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The room was silent as Marco sat at his desk, writing away at his school work as he softly hummed to himself. Sitting beside him, Star sat, staring longingly at Marco with her toothy smile as she dozed off into her own world, her tail flicking happily behind her as she gazed at him. Humming to herself, she hardly noticed as the time passed by.

"Star!?" Marco called, shaking her softly as she snapped from her trance.

"Huh?" She asked, looking around with a curious stare before smiling. "Finally! Class is over!" She grinned as Marco gave her a look.

"Yeah, and you didn't do any of your work," Marco said, concerned as Star rolled her eyes. "I'll finish it at home." She said with a smile as Marco rolled his eyes in return. "No, I'll do your homework while you tease and spoon me." Star giggled as Marco looked at her face. "Umm, Star, you might want to wipe your forehead; you got like paint or something up there."

Star gave him a confused look before looking into the window at her reflection. Gasping, Star covered her mouth. "Oh no, Marco!" Star reached up, peeling off the dark red heart as she glanced at it. "This is not paint!" She said as Marco smiled.

"Well, Star looks like you got another heart," he said, starting towards the door.

"Quiet Marco! This is serious! I think I'm going through...Mewberty" Star looked ahead with concern before Marco gave her a curious look while more hearts started popping up on her face, Star panicking pulled her hair down over them.

"Weeellll, oookaaay. Uh, Mewberty. That's nothing to be afraid of. We have a similar thing here on Earth."

Star looked over at him with a pouty face. "Don't confuse this with your Earth things, Marco! I'm from Mewni! This is going to get really weird." Star whispered before running up to him, taking Marco by his hoodie. You gotta keep me away from boys! Wait a second." Star's eyes widened as her eyes turned to hearts. "Marco's a booooy…"

Marco chuckled nervously as he backed away from Star. "When you say things are going to get weird, do you mean typical you weird? Or, like, destroy the school weird?"

Star blinked as she looked at Marco. "Destroy the school weird."

Marco sighed, "That's what I was worried about; let's get you home, Star." Marco walked towards the door with Star in tow, the whole time Star's eyes locked on him as they walked.

"Ma..Ma...Marco.." Marco continued to walk as Star inched closer and closer, more hearts popping up over her body as she looked around at the other boys walking around. "Oh no, Star, avert your gaze.." she whispered to herself. Looking back, Marco was surprised to see Star gone as she moved over to a water fountain, seeing a boy drinking as she just sat and watched. "Ohhhh…." She whispered as the boy stared in horror. Marco stepped in, pushing him away.

"Whoa! Okay, let's go, Star." Marco said before taking Star's arm.

As he grabbed her, a burst of crimson webs burst from her hands, coating the locker as they both let out screams. Star pulled at her arm only to pull the locker open and slide halfway into it. "I'm Stuck.." Star muttered as Marco moved closer to her.

"Maybe I can help?" Marco was reaching for her before Star gasped. "No!" Star remarked, going into the locker and closing it. "Your little boy hands are the problem, Marco!" She said, muffled through the locker.

"Isn't there some way I can help? Maybe your mom has something that can stop it?" Marco asked before hearing a response from the locker.

"Maybe.." Star said, worried as Marco rested his hand on the locker door.

"I'll go home and call her!" Marco said, worried before darting off from school. Star sighed, resting against the back of her locker as she started to pull off the crimson hearts darting her face.

After some time, Star had managed to pull off all the hearts as she let out a happy sight. "That's better." She smiled before hearing the school bell ring. "Oh, no.." Star said as students began walking by, hearts reappearing all over her as she gasped. "No, no no no no no" Star panicked before hearing the bell ring again. After a moment, the students cleared the hallway as Star looked around. "Oh, that wasn't so bad." Star smiled, looking around at the clear hall. After a few moments, though, her eyes widened with horror as the swim team came walking out into the hall.

"All right, boys, we're gonna do our warm-up out here today. The pool's been compromised...Poop. It was Poop...Somebody pooped in the pool. Okay, let's get to it." Star's body shuddered as the boys began stretching in front of her, more crimson hearts popping up over her as she sunk back.


