Kikou Kyuuseishu Gungel

(Armored Saviour Gungel)

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Chapter 2: The Dark Beginning

It's the Year of Our Lord, 2012. Mysterious beings named Nova appeared and waged war with man for decades. After 53 years, the Nova changed their ways of attack, conquering approximately 51% of the Earth in the process. A discovery in the Sahara Desert in Northern Africa led to the development of new weapons that allowed man to fight back. Despite this, the Nova still hold Japan, where their conquest started. After a failed attempt to take back Japan in 2068, humanity began developing new weapons for another attempt, and after two years, begin another operation to liberate Japan.

June 6, 2070 (12:50, UTC+09:00)

Sea of Japan

UNCF British Royal Navy Transvaal-class Aircraft Carrier Laing's Nek

The UNCF (United Nations Combined Forces), formed as a result of the insufficient ability of the Chevalier organization to hold back the Nova assault as it had taken 51% of the Earth in 2065, was able to liberate that portion of the Earth the Nova had conquered. Two years ago, it had tried to take back Japan, where the Nova's invasion had started, on July 1, 2068. It ended in failure.

Now, after two years of preparation, the UNCF has initiated another attempt to take back Japan. This time, new weapons have been developed. Now, it depends on humanity's collective fighting spirit to succeed in this endeavor.

One fleet is ready to launch its attack on the main Japanese island of Kyushu, where one Nova Roost is situated in the city of Miyazaki. There are ten of these Nova Roosts across Japan, with the main one situated in the city of Shinto. Given that the invasion started there, one could say that is the main headquarters of the Nova.

There are four carriers in total. Two from the United Kingdom. The Laing's Nek is one of those British carriers to participate in the attack.

The Laing's Nek is the newly made Transvaal-class aircraft carrier of the United Kingdom's Royal Navy. As Chevalier was formed, Royal Navy vessels were placed under Chevalier command, but as the Nova conquered 51% of the world by 2066, this led to the loss of the Royal Navy ships under Chevalier, including its fleet of the Queen Elizabeth-class supercarriers. With the formation of the UNCF, the Royal Navy was remade, with the Transvaal-class as its first ships.

For the original attempt to liberate Japan in 2068, codenamed "Operation Final Push," only four Transvaal-class carriers were completed. They were the Transvaal, Bronkhorstspruit, Rustenburg, and the Marabastad. However, they were destroyed as the invasion failed.

By 2069, four new ships were made. These are the Lydenburg, Laing's Nek, Schuinshoogte, and the Majuba Hill.

The ready room for the Laing's Nek is filled. Inside are men and women seated. They're facing an old Caucasian man with white hair and green eyes. Based on that, he appears to be the captain of the ship, with his uniform being that for the Royal Navy.

"We are about to conduct Operation Final Push II," says the old captain. "We now have new weapons to prevent the mistakes from our previous attempt two years ago. However, your skills will really be what is needed for this to succeed. I ask all of you to do your very best in this fight. Don't just think of it as an order, think about the whole world. I wish you well."

The captain salutes the men and women he faces. This is to show he is to count on them to accomplish the attack.

Everyone begins to leave the ready room. Among those are a man and woman in their early twenties.

The man has blue eyes and short, blonde hair. The girl has brown eyes and long, pink hair. Both are in their early twenties, with the woman a year older.

"Ganessa-senpai, wait," says the man as he addresses the woman by her name and the Japanese honorific.

"What is it, Arthur?" says the girl by addressing the man's name.

Rather than instantly answer Ganessa's question, Arthur presents a ring. Ganessa is taken aback by what just happened.

"Ganessa Roland, will you marry me?" asked Arthur.

"… You idiot," Ganessa says. "Why didn't you propose sooner?"

"I couldn't find a good time to do so," Arthur replied. "With a big operation like this, neither of us might survive, so I chose to propose now."

"You big dummy," Ganessa says. "Of course I accept. Let's just make it, okay?"

"Y… Yes!" Arthur replied excitedly.

After twenty-five minutes, everyone from the ready room had already gotten themselves into their Ride Suits. The Ride Suits were made for the new weapons used in the counterattack against the Nova.

