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Chapter " 27 " Return

Today, 11 Pm

Albus Dumbledore was on his night time stroll in the castle when he felt the wards he had placed on the wall in charms corridor alert him of some magical activity taking place.

His face lit up in happiness and he hurried towards the corridor which was only a few minutes away.

"God dammit Freckles! Do you always have to fall on me!" he heard a voice he hadn't heard for more than a month say.

"That's why I told you to let me go through first!" said the other voice he hadn't heard for more than a month.

"And have me land on top of you! You'd be squashed."

"Oh please, I'm taller and healthier than you so you're the one who should be feeling squashed."

"You're taller than me! Which world are you living in Freckles? If you're heavier than me, it will be because of your large arse."

"My arse is perfectly normal you dolt!" she said angrily.

"Not from my angle."

"Than stop staring at it you pervert."

Dumbledore choose than moment to intervene. "Mr. Potter, Ms. Austin. How nice to have you back within these walls," he said, his eyes twinkling brightly.

Harry and Lillian immediately stopped their argument and looked at the headmaster.

"It's like I can actually see the twinkle in your eyes in this darkness," said Harry in awe.

"Why thank you Mr. Potter," said Dumbledore happily. "I'm just glad to have my two missing students back."


Two Weeks Ago, Original World

Sirius Black was sitting in the headmaster's office quietly drinking the tea offered to him by the headmaster.

None had said a single word yet and Sirius was feeling very nervous.

"Please explain to me why I shouldn't hand you over to the Dementors?"

Sirius winced.

"I'm innocent," muttered Sirius. "I didn't do anything that I was accused for."

There was pin drop silence in the office as Dumbledore kept his unblinking gaze fixed on Sirius. "As far as I remember, you were the Potters secret keeper."

"We changed it to Peter," he said with a snarl. "We thought it would be perfect because nobody would even suspect Peter of being the secret keeper. We thought it'd be the perfect bluff. But that bloody rat turned out to be a spy for Voldemort! It was he who betrayed us all, not me!"

"Do you have any proof?"

Sirius pulled out a dirty paper from his pocket and gave it to Dumbledore.

"This is a picture of the Weasley's."

Sirius nodded. "Look at the rat on the boys shoulder, the one next to the girl."


"Look at its toes. One is missing. Its in the same place Peter lost his finger when I apparently blew him to pieces."

"Are you telling me that Ronald Weasley's rat, is an animagus by the name of Peter Pettigrew!"

"Yes. All of us, meaning me, James and Peter became animagus in our fifth year. We did it to accompany Remus when he transformed during full moon."

Dumbledore looked amazed. "All of you became animagus in your fifth year in Hogwarts. That's incredible!"

Sirius grinned. "And I'd recognize Peter's animagus form anywhere and that is Peter Pettigrew on that Weasley's shoulder."

There was a knock on the door.

Sirius immediately transformed and hid in the corner of the room.

"Come in."

Severus Snape walked into the room.

"Severus!" said Dumbledore in surprise, and subtly sent a sleeping charm at Sirius. He didn't want any trouble right now. "Where have you been?"

"How long has it been since I have gone?" he said vaguely.

"4 days," replied Dumbledore. "What happened?"

"The potion is ready," he said. "The dark lord is ready to use it tonight."

"Whom is he going to use?" Dumbledore asked grimly.

"Bartemius Crouch."

"Crouch! Why Crouch?"

"Crouch is one of the most powerful wizards in the ministry and his loss will be a severe blow to the ministry, but that's not all."

Snape took a deep breath.

"Peter Pettigrew is alive and he is with Voldemort."

"He is with Voldemort!" asked Dumbledore sharply.

"You don't seem surprised to hear he is alive."

"I captured Sirius Black while he was trying to sneak in and got the truth out of him."

"You captured Black!" said Snape in shock. "Where is he!"

"He is safe for now."

Snape looked like he wanted to protest but he managed to fight down the impulse. "Pettigrew was the one who found the dark lord first and had been helping the dark lord grow stronger until Lucius decided to go looking for him. But forget that. Last night, Lucius and Pettigrew went to Crouch's house to bring him to the dark lord."

"Did they succeed?"

"I'm coming to that!" said Snape irritably. "They managed to subdue Crouch when the found something they didn't expect to find in their wildest dreams."

Dumbledore raised an eyebrow.

"The found Barty Crouch Jr. under an invisibility cloak who was under the influence of the imperius curse."

