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Chapter One: Courage? HA!

It began as a normal enough day. But for a young man named Daivs, it all went downhill. Another detention, another fight with his mother. His mother truly did care for him, he knew that, but did she have to say it in that way? All they ever did was yell and fight. A grounding here, one there, it seemed that he could never do anything right, according to her.

That day there was once more a fight, and not to mention another grounding. But Daivs hated groundings. He hated them alot. So a plan formed in his head. A plan that would get him totally killed when he came home, if he ever did. He decided to run away. Run away to where?

That was a question that he himself could not answer until his eyes settled across a picture on his desk. In it, there was him, but there was also Jun and another little boy. Davis smiled, picking up the picture. It was a picture that reminded him of better times.

It was also the answer to his question. He would run away to the city beyond the fog bank. The fog bank never showed up to anyone other than him and Jun. It was almost like it responded to them. He now knew what the fog bank was.He knew that he had the right to say that he had been travelling the digtial worlds longer than any other human that he knew. West Shuinjuku, he now knew, was not a part of his world. It was part of a different world, a world much more different. And he was looking forward to that odd world once more.

His cousin, when he had last seen him, was very similar to him, in looks and behavior, both. Davis remembered his days with his cousin very well, and in his opion, it would have been better if Jun hadn't been along for the ride. This time there would be no Jun to bug him. A smile crept over his face. No Jun, no Mom, and no more annoying Digitweps! What a vaction this was gonna be. He put the picture into his bag and laided a sleeping Demiveemon on top of it. He had packed up all of hisnecessary possessions.

Davis crept over to the window and opened it quitely, outside was the fire-escape. He carefully wrote a note to Jun and put it on his desk. After that, he stepped out onto the fire-escape and closed the window, and in doing so, made sure that he could never come back to this life.

He soon hailed a taxi to take him to the edge of the city. The cab driver looked at him rather warily, but took him to edge of the city none-the-less. On the city limits, he thought of his cousin, of the giant buildings of West Shinjuku, and of the Digimon Game that had been all the rage even back then. In respond to his thoughts, the fog bank rolled in. Davis could feel a fimilar sensation that he linked with the digital world.

Davis' feet started to carry him toward the fog bank, his instincts telling him to be wary. He stopped short of it, his hand reaching out to touch the misty air. It responded to his touch in an odd way, reaching up his arm like a snake. Davis jumped back, only to find that the fog would not let go of him. He shook his head in a disparying way and entered the fog bank. Inside, it was like going down a long, white, misty tunnel. Davis walked for what he was sure was at least a mile before he saw a light up ahead. He had seen this years ago, when he had ran away with Jun. He started to run toward the light, his feet finding purchase on the unusually rough floor. Running out of the tunnel, he almost fell down some stairs right outside of it.

He was in the park of West Shinjuku. Behind him the fog bank melted away, revealing a shack at the top of the stairs. Right in front of him was a billboard. This was not what made it so special in Davis' opion. What made it special was that it had his D-3 plastered on it. He was still not used to the ideal that his life was a show here, and it still made him feel uneasy. Davis quickly ran down the stairs, passing under the billboard, trying to remember where the Bakery was.

A short while later, Davis was more lost and confused than ever. He bounced his soccer ball from knee to knee as he walked, bouncing it a little too high and hitting a fellowpedestrian in the head with it. The man grumbled, his face twitching. A hand reached up to take off his sunglasses, his blue eyes, now clearly seen, glared out at Davis from under blond bangs. It wasn't all of this that Davis noticed, it was the bag in the man's hand that caught his eye.

"Oh! You've been to Mie's Bakery? Could you tell me which way it is?" Davis asked him, not noticing the twitch in the man's face nor the lighter he was playing with. The man grumbled a bit before answering.

"That way, kid. Watch where your soccer ball goes next time, kay?" The man grumbled at him, kicking Davis' soccer ball back to him.

"Oh, thanks! Sorry about that!" Davis rushed off, eager to see his cousin again. The man stared after him, wondering where he had seen that kid before. When Davis arrived at the Bakery, the first thing he saw was his cousin trying to lug in a 50 pound bag of flour. Davis grinned, walking by and swinging the bag onto his back, makeing sure that it didn't land on his backpack. Takato sweat-dropped.

"Oh, no. You're back?" He growled after his cousin, stalking into the bakery after Davis. There he saw his mother squeezing Davis to death in a bear hug. Poor Davis' bones could be heard popping and his face showed the pain he was feeling. Who knew that such a small woman had that much upper body strenght? Davis soon managed to pull free of his aunt and catch his breath.

"Anut Mie, may I stay here for awhile?" He asked her, using his best puppy dog look. Of course, Mie didn't even need that look.

"Of course you may! It'll be good with you around. Maybe you can help Takato with his homework." Mie smiled down at him and went back into the kitchen. Davis turned and raised his eyebrow at Takato.

"Homework?" He asked, curious to what his cousin could be failing.

"Math. Geometry to be exact." Takato answered, shuddering at the thought of all that homework.

"How can you be failing that?" Davis asked, shocked. Takato glowered at his cousin for making it sound so easy.

"It's hard!" Takato yelled at him.

"How can it be hard? It's easy!" Davis yelled back, shocked that his cousin was failing Geometry. Davis stalked towards the stairs, Takato following him.

"I thought that you made F's!" Takato growled at Davis. Davis looked back at him, his eyes wide.

"What made you think that! I will have you know that I make all A's!" Davis tossed his head back, acting indigident. Takato snorted at this, his eyes gleaming at the prospect of someone to do his homework for him. Davis caught this look and shook his head no.

"I am not doing your homework for you, Takato." Davis told Takato, quitely laughing at Takato's face. "But, I'll help you with your homework."

"Why do you have to be the smart one?" Takato moaned as they entered his room, "I got dibs on the bed!" He yelled before Davis could.

"Hey! No fair!" Davis yelled, disapointed that he hadn't gotten the bed.

"All is fair in love and war, and this is sure not love." Takato answered back with a smirk.

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