The Ride Suits comprise of a helmet, vest, groin guard, and limb guards. The helmet is for the pilot's head, the vest is for his chest as it ends before the region between the groin and the stomach. The groin guard protects the groins. As for the limb guards, two are for the lower arms, and two are for the lower legs. The groin guard is also attached to the lower leg's limb guards.

As everyone from the ready room gets into their Ride Suits, they get into what they actually pilot, which is the new weapon developed for this very operation. Its name is the VG-02 Stork II.

The VG-02 Stork II is the second "Variable Gear". The Variable Gear is actually a jet fighter, with the Stork II modeled after the ancient McDonnell-Douglas F-4 interceptor and fighter-bomber, albeit with arms and legs like a human being for melee combat.

The limbs were built in response to air units comprising of the original VG-01 Stork taken down by a taller version of the Humanoid-Type Nova encountered in the 12th Nova Clash five years ago. This version is a meter taller and has wings, which was a problem for air units. The Stork had just legs, whereas the Stork II has both arms and legs.

As Arthur gets into his Stork II, it was being prepared by one of the ship's foremen. He is an African with a cap covering his head and dark brown eyes. He primarily wears a shirt and pants colored indigo, with the shirt covered by a yellow vest.

"Your Stork is ready for launch," says the foreman.

"Thanks," replied Arthur.

"You still owe me for the extra repairs I did after Busan."

"Don't worry, I'll pay you back after we take Kyushu."

"All Variable Gears, please launch," says a voice on the Laing's Nek's PA (Public Address) system.

As the foreman gets off the Stork II, Arthur's Stork II is then lifted up into the Laing's Nek's flight deck. Other than Arthur's, all Stork IIs on board the Laing's Nek are on the flight deck and ready to launch.

Arthur's Stork II receives a transmission on its onboard communicator. It's another pilot, who is an Afro-British man with dark brown eyes and short, black hair.

"Crypton, heard you proposed to Roland back in the ready room. You two better make it, because you'll have to have the entire crew attend the wedding."

"Rub it in me, Blake," snarked Arthur.

Immediately afterward, all Stork IIs begin to launch out of the Laing's Nek.

June 6, 2070 (14:05, UTC+09:00)

Nagasaki, Nagasaki Prefecture and Kumamoto, Kumamoto Prefecture, Kyushu, Japan

Other than the Stork IIs that had launched from the Laing's Nek, multiple Stork IIs from the other carriers with the Laing's Nek launch their Stork IIs as well. Many would assume that the Nova wouldn't last after this fight due to the UNFC summoning this much aircraft.

At the same time, the landing troops begin to move to Kyushu. They comprise of FC-01 Sky Bus strategic airlifters and Delaware River-class super large landing craft. Both the Sky Bus and the super large landing craft were built to carry Tactical Gears. Both carry various kinds of Tactical Gears.

Tactical Gears are combat vehicles built like legs like human beings. The weapons they're given indicate their role. The ATG-01 Slinger made by American manufacturing firm Crowe Enterprises was built as the main assault vehicle, while Wakefield Industries' WATG-01 Boxer was made for close quarters combat as it has arms like a human being's. The United Kingdom's Barnett Industries made the BTG-01 Tower for a portable CIWS (Close-In Weapons System) platform, and German companies that fled from the Nova's onslaught five years ago made the TA-01 Schleuder, which is a walking artillery piece.

Arthur then receives another transmission. This time, it's from the field commander of all the Laing's Nek's Variable Gears, a Caucasian man in his mid-thirties with brown hair and blue eyes.

"This is Group Captain Porter. Our objectives are to assist in taking Nagasaki and Kumamoto. They will be our starting point for the invasion proper."

Above Nagasaki and Kumamoto are hordes of flying Humanoid-Type Nova. They appear to outnumber the UNCF air units.

"Incoming Nova," says Porter. "Spray the adhesives!"

All Stork II's fire one missile. As the missile detonates, a special adhesive is spread on the incoming Nova.

This adhesive was made to help kill Nova. When this adhesive is poured on a Nova, it is made easier for projectiles to kill a Nova. Primarily, this allows bullets to penetrate Nova. This adhesive is also flammable, which helps missiles and other explosive weapons kill Nova.

"Now, fire the missiles!"

