Diagon Alley and they were found by some British Ministry Wizards and Witches. She didn't like it one bit, but Akako consented to meet at the Ministry of Magic later in the week to get the matter properly sorted. Apparently, her "newfound" status as Slytherin's heir earned her quite a lot of recognition in their society, which was amusing, considering she wasn't even a British citizen. Saguru seemed equally amused with the politics, but was contemplative as well.

The night before she was due to visit the Ministry, he popped the question. The question. Saguru Hakuba asked Koizumi Akako to marry him. Iwao, the traitor, wasn't surprised by the proposal in the least, meaning that Saguru - the gentleman that he is - had to have asked her guardian/servant for his permission before proposing to her. It also explained why she and Iwao had been invited to London by Saguru's mother and why the woman had insisted on being called Lizzy. The woman had to have known about her son's intention to marry Akako.

Akako of course said yes. She never thought she'd marry so young, but she knew that Saguru was the one she wanted to spend the rest of her life with. She'd known that the moment she'd agreed to spend the summer with him and left Japan. She'd had a feeling back then that she wasn't going to be returning to her homeland for a while.

So, with her new engaged status, Akako and Iwao traveled to the Ministry of Magic and spent the day slogging through even more paperwork to properly and legally gain her Slytherin titles, change them to Koizumi, and apply for British citizenship. She was delighted with how scandalized some of the witches and wizards were when they realized that her fiance was a muggle. Imagine their horror. The heir of Slytherin - the great something granddaughter of a man who had been well known for his strong dislike of muggles - was marrying a muggle. Ha! Take that British gits! She had a delightful conversation with Iwao and Saguru the next morning when they saw the headlines in the wizarding newspaper: The Daily Prophet.

As the summer came to a close, Saguru and Akako finished hashing out the details for their wedding. They decided to hold it in Japan since that was where most of their friends were and any that Saguru had in England could afford the airfare to travel. They had decided on a fall wedding. Akako loved the vivid reds and yellows and oranges of the leaves in Japan and knew just the spot to hold their wedding. It was a special sacred place just outside of Tokyo at the base of Mt. Fuji where all of her mother's family had been wed for generations. She agreed to a Christian wedding ceremony though, since Saguru's mother's family was religious and she wasn't.

Nakamori Aoko was to be Akako's maid of honor and Saguru's cousin, Renee Benoit, was his best "man". Akako was rather amused that Saguru had chosen Renee and not one of his male relations or friendly acquaintances to fill the role, but he reasoned that Renee was who he felt closest to out of everyone he knew. She was practically a sister to him, so Akako let the matter go. Saguru did pick Kuroba Kaito and his fellow now-former high school detectives, Kudo Shinichi and Hattori Heiji to be his groomsmen, however. Akako's bridesmaids were Momoi Keiko, Mouri Ran, and Toyama Kazuha. She didn't know Mouri and Toyama as well as Saguru knew Kudo and Hattori after their amassed efforts to takedown of some criminal organization the previous year, but the girls knew Saguru and Akako had gotten along with them the few times they had joined her, Keiko and Aoko for a girl's outing.

It was clear that Kuroba, Kudo and Hattori were surprised and confused by Saguru and Akako's sudden decision to get married (because technically they'd only officially dated for barely a year before getting engaged), but were honored that Saguru wanted them as his groomsmen.

The wedding was held on All Hallow's Eve when the leaves were the perfect color. The 31st of October was also considered a very powerful day for the magical community, and thus made the occasion all the more special for Akako. The pair decided to spend their honeymoon touring Europe before settling down in a house in Soho where they could be closer to Saguru's work with Scotland Yard, and near various wizarding establishments, particularly Diagon Alley, for Akako.

The two settled into a very nice domestic life. Within the next few years Saguru graduated from Cambridge with degrees in Criminology and Law by the time he was twenty and started his own detective agency, while Akako became a very public figure at the Ministry of Magic, having taken up a position in their muggle relations department. She'd become fast friends with Amelia Bones, who headed the Department of Magical Law Enforcement. And this is where the real story begins…

So that's chapter 1. I hope you like how I've integrated the DCMK world with the Harry Potter one. Next chapter will give us the Boy Who Lived himself, Harry Potter. Enjoy! :)