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Another one of mothers boring parties. Seto Kaiba thought as he sat there bored out of his mind. He watched all the people dancing around in circles. Looking around he saw a group of girls giggling in the corner and looking at him. More and more people arrived. Seto sighed he hated these parties. He was about to leave when his mother came over to him. "Seto dear you haven't danced at all." she said smiling. "Mother I don't want to dance. I would much rather be in my room." he told her. "Seto you are not leaving this party until you dance with a girl. So just pick a girl and dance with her." his mother replied and walked off to go talk to someone. "Just pick a girl and dance with her." Seto said imitating his mother. He sat back down and watched the people dance. Just then the door to the ballroom opened. Seto looked up hoping it was one of his friends. But instead he saw three girls come in.

The smallest and easily the youngest of the three stood behind the other two. One of them looked about 15. This girl was wearing a sleeveless white gown. A cream-colored sash encircled her waist and became a bow in the back. The skirt was a snow white color that brushed the floor, flaring only a bit at the end. She muttered something to the older girl, then handed her cloak to the smallest one and walked off smiling cheerfully. The older girl looked about 18 and was wearing a white gown similar to the first. It was also sleeveless and had a dark blue sash at the waist. The only difference was the color and that the sash was thinner, and was draped, and tied at the front, before the extra lengths came down the front of the dress. She smiled kindly and handed her dark blue cloak to the smaller girl standing behind her. The smallest girl looked about 7 she was wearing a simple black dress, with a slightly flared skirt, short white sleeves, a white trim at the skirts hem added the perfect touch to it. .The little one didn't say anything she just carried the older twos cloaks and followed the oldest one around. Seto got up and walked over to them. "Hello." he said. The eldest looked at him and smiled. "Hello." she responded. "I'm Seto." Seto said introducing himself. "I'm Kyra and this is Yohko." Kyra said. Yohko bowed a little then looked at the floor. "That is a very pretty name Kyra. And yours to Yohko." Seto said. Yohko blushed and smiled a little. Kyra smiled and shook her head. "Would you like to dance?" Seto asked Kyra. "Sure." Kyra answered. "Yohko stay here okay." Kyra said turning to her. Yohko nodded but didn't say anything.

Kyra turned to Seto and followed him out on to the dance floor. While the two danced Yohko looked around at all the people. Every now and then someone would walk past her and say something like "what a cute little girl." Mokuba Kaiba got bored sitting in his room and came down to the ballroom. He looked for his older brother and saw him dancing so he walked around. Soon he saw his mother and walked over to her. "Mother." he said. She looked at him and said "yes dear." in her sweet motherly voice. "When is this over?" he asked. Mrs. Kaiba looked thoughtful. "When everyone decides to leave." she said. "Oh. Very well mother." he said and walked away. Soon Yohko's feet started to hurt and she went and sat down not to far from where Kyra told her to stay but soon she bored and put down the cloaks then went exploring the huge house.

Seto and Kyra were talking while they danced. "So who was that other girl who with you and the little one?" Seto asked. "Oh that was Serinity my little sister." Kyra said. "Oh. I have a little brother." Seto said. "Really what's his name and how old is he?" Kyra asked. "His name is Mokuba and he is about a year or two older then Yohko." Seto informed her. "Really. I didn't know that." Kyra said. They continued dancing. By the end of the party Seto and Kyra had gotten to know each other really well. "Well I guess we should be going as soon as I can find Yohko and my sister." Serinity came over right as Kyra said sister. "Kyra I can't find Yohko anywhere." she said. Kyra looked at her and said "what." "Yohko's disappeared and I can't find her." Serinity repeated herself. "Oh no." Kyra said sighing. "Don't worry I'll help you look for her." Seto offered. "Thanks Seto." Kyra answered. They split up and each went a different way. Seto was walking up the stairs when he saw the edge of a black and white dress. He ran up the stairs and almost fell. Yohko was sleeping laying across the second to the top stair. Seto smiled a little and picked her up.

She yawned and rubbed an eye before putting her head on his shoulder and going back to sleep. Seto went back downstairs and looked for Kyra. "Seto thanks for the help." Kyra said when she saw Seto carrying Yohko down the stairs. Mrs. Kaiba had been helping them look for Yohko and said "well since the little girl is already asleep why don't you all just stay here tonight. We have more then enough room." Serinity looked at Kyra. "Well I guess it wouldn't hurt to stay here tonight." Kyra said. "Good. Seto can show you to your rooms." Mrs. Kaiba said. She bid the children a good night and left. Seto showed them to their rooms and put Yohko in the room next to Kyra's. "Goodnight girls." he said. "Don't call me girl." Kyra said through the door. "Alright goodnight girls and tomboy." Seto said. "That's better." Kyra said. "Goodnight Seto, goodnight Kyra, night kid." Serinity said from her room. "Night." was all Kyra said.