Marco threw open the front door to his home, panting and covered in sweat as he dragged himself up the stairs and to Star's room. "Mirror...need..mirror." Marco panted, taking just a moment to fix his hair and catch his breath before making a call. "Ahem, call Queen Moon," Marco stated as the mirror responded. "Calling Mom." Marco stood patiently as the mirror dialed before a familiar face appeared.

"My little Monstar! I'm so happy to hea…" A smiling Toffee greeted Marco before his eyes widened and realized that it was not Star on the other line. "Oh... it's you." Marco cleared his throat.

"Hello, King Toffee..is...Queen Moon around?" Toffee gave him a curious glare as he adjusted his suit. "Yes, she is "around," but I doubt she has time to speak to you; we are both very busy people, and I certainly hope this isn't just a pleasure call." Marco shook his head, frantically.

"No, sir! It's really urgent! I must speak with her if possible."

Toffee rolled his eyes. "Whatever it is, I'm sure it's nothing worth bothering her about. Why don't you just tell me, and I will get this resolved quickly."

Marco sighed. "Fine, so Star and I were at school, and suddenly these dark red hearts started appearing all over her; I tried getting her home, but then she shot some web stuff, and now she's stuck in a locker and says she is going through something called Mewberty?"

Toffee's eyes widened, and his face went pale, hearing those words slip from Marco's lips. "Did you say...Mewberty." He stated coldly as Marco nodded.

"Yeah, I told her it wasn't a big deal, but she.." Marco looked up and was surprised to see Toffee had vanished; the sounds of distant yelling and could be heard; in the background, he could see Toffee cramming shirts into a travel bag as he was sweating.

"No..not again...I can't handle it." Toffee was panting, a terrified look on his face as he packed.

"Um, Toffee!? Can you tell Moon!? I think we might need help!" Marco yelled before the mirror cut off, and the call ended.

Marco let out a sigh, rubbing his head as frustration set in. "Well, this was a waste.." Marco looked around the room, scanning for anything that might help before seeing Star's giant book of spells. "Maybe this has something in it?" Marco asked himself as he opened the book, flipping through the pages. "Mewberty, mewberty…Man, does this thing have like a glossary or something.."

"Did somebody say Glossaryck!?" A voice called out as the book's pages started flipping widely before a small blue man came floating up. "Mylady, I am the Glossaryck! Of Terms!" He said with a smile as Marco looked confused.

"Um, I'm not a lady.."

The small blue man looked at him, scanning over him. "Oh..no, your not."

Then in an instant, he disappeared into the book as Marco quickly scrambled to open it back up. "Hey! Star needs your help! Or I need your help for Star!?" The book flew back open as Glossaryck floated back up.

"Oh yeah...your Star's partner. So what is it you want? What sorts of shenanigans has she gotten into this time." Marco sighed, frustrated to have to tell his story again. "Look, Star says she is going through something called Mewberty; I need to find something to help her."

Glossaryck's eyes widened as he gasped, "Mewberty!? MEWBERTY!? Yeah, she is about that age." He smiled, floating onto his side.

" So, is there anything I can do to stop it?" Marco asked as Glossaryck laughed.

"Stop it? You can't stop nature, my boy! It comes flying in like a runaway train through the front door!."

Marco sighed. "Then what CAN I do!? Will she be ok?" Glossaryck shrugged.

"Maybe, It affects everyone differently, and no telling with her parents how it will affect her, or you. But the important thing is to go to her; if she is anything like her mother, she will tear apart everything in her path to get to you; after all, you two are "Connected." Glossaryck slid his finger into another.

"What do you mean?" Marco asked, curious as Glossaryck vanished back into the book, closing it behind him. "Look, just go, and remember! If you really want to help her, DON'T try and stop it!" he said, muffled, "And bring back some pudding!" He called one last time as Marco rose to his feet.

