Always and only you.

Rommie sat on the observation-deck, looking out the window: this had always been Dylan's favourite view. Harper stood to the side, leaning heavily on his walking stick, "Are you sure you want to go through with this? It's irreversible." Rommie nodded, "If Rev Bem was right, I'll be with Dylan again. If not, at lest the pain will be over." Harper nodded, understanding: as the rest of them had grown old, Rommie had stayed the same, never aging. He had seen the pain in her eyes when Dylan had gotten sick, and again when the doctors had said there was nothing more they could do for him.

Maybe if Trance hadn't gone off, she might have been able to do something: but no one had seen her in almost ten years. He handed Rommie a data-pad, "Code 1-5-1, then return." Rommie smiled, tires again filling here eyes, "Thank you Seamus: you're a true friend." Harper squeezed her shoulder, then turned and left.

Alone with just her thoughts, Rommie looked at the data-pad: it was nothing more than a keypad and screen, but it was the key to her plans. Andromeda's holographic form appeared beside her, "So this is the final farewell?" Rommie nodded, "I'm sorry to leave you like this, but I can't stand not being with him." Andromeda nodded, "I understand. I'll miss you." Rommie couldn't help but laugh, "How can you miss me? I'm you." Andromeda shook her head, "No, your so much more than that: you're a true individual, you always have been." Rommie smiled, "Thank you. Tell the crew not to be sad: It's better this way." Andromeda nodded and blinked out.

Rommie slowly entered the code Harper had given her into the data-pad. She took one last look out of the window, "I'll be with you soon Dylan, my love." Here eye's still fixed on the starts, she pressed the return key.

Andromeda waited an hour before informing the crew. An honour-guard formed, and the crew stood to attention as Rommie's inert body was carried out of the observation-deck and along the corridors to the waiting shuttle.

Harper stood alone at the graveside. There was no crowd of mourners this time, no priest to read the eulogy. Despite all Rommie had ever done, he was the only one there. He knew that Tyr and Beka would have been there if they could have, but they where on the other side of the known universe, and Paul was away on a mission. He thought of the others: Rev Bem, dead many years, but his presence still felt at times of pain and suffering. Trance; somewhere out in deep space, trying to find the peace she had always sought. Dylan, his friend and mentor, lying in the same grave he stood by now.

He turned to read the headstone: Here lie Dylan and Andromeda Hunt: Officers of the High Guard. Long may their memory last.

He gently kissed the top of the headstone, "Goodbye, my friends."