This story takes place around 40-years after the start of Andromeda. I'll try not to include too much in the way of back-story that my conflict with the on-going storyline.

Disclaimer: If I owned Andromeda, I'd be writing episodes, not fan-fiction.

Always and only you.

It seemed a travesty that the sun was shining, but then, Dylan always had like the sunshine. The crowd of mourners sat in silence around the graveside as the priest read the eulogy. Harper moved his hand to cover Rommie's, trying his best to comfort her, but knowing it was impossible.

Slowly, the coffin containing the worldly remains of High Guard Admiral Dylan Hunt sank into the ground. Fresh tires welled up in Rommie's eyes as the coffin vanished from sight. A hand gently squeezed her shoulder, and she looked up to see who it was. A tall, hansom man in High Guard captains uniform stood behind her, tires flowing from his own eyes.

The funeral ended, and Rommie had to suffer hours of people offering their condolences for her loss. She knew a lot of it was political: her marriage to Dylan had offended a lot of people, and was probably the reason he had never risen above the rank of Admiral. Sure, he would always be remembered as the man who all-but single handily rebuilt the Commonwealth, but his marrying an Android had upset a lot of people, including several highly place women who had designs on him themselves.

The High Guard captain walked over to her, and she smiled slightly, "Paul." The man hugged her tightly, "Mother." Even after all these years, Rommie was still amazed that Paul even existed. Trance had explained it once, how she had used Rommie's physical appearance and characteristics to work out what her DNA would have been if she had been human, and combined it with a sample of Dylan's to created their son.

Rommie released her son, "When do you have to leave?" Paul bowed his head slightly, "Tonight: we're part of a task-fore being sent to make first contact with a new species in the Triangulum Galaxy." Rommie nodded, "So this is farewell." Paul frowned, "So you still plan to go through with it then?" Rommie nodded, and kissed him on the cheek, "What else can I do?" Paul held her tight, "Goodbye."

Crying slightly as her son walked off, Rommie spotted a tall, well built Nietzschean striding towards her. He stoped before her and bowed his head, "My parents send their condolences, but FTA business has kept them from being here themselves." Rommie nodded, "I understand Arthur: Beka and Tyr have their hands full with the new trade-bill." The Nietzschean bowed and walked off.

Rommie turned to Harper, "It's time."