"UGGGG Well, it looks like I am on my own...I hope she is ok." Marco said to himself as he ran out of Star's room, making his way back downstairs before darting out the door.


Marco walked up to the school, the halls entirely empty as he approached; dark clouds lingered overhead as he slowly stepped down the halls. Marco could see the locker Star was in, now covered in a sizeable blood-red mass of that strange webbing shaped like a giant heart. The inside was cracked open and empty as a trail of crimson could be seen leading into the school building.

"Star!?" Marco called out, slowly approaching the doors; he could see them covered in the strange webbing, as well as all the windows. Tugging at it, the door popped open as he stepped inside, the halls dark all but the flickering ceiling lights above. "Star..?" Marco called again, walking down the halls as he looked around nervously. Against the walls, he could see many pod-like structures against the wall all made from the strange crimson webbing all over the place.

The muffled sounds of voices could be heard from them as Marco approached one. Reaching up, his hands gently tugged at the webbing as it came apart, revealing a boy's face as he gasped.

"You have to help us. Star turned into this..thing! Then she went around..snatching up people and sticking us all to the wall! I think She's...looking for you! She won't stop until!.."

The boy was cut off as a blast of webbing shot over his face. Looking down the hall, Marco could see the figure of what used to be Star. Marco was speechless at the new form she had taken. Her once smooth greyish-blue skin was now rough with small visible scales on it. Her two arms and claws were now replaced with six as she hunched over, crawling on her eight limbs as her glowing green eyes glared right into Marco's soul. Star's tail now longer, flicking around behind her as she began to creep forward. Her mouth was open, her sharp teeth visible as her front fangs poked out; behind her, Marco could see two broad sets of crimson bat wings sticking from her back; above her head were two small antennae with hearts at the tips as well. The dress was once wearing was now torn bits of cloth sticking to her skin as her C cup breasts bounced freely in the air as she moved. Marco slowly began stepping back, arms raised as he feared any sudden movements would set her off.

"Star..easy now..you look..different than when I left.." Marco said softly as a large grin crept on Star's face.

"Maaarrrccooooooo," She called, sending a shiver down his spine.

In an instant, Star broke into a sprint, bolting towards him as Marco began to run. "Star! You have to snap out of it!" He yelled behind him to no avail as Star continued her pursuit. Bolting down the hall's Marco's heart was racing as he thought quickly. Turning around one of the corners, Marco could see his locker coming up as he quickly opened it up before quietly closing the door, hiding inside as Star approached, stopping in the middle of the hall before him. Looking around, her antenna both flickered as she sniffed the air, looking for any trace of him that she could find.

"Maarrrccoooo," She called again, licking her lips as her eyes gazed towards his locker.

"Oh, crap!" Marco thought to himself as Star smiled, slowly walking towards the locker as she chuckled to herself. Reaching forward with her six arms, she grabbed the door to Marco's locker, ripping it off with ease only to find it empty as a confused and disappointed look came over her face.

"Marco?!" She asked herself before tossing the door down the hall. "Marco!" She hissed, running down the hall before climbing into one of the school's vents and disappearing.

Behind the locker, Marco's heart was racing as he found himself in a secret passageway. Janna sitting beside him with a smile. "Sup Marco," she said plainly as Marco looked at her.

"Janna!? What the hell are you doing!? What is this place!?" Marco asked as Janna chuckled.

"Oh, this? It's just some passage I made to get into your locker, sometimes hideout during classes I don't like." Janna smirked as Marco frowned.

"Get into my locker!? What are you doing in my locker?" He asked as Janna waved off his question.

"Come on, dude, this way leads to the gym; she has all the girls locked up there for some reason." Janna smiled, crawling through the passage as Marco followed behind.

"Don't think this is over, Janna!" Marco whispered as he followed behind her. After a bit of crawling, Janna pulled off the back of another locker, crawling through as she slowly opened the door.

"Looks like it's clear," Janna said with a smile, stepping out as Marco followed behind.

"I thought you said this leads to the gym?" He asked as she rolled her eyes.

