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Chapter Twenty-nine: Life is Fickle

Davis was asleep. Well... Make that trying to sleep. The poor boy had been attacked, literally attacked. His fan girls had become more and more... um... aggressive... Yep, that was the word for it. Aggressive. Definitely aggressive. Seeing as how they had been trying to break into the house at night and steal his personal belongings.

They had gone after Taijin's stuff as well. Taijin, unlike his steaming brother, had just blinked as Mie hauled the girls out of the house and out the back door. After that little incident, Mie had her husband install deadbolts on all of the doors. It wasn't likely that anyone was going to get through that many locks. Yet... It kept Davis up at night, the thought that those girls could get into the house. He knew that they couldn't, but... you never knew...

Davis was soon awake. After all, when your body tells you to move, most likely you'll move. And that's exactly what happened with Davis. He was up and Gestalt ready with a blade at the end of it. That blade was at a cloaked figure's neck. The cloaked figure reacted as anyone else would. It went perfectly still, not wanting to get another hole, one which would not be necessary...

"Pray tell, who are you?" Davis asked the cloaked figure, which let out an audible gulp. Obviously, Davis had startled it. The boy, however, didn't care. Whatever this thing was, it had tried to sneak up on him. Not excusable, ever. Davis' eyebrows started to draw towards each other, his eyes narrowing.

"U-uh..." The thing stuttered, not at all acting like a dark creature. It was acting more like... Well, Davis didn't know what it was acting like, "I-I'm... Uhhh... Would you mind removing that blade from my throat?" Whispered the cloaked figure, trembling slightly.

"Yes, I would mind removing this blade!" Davis growled, grouchy. He had been woke up, and that was something that he did not like. The cloaked figure trembled slightly.

"Um, I'm the one that delivered your crest." Whispered the cloaked figure, trembling like a leaf. One of those knitted eyebrows cocked upwards. That line had definitely gotten Davis' attention.

"My crest?" Asked the boy. The figure nodded, still trembling. Davis drew his arm back, letting the blade fall away from the figure's neck. The figure straightened up, bringing a dark arm up to rub its neck, "What do you know of it?"

"I know that Gennai did not craft your crest, like he did the others." The figure said, dropping it's hand from it's neck. Davis' eyebrow rose.

"Oh? And what difference does that make?" Davis asked it.

"Your crest, I have to tell you, it wasn't made." The figure told him. This information made Davis puzzled.

"If my crest wasn't made, then where did it come from?" Davis asked.

"It was not made by human or digital hands, rather by something that is beyond both." The figure answered. Davis blinked.

"What does that mean?" Davis asked sharply, reaching for the edge of the cloak.

"You shall find that answer in good time." The figure answered, fading from Davis' grasp. Davis stared at the space where the cloaked figure had stood.


Saito sighed, looking over the piece of paper in front of him. He was supposed to be writing some new lyrics for the next concert. The only problem was that he couldn't think of a thing. The young man then proceeded to bang his head rapidly into the table top before him. This was bought to an end when the kitchen's phone started ringing.

Saito groaned, clutching his forehead as he stood up. He walked over to the wall the phone was bolted onto and picked up the blasted ringing machine.

"Hello, Ikira house. This is Saito speaking." He announced to the receiver. He heard a soft chuckle on the other end of the line.

"Hello, Saito. This is a call from the Gioro Recording Studios." Replied the caller. Saito felt his eyes go wide. Gioro Recording Studios was the biggest recording studio in all of Japan. The question was, what did they want with him?

"G-gioro Recor-rding Studios!" Saito stuttered out.

"Yes. We would like to offer a recording contract with you and your band. Are you interested?" The caller asked. Believe it or not, Saito had kept part of his mind in his excitement.

"I am interested. But, you will have to go through my lawyer for the negotiation of the contract." Saito answered, not ready to be cheated out of his royalties. The caller chuckled.

"All right. Tell your lawyer to call us at ! 03-3423-4679, all right?" The caller told him. Saito grinned, before realizing that a grin couldn't be heard over the phone.

"Right. We'll call soon." Saito hung up after he heard the click from the caller disconnecting. It was only after the receiver was in its cradle that he allowed himself to turn into one of those supermarket rubber balls. To say the least, about half of the lamps in the house ended up broke from that little high. It wasn't until his father walked through the door that the teenager calmed down. His father was used to his son being hyper and crazy, but this was a little beyond what was normal.

"Saito?" Questioned his father. The teenager at the present moment was bouncing up and down on the couch. The amazing thing was that the ceiling didn't have any holes in it, "What are you doing?" It was then that the teenager allowed himself to stop bouncing.

