Kikou Kyuuseishu Gungel

(Armored Saviour Gungel)

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Chapter 3: The Darkness Comes

June 7, 2070 (13:00, UTC+09:00)

Kumamoto Prefecture, Kyushu, Japan

Both Ryusei McAllister and Arthur Crypton have been wandering around Kyushu's Kumamoto Prefecture looking for Ganessa Roland. Both stop their respective TS-01 Guncycles as they appear to have spotted something.

"I think I see something," Ryusei says. "Crypton, do you have binoculars?"

"I do," replied Arthur. "I'll take a look."

Arthur goes through his possessions to look for a pair of binoculars. As he finds them, he begins looking at the object he and Ryusei had spotted.

In his binoculars, Arthur appears to have found a crashed VG-02 Stork II. It's right vertical stabilizer appears to have the number 8.

"We did it," Arthur says.

"What is it, Crypton?" asked Ryusei.

"We've found Ganessa-senpai's Stork! I'll go on ahead."

Arthur then has his Guncycle move again towards the wrecked Stork II.

"Hey, wait up!"

Ryusei has his Guncycle move as well to follow Arthur.

As he makes it to the crashed Stork II, Arthur gets off his Guncycle and begins to investigate. He finds that the cockpit of the Stork II is empty, as is the hatch for where a Tactical Suit is stored in.

"You found any trace of her?" asked Ryusei as he too makes it to the crash site.

"She's definitely alive," Arthur excitedly says. "I even found tracks."

"You did?"

"Yes. Follow me."

Arthur shows Ryusei motorcycle tracks. The latter takes a look at them.

"You know how to track?" asked Arthur.

"I was trained to track," replied Ryusei.

Ryusei then brings forth his right hand, which is now a metallic hand. He openly aims his metallic right palm toward the tracks. As he does, a rush of energy converges across the area. This rush of energy takes the form of hexagons connected together.

It can't be, Arthur has in his mind. This is Freezing! Was he a Limiter?

In the 7th Nova Clash of 2053, Limiters were first used in battle against the Nova. They were men who could utilize the technique called "Freezing." This was an ability utilized by the Nova. For Limiters to utilize Freezing, a connection must be made by the Pandoras they are partnered with. This connection is called the "Ereinbar Set".

An Ereinbar Set can only be established between a Pandora and a Limiter through a ritual known as "Baptism". Another condition for establishing an Ereinbar Set is that the Limiter must be younger than the Pandora he is paired with.

Ryusei then closes his hand again, indicating he is finished. He then stands up.

"I've just figured out where to go next."


"A nearby village," answered Ryusei. "I'm not sure if Miss Roland is there, but we will begin looking for her from there."

"Are you sure we'll find Ganessa-senpai there?"

"Just get into your Guncycle. We best act fast before the Nova find us."


Both Ryusei and Arthur get back to their Guncycles. After starting them up, they proceed to go to the village Ryusei had found, with him leading the way.

Unbeknownst to Ryusei and Arthur, they were being watched by a Crab Type-TR Nova.

As Arthur and Ryusei keep on following Ganessa's trail, they see a caravan of three trucks. Both Arthur and Ryusei stop to

"Think they know where this village is?" asked Arthur.

"I'd prefer not to ask them," replied Ryusei. "They would feel like the types who refuse to cooperate."

"We won't know until we try," says Arthur just as he starts up his Guncycle and moves again.

"Wait!" shouted Ryusei as he does the same to follow Arthur.

Arthur then gets in the way of the caravan. The frontmost truck stops, as do the other two trucks behind it.

The frontmost truck has three people in the front seats. They comprise of one man in his forties with black hair and hazel eyes, a woman close to his age with brown hair and hazel eyes, and a pre-teen girl with black hair and hazel eyes. The man then opens his door.

"You're soldiers right?" asked the man.

"We are," replied Arthur. "We've been looking for a village. Would you please give us directions?"

The man is surprised that two soldiers would be looking for a village. He begins acting like he knows nothing, yet he does.

"You know, don't you?"

"There's no village nearby. Please go back."

The man then starts up his truck. He intends to force Arthur to get out of the caravan's way, with Arthur figuring it out and getting out of the caravan's way.

"We just came from a village," says a male child in the rear of the third truck who doesn't know why his elders are refusing to help Arthur and Ryusei. "Just go the way we ca-"

The child's mouth is then covered by his mother as the caravan leaves Arthur and Ryusei.

"We're going to that village," says Arthur.

