I'm back! Sorry about the wait if anyone was wondering what was taking so long, I've been busy with school work and little lethargic but here, at last, is the beginning of the 2nd trial for Apollo Justice Ace Prosecutor. In case you're reading this and hopelessly lost that's because this is case 2 and case 1 is over in the actual story titled Apollo Justice Ace Prosecutor. Anyway, I hope you all enjoy this story, read, review, like, whatever or tell me about something I might have missed which happens a lot. Enjoy! C:


A storm was brewing this evening. Miss Scarlet knew that if she didn't get her car started soon she'd have to hitch a ride. The crisp white invitation clasped in her silk green gloves as she cursed at her bad luck. If she didn't hurry, she would miss the party at Boddy Manor.

Ms. White sat comfortably as she rattled down the highway dressed all in black. After all, she was a widow and had to keep up her appearance. Another tissue disposed of and another already on the way. She frowned at the invitation sitting by her a reminder of all her sins in life.

Mr. Green was driving by when he noticed a woman next to her broken down car. She was gorgeous though not quite his type. Since it was about to rain, he offered to drive her to her destination. It was ironic because it was the exact same place as him.

Ms. Peacock was annoyed. Her train had gotten her late to the station and if she didn't find a cab soon she'd be late for the party. The white invitation marking a manor just outside the limits of the LA region tucked away in a dark forest. She had to hurry now to make it on time; a senator's wife was never late to any formal gatherings and she wasn't going to start that now.

Colonel Mustard frowned as he saw a familiar car on his way to a party just outside of LA. He thought for a second it was his old friend Richard but the bloke had disappeared off the map after the war in the Middle East subsidized. Honestly, that was the most stressful part of his life but now he could relax. Unfortunately, the reminder of that war happened to be the very invitation meant to be a simple party invite which mentioned it. He wanted to make sure that those secrets stayed buried.

Professor Plum enjoyed a puff of his pipe as he zoomed his way to a party on the west coast. He wasn't much of a social butterfly but he did enjoy a party every now and then. But that blasted innocent white invitation told of the real nature of this party. Now it was time to put the past behind him and move forward after all he had meetings with his lovely co-workers that he didn't want to miss.

6 people came together for what appeared to be a simple dining party. Then they discovered the truth behind their meeting. But as the night dragged on, murder found its way into their midst as the other guests in one way or another found themselves dead before their eyes. A butler, a maid, and 6 living souls were all that remained. Meanwhile, 5 bodies had been discovered and still, no leads on the killer before the police arrived. It was then our story begins as the curtain rose on another classic tale with our lovable attorneys duking it out once more in the courtroom….

Canon AU

Prosecutor Apollo Justice's point of view

Wright Anything Agency

October 1st, 2028 7:45 AM

The intent staring was getting on my nerves. Miss Cykes was constantly looking over my shoulder trying to figure me out. Meanwhile, through the conveniently open door, Mr. Wright was peeking out from his desk watching me as well. This has been going on now for a week.

My name is Apollo justice and although I look like your average attorney, I am in fact a prosecutor from a parallel timeline. Thanks to some sort of plot convenience mess-up in another world I've been swapped with my Defense attorney self and now I have to take his place on the defense bench. Honestly, I did well in my first trial but thanks to my 'behavior' these two seem to have it in their heads something is wrong.

Yeah, it's called you're looking at another Apollo Justice. God this is so insane why can't you two mind your own business. Doesn't Athena have a trial tomorrow to prepare for?

But I knew because of the psyche-locks that showed up, Mr. Wright and Miss Cykes were going to keep hounding me until they found out what was hiding underneath them. Even though I know perfectly well they weren't going to like what they were going to inevitably find out.

"Okay, are you two going to stare at me until it's Christmas?" I yelled in exasperation. The two quickly went back to pretending to work.

God this is getting boring. All I do is come in and organize a few papers, water that plant, and wait for another client to finally ask us to take a case. Is this what it is like to be a Defense attorney? I haven't had a case in over a week.

