Kikou Kyuuseishu Gungel

(Armored Saviour Gungel)

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Chapter 4: All In

June 14, 2070 (09:40, UTC+09:00)

Kumamoto Prefecture, Kyushu, Japan

A week had passed since Ryusei McAllister, Arthur Crypton, and Ganessa Roland had left Itsuki. Since then, the Nova had been pursuing them. The three had spent the week hiding from them and had been succeeding in doing so due to disabling their Infinium-powered vehicles.

The three hide near the Kyushu Expressway. The Kyushu Expressway starts from Kitakyushu in the Fukuoka Prefecture until the west of Kagoshima in the prefecture of the same name. The Kyushu Expressway also provides a bridge to the main island of Honshu, and had the UNCF successfully liberated Kyushu, the main island would have served as one starting point for liberating Honshu.

They had hidden their Tactical Suits in bushes, while they themselves have removed their Ride Suits. Ganessa is on the lookout, with Arthur behind her.

"Ganessa-senpai, any Nova around?" asked Arthur.

Ganessa looks on, even after Arthur asked. What she just sees is nothing but more trees and a road full of wrecked vehicles.

"I think we're fine," replied Ganessa. "Not a single Nova around."

"That's a relief. I think it's safe for us to resume our journey."

"Agreed. Where's Ryusei?"

"He felt like meditating. That guy, he doesn't seem fazed by us hiding from the Nova for one week."

"Not only that, there's his fighting abilities. It's like he isn't human."

"I know, he may be a Limiter, but with ho-"

"Wait, Arthur, please say that again."

"He may be a Limiter."

"That could be it, given that he did Freezing."

"So he's a Limiter? But his Freezing is nothing like what I could do. I mean, he fights like you do. No, he might even win in a fight against you. Remember what he did to that Humanoid-Type a week ago?"

"I know. It also feels like I've met him before."

"I had that feeling too."

Elsewhere in that same forest, Ryusei, also out of his Ride Suit, meditates. He sits on his lower legs, with his arms firmly grabbing his knees.

I will rescue you for sure, Ryusei has in his mind. Please wait for me.

"Ryusei, where are you?"

Shouting for Ryusei is Arthur. The latter had just interrupted the former as he was attempting to look at a picture.

Arthur then finds Ryusei.

"There you are," says Arthur. "Ganessa-senpai said the coast is clear. We can resume moving."

"That's good," Ryusei says as he stands up. Suddenly, his stomach growls.

"I heard that," says Arthur.

"I know," replied Ryusei. "We have to go to a town for food."

"Won't the civilians just sell us out to the Nova?"

"They won't. I have an idea."


"We'll just have to wear anything that doesn't have any military markings."

"Got it. I'll tell Ganessa-senpai."

Thirties minutes later, all three have changed into different clothes. For Ryusei, he just gets rid of his New Eden jacket. As for Arthur and Ganessa, they wear their West Genetics uniforms.

Arthur's is the standard for men. His consists of a white buttoned shirt, black tie, and black pants. Ganessa's, which is for females, consists of a white blouse with short, puffed sleeves, a collar that expands to the neck bone and the upper spine that is tied by a lace and is connected to a maroon short skirt hitting the knees with white laces.

Both Arthur and Ganessa wear brown leather boots that end one meter before the knees. This made sense in combat.

"You two ready?" asked Ryusei on his Guncycle.

"We are," replied both Arthur and Ganessa.

"Good. We're leaving now for Hitoyoshi."

All three start up their Guncycles. After that, they take the Kyushu Expressway.

June 14, 2070 (09:40, UTC+09:00)

Yamae, Kuma District, Kumamoto Prefecture, Kyushu, Japan

Yamae Toll Road Rest Stop

Ryusei, Arthur, and Ganessa continue on across the Kyushu Expressway. They begin to pass by the village of Yamae.

Yamae is one village in the Kuma District of Kumamoto Prefecture. Along with the nearby village of Sagara, one can see the two villages as extensions of the city of Hitoyoshi, which is also in the same prefecture.

What also makes it easy to see Yamae and Sagara as part of Hitoyoshi despite being separate towns is that during the original Operation Final Push two years ago, the three towns were a major battlefield. Hitoyoshi sustained major damage in the fighting, as did Yamae and Sagara. To those left in either town as most of their respective populations left, it hardly matters if all three towns are separate.