Dumbledore was shocked.

"It seems that Crouch's wife somehow convinced him to help her son escape from Azkaban. They used Polyjuice to exchange places and she was the one who died in Azkaban, not their son."

"This is bad news," muttered Dumbledore gravely.

"Yes it is," said Snape. "Now the dark lord has one of his insane loyal supporter at his side who will do anything and everything for his lord."

"How come nobody has noticed Crouch's disappearance?"

"Lucius has taken his place under Polyjuice for now," said Snape with a sigh. "The only reason I was able to come back to Hogwarts was because the potion was ready and I told the dark lord I didn't want you to get suspicious of my prolonged absence."

"So Voldemort will be resurrected tonight," said Dumbledore.

"That's right."

Dumbledore sighed. "You should go back Severus. I don't want Voldemort getting suspicious of you."

"What will you be doing?"

"We always knew this day would come and we shall act accordingly. A summon shall be issued for the Order of the Phoenix to gather once more. And then we do our best to get the ministry on our side before Voldemort sinks his fangs into them and somehow try to convince the minister to question Sirius under veritaserum and call off the man hunt for him."

Snape just sneered and headed for the door.

"Good luck Severus," said Dumbledore. Snape just gave the headmaster a short nod and left the room.

Dumbledore then waved his wand at the big dog sleeping in the corner that woke up with a start.

"You can transform now, he's gone."

Sirius transformed back. "What happened? One minute I saw..." Sirius's eyes widened. "I saw Snape!" he yelled. "What was that slimy git doing here!"

"Professor Snape is the Potions master at Hogwarts," said Dumbledore, his eyes twinkling.

"W-what! Snape? Teaching at Hogwarts? But he's a death eater!"

"Things have changed since you imprisonment in Azkaban Sirius. Snape was never a death eater. He was a spy for me in Voldemort's ranks."

"Snape, a spy? Impossible!" declared Sirius.

"Enough about Severus, Sirius. I have a question for you."


"Why did you not come to me when you escaped from Azkaban? I could have helped you."

Sirius laughed bitterly, his expression turning sour and angry. "Why didn't I come to you, you ask me. Tell me Professor, did you even believe for an instant that I was innocent? That there could be a perfectly explainable reason for my apparent betrayal? Did you even try to talk to me or help me get a trial to find out the truth?"

Dumbledore hung his head. "What could I have done? We always knew that someone who was close to the Potters was a spy and when Voldemort found them at Godric's Hollow and you were caught trying to kill Pettigrew, I honestly thought

you were the spy."

"You lost faith in me so easily?"

"You were a Black. I thought you had defected to Voldemort because of your family,"

said Dumbledore sadly. "Now I realize how flawed my reasoning was."

"And this is exactly why I didn't come to you. The only reason I am here is because my godson hasn't contacted me in days and I was scared Pettigrew might have done something to him."

"Harry! Why would Harry contact you? Unless..."

Dumbledore inhaled sharply. "He has been living with you during the summer."

"That's right. And do you want to know why?" said Sirius, anger radiating from him.


"Because I found him in the playground near his house practically bleeding to death!"

Sirius was shouting now.

"I found him there, looking as pale as ghost with a gunshot wound to his shoulder! If wasn't there he would have died there! And do you know who shot him?"

Dumbledore was too afraid to say it.

"His aunt," hissed Sirius. "Those muggles tried to kill the son of Lily and James. My godson!"

Dumbledore couldn't stand. He collapsed into his chair. Harry had told him about the way his relatives treated him but he didn't listen. He thought Harry was safe at the Dursley's but it turns out he was never safe there... His relatives had tried to kill him, he thought with a shudder.

"I'm so sorry, Sirius," he whispered.

"You should be apologizing to him, not to me. Where is he anyway?"

Dumbledore winced. "There was an accident Sirius."

Sirius felt his heart stop.

"He's not hurt physically Sirius."

"What happened to my godson? WHERE IS HE!" yelled Sirius.

"Sirius calm down. Harry is fine!"

"You just said he was involved in an accident," accused Sirius.

"A long story made short, there was an accident in the charms corridor involving Harry and a time turner."

"A time turner!"

"Yes, and I think it resulted in him traveling to a different dimension."

Sirius looked at Dumbledore in shock and then the expression changed to concern. "Are you alright headmaster? Did something happen to your brains?"