"It DOES, the gyms right there." she pointed to the end of the hall, where the large double doors were leading into the gym. As they stood, a scream echoed through the halls as they quickly dove back into the locker, peeking out the vents before Star came walking by; wrapped in her tail was Sabrina.

"Let me go! I don't want to get eaten!" She cried; Star continued towards the gym, a smile on her face as she walked to the large doors before disappearing through them. "This has got to stop!" Marco said as the two left the safety of the locker.

"Well, it's you she wants, probably to lay eggs in your large intestines." Janna giggled as Marco gave her a "Not Now" look.

"Come on," he said, as the two slowly made their way to the gym doors. Looking through the window, Marco could see Star walking up to the wall. All over the gym where the various Echo creek girls, Brittny, Hope, Chantelle, all glued to the wall in Star's webbing. Unlike the others, though, their faces were kept free, all except for their mouths that were covered over, most likely to keep them from screaming.

"So, Marco, what's the plan?" Janna asked as Marco let out a sigh.

"Well...I don't know...I dont want to hurt Star..but maybe I can keep her busy while you bust out the girls. Once they are free, go let out everyone else you can find." Janna smirked.

"What about you?" She asked as Marco gulped.

"Well...whatever happens to me, just make sure everyone is safe...I know she won't hurt me..too bad." Marco started to sweat as Janna nodded.

"Good luck dude, if you don't survive, ill definitely bring you back from the dead to be my servant." She teased, though Marco found her joke to be a little less funny. Steadying himself, Marco stood up, standing before the doors as he gathered what nerves and courage he could. Bursting open the gym door, all the girl's eyes darted to him as Star finished plastering Sabrina to the wall, turning to face him as he stepped into the lion's den.

"S...Star!" He yelled, her attention already fixed on him as she crawled off the wall by Sabrina. "Star you..you have to stop this!" He commanded as Star slowly crept towards him.

"Maaarrccoo?" She cooed, sending another wave of shivers down his spine.

"I said, stop Star! Your trashing the school and scaring everyone! Including..um..me," his courage wavering as Star inched closer to him, now only but a few feet from him, ready to pounce on him at any moment.

Glued to the wall next to him, the webbing on Brittany's face came loose as she coughed. "Uggg, I knew you were a freak! I can't believe Marco is dating a Monster li.." Before she could finish, Star leaped over to her, blasting her face with webbing as Marco quickly closed the gap, tightly grabbing at one of Star's hands.

"I said enough, Star!" He said sternly as Star's gaze shot to him.

"I think you made her mad," Janna said, giggling as she crept by him, disappearing behind the bleachers. Star hissed loudly at Marco, making him scream with fear as her sharp fangs glistened against the light of the gym. By reflex, Marco brought his hand up, placing a firm chop against Star's face, catching her by surprise as she staggered back, blinking in disbelief as Marco steadied himself and backed up.

"I...I mean it, Stars! I..I don't want to fight you..but you have to let everyone go!" With a growl, Star lunged at him, Marco avoiding her swipe by ducking down before jumping away from her again. Star went in for another swing, only for Marco to jump over her. Star's tail attempted to coil around him, only to be slapped away by Marco's firm hand.

"Sorry, Star's tail," he said, ducking again to avoid another of Star's swipes as she growled. "Marco!" She said, her large glowing green heart eyes filled with hunger and want as she aggressively tried to capture her lover.

Marco was panting as he continued his defense against Star; in the back of his head, he hoped maybe he could wear her out enough to subdue her. The gym was filled with the muffled sounds of the girls as Janna freed Jackie from her prison.

"Sup Jackie," Janna smirked as she pulled her under the bleachers.

"Janna? Should we get the others?" Jackie asked as Janna sat down.

"Naw, they got great seats; let's just watch the show for now." She smiled, pulling out of her hat a box of chocolates before she offered one to Jackie. Marco was starting to get winded as he avoided Star, her strong claws scratching the floor and walls as she missed him, one managing to snag his hoodie as she ripped it off him.