All Stork IIs fire their Bee multi-purpose missiles. They have built-in commands to track Nova, which allow them to chase down the Nova of their targets until they hit.

The missiles hit a fair number of the flying Humanoid-Types, but this has most of the spread out. The UNCF air units do so in response.

A male pilot takes out a flying Humanoid-Type with his Stork II's nose machine guns, which are also filled the adhesive, easily killing the Nova. However, another flying Humanoid-Type gets on the Stork II, which allows it eat the pilot, killing him and destroying the Variable Gear.

Arthur had just managed to take out five flying Humanoid-Types. A flying Humanoid-Type then gets close to his cockpit, having him use his Stork II's nose machine guns to kill the Nova.

A flying Humanoid-Type emits a ball of pure energy at Porter's Stork II. Porter dodges it and fires a Bee missile at the flying Humanoid-Type, killing it.

Suddenly, five Nova as tall as ten-story buildings appear. They have what appear to be wings on their sides and faces that look like of a woman's. Below the wings are blades. In their centers appear to be their core. In past Nova Clashes, to stop a Nova was to destroy its core.

Arthur again receives a transmission from Porter.

"We got Type-S Nova appearing. We need them off our backs, especially with the landing force."

"Arthur and I will do it," says Ganessa as she contacts Porter. "We've fought one five years ago."

"Roland, Crypton, good luck," replied Porter. "I'll send some backup if there will be any left."

"Got it," Arthur says.

Both Arthur and Ganessa fly directly at the Type-S Nova. One Type-S detects the two Stork IIs and uses whip-like objects to attack them. However, Arthur and Ganessa dodge the attacks.

Ganessa manages to see the Type-S's core. She then contacts Arthur.

"Arthur, I've got the core," Ganessa says. "Proceeding to fire."

"Same here," Arthur replies.

Both Arthur and Ganessa fire a Bee missile from their respective Stork IIs. Both missiles, launched from a hatch in their respective Stork II's left leg, hit the Type-S's core, destroying it.

Afterward, two more Type-Ss are seen also being destroyed by Stork IIs.

"This is Blake, me and Campbell we'll assist the landing troops now. Roland, Crypton, can I leave the remaining two Nova to you?"

"Leave it to us," Ganessa replies back.

Both Arthur and Ganessa proceed to take down the last two Type-S Nova standing. However, the two Type-Ss begin to summon energy at their cores.

"Arthur, we have to hurry," Ganessa says as she contacts Arthur. "Those Type-Ss have their Particle Beam Cannons pointed at the fleet."

"I know," replied Arthur. "Right's yours. I'll take the one on the left."

"Got it."

Both Arthur and Ganessa begin aiming for the Type-S Nova they respectively had chosen. At this point, the Type-Ss are aiming at the fleet.

However, another swarm of flying Humanoid-Types surrounds Arthur and Ganessa. Both manage to kill half of them with their respective Stork II's nose machine guns and arms but run out of ammunition for both the machine guns and don't have enough missiles left.

"I'm out," Arthur says.

The two Type-Ss fire their Particle Beam Cannons.

"Oh no! NO!"

The Particle Beam Cannons hit the fleet. The Laing's Nek is the first one they hit.

As Arthur is distracted by the Type-Ss destroying the fleet, a flying Humanoid-Type then slices off his Stork II's left wing. Arthur sees Ganessa still in the air surrounded by flying Humanoid-Types as his Variable Gear falls from the sky.


All Arthur could do in the cockpit is wait for his Stork II to crash. Other than that, he hopes Ganessa survives.

June 6, 2070 (18:00, UTC+09:00)

Kumamoto Prefecture, Kyushu, Japan

Hours had passed. Arthur then comes about.

"Where am-"

As Arthur wakes up, he feels pain. Expected as such for someone who had managed to survive a crash landing.

"I best go outside and patch myself up."

Arthur finds his Stork II's first aid kit. He then opens up the cockpit and grabs his sidearm, which is an FN Five-SeveN semi-automatic pistol. Afterward, he goes outside. As he does, he briefly collapses to the ground but gets up.

Thirty minutes had just passed. Arthur had just finished applying first aid on himself. He hadn't moved since then because he needed to recuperate.