Dumbledore chuckled, "I assure you I am fine. Harry, hopefully will be back soon. I figured out a way to bring him back and I am hundred percent sure it will work."

"But Dumbledore, dimension traveling... it's just science fiction. There has to another explanation."

"It was science fiction, Sirius. But let us discuss your situation."

"We are going to discuss my godson first. I want to see him."

"Sirius, I told you. It's impossible right now. Harry is in another world. But don't worry!" he said quickly when Sirius looked ready to erupt in anger. "He will be back soon, that I am sure of."

"But, but Dumbledore, you're talking about traveling between dimensions here!"

"I am aware of that," said Dumbledore. "I know it is unbelievable but it is true."

"When did this happen?"

"It's been three weeks."

"Three weeks! Merlin, hasn't anyone in the school realized that he is missing?"

"Of course, but they think they were involved in an unfortunate forced apparition incident resulting in them getting splinched and are now in a secret ward under the

care of Madam Pomfrey."

Sirius closed his eyes in an effort to control his anger.

"What makes you so sure that he is safe even if he is in a different world? Assuming your theory is true. He could be in a world where everyone they know is evil and will not hesitate to kill him. He could be in a world where everyone is dead and he is the only one alive. He could-" Sirius's voice shook with emotion. "He could be in a world where Voldemort has won which would put him in great danger."

Dumbledore looked troubled. "I did consider the possibility that they could be in a world much different from our own but there's nothing I can do about it. So I'd rather think they weren't in a world where they are unwelcome and liable to be killed any second."

"You keep saying they, who is they?" asked Sirius.

"My apologies," said Dumbledore with a smile. "Harry wasn't alone when the incident took place. He was with another girl, a Gryffindor by the name Lillian Austin."

Sirius's eyes widened. "He's with Freckles! Why didn't you say so before," he said relaxing a bit.

Dumbledore raised an eyebrow. "Harry has told you about her?"

"Of course. She is his mortal nemesis who will not stop at anything to annoy and irritate him and he too will stop at nothing when it comes to irritating and annoying her," he said with a smirk.

"And why does that put your heart at rest?"

"Because he has someone with him to keep him company and bring them closer. Of course and Harry is a very resourceful kid. If he can survive at the Dursley's, he can survive anywhere."

Dumbledore winced. He knew the last sentence was a jab at him.

"You were saying something about my situation earlier?"

"Ah, yes. I'm afraid Peter Pettigrew is no longer at Hogwarts."


"He has gone back to Voldemort."

Sirius spluttered. "Voldemort? But didn't Harry defeat him? I don't understand Albus."

Dumbledore sighed. "You have been out of contact with the world for too long Sirius. Voldemort was never killed when the killing curse back fired on him. It merely robbed him the pleasure of having a physical form. His spirit lived on waiting for one of his loyal servants to come and help him regain a corporeal form."

"And Pettigrew was the one who returned," whispered Sirius.

"Yes, it happened soon after Harry and Lillian disappeared. Soon after Lucius Malfoy set out to find his master and now they are helping him rise back to power."

Sirius looked appalled. "Then what are you doing here! Why aren't you doing anything to stop this from happening!"

"There's nothing I can do Sirius. I cannot force my way into Malfoy manor and stop the ritual Voldemort is going to perform."

"Why not!" demanded Sirius. "You certainly have the power to take on Malfoy and any number of death eaters and I am sure a spirit Voldemort can do no harm to you. All you have to do is convince the Aurors to accompany you to his house with a warrant."

Dumbledore sighed. "Even if we did manage to stop this ritual, Voldemort would still be alive. There is no way to kill him unless he has a physical body."

Sirius looked confused before his eyes grew in horror. "You're letting him come back!" he accused.

Dumbledore bowed his head. "Voldemort will come back on way or the other if not today."

"But, but-"

"Don't you think it would be better to get rid of Voldemort once and for all rather than delaying his return and having the fear of him coming back and killing everyone we know?"

"But, Dumbledore! We can't just let him come back to power!"

"I know that. That is why I am going to schedule a meeting with the minister in half an hour. I'll make sure he'll be coming here with Kingsley Shacklebolt who is going to interrogate you under veritaserum with the minister as witness. I will be personally

issuing a summon for all the members of the Order and we will actively begin to prevent Voldemort from regaining his old allies."

Sirius stared at Dumbledore. "Interrogate me?" he asked in a high pitched tone.