"The band has been offered a contract from Gioro Recording Studios!" Saito screamed, like a fan girl hyped up on sugar. He bounded over the back of the couch and did a flip off of the wall. Unfortunately enough, Saito couldn't land on his feet and ended up landing on his butt instead.

"Gioro Recording Studios? Well, well, well..." Saito's father murmured, his eyes taking on a coy look that would have made anyone gulp. There was money to be made, and he would make sure that that money ended up in the band's hands.


Yamaki sighed, leaning back in his chair. It had been a long day in the government offices, and he did not want to do anything more that day. Yes, that meant that Yamaki, the grouchy old dude, was a coward. He was running from his work, and if he had to talk to one more person about his project's budget, he was gonna –

This train of thought had prevented Yamaki from noticing the phone that was ringing off of its hook. Finally his secretary barged in the door, picked up the phone, and shoved it next to his ear.

"Er... Hello?" What Yamaki was met with was a sharp growl. He immediately recognized it as his boss'.

"Yamaki..." The tone in the voice was so sweet that it almost made Yamaki nauseous, "Why were you not answering your phone?"

"Um... I was talking on my cell phone, Sir. It won't happen again. What was it that you wanted, Sir?"

"Yamaki, it has been brought to my attention that the digital world is acting up. Do you mind explaining to me how this has come to happen?" Growled Yamaki's boss, none too pleased.

"Ummm..." Yamaki trailed off, "You see, there's a few new tamers and all and I really don't know what's going on and..." Yamaki rambled on, giving his boss a splitting headache.


Saito was grinning. Once more they were backstage. It was time for another concert. Now, poor Davis had just walked in, and from his appearance it certainly seemed that he was more popular than ever. The poor young man had just been mobbed by his rabid fan girls.

"Hey, Davis. You a look a bit ruffled." Saito then chuckled at his own joke. That is, until a flying drumstick hit him in the side of the head. Davis shook his head at Saito and Akira. He then walked over to the mirror in the corner. To tell the truth, Davis was slightly obsessive about his hair. Scratch that, he was totally obsessive about his hair.

The young man spent the remaining time backstage making sure that every frigging flipping strand of hair was in the exactly right position. However, Taijin did not even glance in the mirror. Stupid Taijin...

Saito grinned at all of them, listening to the crowd beyond the curtain. Finally, the noise was deafening. He grinned at the others, holding the curtain back so that they could pass out onto the stage.

Davis noticed that there were only enough microphones for the band minus one. Saito had done it again. It was time for Davis to sing. He stepped up to the mike and closed his eyes, waiting for the crowd to quite down. When it did, Taijin started with the opening chords. Davis then started to sing, not opening his eyes.

"It was once certain,

that I knew what it contained.

Its been now shattered,

not claimed."

Davis sung, his voice even and calm. The crowd seemed to be on the edge of its seats, waiting to hear the rest of the song. Davis graced them with that wish, continuing on.

"My heart once knew me inside out,

once knew who I was.

No more.

This is not truth."

Davis finally opened his eyes, revealing the magnificent chocolate brown orbs. They danced with the light of the spotlight as he sang. Those orbs laughed as their owner continued on singing.

"Life is a fickle thing,

changing like the wind.

A dark strong wind, brings unknown changes.

Amongst all things in nature.

Life is not certain."

His voice faded away, its deep tones drawing the audience into a world of illusion and make believe. His voice finally came out again, a mere whisper which quieted the cheers of the audience.

"Darkness always seems to seep;

into the cracks,

crevices of the heart.

Never ending,



Into nothingness, void.

Without a guide,

to show the way."

Davis grinned, his voice rising from a whisper to a normal level. He continued on, his voice sounding amused as he sang on.

"Maybe its confusion brought on by age,

hormonal changes,

behavioral changes,

life changes.

I doubt it."

He continued on, his song reaching deep within each person and stirring something.

"Life is never static.

It causes too much strife,

its luminious, and dark, balanced rarely.

And that's what I fear.

I'm not neutral to the dark,

I feel nothing is there.

And that's the source of all of this confusion."

Davis smiled, continuing on with his song.

"Because, I've changed.

Regret is always the toughest emotion to bear.

Because Life is fickle,

like its never even been there."

Davis finished his song, leaving it lingering within the hearts and souls of all that were at the concert. It rang deep within their minds as well. The crowd finally got the message and leap to it's feet, clapping and cheering. It truly was deafening as the band took a bow and left the stage.

Davis walked backstage, and paused. His Gestalt had become visible. He waited until the others were out of sight so that he could check the screen. On it, there was a map of the city. Several red dots were scattered across the map. It was battle time.


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