"Hey, that was my favorite," Marco said, disappointed as he ducked, dodging another swing. As Star went in for another swipe, Marco countered with a chop of his own, chopping her hand down as Star reeled back, letting out a whimper as she rubbed the sore spot on her hand.

"Oh my gosh! I'm sorry, Star!" Marco gaped, looking concerned as she approached, only for Star to grin as her tail swiped him, hitting him in the side and sending him to the floor across the gym. "Ouch!" Marco rubbed his side, struggling to climb to his feet as Star lunged through the air yet again. While Marco managed to avoid her pounce, he was not so quick to evade her swipe; moving out of the way, her claw managed to grace his cheek, leaving a cut along the side of it as Marco's hands quickly moved to cover the wound, Marco hissing from the pain as he fell onto his rear.

"Star! That..hurt." Marco whimpered as he looked at the red stain on his hand. "Your only making things worse!" A familiar voice called as Marco looked up, seeing Glossaryck sitting on the bleachers with Janna and Jackies heads poking out next to him. Glossaryck waved his way with a smile, eating from a cup of pudding with his fingers as the three watched. Standing up, Marco looked towards Star with concern, seeing her become more frustrated with every passing minute. Marco gulped, his body becoming too tired to put up a fight for much longer; he watched as Star began charging back towards him.

This time, Marco closed his eyes, ready for the worse as he held out his arms, his body trembling with fear as the passing seconds seemed like an eternity. Marco was pushed to the floor with a loud thud, pinned by Star and her six arms as her face hovered over his. A loud hiss filled the gym as Marco's heart felt like it could explode. "AHHHH PLEASE DON'T EAT ME OR LAY EGGS IN ME!" he screamed out, only to be surprised as his eyes widened and Star's lips pressed tightly to his.

Marco's mind was racing with confusion and fear as Star's long tongue slithered its way through his mouth. Pulling back, Marco gasped for air as Star licked her lips, her long tongue beginning to drip and secrete a strange substance as it flicked outside her mouth. Keeping him pinned with four of her arms, her middle two reached down, tearing away at his clothes as Marco gasped.

"Star, stop!" Marco tried to protest as she tore away his shirt and pants, leaving him nude as they tossed aside the shredded remains of his clothes. Leaning in, Star's tongue caressed along the cut on Marco's cheek, at first causing a sting of pain before it subsided, the hearts on Star's cheeks glowing softly as the cut slowly faded from his cheek. "Ow, that..feels better..?" Marco started feeling her slippery tongue reel back from his cheek as Star gave it a close look over.

"Star..you really shou.." Marco was cut off yet again, this time by Star's saliva-coated tongue, this time much more forceful as her tongue slithered to the back of his throat, filling his mouth with the strangely sweet saliva that it was secreting, forcing Marco to gulp it down as his body struggled to break free from her grasp. Quickly, however, Marco's body began to burn, the heat coursing through his body as Star's tongue forced more down his throat, coating his mouth as her lip's remained pressed against his, her two free hands, now caressing along his bare body, running softly up and down his chest before making their way downwards to his stiffening cock. Before long, Marco's grunts of protest turned to moans as Star's hands started pumping his now rock hard cock, his member now painfully erect as his body continued to burn, every touch of Star's sending shocks and tingles through him as his body became more hypersensitive.

Both seemed to forget the crowd of girls watching as Star continued her display; now satisfied, she pulled back from Marco's lip's her long tongue slowly retracting from Marco's mouth as he let out a gasp, his whole body now under the effects of her abnormal secretion as he laid panting, the entire room spinning around him as she continued to stroke his cock. Ready to continue, Star turned herself around, like a spider, each arm keeping Marco pinned except her two middle arms. Star's now face to face with Marco's throbbing cock, as her own honeypot hovered over Marco's face. Sitting down, Star planted her dripping folds onto Marco's mouth; his muffled moans could be heard before Star's fangs caressed her lip's as she let out her own moan, feeling his tongue diving in as she rubbed her cheek against Marco's cock, taking in the scent of the cock she owned. Star opened her mouth, letting her long tongue slither around his member, her forked tip caressing the tip of Marco's cock as his moans sent shivers of pleasure through her body.