Dumbledore smiled. "Fudge does not know I have you in custody. Kingsley shall bring the veritaserum under my request and when Fudge gets here I will reveal you to them and convince Fudge to have you interrogated.

You will have a proper trial once we question you under veritaserum and you will be a free man."

Sirius's eyes filled with hope. "Do you think Fudge will listen?"

"He better, if he knows what's good for him," said Dumbledore, but didn't elaborate seeing Sirius's questioning look. "But there's something else I'd like to know."

"What is it?"

"How long did it take for you to become an animagus? When did you start and how did the wards not detect an animagus on the grounds?"

Sirius frowned. "You have wards to detect animagus?"

"The castle is very well protected."

"Does it detect animagus crossing the wards or does it detect an animagus transforming inside the castle?"

Dumbledore blinked. "You never crossed the wards transformed," he said with dawning realization.

"We'd always transform in the shrieking shack," said Sirius. "I don't think there was ever a time, we chose to transform in the castle and be detected. We always knew you were aware of practically everything that goes on in the castle."

Dumbledore smiled. "I don't always know what's going on in the castle. It is a big place and one has only two eyes."

"Lots more than that considering the portraits report to you if they detect something wrong," said Sirius with a grin.

"When did you figure that out?"

"In our second year. It was Remus who figured it out. He realized that whenever we got caught there was a portrait around. So we always avoided the portraits while executing pranks."

"You three were always very bright," said Dumbledore with a chuckle.

Sirius suddenly jumped.

"What's wrong?" asked Dumbledore.

"If you have wards that can detect a transformed animagus then how come you never detected Peter crossing them in his rat form?" demanded Sirius.

Dumbledore frowned. "Now that you mention it, the wards never alerted me when he entered Hogwarts. Maybe Voldemort had taught him a few tricks about crossing animagus wards undetected," he said. "Perhaps I should modify the wards so that they detect an animagus entering in any form."

"You do that," said Sirius darkly, thinking about the ways he would kill Peter when he found him or better yet, he could feed him to McGonagall in her cat form but he doubted she would go along with it.

"Where have you been living Sirius?"

"Grimmauld Place," said Sirius. "I don't think anyone would have expected me to go to the house I hate the most."

"Remus suspected you might," said Dumbledore. "He even tried to enter the house once but he was unable to."

"You didn't suspect I might hide there?"

"I didn't. But on Remus's request I tried and with great difficulty managed to gain entrance but you were not there at that time. I had to leave when a house elf started attacking me and a portrait started screaming obscenities at me."

Sirius grinned, "That was my mother."

"I gathered as much," said Dumbledore.

Silence fell between the two men and Dumbledore began to pen a letter to the minister and one to Shacklebolt. Once that was done, he closed and called for his familiar. Fawkes immediately flamed to his pets side.

"This one for the minister and this discreetly to Kingsley," said Dumbledore softly.

Fawkes trilled softly sending waves of comfort into the two men before flaming away.

"How long will it take for them to arrive?" asked Sirius nervously.

"Fudge will want to get here as soon as possible if he buys what I wrote," said Dumbledore with a chuckle. "Would you like something to eat Sirius?"

Sirius nodded. "I'm starving."

"Tinky," called out Dumbledore and a house elf wearing a pillow case with the Hogwarts crest popped in.

"You called Master Dumbledore?"

"Could you please bring a plate of ham sandwiches for this gentleman here?"

The house elf nodded vigorously and immediately popped out of the room eager to do its job.

About half an hour later a tiger patronus glided into the room passing through the door like it wasn't there and Minerva McGonagall's voice came from its mouth. "Fudge on his way up with an Auror."

"Looks like you interrogators have arrived," said Dumbledore with a grim smile.

"Where should I hide?" asked Sirius.

Dumbledore waved his wand and a door appeared beside the entrance to his office. "Hide in there and do not under any circumstances touch anything," said Dumbledore sternly.

"You got it Dumbbells," said Sirius and hurried into the room.

He was just in time as someone tried to open the entrance to the headmaster's office.

"Come in Cornelius."

The minister of magic entered the room with Auror Shacklebolt behind him.

"Ah, Dumbledore. How nice to see you," he said with a smile that didn't reach his eyes.

"Cornelius, thank you for seeing me," said Dumbledore politely.

"I'm a busy man Dumbledore. I do not take kindly to summons from you on such short notice."