The three then come by the Yamae Toll Road Rest Stop. The place was where one can find lodgings other than paying to go further. Despite the war, the place still accepts paying customers.

Realizing where they are, Ryusei, Arthur, and Ganessa stop their Tactical Suits. They also hear a woman singing.

"I think this place has food," says Arthur. "Not only that, I want to know who's singing."

"Arthur!" shouted Ganessa in a fit of jealousy.

"We're going in then," says Ryusei. "You two better behave yourselves."

"Right," says both Arthur and Ganessa.

All three get off their Tactical Suits and proceed inside.

Inside the rest stop, all the patrons watch the singer. She has hazel eyes and long, brown hair. What she is wearing is a cocktail dress and slip-on shoes oh colored gray.

Ryusei then walks up to the proprietor. The proprietor is a man with no hair and hazel eyes.

"Think you can please get us something to eat?" asked Ryusei. "We have money."

"Sure," replied the proprietor.

The proprietor notices Arthur and Ganessa in their West Genetics uniforms. However, he refuses to comment further.

"Who is she?" asked Arthur as he refers to the singer.

"You don't know?"


"Her name is Shoko Midorikawa. She had made a name for herself in a week as she debuted in a bar in Hiroshima and had been wandering since then.

After ten minutes, Ryusei, Arthur, and Ganessa finish their meal. At the same time, Shoko finishes her song.

"Thank you, everyone," says Shoko in the midst of cheers and claps.

Arthur, Ganessa, and Ryusei turn their attention to her.

"She's pre-" Arthur says before getting his right ear pinched by Ganessa.

That girl, she must be hiding something, Ryusei has in his mind.

Suddenly, the sound of guns being used is heard outside. Everyone begins to see what is going on.

"Whatever that is, it might be trouble," says Ganessa.

"Might be a soldier about to get lynched," says Arthur. "We best help him."

"Agreed," replied Ryusei.

Everyone in the rest stop, including Ryusei, Arthur, Ganessa, and Shoko. What they see are two people driving a truck being chased by three men armed with various guns on motorcycles.

One motorcyclist, appearing to be the leader, has brown hair, is wearing sunglasses, and is armed with an AKS-74U carbine. One other motorcyclist, a man with long, black hair, a white shirt under a black jacket, and black pants, has an M4 carbine. Another motorcyclist, who has light brown hair and is wearing a blue baseball cap, a white shirt, and black pants, is armed with a Saiga 12 shotgun.

The two men in the truck consist of one who is of African descent with a more than well-built physique, short brown hair, light brown eyes, and wearing a shirt and a pair of pants that are colored green. His friend, a Caucasoid, has short black hair, hazel eyes, and wears a blue shirt under an orange vest and orange pants.

Their truck runs into wreckage and tips over. The two men attempt to flee but the motorcyclists catch up to them.

The motorcyclist with the cap grabs the black-haired man. The brown-haired man kneels on the ground.

"Bruce!" shouts the man who has just been captured. "Help me!"

As the motorcyclist who grabbed the friend of the one named "Bruce", the other two motorcyclists continuing pursuing the man. Suddenly, a rocket is fired onto wreckage, and while the motorcyclist with the sunglasses evades, the motorcyclist in black falls off his vehicle but survives.

The one having helped the man named Bruce is Ryusei, with the latter borrowing Ganessa's VBR01 in the midst of everyone from the rest stop.

"You there," shouts the motorcyclist with sunglasses. "Keep out of this!"

"Move any further and I will fire another one," says Ryusei.

The two motorcyclists hesitate on what to do next. They begin to turn away. The motorcyclist with the sunglasses rears his head.

"Bruce, if you want to save your friend, meet us at Yamaesonritsumae, or he's dead."

The motorcyclists leave.

"Well, aren't you going to save your friend?" asked Ryusei.

"P… Please leave me alone," says the man named Bruce while attempting to leave.

Suddenly, Shoko gets in the man's way and punches him.

"You're a coward if you're going to leave your friend to his fate," says Shoko. "As for me, I'm going, but first, I need to get my ride."

Shoko begins to leave.

"Count us in," Ryusei, Arthur, and Ganessa say in unison.

"You're all fools," says the proprietor of the rest stop. "Those men have a bazooka."

"Someone has to do something," replied Ryusei after getting into his Ride Suit and starting up his Guncycle.

The man looks on with guilt.