As Star's tail coiled around Marco's neck, running itself through his messy brown hair, her middle arms were now at work caressing and massaging her own breasts as she enjoyed the feast her lover had for her. Pressing her lips to his cock, she planted a large kiss along the side before slowly following her tongue upwards to his top, taking in into her lips as she suckled the top of his cock.

Star's middle hands moved from caressing Marco's chest to gently kneading Marco's swelling balls as she swallowed down every inch of Marco's thick cock. Marco's moan would have filled the gym if his mouth wasn't buried in Star's soaked womanhood. Still oblivious to the girl's all around them watching Star slowly raised her head, her lips sealed around his cock as she lifted her head all the way to his top before slowly taking it all back into her throat with ease, her hands gently massaging his balls as she repeated the process.

"Should we be watching this, Janna? Maybe we should get the others down." Jackie said, red-faced, undeniably turned on by the display as her panties became wet.

"We DEFINITELY should." Janna chuckled, her phone placed on its side as she recorded the whole thing, her fingers sliding under her skirt as their display also turned her on.

Star continued devouring Marco's cock, Marco's eyes rolling back every time he felt himself reach his limit, only to find not a drop of his seed would leave his balls. On the other hand, Star had no problem reaching her limit, Marco's face now soaked with her juices from her own orgasms. Taking Marco's cock back into her throat once again, Star's long tongue slithered out from her lips, slowly coiling around his balls as she moaned out, her heart green eyes rolling back as another orgasm rocked over her new body. Marco reached another orgasm himself, bucked his hips as best he could, wanting to paint the inside of Star's throat with his seed only to find still not a drip coming forth from his cock.

Pulling her head up, Star let out a gasp, her throat finally free of Marco's cock as her tongue licked up all the saliva around her lips. Lifting her rear, Marco's lung's rushed to fill with air as he panted, his eyes rolled back as he panted. Star giggled to herself as she spun around, her four arms releasing Marco's limbs as she seemed satisfied he was under her total control and influence as she moved her face to his. Star's long lizard tongue slithered and rolled across Marco's face, licking up all of her juices as she cleaned him, her hip's repositioning over his stiff cock. Letting just Marco's tip slide between her folds, Star's hips started to rotate, teasing him as she felt every pulse of his cock just through his tip along. "Marco," She said with a loving and seductive tone, slowly starting to lower herself down.

Janna and Jackie, and the other girls watched as Star took every inch of Marco's cock into her, all the way down to his balls as she leaned back. A drooling smile was across her face as Star bit her lip, her middle hands caressing the slight bulge in her stomach where Marco's cock was resting safely in her womb. "S...Star." Marco moaned out, catching her attention as she quickly dived forward, planting a reassuring kiss on Marco's lips before her hands began to caress all over his form. Star's head making its way to his neck before moving down his chest, taking in all of his scent as she kissed and licked his body.

Sitting on the side line's, Jackie's own body was getting hotter and hotter as she watched Star take Marco. Her fingers were dancing on the idea of sliding between her own folds as they hovered over the hem of her jeans. Catching her by surprise, Jackie covered her mouth to hide her scream as Janna slid up behind her with a mischievous smile.

"Like what you see, Jackie? I bet you want that thick cock of Marco's inside you? Mmmmm, me too." Janna whispered in Jackie's ear before planting her lips to Jackie's neck, Janna's fingers darting past Jackie's as they slid into her jeans and dived into her womanhood.

"Janna..we..shouldn't." Jackie tried to protest as Janna bit softly on her ear.

"No point in not; you know if we do, Star will probably rip us to shreds, so let's just enjoy the show." She cooed. Janna's hand cupped Jackie's cheek, pulling her face back and into a kiss as Janna's tongue slid into her mouth, capturing Jackie's moan as her body relaxed into her touch, letting Janna's fingers do their work as they kissed.