"I think I should be fine to stand up now," Arthur says. "I have to check if Ganessa-senpai or anyone else in my unit is fine."

Arthur then stands up and attempts to use his Stork II's communicator. He then tunes in to the UNCF's frequencies.

"This is Apple 2, calling for any survivors. I repeat, calling for survivors. Please respond."

Arthur then hits the communicator as he hears no response. To him, he thinks all of his comrades are dead.

Not a single response, Arthur says in his mind. Not even from Ganessa-senpai. I hope she made it, but that's too much to hope for.

Suddenly, Arthur hears loud footsteps.

Those must be Nova.

Two Crab Type-TR Nova appear. They have the body of a crab, hence its name, but the head, chest, and upper arms of a human female. The rest of the body appear to be controlled by the upper arms.

The Type-TR is the new form of Nova responsible for conquering almost half of Earth in 2065. The "TR" means "Trooper". What made them harder to kill until the development of new weapons was that the core was hidden well under heavily armored bodies and utilized the Accel Turn ability.

The Accel Turn is one of three High End Skills. This allows an increase in speed.

High End Skills were developed during the 8th Nova Clash of 2061. Since then, Pandora units had used them. However, the Nova have begun to do so as well, as the first Humanoid-Types during the 12th Nova Clash in 2065 had begun to use Accel Turn as well. Likewise with the Crab Type-TR Novas, which helped in the Nova conquering almost half of the world.

Arthur takes aim with his Five-SeveN. He knows one semi-automatic pistol wouldn't be enough to take them down, but feels that there would be no point in either fighting to live or let them kill him without a fight.

So this is how I die? Arthur has in his mind. About to die pathetically. And I just proposed to Ganessa-senpai hours ago. If she's dead, maybe I join her in Heaven and have our wedding there. That wouldn't be so bad, wouldn't it?

Suddenly, one Crab is destroyed by what appears to be a missile. Both Arthur and the other Crab turn to the direction as to where it came from and found the one who shot the missile.

Is… Is that someone in a Tactical Suit?

The person who saved Arthur is in a Tactical Suit colored blue. Tactical Suits were the first weapons developed to counter the Nova's advance across the Earth.

On August 2, 2065, an archeological discovery was made in the internationally disputed Western Sahara region in northeastern Africa. It was an alien vessel. The person who theorized that it was an alien vessel was a scientist from the United States named Sandra Burton. It was there that the weapons needed to fight back against the Nova were discovered. The weapons made as a result of the discoveries were the Tactical Suit, Tactical Gears, and the Variable Gears. The ship was given the designation "Relic-01," but on December 5, 2066, the ship disappeared.

The Tactical Suit has two modes named Ride Mode and Suit Mode. Ride Mode is the original motorcycle form, whereas Suit Mode is the suit. When in Suit Mode, the rider can use Jump Boosts, rockets built into the Tactical Suit, to make quick evasions. The first one built is the TS-01 Guncycle by the American manufacturing firm Cranston Enterprises, which appears to be used by the person who had just saved Arthur, albeit with a missile launcher that the Guncycle doesn't really have.

The other Crab then charges at the Tactical Suit user. The Tactical Suit user jumps to his right with his Jump Boosts and takes aim with the Guncycle's sight, which allows the user to aim at the target. The user then launches another missile, killing the other Crab.

As Arthur watches, two other Nova appear. They look more like human females. Those would be the Pandora-Type Nova.

They are the Pandora-Type Nova that also first appeared in the 12th Nova Clash. Their namesake was that of the term "Pandora", which was designated for the female warriors that originally fought the Nova per the usage of Nova tissues that were given the name "Stigmata". Stigmata allowed them to summon weapons. However, Stigmata had their drawbacks, and with the new tactics utilized by the Nova, recruiting women to be Pandora was phased out.

Arthur then attempts to use his Five-SeveN, but both Pandora-Types evade Arthur's shots. They then appear behind Arthur.

The Tactical Suit rider suddenly summons an iaito. He then appears to instantly appear to save Arthur from the two Pandora-Types. He slices one's head off with his iaito.

In the midst of this, Arthur falls into the ground on his buttocks, shocked by everything that is happening around him. To him, he had never seen a human who could fight evenly with Pandora-Type Nova.