"Fair enough," says Ryusei. "I feel that caravan was hiding something. It's worth investigating. Maybe Miss Roland made it there."

Both Ryusei and Arthur proceed to the way the caravan had come from.

June 7, 2070 (14:10, UTC+09:00)

Itsuki, Kuma District, Kumamoto Prefecture, Kyushu, Japan

Both Arthur and Ryusei make it to a village named Itsuki. It is a village surrounded by mountains. A dam was to be made for the village, but it had been put on hold. No attempts to resume work began due to the war with the Nova, especially after the Japanese government fled in the midst of the Nova's invasion.

The village is a meeting place for three rivers. They are the Itsuki River, O River, and the Kawabe River.

As the two proceed further, they are stopped by two men with guns.

"You're soldiers, aren't you?" asked one man.

"We are," replied Ryusei. "May we please speak to someone in charge?"

"What's all this about?"

An elderly man appears. He has white hair and hazel eyes. It appears he is the village leader Ryusei and Arthur are looking for.

"I assume you're in charge?" asked Ryusei.

"I am," replied the village leader. "I'm the mayor, Osamu Nanakawa."

"I see. May we be allowed inside your village?"

"We can't let soldiers like you two inside the village. The Nova will attack us if we do."

"We don't wish to do so," replied Ryusei. "We just need food and information on other soldiers that may have gone by here."

"Very well," says Nanakawa. "You may proceed inside. However, you have three hours to do as you please, then leave."

"Got it," says Arthur.

Both Arthur and Ryusei proceed inside the village. Unbeknownst to them, the same Crab that was watching them followed them to the outskirts of the village.

Both Ryusei and Arthur are getting themselves feed in a rest stop in the middle of Itsuki. Nanakawa is in the same table as they are.

"I heard this attempt to liberate us failed," says Nanakawa.

"Figured as such," replied Ryusei. "I did some reconnaissance a few months ago."


"I have some ways to getting inside Japan without detection by the Nova."

Both Ryusei and Arthur finish their meals. They proceed to stand up.

"Now then, may we please know if there were any other soldiers who passed here?" asked Arthur.

"Sure," says Nanakawa. "There were soldiers that stopped by here for a meal. We had them hide in Komuriuta Park."

"Wait, I thought you said you don't let soldiers stay the night?" asked Ryusei, suspecting something.

"We don't," replied Nanakawa. "There were wounded amongst them, so we made an exception there."

"I see," says Ryusei. "We'll go there then."

"I'll have someone take you there," says Nanakawa.

Nanakawa then calls for a man with a white shirt, black pants, and brown leather shoes. He whispers something to the man, with Ryusei observing with further suspicion.

After listening to Nanakawa, the man then faces Ryusei and Arthur.

"Please follow me, you two," says the man as he leaves the rest stop, with Ryusei and Arthur following.

Unbeknownst to them, someone observes from a ridge overlooking the village. Observing is a female soldier whose Ride Suit is modified in the chest for her breasts, and her Tactical Suit being a BTS01 Vagabond, whose Ride Suit length is 2060 millimeters and colored red, like Arthur's Guncycle.

June 7, 2070 (15:33, UTC+09:00)

Itsuki, Kuma District, Kumamoto Prefucture, Kyushu, Japan

Komuriuta Park

The three men arrive at Komuriuta Park in the Mizonokuchi neighborhood, with Ryusei and Arthur in their Ride Suits and Guncycles. The park is now used as a junkyard.

"You would hide wounded soldiers here?" asked Arthur.

Arthur's right, Ryusei has in his mind. On top of that, a wide open park? That's going to draw the Nova's attention.

"You only have an hour and thirty minutes to search around," says the man. "Once time's up, you will have to leave by then."

"Got it," replied Ryusei.

The man then leaves Ryusei and Arthur. The latter two begin looking around.

"Is anyone there?" Arthur loudly asks. "Hello?"

"Calm yourself down," says Ryusei.

Both Ryusei and Arthur suddenly find wrecked vehicles. What shocks them is that there are corpses of UNCF soldiers amongst the wreckage.

Suddenly, four flying Humanoid-Type Nova spot Ryusei and Arthur. They appear out of the river and begin to attack the two soldiers.

"We've been detected!" shouts Arthur.

As one flying Humanoid-Type fires an energy ball at the two soldiers, Ryusei and Arthur dodge.

"How did they find us here?"

"I think I do," says Ryusei.

"What do you mean?"

Another flying Humanoid-Type fires an energy ball at Ryusei, but he evades. He then gets closer to Arthur.

"The villagers," answered Ryusei.