These people are willing to do this, the man has in his mind.

"I… I'm coming too," says Bruce. "This is my fight."

"Good," says Ryusei. "You can ride with me."

Ryusei, Arthur, Ganessa, and the man, on board Ryusei's Guncycle, are prepared to leave.

"Yamaesonritsumae is just ahead," says the proprietor as he gives directions. "I studied there when I was a child."


"Wait," says Shoko as she returns in a Guncycle that are colored white. "Please let me assist."

"Where did you get that?" asked the proprietor.

"From a dead soldier," says Shoko.

No mistaking it, says Ryusei in his mind. There's something suspicious about that woman. She punched really hard for a woman.

"Shall we get going then?" asked Ganessa.

"Of course," replied Shoko.

Ryusei, Arthur, Ganessa, and Shoko then get their Tactical Suits moving. The same girl pursuing Ryusei watches.

June 14, 2070 (09:40, UTC+09:00)

Yamae, Kuma District, Kumamoto Prefecture, Kyushu, Japan

Yamaesonritsumae Elementary School

Yamaesonritsumae Elementary School is an elementary school located in the western end of Yamae. Nearby is the Kuma Rive and beyond that is the Terugaku mountain, which is already by the western edge of town. The school had been abandoned since the first attempt to liberate Japan in 2068.

Ryusei, Arthur, Ganessa, the man named "Bruce", and Shoko arrive. Waiting for them are the motorcyclists, with the man with the cap armed with an RPG-16 rocket-propelled grenade launcher.

"You have guts coming here for a coward," says the motorcyclist with sunglasses. "It's about time you 'allies' know who you really are."

"Shut up!" shouted the man. "Just let my friend go."

"Your real name is Bruce Sykes," says the motorcyclist with sunglasses. "You were with the UNCF forces two years ago and deserted as everything went south."

The man fully named Bruce Sykes is irritated at what the motorcyclists had said. Ryusei and the others are shocked.

"Rather than hand you over to the Nova, we'll just kill you now. Same goes for your 'allies' because they're-"

The motorcyclist with sunglasses is interrupted as three Crab Type-TR Nova attack him and his men. The motorcyclists leave their weapons and hide inside the abandoned school.

Ryusei, Arthur, and Ganessa have their respective Tactical Suits in Suit Mode. As Bruce gets off Ryusei's Guncycle, Shoko appears.

"Get in," says Shoko. "We're saving your friend."

Ryusei, Arthur, and Ganessa have a hard time fending off the Crabs even after having used the adhesive. Ryusei attempts to fire a missile at one of them, but it evades with an Accel Turn.

Ganessa evades two energy balls being fired from another Crab. She then jumps and uses her VBR01's rifle grenade, but the Crab evades with Accel Turn.

Damn it, Ganessa has in her mind. I can't believe these Nova have Accel too.

Unlike back in Itsuki, fighting Nova in an open area while in Tactical Suits is a bad idea, Ryusei has in his mind. I'll have to call in my Variable Gear.

Ryusei then accesses a communicator found in his right arm guard. He switches to the frequency 100.50.

"Hikoboshi, are you there?" asked Ryusei.

"Master Ka- I mean, Master Ryusei, it's you," replied a robotic voice that might be the "Hikoboshi" Ryusei is referring to. "I see that you might need the Gungel. Very well, I'm on my way with it."

"Than-" Ryusei attempts to say, but sees a Crab about to attack him and dodges.

Watching are Bruce, his friend, and Shoko.

"I'm surprised you did all of this for me," says Bruce's friend.

"I've decided I'm going to resume fighting the Nova," says Bruce. "If those kids can do it, so can I."

"By the way, why are you here?" Bruce's friend says as he faces Shoko. "Are you a soldier too?"

"You could say that," answered Shoko.

Suddenly, a rush of wind is felt by the three as something fast passes by them.

Appearing is a blue-colored Variable Gear with New Eden's insignia as it shows its legs. It appears to be based on the McDonnell Douglas F-15 Eagle air superiority fighter. The legs then revert back to being the engines, allowing the Variable Gear to return to the air.

"Is that a Variable Gear?" asked Arthur.

Ryusei then has his Guncycle revert back to Ride Mode. He then jumps, disappears for two seconds, then appears again on top of the Variable Gear.

That ability just now, it's an Illusion Turn, Ganessa has in her mind. How could a man do such a feat as well?