Everyone was sleeping soundly when a high pitched scream rang through the house. Kyra sat up so fast she fell out of bed. Quickly she opened her bedroom door and went to Yohko's room. Serinity followed and soon Seto, Mokuba, and Mrs. Kaiba were standing in the door of Yohko's room. Kyra went over to Yohko and looked at her. "Yohko what's wrong?" she asked. "Mommy, daddy, and the monster." Yohko said through tears. Seto looked at Kyra she sighed and rubbed Yohko's back. "It's okay Yohko you just had a bad dream that's all. It's okay there is no monster here. It's not here." Kyra said. Soon Yohko fell back asleep. "Kyra what was she talking about?" Seto asked. "I'm not sure. Ever since I meet at the orphanage, and got her out of there she has had bad dreams. The people at the orphanage said that she was with her parents when they died in a boat crash. I'm not sure what the monster is though." Kyra said as everyone left Yohko's room.

-The next morning.- Kyra woke Serinity and Yohko up and they left after thanking Seto's mother for letting them stay.

-Later that day at the aquarium.- "Kyra is that you?" a familiar voice asked. Kyra turned around and there was Seto and his little brother with a bunch of other people. "Hi." Kyra said walking over to them. Yohko followed closely behind Kyra. "Hey Kyra what are you doing here?" Seto asked. "I'm here with Yohko." Kyra said. Yohko stepped out from behind Kyra. "Oh, well I want you to meet some friends of mine." Seto said. "This is Yugi and his brother Yami. That's Ryou and his brother Bakura. You might want to stay away from Bakura. The girl is Tea. Joey is the mutt with the blonde hair and his buddy is Triston. And this is my little brother Mokuba." Seto said introducing everyone. "Kaiba I'm not a mutt!" Joey yelled. "Right he forgot you're a lapdog." Triston said. "WHAT?!" Joey exclaimed. The two started fighting. Tea walked over to Kyra and said "ignore them they do that all the time." "Oh okay." Kyra said.

"Well have you guys seen the sharks yet?" Yugi asked Kyra. "Nope. But that is where we were going." she answered. "Why don't we all go together?" Ryou suggested. "You want to?" asked Seto while trying to break up the fight so they don't get thrown out. "Sure that would be fun." Kyra asked. Yohko was looking at Bakura. He turned to her and asked "what?" Yohko didn't say anything she just gave a small smile. Bakura looked at Ryou then back at Yohko and gave her a rare small smile. "Why are we standing around?" Yami asked. "Huh oh we're leaving right." Mokuba said leading the way. They all walked to the part where the sharks were. They walked through a tunnel that made you feel like you were under water. Yohko looked up uneasily and then and walked near Bakura. Kyra saw this and said in a low voice to Seto "I think Bakura found a new friend." Seto looked at her and she nodded over at Bakura. He looked and saw that Yohko was walking behind Bakura holding onto the hem of the back of his shirt. Bakura knew this to but he didn't mind. When they walked past the Great White's tank Yohko looked at the huge shark and stopped moving. Bakura felt a tug on the back of his shirt and stopped walking. Ryou also stopped he turned to look at Bakura who was looking behind him at Yohko. Everyone stopped and looked also. Yohko was staring at the Great White shark and shaking. She then screamed and ran, Bakura bolted after her and followed her into a small dome right under a tank. He looked up and saw that the tank was full of Great White's. Looking around he saw Yohko laying on the floor curled up in a ball crying and whimpering.

Bakura ran over to her and tried to pick her up but she screamed thinking it was one of the sharks "no leave me alone you took mommy and daddy away." Then she tried to get away but Bakura grabbed her arm she stopped screaming and looked up at Bakura then hugged onto him and started crying. He had no clue what to do so he hugged her back and tried comforting her. Once he had gotten her to stop crying, he picked her up and carried her back with him to the others. Kyra came up and asked "what happened?" in a loud voice. "Hush!!" Bakura whispered fiercely. "Why?" Yugi asked quietly. Bakura rolled his eyes and turned around to show them that Yohko was sleeping. "Kyra why did she freak out?" Tea asked. "I'm not sure." Kyra said. "I know." Bakura told them. "Why?" Yami asked. "I think that a Great White shark ate her parents." Bakura said. "Of course that's why she is afraid of big sharks." Kyra said. "Oh. Well why don't we finish this and then go get some ice cream." Seto said. Everyone agreed, so they quickly went through the rest of the sharks then headed to the ice cream parlor.