I sighed in exasperation. I thought some television might numb out the boredom and maybe quit all the staring going on. I flipped it onto a random channel when a new bulletin appeared.

This just in we're coming to you live folks. Ms. Azura D'Angelo was just arrested this morning for the murder of 5 victims found just last night at the Boddy Manor just outside the city. Ms. D'Angelo as you all are aware is the wife of senator Damon D'Angelo and her arrest has caused a stir amongst the entire state. When we asked the police department, they refused to release any details only that they have solid evidence they'll be using in court on the 3rd in the state judiciary where the famous Franziska Von Karma will stand as the prosecutor for this case. More will be released as we are updated on this tragic event.

Did I just find a way to cure this chronic case of boredom or what? I liked that Ms. D'Angelo when I meet her a year or two ago; eccentric and easily startled yes but for the most part harmless. Now all I have to do is convince Mr. Wright to let me defend her.

"Holy Jesus! Looks like we've got another case if Ms. D'Angelo is innocent and willing to let us represent her." Mr. Wright frowned at that and then at me. "Apollo since Athena has a trial tomorrow and won't have time to investigate and prepare it looks like it's you and me."

…..Great well at least I can make sure this bluffing buffoon doesn't mess things up. God my luck sucks sometimes.

"Sounds good to me. Let's go!" I yelled running out the door ready for a new adventure while the blue buffoon was running behind me trying to keep up.

Detention Center

October 1st, 2028 8:30 AM

After a long bus ride where I was silently sitting next to Mr. Wright, it was a hop skip and a jump before we came face to face with Ms. D'Angelo herself.

Two words can best describe her orange peacock. She wore a long gown of orange-gold that reached below the knees with crisp bronze colored heels. The top of the gown was covered in reddish and yellowish floral patterns overlapped in a fox shawl that anyone could tell was real. Her eyes were startled moving hither and thither behind owlish like golden glasses and her hair had some sort of reddish feathery crown in it that looked like red peacock feathers.

"Excuse me, Ms. D'Angelo?" Mr. Wright asked gently startling the older woman.

"Why yes that's me, who are you to ask for me?" she tried to recompose herself realizing that we were here to see her.

"Ms. D'Angelo, my name is Apollo Justice and this is Mr. Wright we're here from the Wright Anything Agency about that case on the news." I introduced noticing her looking relieved.

"Well, it's about time someone came to my rescue. Oh, I can't believe that this scandal is being pinned on me. I've been worried since no one's come to defend me and that I might be found guilty of a crime I did not commit." she replied smiling. "I'd be happy, young man if you'd defend me from these dreadful allegations."

I blinked at her for a moment. This was a woman who could talk all right but I was surprised no one wanted to take the case of a senator's wife. Though I did note that neither my bracelet nor the Magatama Trucy gave me was going off. That suggested a higher probability of her innocence.

"Very well Ms. D'Angelo. I'd be happy to defend you."

Mr. Wright, however, was looking at me suspiciously. True he shouldn't be jealous that I earned the chance to defend her but I suspected he still found my behavior unusual as I was so willing to just accept her case.

Honestly, the idiot does realize there's little a lawyer can do if their client is innocent. Besides we're supposed to defend everyone till proven guilty aren't we so someone is inevitably going to defend her even if she is guilty. At least, I know I won't cheat to win the case like a certain man who wears blue did.

"That's good Apollo but are you sure you want to do another trial? You did just get back from Khura'in and doing all those trials." Mr. Wright asked nicely.

"I'm bored sitting around the office just letting you watch me like there's something wrong with me. I'm fine!" I bit back causing him to shrink back.

I could tell he was wondering what he did wrong but thankfully Ms. D'Angelo asked, "Excuse me but can this wait until after we deal with the whole murder charge?"

"Of course Ms. D'Angelo." Mr. Wright responded politely looking at me strangely as he continued, "Please tell us about the crime."

