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AN: 1st prompt of Unnatural November: We're the only vampires in a small town, and you keep getting first dibs at the blood bank, but CAN YOU STOP HOGGING ALL OF THE B+, PLEASE?!" Vampire!AU.


Tangled Web of Natural Oddities by luvsanime02


November 1st

By this point, Dorothy isn't really surprised when she walks towards the blood bank only to see that the same guy is once again just leaving. But she is pissed off. This guy, whoever the hell he is, may just be the only other vampire in town besides her, and he's been consistently stealing all of the B+ blood before she can get to it herself.

It doesn't even seem to matter what day she goes, or what time. He's always there, and he's always just leaving with the blood. Dorothy swears that he's doing it on purpose. He must be. There are too many coincidences for her to believe otherwise.

And tonight, Dorothy has finally had enough. She raises her chin and walks over to him. The guy raises his eyes and acknowledges her presence.

And then he smirks. The fucker.

"What do you want?" she demands. She's sick of playing games with this guy. It's no fun when he always wins, especially when Dorothy doesn't even know how.

The guy blinks at her, affecting ignorance, but Dorothy knows better. She narrows her eyes. "You have to have some reason why you're stealing all of the B+ blood just before I get here every single time. So why?"

He shrugs, and the enticing bag of blood shifts in his grip. Dorothy's eyes track its movements, before jumping back up to the guy's face in time to see him watching her carefully. There's a long silence between them. At first, Dorothy thinks that he's not going to respond, but then he says, "Because it's amusing."

His voice is quiet and low, and probably pleasant-sounding. Except that he's clearly a total asshole, for all that he looks like he could be a male model. His features are exotic - clearly Asian, but with dark blue eyes and messy, dark brown hair that falls over them in an attempt to hide their intensity from random passersby. Really, he's quite pretty, and Dorothy can see why whoever turned him did so. He still needs to be taught a lesson, though.

Moving as fast as she can, Dorothy suddenly races forward and slams her fist into that pretty face. She's not expecting the boot that almost casually kicks her in the stomach in response. Dorothy flies back and hits a car. Shit, that hurt. She pries herself free from the damaged frame, and grits her teeth as she stands.

Gone is all the humor from this guy's expression, and instead, he looks like something out of a child's nightmare. His pretty face is now only a mask that serves to hide the flames of hell residing behind his eyes. He's seen too much; he knows too much. Just like her. She's far from intimidated.

"Alright, you asshole," she shouts, completely forgoing secrecy, or any sense of dignity. She rips off her coat and throws it to the side, and rushes forward again. To her immense frustration, this guy meets Dorothy move for move. If she goes to punch his shoulder, he grabs her wrist. When she twists out of his grip and tries to kick his legs out from underneath him, his leg swings out and blocks hers. And on and on. They've moved away from the blood bank and down the street, have knocked over a few signs and one trashcan, and now Dorothy is really fucking sick of this shit.

"Would you just let me have some fucking B+ blood?" she practically screams, dodging another of his kicks, leaping over his leg, and trying to swipe the bag. He throws the bag into the air, catching Dorothy off-guard just long enough to kick her again, knocking her into a wall. Through a wall, fucking shit. They're tearing up the town here.

The guy catches the bag and stares at her, and then he tilts his head and smirks again. She hates him. "I'll give you some," he says, turning his back to her insultingly and walking away. "If you can ever beat me," he adds over his shoulder. And then he's gone.

Dorothy's left with the property damage and several concerned looks from people who have no doubt been watching from the sidelines during the whole fight. Shit, shit, shit. She's got dust and who knows what else in her hair, she's got way too much attention on her right now, her coat is a lost cause, and to top it off, that fucking jackass didn't even break a sweat the whole time.

The only hit Dorothy landed on him was that very first punch, and he clearly let her get that shot in. Disgusted, she ignores the people coming cautiously closer and turns on her heel, marching away. She's never been up against someone who is so much better than her before. She wonders how old he is, where he comes from, what he calls himself.

What she really wants to know is where he lives so that she can torch his apartment. Let's see him steal all of the good blood then. Her eyes narrow again, and Dorothy growls under her breath. She's going to find that fucker again, and next time, she's going to win. Dorothy won't accept anything else.