Am I dreaming? Arthur asks in his mind with disbelief. Did that guy just slice a Pandora-Type's head off?

The Tactical Suit rider then moves without looking like the rider moved at all. The rider appears again after a second, and immediately after that, the Pandora-Type is sliced in half starting from its body's right side.

The rider then turns back to Ride Mode. The rider turns out to be a male as the helmet is removed. He is a Caucasoid man with black hair, and one right eye colored hazel as his left eye is covered by an eye patch, a beard, and a metal prosthetic for his right hand.

The way he moved, it seems familiar, Arthur has in his mind. Not only that, it feels like I know this man.

"Thanks for saving me," says Arthur. "May I please what is your name?"

"Ryusei McAllister, New Eden Air Security Forces."

Twenty-five minutes later, Ryusei and Arthur had just set up a campfire. The former had just removed his Ride Suit.

What Ryusei actually wears is a white shirt underneath a green jacket with New Eden's insignia, a circle with wings attached to and the initials "NE" inside the circle, on its back, blue pants, and brown boots.

"Why would pirates be interested in this war?" Arthur asks. "I thought you were out collecting refugees if in case the Nova won out, in which you would fly up into space and restart mankind there?"

"That's our last resort," replied Ryusei. "However, we won't do so without a fight. We will end this war our own way because of Chevalier."

"Ah, I see, you think Chevalier might abuse the war to their own purposes."

"Definitely. We can't act against them yet. Remember what Gengo Aoi did five years ago?"

"I can see your point there. He had been conducting his own projects without insight from Chevalier's Grand Canyon headquarters. Because of that, West Genetics and all of Japan fell to the Nova."

"I've been ordered to help survivors of today's attack they're to be rallied to New Eden."

"Good plan," says Arthur. "However, I don't wish to go with you."

"Are you out o you mind?" Ryusei asks. "You can't just fight the Nova by yourself. Even UNCF High Command agreed to help us."

"I know that. It's just that there's someone I need to help at the moment."


"Ganessa Roland."

You haven't changed at all, Arthur, says Ryusei in his mind.

"Is she a friend of yours?" asked Ryusei.

"More than that, she's the woman I love the most," Arthur replied.

Just like me, Ryusei says in his mind.

"You see, Ganessa-senpai and I met five years ago. She was a Pandora, and I chose her to be my partner, therefore I was a Limiter. We managed to escape West Genetics as I fell to the Nova. Then they put a halt to recruiting women into being Pandoras and men to be Limiters. Because of that, me Ganessa-senpai and I became average teenagers again and finished high school. However, we heard of new weapons being made to combat the Nova, and both of us felt it would be a disservice to those that died in West Genetics if we didn't continue fighting the Nova, so we became Variable Gear pilots."

"I see," says Ryusei in agreement.

"By the way, I saw how you killed those Pandora-Types," said Arthur. "How did you do that? Only a Pandora could do such a thing, and you're a man."
"It's a long story, and I feel I should turn in tonight," says Ryusei. "I'll discuss it maybe tomorrow, maybe after we've rescued Miss Roland."

"Really?" excitedly asked Arthur. "You're going to help me find Ganessa-senpai?"

"Why not?" Ryusei rhetorically asks. "It won't change my mission one bit."

"Thank you so much."

"Sure. Please get some sleep. We have to find her tomorrow."

Arthur then gets to sleep. Meanwhile, Ryusei puts out their campfire and prepares to sleep as well.

That's right, we have to help her out whenever we can, Ryusei has in his mind. Just as I have to save the one I love.

June 7, 2070 (08:00, UTC+09:00)

Kumamoto Prefecture, Kyushu, Japan

Both Arthur and Ryusei get up. After they have packed up their belongings, they prepare to head out and find Ganessa. Ryusei has his Guncycle ready and at Ride Mode, which is 2450 millimeters in length. Before he starts up his Guncycle, he has his iaito magically disappear. Arthur looks on with curiosity.

"How did you do that?" asked Arthur.

"Again, I'll explain everything after we've saved your girlfriend," answered Ryusei.

"Sure. If I may, there's something I need to get before we leave."

"Crypton, we can't carry everything. We have to go now."