Keeping Marco buried inside her, Star leaned back, straddling Marco's hips as her many hands caressed her form, taking her breasts and gently kneading them in two while another hand traveled down, working her gem as she moaned happily, her body overcome and lost in pleasure. As Star caressed herself. Marco was writing in satisfaction of his own as inside of Star Marco's cock began to swell and throb even harder, growing larger as her body's magic soaked into his cock.

"S...Star it..hurts.." Marco grunted, his erection now painfully hard as she took notice, Star leaning down to press her breasts against Marco's chest before she started to raise and lower her hips on his cock. Marco let out a deep moan as her movement brought a strange relief to his cock as she purred against his neck. Star's lip's pressed firmly right under his throat as her fangs softly pressed into his skin. After a moment, she moved herself to a new spot, giving that spot another bite as she soon bit her way along Marco's neck, leaving little love bite's all over him as she continued bouncing herself on his cock. "Marco.." Star would moan, her once more aggressive demeanor now tame and calm as she mated with her lover.

Soon the gym was filled with the loud slaps of Marco's balls against Star's hips, her tail swishing back and forth as she bounced, slowly wrapping around her body as the tip of her tail teased her perked nipples. Both of their moans mixed together as Star moved herself faster, eager to have Marco's cock stirring around her womb. On the side's Jackie and Janna were deeply locked in a tongue filled kiss. Jackie's Jeans being tossed aside as Janna's skirt was lifted up, both their panties tossed beside them as Jackie laid on top of Janna, their shirts pulled up over their breasts as they pressed together.

"Mmmmm, I knew you had some experience with girls," Janna smirked as Jackie rolled her eyes. "Just shut up and kiss me more." Jackie smiled, pulling Janna down as they continued their heated kissing session, both their hands caressing each other's bodies as they kissed, Jackie's soaked womanhood rubbing against Janna's leg as she coated it with her juices.

Back in the middle of the gym, Star was continuing her assault on Marco's cock; the loud slap of Marco's balls against her filled the room as she rode him. Marco found himself losing more and more control of himself as his hips began moving on their own, thrusting up in sync with Star's movements as he found it to be the only relief for his painfully erect cock. The two continued, breeding like animals as the gym full of girls watched, all of them feeling a bit of shame as they secretly enjoyed the show, no doubt knowing that Star put them there to watch. As sweat began to form on both their bodies, Star stopped her sexual conquest for a moment, leaving Marco groaning as his cock throbbed harder and harder, still unable to deposit the building loads now swelling in his balls.

Using two of her arms, she lifted Marco from the floor, using another two to keep her stable as her last two arms began coating the floor beneath them with the strange crimson webbing from before. In a swift motion, Star flipped herself onto her back, her wings tucking in as her hands kept Marco stable in her grapes while also keeping his balls deep inside her. Resting herself against the webbing, her grip loosened from Marco as her two middle hands moved back to her own skin, caressing across her scaly flesh before massaging her breasts. However, this time, Marco was the one doing the work as Star's purred, and body shuddered with pleasure. Marco couldn't stop himself as he thrust like a horned dog into his lover, the loud slaps continuing with every thrust as his cock stirred up her womb.

As Marco continued his relentless thrusting, Janna and Jackie were legs locked as their love box's rubbed together, both their crotches wet with their lust as they rocked their hips against each other.

"F...Fuck Janna.." Jackie moaned as Janna panted.

"Y...Yeah, Jackie..just..a little more.." Janna moaned, her hands reaching up to give Jackie's nipple piercing a tug, cupping her freckle covered and firm D cup breast with her hand as the two moved closer together.

"Looks like..they're close..too." Jackie looked over, keeping her eyes on Marco as he thrust like an animal into Star with his enlarged cock.