Today is going to be a long day, isn't it?

"Of course. Last night I was invited to a little soiree over at Boddy manor along with at first 5 other guests. When we arrived we were instructed to give out aliases during the proceedings, I was Ms. Peacock and then there was Mr. Green, Professor Plum, Colonel Mustard, Miss Scarlet, and Ms. White along with the butler and maid. However, our supposed guest soon arrived afterward and well things got a bit hairy around then."

"Hairy?" I asked bluntly hoping she would get to the point.

"Well, it was revealed we were all well being blackmailed and that Mr. Boddy was our blackmailer he tried to convince us to kill the butler who invited us there and to make a long story short someone whacked him upside the head with a candlestick then we found the cook stabbed in the kitchen, a motorist stopped by and died while in a locked room with a blow by a wrench, then someone hit a cop that came by with a lead pipe, and shot a telegram lady that came over and now here I am arrested for the murder of 5 total strangers." the word strangers caused my wrist to tighten but for now I had nothing to prove she just fibbed.

Mr. Wright noticed something as well I think but he said nothing.

"So wait Ms. D'Angelo does that mean you were being blackmailed?" Mr. Wright asked curiously.

"Of course not, what could I possibly did to be blackmailed for?" she responded nervously.

The scene turned black as I saw 3 red locks appear out of nowhere upon her finishing that statement.

Great. That's just great so she had a motive and in all likelihood knew at least one of the murdered victims.

"And you didn't kill anyone?" Phoenix asked his eyes flashing green clearly holding on to his magatama.

"Why would I kill anyone? I'm not some heartless monster." no psyche locks appeared this time which honestly didn't bother me. I could tell this earlier but I guess Mr. Wright is one of those picky lawyers who defend only innocent clients.

She is innocent of this crime but not others. Ugh, Mr. Wright just what are you planning? To cheat another victory for an innocent client, the ends do not justify the means and I have no intentions of letting you muddle up this trial.

"Well then thank you for your time, Ms. D'Angelo. We will return if we have any questions for you."

"Of course, I'm sure you will." she smiled as we got up to leave.

After leaving, Mr. Wright looked at me warily.

"What was that about?" he asked.

"Nothing just don't get in my way alright. I'm just not in the mood for someone to bluff their way to victory." I replied tersely.

"I don't always bluff!" he yelled indignantly.

"I can think of at least 4 trials you've done that in. A cowardly way to avoid dealing with the dead and evidence honestly." I replied smoothly but before he could reply. "C'mon we have a crime to investigate don't we besides I'm sure Franziska is looking forward to meeting you again fool." I grinned rather like a wolf at Mr. wright's quickly palling face.

How does it feel to fear something? You nearly caused me to stand before the Prosecution Investigation Committee once trust me Franziska is nothing compared to those guys.

Court Record:


Apollo Justice: That's me. After being dragged into an alternative universe, I know act as a temporary defense lawyer under the guise of my alternative self.

Mr. Pheonix Wright: My alternative's mentor and friend. I personally can't stand the man.

Miss Athena Cykes: A psychologist who uses some machine to read people's emotions to find hidden truths. In my universe, she's a little crazy. This version seems obsessed with all the good their ability will do. Too bad it's totally pointless if she can't back up her claims.

Ms. Damon DiAngelo: The defendant in the trial. A batty old woman with eccentric tendencies and husband to a prominent senator. Relatively harmless despite the rumors she's been taking bribes for her husband's votes in the Senate.


Bracelet: My trusty bracelet that allows me to detect other's lies. I've used it so often that I've become sensitive to the tells without much need for it. However, my other self uses it so often that if I take it off for five seconds everyone looks at me like I've grown a second head.

Magatama: A yellow soul shaped necklace given to me by Trucy Wright and Pearl Fey with it I can detect lies that my bracelet can miss. Honestly, while it has practical uses, I am growing tired of these weird blue locks that keep popping up around me every 5 minutes.

Logic Cards: