Me: :sighs sadly:

Joey: what's wrong Skye

Me: :looks up at Joey with teary eyes: I……. :sniffles then wails: I didn't get to see you and Mako duel!!!!!

Joey: oh…………..uh Yug a little help here please

Yugi: :pats me on the back: there, there its okay I'm sure you didn't miss much

Joey: WHAT?!

Me: thanks :smiles and hugs Yugi:

Yugi: ^_^ your welcome………….. Why don't you hug Joey he seems sad

Joey: :pouting:

Me: Joey!!!!! :pounces on Joey and huggles him:

Joey: ^_^

Marik: Skye doesn't own anything. Except her duel monster cards, her YGO character plushies, her movies, and all the pics on her computer. And uh I think that's it. Oh and her comic books okay that it.

Seto: okay now we can start

Kyra: Seto!!!!! :hugs Seto:

Seto: uh hi Kyra :hugs her back

-Skye's apartment- Skye yawned and turned off the TV. She look at Yohko, who had fallen asleep during the movie. Skye smiled and her eyes turn back to silver. She grabbed a blanket from the closet and covered Yohko with it then quietly walked upstairs to her room. She went to her room and shut the door then grabbed her pajamas and walked into the bathroom.

-10 minuets later- When Skye came back out of the bathroom she was wearing her black silk pajama pants and the tank-top that went with it. She yawned and her eyes turned dark blue. Then she walked over to her bed and flopped down on it. She opened an eye and smiled. She loved her black silk sheets Ryou gave her two months ago, featuring ying-yangs, scorpions and of course, Chinese dragons all over. Skye's favorite mythical animal was the dragon especially Chinese dragons, which is why her friends gave her the nick name d-girl. She snuggled down into her covers when the phone rang. She sighed and picked it up.

-Phone call-

Skye: hello

Mai: hi Skye its me Mai

Skye: :groans: what do you want and why are you calling me? Its three am in the freakin morning!!

Mai: well someone seems grumpy

Skye: no Duh! Now why did you call me?

Mai: I called cause I need you help with something so I was wondering if you would help me?

Skye: fine whatever I'll help if you leave me alone :hangs up:

-End of phone call- Skye laid back down and set her alarm clock. As soon as she got comfortable she was asleep. While she slept she said things like "must repair shop need to help Mako find supplies." Every time her alarm clock went off she would hit the snooze button. By the seventeenth time she became fed up with it and smacked across the room. Where it hit the wall and shattered into a bunch of little pieces. Just then the phone rang.

-Phone call-

Skye: :sleepily: hello

Tea: hey there Skye you alive?

Skye: :trying to stop a yawn: no

Tea: :laughs: okay well just checking

Skye: :half asleep: uh-huh

Tea: okay bye Skye :hangs up:

-End phone call- Skye hung up the phone and grabbed her body pillow and hugged it close. (A/N: I have one of those they are so comfy) Skye rolled over on top of her pillow and drifted off to sleep listening to the sounds of the ocean which was right out side. Skye mumbled something about a blonde hair brown eyed boy, then rolled over smiling.

-1:30 pm- Skye woke up later that day because she rolled right off her bed and landed on the floor with a thump. Groggily she got up and grabbed some clothes from her dresser then made her way to the bathroom. She yawned again as she shut the door.

-5 minutes later- Skye opened her bathroom door she walked out wearing a black semi-tight sleeveless hoodie with the words "CLOWNS MADE ME DO IT" in blue with silver around it. She also was wearing wide legged black baggy pants with blue and silver flames going down the sides with various pockets and zippers all around. Her tooth brush was sticking half way out of her mouth while she hopped around putting on her socks and her black combat boots. Once she had gotten that done she walked out into the living room.

Yohko was sitting on the couch watching cartoons when Skye came out. She turned around to look at Skye then smiled. Skye smiled back then went to the downstairs bathroom to finish brushing her teeth. After she was done she walked out and over to Yohko while braiding her hair. "Hey Yohko." Skye said. "Yeah Skye?" Yohko answered. "I have to go but my brother Ryou will be here to watch you until I get back." Skye told her. "Alright." Yohko answered then went back to watching TV.

Skye had just finished her braiding when her door bell rang. She ran to the door and opened it. "Hey Skye." Ryou said once Skye had opened the door. "Hey Ryou oh thanks for watching Yohko for me." she said. "No problem imaton (A/N: little sister.)" Ryou answered walking and over to the couch. Yohko turned to him and smiled then went back to watching cartoons. "Well I'll see ya'll later today." Skye said as she grabbed her keys and ran out the door. Once downstairs in the garage she put on her sunglasses and ran over to her black Harley Davidson. (A/N: don't own) She put her headphones on then her bandana and then got on. She pushed play on her CD player and waited for her favorite song before starting up her Harley. As soon as she heard "Hip Hop Soldier" (A/N: don't own) blast from her headphones she started up her Harley and took off.

She stopped at a red light and looked around. She saw Bandit Keith and he glanced at her. She stuck her tongue out at him and drove off when the light turned green, leaving him behind shouting a few colorful word. Skye laughed to herself as she drove to the mall. Once she pulled into a spot she sighed grabbed her stuff and locked up her bike. Skye run to the entrance and up the thirteen or so steps and into the building. Once inside she removed her sunglasses and glanced around. Just then she heard the sound of Mai's boots running over to her. "Hey Skye so glad you could help me." she said once she got to Skye. Skye smiled a little and said "sure Mai. So what do you need help with?" "I need help on picking out some outfits and I was wondering if you want to go to a club with me and some of my gal pals?" "Sure I'll tag along I guess." Skye answered. "Cool. Okay lets go shopping." 'I hate shopping.' Skye thought to herself but nodded and followed Mai.

Me: :sighs : okay chapter three is completed

Joey: …….zzzzzzz

Me: :glances at Joey and screams: Joseph Wheeler!!!!!!

Joey: :wakes up: I'm up I'm up

Me: right……..

Yugi & Marik: please R/R

Marik: and no not rest/relaxation either Joey

Joey: huh what?

Me: :sighs: he might be dumb but I still love him