"My apologies minister. But I need to speak with you regarding a most important matter."

"You caught Sirius Black!" shouted Fudge.

Dumbledore raised an eyebrow.

"Sorry," said Fudge hastily. "That's all that has been on my mind lately. Quite a mess this Black affair has turned out to be."

"Then it will make you happy to know that I have indeed captured Sirius Black on the Hogwarts grounds."

"Where is he!" cried Fudge in joy. "We'll have the dementor's kiss administered immediately."

Even Kingsley looked interested now.

Dumbledore frowned. "That is the matter I wish to talk to you about. Sirius Black will not be given the kiss."

The smile on Fudge's face faded. "What are you talking about Dumbledore? What do you mean Black won't get the kiss!"

"I want you to give the man a trial before you make any decision about the kiss."

"Preposterous! Giving a guilty man and one who has escaped from Azkaban a trial would be political suicide!"

"Minister," said Dumbledore coldly. "Do you think I would make this suggestion unless there was some reason behind it?"

"Are you suggesting that Black is innocent?"

"I'm glad you catch on quick Minister."

Fudge stared at Dumbledore, his mouth open. Kingsley was still just looking merely interested and nothing more.

"Now see here Dumbledore. We can't just grant Black a trial. If you don't hand him over now I'm going to have you arrested on the charge of withholding vital information and protecting a fugitive," said Fudge angrily.

"I am well aware of the charges you can stack up against me minister. But all I am asking you is to have Black interrogated right here, right now under the influence of the truth potion."

Fudge spluttered, muttering incoherent words.

"I believe I do have a vial of veritaserum on me minister," said Kingsley, choosing that moment to interrupt.

"Thank you Kingsley," said Dumbledore with a smile. "I don't believe there should be any problems now minister."

Fudge glared at the tall black Auror but conceded.

"Alright fine," he snapped. "Where is he Dumbledore? I want this over with and Black carted back to Azkaban."

Dumbledore didn't comment but waved his wand once more and Sirius tumbled out from behind the door he was trying to listen through.

"Kingsley! Secure him!" shouted the minister. But Dumbledore had already conjured a comfortable chair and bound Sirius in it.

"Hey, you don't need to tie me in," protested Sirius.

"Shut up Black," spat Fudge, turning his hat furiously. "Administer the truth potion Auror," he barked.

Dumbledore was pleased to see Fudge was doing things formally. He removed a parchment and a Wizengamot approved court quill from his drawer.

The quill immediately began writing whatever was being said in the room.

"This is the informal interrogation of Sirius Orion Black. The interrogation committee consists of Head of Wizengamot - Albus Wulfric Brian Percival Dumbledore, Minister Cornelius Fudge and Auror Kingsley Shacklebolt," said Dumbledore quietly.

Kingsley dropped three drops of the liquid on Sirius's tongue who was looking extremely nervous. Almost instantly Sirius felt the effects of the potion kick in and his mind went blank.

"What is your name prisoner," asked Fudge.

"Sirius Orion Black," he said in a monotonous tone.

"Minister," interrupted Dumbledore.


"Do you mind if I ask the accused the required questions as I am the Supreme Mugwump."

Fudge's eyes narrowed in anger but he nodded stiffly, knowing he could say anything unwanted. After all, the court quill copied every single word spoken.

"When did you break out of prison Mr. Black?"

"It was a few days after the visit from the minister of magic."

"Why did you break out of prison?"

"To kill Peter Pettigrew and to protect Harry Potter."

This time even Kingsley was shocked.

"Pettigrew!" cried the minister. "You killed Pettigrew along with a dozen muggles thirteen years ago!"

Sirius did not answer as it was not a question.

"Did you kill Peter Pettigrew Mr. Black?" asked Dumbledore, his eyes twinkling.

"No I did not," was the flat reply.

If it possible, Fudge's mouth dropped lower than it already was. Kingsley's mouth had dropped open too and that was saying something for the normally calm man.

"Please explain the events that happened on the day you attacked Peter Pettigrew, Mr. Black."

"I found Peter Pettigrew near the south entrance of Knockturn alley in Muggle London. Peter saw me and realized I was there to kill him. But before I could do anything he yelled out that I had betrayed Lily and James and proceeded to cast a confrigo spell with his wand behind his back. Twelve muggles were killed and he cut

of his finger to make it look like I was the one guilty of casting the spell."