"Why would they do such a thing?" asked Arthur.

"Because we're soldiers. The dead soldiers around us may have been because the villagers pretended to help them out by having them hide here. Instead, the Nova find them easily and kill them."

"This isn't right! It can't-"

As Arthur is hysterical over civilians selling out UNCF soldiers to the Nova, he is slapped by Ryusei.

"Pull yourself together! Right now, we just need to fight back."

"Got it."

"Now get into Suit Mode."

"Roger that."

Both Ryusei and Arthur separate after the former uses a spray that fills the air with the special adhesive needed for solid projectiles to hit Nova. Immediately, they have their Guncycles jump and switch to Suit Mode.

Both Ryusei and Arthur chose to fight two flying Humanoid-Types each. Ryusei fires two missiles at the two Humanoid-Types he is fighting. The two missiles hit one instead. The surviving Humanoid-Type fires an energy ball, but Ryusei dodges it by using his Guncycle's Jump Boosters.

Unlike Ryusei, Arthur is having a harder time fending off the flying Humanoid-Types. Because he is using a PAR-01, the Humanoid-Types evade his shots. They both fire energy-balls at Arthur, who dodges them and hides amongst the wreckage.

Suddenly, the Vagabond rider appears and switches to Suit Mode. Her weapon is that of a VBR01. VBR is an acronym for "Vagabond Battle Rifle". It has the same type of barrel as the Lee-Enfield rifle used by the armed forces of the British Empire during the early 20th Century.

It is configured to be a bullpup weapon. Bullpup configurations have the magazine between the buttstock and the trigger of a firearm. The buttstock is modeled after the SA80 assault rifle. Currently, the rider is using a rifle grenade.

The VBR01 uses two types of rounds. It normally uses 20 7.62x51mm rounds. The magazine containing these rounds is based on the FN FAL battle rifle, which had a variant made in the United Kingdom named the L1A1 Self-Loading Rifle. For a higher penetration ability, the VBR01 uses a rifle grenade.

Prior to the invention of the grenade launcher, a rifle had an attachment for firing grenades. A blank round is used to launch the explosive projectile. This is referred to as a rifle grenade.

The VBR01's rifle grenade comprises of five blank rounds in a smaller magazine. The rifle grenade round is actually a small rocket-propelled grenade. The firing mechanism is that when the blank is fired, the rifle grenade is launched. The rifle grenade uses a soft launch method, where the rifle grenade's rocket motor is ignited away from the VBR01. This boosts the speed of the rifle grenade, giving it a better chance of hitting its target.

The Vagabond rider kills one of the flying Humanoid-Types trying to kill Arthur. Arthur manages to kill the other one.

Arthur turns his attention to the Vagabond rider who saved him.

"Thanks for saving me," says Arthur. "You're from which carrier? Laing's Nek or the-"

Suddenly, the Vagabond rider opens her helmet's visor. Her face is that someone Arthur knows dearly.

"Ga… Ganessa-senpai, you're safe!"

"Glad I saved you, Arthur," says Ganessa. "Anyways, where's your new friend?"

"Right, we have to help him."

Suddenly, both Arthur and Ganessa hear the sound of a flying Humanoid-Type's energy balls hitting the ground. They turn their attention to Ryusei evading the last flying Humanoid-Type.

Ryusei's only reason for evading the flying Humanoid-Type was that he has only one missile left. To him, he can't keep evading the Humanoid-Type.

I can't keep this up forever, Ryusei has in his mind.

Remember, think what is beyond what you can feel.

Ryusei had just remembered words that he had listened to. It was just what he needed.

He then summons his iaito again and stays on the ground. He prepares his left hand in using his iaito and has his feet firmly on the ground.

"What's he doing?" asked Ganessa.

"I don't know either," answered Arthur. "That man saved my life, yet he still killed two Pandora-Types with just that sword."

"What!?" loudly asked Ganessa. "How could a man do such a feat?"

"Don't ask me. I just met this guy yesterday."

The flying Humanoid-Type continues charging from the air towards Ryusei. Suddenly, the same flow of energy that engulfed Ryusei the previous evening engulfs him again.

This feeling, Ganessa has in her mind. It's Freezing! Is this guy a Limiter?

As the Humanoid-Type gets closer, Ryusei opens his eyes.

In an instant, a faint sound of a cut in the wind is heard.

Both Arthur and Ganessa are in shock over how it just ended in that instant.

Ryusei is in the air, having quickly drawn his iaito out from its scabbard as an attack. A splash of water appears in a small gap between Ryusei and the Humanoid-Type.