-Ice-cream parlor.- (A/N: I wanted to be different so it's a parlor. Ya know like the one in the old days.) Bakura was still carrying Yohko when she woke up. She pulled her head off his shoulder and rubbed an eye then looked at him. He looked back at her and she smiled a little then wrapped her arms around his neck and laid her head back down on his shoulder. "What do you guys want?" Seto asked. "I would like strawberry." Yugi said. "Same." said Yami. "Vanilla!!" Joey and Triston said at the same time. "Blueberry." Tea said with a dreamy look on her face. "Me and my brother will have Rocky Road." Ryou said. "I want Cookie Dough." Mokuba said. "Uh…… I want Chocolate." Kyra said. Bakura shook Yohko a little and she looked at him then said something in a low voice. "Well what did she say?" Seto asked. "She said Mint Oreo." Bakura said. "Okay then." Seto said and he told then boy working behind the counter what they wanted and sat down. Yohko sat between Bakura and Yami with a small smile on her face. Mokuba sat in between Seto and Kyra. Tea sat near Yugi with Joey on the other side. And Triston next to him. They soon got their ice cream and eat it. Yohko sat there swinging her legs happily munching away. Soon they were done and left.

"Hey Kyra you duel?" Yami asked. "Yeah I duel." Kyra answered. Yohko who was following Bakura holding the hem on the back of his shirt again, looked at Yami. "Favorite card?" Yugi asked. "Dark Magician Girl." Kyra said carelessly. "Mine and my brother's is Dark Magician." Yugi said. "So what's everybody's favorite card?" Kyra asked. "Flame Swordsman." Joey said. "Cyber Command." Triston said. "Magician of Faith." Tea answered. "Blue-Eyes White Dragon." Seto said calmly. "Swordstalker." Mokuba declared smiling. "Change of Heart." Ryou said quietly. "Same as my brother's." Bakura simply stated. He looked at Yohko. "I don't think she duel's." Kyra said. Yohko looked at Kyra then up and Bakura then at everyone and said "Wingweaver." Everyone looked at her. She blushed and hid behind Bakura. Quietly she said "I can duel but I'm not good at it."

"Hey you guys wanna go to my house and hang?" Yugi asked. "Like to but I have to go." Kyra said, she then looked at Yohko. "Bye." Kyra said and walked off. Yohko looked at everyone and bowed a little then ran off after Kyra. "Well they were nice." Yami stated. "Yeah I think Bakura's made a new friend." Seto said. Bakura went red "I did not make a new friend." he yelled. "Sure whatever." Joey said. "I have to go see ya later." Joey said then left. Triston also left. Soon everyone went their own ways. Ryou was laughing as he left with Bakura stomping and muttering about something. (At Kyra's house.) "Yohko you didn't tell me you could duel." Kyra said. "Sorry. I have to go home now bye." Yohko said quietly as she ran down the street. Kyra watched her leave and sighed then went into her house.

Yohko ran to her house and quietly opened the door. "Yohko welcome home." a voice said. "Hi I'm just going to go to my room now." Yohko said quietly and started going up stairs. "I think not." the voice said. A hand reached out and grabbed the collar of Yohko shirt cause her to stop. "Come let's go down stairs and have some family time." the voice said. "But auntie I'm not feeling well I would much rather just go to my room." Yohko said. "No.. let's go dear." a lady picked up Yohko and took her downstairs into the basement. Yohko tried to get away but she got a good slap for trying and she stopped. (The next day.) Kyra headed to the card shop and saw Yugi. "Hey Yugi." she said. "Hi Kyra." he said smiling. She went inside and found out that he his brother and his grandpa lived behind the shop. "Oh cool." Kyra stated. "Hey everyone." Yugi said as Kyra followed him into the back. Everyone was there. "Hey guys." Kyra said. "Hi Kyra." Ryou said. "Hey Kyra." Tea answered. Bakura looked up from the duel he was having with Joey then went back to it. Everyone hung out for a while until Ryou asked "where is the little girl who was with you yesterday Kyra?" "Oh Yohko, um I'm not sure. I think she is at her house." Kyra said. "Let's go get her." she added. Everyone agreed and followed Kyra to Yohko's house. "Wait here." Kyra said as she opened the huge iron gates. She ran up to the door and knocked. A woman with black hair opened the door and looked at Kyra. "Yes?" she asked sweetly. "Is Yohko here?" Kyra asked. "Yes hold on." the lady shut the door and walked over to Yohko. She grabbed her by the arm and made her wear a long sleeve shirt and her hair down and jeans. Yohko didn't argue she just got into what her aunt told her to wear and plastered a smile on her face. The lady opened the door again and handed Yohko her bag before letting her leave. Kyra who was waiting patiently looked at Yohko and grabbed her hand. "Could you have her back before 7:00 pm please?" Yohko's aunt asked.

"Sure." Kyra said and walked away with Yohko following closely behind her. Yohko was quiet the whole day. Bakura looked at her many times and every time she gave him a fake smile. They went all over that day. It was 6:00pm by the time Kyra and Yohko left. Bakura followed with out being noticed. He watched as Kyra said good-bye to Yohko and went into her house. Yohko ran the rest of the way home. Bakura followed silently. He watched as Yohko went inside the house and he crept over to a window. Looking inside he saw Yohko's aunt yelling at the girl for something. Yohko's aunt backhanded her niece and sent her sprawling across the marble. Slowly Yohko's aunt advanced on the poor, small, child.

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