"Why did attempt to kill Mr. Pettigrew," asked Dumbledore quietly.

"Because he betrayed Lily and James to Lord Voldemort."

"In what way did he betray them?"

"He was their secret keeper. He was a death eater and he informed Lord Voldemort of their location."

"Are you saying you were not their secret keeper?"

"No I was not."

"But you told everybody including myself that you were the secret keeper."

"It was a bluff to throw Lord Voldemort off track."

The veritaserum was wearing off by now.

"I don't believe there are anymore questions to be asked," said Dumbledore grimly, glancing at the minister who was staring at Sirius in shock and horror.

Shock, because of the enormous political impact his confession would make and horror, because of the amount the man had gone through knowing that he was innocent.

Fudge might be a politician, an over ambitious person. But he was also human.

"Do you have any questions Minister?" asked Dumbledore, bring the minister out of his thoughts.

"No, no I do not. Sirius Orion Black, after intensive interrogation under the influence of the truth potion, I declare you innocent of the charges that placed you in Azkaban and stop the manhunt for you with effect immediately. Headmaster Dumbledore, please deactivate the quill."

Dumbledore obliged, beaming with happiness.

"Auror Shacklebolt, please take this document to the Department of Magical Law enforcement and recall all personals involved in the man hunt for Sirius Black," he said handing over the quill and the parchment to the tall Auror.

"What about the dementor's minister?"

"They will go as well. Ask Diggory to meet me in my office in an hour. I will hand over the required documents to him there."

"And shouldn't we be taking Black back to the ministry with us?" asked Kingsley.

Fudge seemed to be struggling to answer that question.

"That will be unnecessary," he said finally. "I'm sure Dumbledore will take good care of him and the healer at Hogwarts can examine him and submit a report to the ministry."

"It will be done Minister," said Dumbledore.

"Very well, Sirius Black, you are now a free man," said the Minister and stood up. "You are likely to be summoned to the ministry in a day or two Mr. Black for a statement and a press release. Good day Dumbledore," he said and left the room quickly beckoning Kingsley to follow him.

Dumbledore sighed happily and turned to Sirius who could not comprehend what had just happened.

"I'm free," he kept muttering. "I'm a free man."




"And where the hell is my godson!"


Two Week Ago, Malfoy Manor

At the stroke of midnight Bartemius Crouch Sr. entered the ritual circle prepared by Lucius Malfoy, Severus Snape and his son Bartemius Crouch Jr.

Crouch Sr. was not aware that his soul was being sacrificed to help the dark lord come back to power. He was not aware that he was being possessed by the dark lord himself. He was not aware of the numerous runes carved into his body. He was not aware of the ritual circle that was drawn from his blood. He was not aware of the

fact that the dark lord had complete control over his body.

He was not aware of anything.

"Bring the potion Wormtail," came the powerful voice of Crouch Sr.

Wormtail shuddered and quickly gave the potion to the dark lord and hurried out of the circle making sure not to disturb anything. He knew if he so much as tripped or slipped, his life would be forfeit in a matter of micro milli seconds.

Lord Voldemort looked at the black potion curiously and then gave a single command.


The ritual circle was a simple one. It was a circle with three additional circles at equal distances to each other which were all connected to another circle in the center of the bigger circle. Lucius, Severus and Barty Jr. were kneeling in the outer three circles with their respective wands held with both their hands. Lord Voldemort stood in the center possessing Crouch Sr. who was naked. The nudity was necessary asrunes had been carved into every part of his body!

The lines joining the center circle with the other three smaller circles was also filled with different runes. Only the main big circle had no runes drawn on it.

All the three men touched the tip of their wands to the rune which signified loyalty and began chanting together. They were chanting a spell which in simple terms was meant to restore a lost soul to his body by giving another soul as payment.

Peter Pettigrew shivered with fear as he saw the ritual begin.

The rune signifying loyalty began to glow green and start to shimmer. Slowly as the men continued to chant, one by the one each of the runes began to glow and the dark room was bathed in an eerie green glow.

Suddenly the runes stopped glowing and at that moment Voldemort swallowed the potion.

There was no sound for three seconds and then the men started chanting again and the blood runes began to glow red. Not just a normal red. Red mixed with black giving it a sickening look.

The runes on Crouch Seniors body began to move. They started snaking towards

the ground slowly, connecting with the runes on the ground and began to glow more brightly.