The Illusion Turn is another High End Skill. In truth, it is the origin of the actual High End Skills, with one of them being Accel Turn. Illusion Turn allows its user to disappear for a few seconds, then appear again in a different location. In fiction, this ability is referred to as "teleportation".

Ryusei then gets into his Variable Gear's cockpit. Behind his chair is what appears to be a robotic dog.

"Master Ryusei, I'm also detecting three more Nova coming in from the air."

"Flying Humanoid-Types. We wrap this up fast."

Ryusei then begins to engage the Crabs, who turn their attention away from Arthur and Ganessa.

"Hikoboshi, is it ready?" asked Ryusei to the robotic dog that is named Hikoboshi.

"If you mean the Stigmata Jammer, it is," says Hikoboshi. "However, I see that you have recruited allies that have Stigmata too. Are you sure about this?"

"It'll be fine. I'll warn Arthur and Ganessa-senpai first."

Ryusei then uses his Variable Gear's communicator. He contacts Arthur.

"Ryusei, mind telling me what that Variable Gear of yours is?" asked Arthur.

"Not now, I'll explain later," replied Ryusei. "Can you and Miss Roland please punch each other?"

"Why?" asked Arthur.

"I'll explain that later. Please do as I say?"


Back on the surface, Arthur faces Ganessa.

"What did he say?" asked Ganessa.

"We have to punch each other first," answered Arthur.


"I know, but we have trust Ryusei on this."

Trust? So says the man who has to tell us all about his superhuman feats, Arthur has in his mind.

Both Arthur andGanessa then punch each other in the face and fall unconscious into the ground.

Back on the Variable Gear, Hikoboshi picks up Arthur and Ganessa's vitals or lack of as the two had punched each other.

"Master Ryusei, Miss Roland and Mister Crypton had knocked each other unconscious," Hikoboshi says to Ryusei.

"Good," said Ryusei. "Hikoboshi, activate the Jammer now."

"Roger that."

A loud and dangerous sound comes out of Hikoboshi. On the surface, the three Crabs are unable to continue firing.

Observing are Shoko and Bruce, who notice the Nova unable to fight.

"That sound must affect the Nova," says Shoko.

Bruce then grabs the RPG-16 left behind by the motorcyclists and opens fire, destroying one Crab.

Back in the air, Ryusei then fires two missiles; one from a panel in each arm. Each missile hits the other two Crabs remaining.

"Master Ryusei, I've detected those flying Humanoid-Types," says Hikoboshi.

"Got it," says Ryusei.

Three flying Humanoid-Type Nova arrive. They detect Ryusei's Variable Gear and open fire. Ryusei evades them. He then sprays the adhesive, with the adhesive touching the Humanoid-Types.

Ryusei then has his Variable Gear bring out its legs. The legs then fire missiles. Although the missiles don't hit the other two Humanoid-Types, one is destroyed.

One flying Humanoid-Type fires an energy ball at Ryusei, but he evades. He then uses another weapon of his Variable Gear, which is a rifle that has two "fins" at the bottom and top of the end meant for the shoulder and a helical-fed magazine similar to the Russian PP-19 submachine gun.

Ryusei then fires the fire, destroying the flying Humanoid-Type.

Both Arthur and Ganessa wake up after knocking each other unconscious.

"Ganessa-senpai, are you alright?" asked Arthur. "Sorry about that."

"Never that," says Ganessa. "Look!"

She points to Ryusei evading the last flying Humanoid-Type. She refers to the Variable Gear changing to a more human-esque form.

"The Stork II doesn't have that mode!" shouts Arthur. "How did New Eden make such a Variable Gear?"

"I recall hearing a rumor that there was an attempt to make such a Variable Gear, but the only prototype was stolen by terrorists," said Ganessa.

The Variable Gear was made with two forms in mind. One is the standard fighter mode, named "Gear Fighter", and the other with arms and legs for close-quarters, named "Gear Soldier". An American manufacturing company named Graham Industries was making a Variable Gear with a Gear Soldier mode that had a human-esque appearance, while the original appearance for Gear Soldier mode would be renamed "Gear Diver".

However, the prototype, the GXVG-01, was stolen by terrorists. A Variable Gear similar to the GXVG-01 appeared in Japan on August 10, 2068, assisting in rescuing survivors of the failed Operation Final Push.

Ryusei and his Variable Gear evade another attack from the flying Humanoid-Type.