Ryusei then lands into the ground. As for the Humanoid-Type, it's head ceases to exist, with the rest of the body falling to the ground.

After he stands up, Ryusei has his iaito vanish again and reverts his Guncycle back to Ride Mode. He then sees Arthur with Ganessa.

"Miss Roland I presume?" asked Ryusei.

"Yes," replied Ganessa. "And you are?"

"Ryusei McAllister. New Eden Air Security Forces Alpha Flight."

"You're with New Eden? I heard the Hokkaido landings succeeded because of you."

So the others did it? Ryusei has in his mind. That's good to know.

"A pleasure to meet you, but there's someone I need to talk to."

Ryusei then begins to leave Komuriuta Park ahead of Arthur and Ganessa. The latter two are still confused as to who Ryusei really is and how he could fight like a Pandora even though he is a man.

Another person watches from afar. That person appears to be focused on Ryusei.

June 7, 2070 (16:02, UTC+09:00)

Itsuki, Kuma District, Kumamoto Prefecture, Kyushu, Japan

Itsuki Village Office

The mayor of Itsuki Village, Osamu Nanakawa, had just bought himself six bottles of beer locally made in Japan. He comes back to his office, with his office's lights turned off.

Nanakawa presses the switch to his office's lights. However, there appears to be someone waiting for him that he doesn't notice. As he proceeds further, he realizes too late that his office has been infiltrated, with Ryusei McAllister as the infiltrator.

"Ah, Mr. McAllister, you found your comrades yet?" Nanakawa asks without shame, yet full of fear that the Nova didn't kill Ryusei.

"Yes," replied Ryusei. "Only one, and she wasn't in the village."

"Wait, I can explain," says Nanakawa. "Can I at least put my beer on my desk first?"

"Fine," Ryusei replied. "You have ten seconds."

"S… Sure," Nanakawa replied with fear.

Right then and there, Nanakawa quickly puts his beer on the desk. At this point, Ryusei's patience is none existent.

As Arthur and Ganessa return from Komuriuta Park, they see almost every inhabitant of the village gathering somewhere.

"Think we should follow them?" asked Arthur.

"I guess," replied Ganessa. "Maybe Ryusei might be the reason for this."

"At this point, I don't blame him," replied Arthur as he and Ganessa follow the villagers. "I still can't believe these villagers would do this to us."

"After how the Nova conquered the country, I don't blame the villagers," Ganessa says.

Arthur and Ganessa follow the villagers to the village office. In the middle of the street is Nanakawa and two of the armed villagers beaten up by Ryusei. Two other villagers are also ready to fire their guns, but can't do so.

"Please, no more," says Nanakawa in mercy with a black eye on the right side of his face. "Look, think about the villagers. We didn't mean too, we're just afraid of the Nova."

"Fine," says Ryusei with a tired tone. "I'm leaving this village."

He then finds his Guncycle, which he parked near where Arthur and Ganessa are. After starting it up, he leaves first, with the villagers turning their attention to him, Arthur, and Ganessa.

"I'm out of here too," says Arthur. "I hope you sleep well after this."

Arthur then turns to Ryusei's direction and follows him.

"You people make me sick," Ganessa says.

Ganessa then joins Ryusei and Arthur in leaving Itsuki.

Outside Itsuki, Ganessa catches up to Arthur and Ryusei.

"What are we going to do now?" asked Ganessa.

"We continue to look for your surviving comrades," answered Ryusei. "That's my mission."

"You're taking this mission seriously?" asked Arthur. "You do that, and you'll die."

"I'm going to see that doesn't happen," says Ryusei. "One way or another, this war has to end."

Outside Itsuki, the same person watching Ryusei closely, a girl is boarding a truck that just happened to avoid Itsuki.

"Where to, little girl?" asked the driver.

"Where they're going," answered the girl.

The driver sees Ryusei, Arthur, and Ganessa, referring to the girl pointing at them.

"I'm going there too."


The truck then leaves for where Ryusei, Arthur, andGanessa are going.


Osamu (Japanese) – "reign"

Nanakawa (Japanese) – "Seven Rivers"


The whole chapter is a reference to Genesis Climber MOSPEADA episode 2: March of a Girl with a Broken Heart, right down to the village selling out soldiers to alien invaders to save their own skins and being scolded by the protagonists for it.

The BTS01 Vagabond is based on the VR-038L Bartley from Genesis Climber MOSPEADA. The real-life model for the Vagabond is the Triumph TT 600 sports motorcycle.