YUM-YUM" said monodam about to eat the rice bowl with chicken, egg and spicy kimchi (only 1000 calories) which he had worked very hard to make with his 2 brothers and one sister (but not monokid because fuck him he sucks who does he think he is being dead and stuff). The 4 of them were the bestest of friends... or so he thought...
Monosuke on the other hand had different plans.
"Fuck you monodam" he yelled all brooklyn-y, slapping the kimchi out of his hand-paw-ball thing.
"BITCH-WHAT-THE-FUCK" responded monodam, genuinely confused as to wtf was happening
"This kimchi is for Monosuke only," he said "I aint sharing any wit youse"
Just as Monodam was about to beat the ever loving shit out of him, Monosuke grabbed all of the kimchi and locked himself in the bathroom.
Now that he and the kimchi were finally alone, Monosuke took his time to stare intently at it.
Monosuke spent a whole 10 minutes just staring deeply into the kimchi before finally raising it up to his face, but instead of eating the kimchi, he just gently whispered "I love youse" to it.
The kimchi blushed (metaphorically)

At that moment, Monodam burst through the bathroom door using one of those spiky things from the piano that crushed Kaede.
"HERE'S-MONODAM" he says.
Monosuke fuckinfnSCREAMS and hides the kimchi from sight
"no" YELLS monosuke, who was absolutely bricking it.
"I wont share the kimchi because..." Monosuke hesitated "I LOVE HER!"
both of them go silent for a good 10 seconds
"BUT-MONOSUKE" monodam blushus "I-LOVE-HER-TOO"

After roughly 48 hours of negotiation, Monodam and Monosuke decided to split the Kimchi in half.
While Monosuke did unspeakable things to his half of the kimchi, Monodam decided to eat his, becoming one with it. The overwhelming power of the kimchi's spiciness flowed into Monodam, giving him powers beyond any level of understanding.
With said power, he took over the world, creating a beautiful utopia where everyone gets along. Except Monokid because he's dead.
The end.