"I'd rather not waste any more ammunition and missiles," said Ryusei. "I'm resorting to close-quarters combat."

Ryusei then has his Variable Gear hides its rifle. He readies its hands and charges at the flying Humanoid-Type. He uses his Variable Gear's right arm, striking one blow to the Humanoid-Type's chest.

He then flies above it, and switches back to Gear Diver mode, using the legs to strike another blow at the head. Lastly, he then reverts the Variable Gear back to Gear Fighter mode, striking the last blow with the Variable Gear's nose, killing the Humanoid-Type.

Inside his Variable Gear's cockpit, Ryusei receives a transmission from his communicator.

Tania Cronje is one of New Eden's bridge operators. She is a twenty-year-old woman with long blonde hair, blue eyes, and her service uniform consists of a blouse and skirt colored periwinkle.

"Ryusei, it's Tania," says a woman's voice. "You've been ordered to head to Kirishima. Our reconnaissance team made contact with a Japanese Home Army cell in Kirishima that have taken in UNCF soldiers. Please rendezvous with them, along with any other survivors you have picked up. New Eden will then evacuate the city."

"And when is New Eden coming?"

"In a week," says Tania. "We're still assisting the UNCF troops in Hokkaido drive off the Nova there."


Ryusei then lands his Variable Gear. He then gets off the Variable Gear, with Arthur and Ganessa running to him.

"You flew awfully well," says Ganessa.

"Thanks," says Ryusei.

"What is that Variable Gear?" asked Arthur.

"It's the Gungel. It's made by New Eden."

"Gungel?" asked Ganessa.

"It's a combination of gun and angel," answered Ryusei.

"Look, forgive me for asking this rudely, but will you please tell us everything about yourself?" asked Arthur.

"I will," says Ryusei. "After we leave now for Kirishima."

"Kirishima?" asked Ganessa.

"Some of my comrades from New Eden made contact with a Japanese Home Army cell there who've taken in UNCF soldiers. New Eden itself will be coming to pick them up in a week. If we leave now, we can make the time."

Suddenly, Bruce and Shoko appear.

"You two?" asked Arthur.

"May we be allowed to come with you?" asked Bruce.

"Are you sure?" asked Ryusei.

"I'm done hiding. I've been inspired by your bravery to do so."

"I see. Now, will you please tell us who you really are?"

Bruce then stands firmly and salutes.

"Corporal Bruce Sykes. Forty years old. 19th Airlift Wing, Air Mobility Command, United States Air Force. I can repair your equipment."

"And you?" asked Ryusei as he faces Shoko.

"Hang on," says Shoko. "Please let me get out of this appearance."

Shoko then gets behind her Guncycle. She slowly removes her "breasts", which are actually paddings, then "her" dress. "She" also removes "her" make-up, puts on a pair of blue pants, and reveals "herself" to be a man.

"Y- You're a man!" shouts Arthur.

"I am. My name is Shinji Midorikawa. Free Japanese Army."

June 13, 2070 (19:45, Unknown Time Zone)

Unknown Location

In a darkened room in an unspecified location, a man engulfed in shadows sits over a desk. He is drinking a glass of wine.

A sound is heard on what appears to be a communicator. The shadowed figure receives it.

"Master, did I interrupt you?" asked a masked figure with a deep, but feminine voice.

"Not at all," replied the man. "What news do you bring?"

"He has resurfaced."

"I see. Please keep me updated."

"I will."

Both cease contact. The man then looks to what appears to be a block of ice.

"It seems he's ready to save you. This should be interesting."


Shinji (Japanese) – kanji for "true" and "heir".

Midorikawa (Japanese) – kanji for "green" and "river"


The whole premise to this chapter is Genesis Climber MOSPEADA episode 3: Showdown Concert at High Noon, right down to the lynching only being done by a group of heavily armed motorcyclists and two men joining, especially with one of them being a crossdresser.

The Gungel, whose designation is the NEVG-01, is based on the Legioss from Genesis Climber MOSPEADA. The designation is based on "VF-1," the designation of the Valkyrie Variable Fighter from The Super Dimension Fortress Macross and the Legioss' designation of "AFC-01". Likewise with the Gungel's rifle being based on the Valkyrie's GU-11 55mm Gunpod.

Tune in for the next chapter, because there's one more surprise before going for the straight reveal. Just be patient.