"Please wait a minute, I'm getting my own Guncycle."

"I see, but please hurry."

Arthur then accesses a certain hatch in his crashed Stork II. What he gets appears to be a metallic box with two rubber wheels paired closely together.

As Arthur brings this metallic box to the ground, he finds a knob to use. After using the knob, the metallic box turns out to be the Guncycle he is looking for, with its color being red.

"Is that your Guncycle?" Ryusei asks.

"It is," Arthur replied. "Shall we get going?"

"Of course. Just one more thing to get."

"Please hurry it up."

Arthur then goes through his Stork II to look for one last thing he intends to take with him. He manages to find the actual weapon of the Guncycle, the PAR-01 assault rifle.

PAR is an acronym for "Pulse Assault Rifle." The actual purpose of the Tactical Suit is to be a support system for the PAR-01 because of its weight. Despite its name, the PAR-01 appears to be more of a light machine gun as it carries one hundred rounds and comes with a built-in M203 grenade launcher. Neither features would be good for the average infantryman as they add weight. Despite this, the PAR-01 has been very useful in the counterattack against the Nova.

Both Ryusei and Arthur get their Guncycle's started. Below the front mirror of the Guncycle is the monitor containing the tachometer, odometer, and the fuel gauge. All three are depicted as vertical meters, with the arrangement being bottom to top.

The fuel source for the Tactical Suits is Infinium. Infinium is the newest element discovered by Dr. Sandra Burton. It provides an unlimited amount of energy for a long period of time. The only limit is purity. Infinium exposed to dirt and other foreign substances still provide unlimited energy, but at a short period of time. Pure Infinium has no such problem. Discovering Infinium stockpiles has now become the new gold rush.

"How much Infinium do you have?" Ryusei asks.

"I got two extra cans," replied.

"Good," Ryusei says. "We're going."

"Got it."

Both Arthur and Ryusei leave the crash site to begin looking for Ganessa.


Schleuder (German) – "catapult"

Ryusei (Japanese) – kanji for "shooting star"


This chapter is based on Genesis Climber MOSPEADA's first episode, with a marriage proposal done before the mission and the invasion force between wiped out.

The Transvaal-class aircraft carriers are named after every battle in the First Boer War that lasted from 1880 until 1881. Transvaal refers to a region that is now part of modern-day South Africa.

The Stork II is based on the Bronco II from Super Dimension Century Orguss. The only difference is that the Stork II has more human-esque arms. The original Stork would be a proper Bronco II analog.

The Tactical Gears are based on the following:

1. ATG-01 Slinger – M4 Medium Tank + MBR-04-Mk. VI Destroid Tomahawk from Super Dimension Fortress Macross

2. WATG-01 Boxer – M8 Armored Car + MBR-07-Mk. VII Destroid Spartan from Super Dimension Fortress Macross

3. BTG-01 Tower – ADR-04-Mk. X Destroid Defender from Super Dimension Fortress Macross)

4. TA-01 Schleuder – HWR-00-Mk. II Destroid Monster from Super Dimension Fortress Macross)

Arthur using "Apple" is a reference to the radiotelephony alphabet used by the British Royal Air Force in the Second World War, with Apple as a substitute for the letter A.

The TS-01 Guncycle is based on the VR-052 MOSPEADA (Mobile Operation Soldier Protection Aviation Emergency Dive Armor) from Genesis Climber MOSPEADA. Ryusei's Guncycle is based on the VR-052F MOSPEADA, whereas Arthur's is based on the VR-052T MOSPEADA.

The Guncycle's length would make it based on the MTT (Marine Turbo Technologies) Y2K Turbine Superbike.

The Crab Type-TR Nova is based on the Grab Inbit from Genesis Climber MOSPEADA. The flying Humanoid-Type Nova serve the same role as the Eager Inbit from MOSPEADA.

The PAR-01 assault rifle is based on the M41A Pulse Rifle from the Alien franchise. The only similarities are the hundred-round magazine and the built-in grenade launcher. The main difference is the design. For the PAR-01, the magazine is more visible than in the M41A's and the usage of the same retractable stock used in carbine variants of the real-life M16 assault rifle, with the real-life M4 Carbine as one example.

Please stay tuned for the next chapter.