Then Crouch began to scream. But it was no longer his voice. It was his and Voldemort's combined. The Blood runes all seemed to rush towards Crouch's body and slid into his mouth making him scream even louder.

The men did not stop chanting and in fact they started chanting louder and faster as they too began to feel the strain of the runes pulling their magic.

Crouch collapsed and every bone in his body could be seen breaking. It started with his legs, then moved to his hip, then to his spine and ribs, then his arms and shoulder and even his cheek bones broke with an audible crack.

The hair on his body began to vanish as his skin color began to pale. The hair on his head began to grow longer and his eyes grew narrower.

All this time he still hadn't stopped screaming and the men hadn't stopped chanting.

Peter had peed in his pants.

Soon Crouch's voice had vanished and it was replaced by Voldemort's and Voldemort's alone.

Bartemius Crouch was no longer lying whimpering on the floor. It was Lord Voldemort, who had stopped whimpering and shakily got to his feet.

The men had finally stopped chanting.

Nobody dared to say a word as Voldemort stared into the dark.

"I feel different," said Voldemort to no one in particular. "I feel... Powerful," he said with a smile growling on his black lips. "Robe me Wormtail."

Wormtail who was staring at his Lord's ridiculously small penis hurried forward with a plain black robe.

Lord Voldemort was indeed feeling powerful. After lying in a weakened state for so long, anyone would feel powerful after regaining their body, but it was different for him. He could feel a powerful strength growing in him, just waiting for him to command it.

He looked almost the same as he had before he was defeated twelve years ago except for a few minor changes. His hair was longer and hung loosely around his

face, completely covering his ears. His cheek bones were higher making his cheeks look hollow. He was even paler than before, so pale that one might confuse him with a vampire. His eyes were narrower and were completely black. They were not red, like they were before. It looked like Bartemius Crouch Sr. had left a few parts of his physical body behind.

Lord Voldemort looked the perfect part of a terrifying villain born straight out of a persons worst nightmares.

"Welcome back My Lord," said Lucius, edging forward slowly to kiss the hem of his master's robes. Snape and Crouch Jr. followed.

Voldemort let them without a single word and waited for them to go back to their previous positions.

"Where is my wand?" he asked. His voice was deeper and had a somewhat hypnotic ring to it.

Lucius strode forward and withdrew a wand from his robes. Voldemort took and Lucius bowed and moved back.

Voldemort could feel the rush of power on making contact with his wand. It was intoxicating.

"Come forward Barty."

Barty Crouch knelt in front of Voldemort.

"What command do you have for me my Lord?" he asked giddy with excitement.

Lord Voldemort smiled cruelly.

"Show me your left arm," was all he said, signaling the start of the darkest war to befall upon the wizarding world.



Until Last week all that the headlines of the Daily Prophet screamed about was the innocence of Sirius Black and the incompetence of the Ministry of Magic. There were demonstrations in Diagon Alley and cries for changes to be made in the functioning of the Ministry.

Then came the news of the disappearance of Bartemius Crouch from his home after Black was declared innocent. After Voldemort had been resurrected he didn't feel it to be important to continue to have Crouch impersonated. Most people thought he was the man hiding until Gringotts declared him dead and sealed his vaults.

Nobody knew Goblins could tell if a person was alive or not. This combined with the recent suspicious behavior by the Goblins lead to the feeling that the Goblins were planning a revolt and the ministry began making stricter laws for Goblin wizard interaction.

Amidst the storm if events occurring in the wizarding world, thirteen highly dangerous wizards and witch had then broken out of the impenetrable fortress of Azkaban and people began to start dying of fear in the muggle world which had the muggle authorities baffled.

When Albus Dumbledore stated that Lord Voldemort was the one responsible for the escape of the death eaters, he was promptly fired from his position as Supreme Mugwump and all the other positions he held except his position as headmaster of Hogwarts.

But then when more people started dying including many heroes of the last war, Albus Dumbledore was reinstated within a day back to his old positions and the minister of magic, Cornelius Fudge was promptly kicked out of office for negligence of the security of the nation and Madam Bones was elected as the minister of magic by the Wizengamot much to the displeasure of Voldemort.

All this happened in less than 24 hours.

The first action Madam Bones took was to remove the dementors from Azkaban and put them in a secure location but when wizards arrived at the prison, they found all the human guards had been kissed and the dementors had vanished along with every prisoner in the prison.

This was going to be tomorrow's headlines.