Marco continued, as Star's moaned echoed through the school's hall's, hanging just on edge, her body could feel something building inside it as her hands began to move on their own, spitting out webbing around their sides as she began to build around them. "Star..I..can't.." Marco's body and balls felt like they were about to explode as he continued to assault her womb with his cock. Four of Star's hands coiled around him, waiting as Marco's pace became more erratic and desperate, waiting for him to reach that critical peak before they locked into his skin, her claws digging in as she pulled him tightly into her embrace. Marco's moan was like a howl through the school as his long-awaited climax finally came. Marco's swollen ball's finally able to empty into Star's womb as her tail coiled around him.

On the side's Jackie and Janna moaned out as their love juices squirted against one another's thighs, both reaching their own peaks, having watched Marco howl with ecstasy from his own. "Fuck..I wish..that was me.." Jackie panted as Janna smirked.

"Yeah.." Janna let out a relieved sigh before relaxing back. Looking over, Janna noticed something strange happening as she gave Jackie's arm a pinch.

"Check it out," Janna said as the two moved closer to the gap in the bleachers to see. Star's mouth took hold of Marco's egear to swallow down his moans as load after thick load of seed pumped into her womb, more and more, the bulge in her stomach grew as Marco's cock dumped an inhuman amount of cum into it. As her womb filled, Star's hands began weaving more of her webbing around them. Janna, Jackie, and the whole gym of girls watched as soon, Star and Marco had vanished into a crimson red cocoon of Star's making.

"You girls might want to brace yourselves." A voice called from the bleacher could not see the small floating blue man as he watched.

Marco found himself drifting in a strange dreamlike state, his whole body wrapped in a magical warmth as he floated, in his arms, Star snuggled happily against him, her own body wrapped in the same loving embrace. Star's mouth moved to Marco's neck, her fangs sinking deeply into his neck, though instead of the usual pleasurable pain, Marco felt a strange sense of wholeness wash over him. In this powerful but brief moment, Marco could feel a lifetime of feelings flood through him, as well as his own flooding over Star. In this magical moment, they both felt not like they were two lovers wrapped in each other's embrace, but that they were both one soul, wrapped beautifully together by their love for each other.

Outside, Jackie and Janna quickly clothed themselves as the cocoon Star had made around them began to glow, swelling up more and more as the magic inside grew more intense. Slowly the shell began to crack, beams of light pouring out as it hummed and shook with energy. All the girls in the gym braced themselves for whatever might come. Catching them all by surprise, a large figure burst through the doors to the gym.

"Marco! I came as quickly as I could!" Queen Moon yelled, looking inside; her eyes widened as she saw the now violently shaking cocoon. A few of the guards accompanying her peeked inside as Moon's eyes widened, realizing to an extent she was too late.

"Get back!" She commanded, raising her hands up as she focused her magic in front of her, forming a wall of energy as the building power in the cocoon reached its peak, erupting in a bright blast of light and energy as a powerful shockwave shook the whole school. All the crimson webbing throughout the school glowed brightly for a moment as she shockwave passed through, before losing its color and turning black.

In the gym, the smoke slowly settled from the eruption as Jackie and Janna coughed. Looking towards where the two were, they scanned the area looking for any sign on them as Moon and her guards walked in. "Star dear..?" Moon called out, the silence killing her as she feared what might have happened to her. Finally, the silence was broken by a loud yawn as up from the pile of hearts appeared Star, her body back to its usual self as she licked her lips and looked with sleepy eyes.

"Man...I feel..great!" she said happily, her tail flicking about as she rubbed her eye's looking around the gym. "What's...going on?" She asked, looking at all the girls still stuck to the wall of the gym as well as seeing her mother in front of her. "Mom?!" She asked as Moon approached with concern.

"Star dear..where...where is Marco..?" She asked as Star gave her a confused look.

"I'm...ok.." Another voice called from beside Star, Marco rising from a mass of black hearts.

Marco let out a soft groan as he stretched and rubbed his shoulders. Jackie and Janna emerged from behind the bleachers, walking over to Moon as they looked over Marco. "Nice," Janna said, remarking to Marco's improved cock as all the girls had a view, his cock having an extra inch to it as Moon's face turned red, and she cleared her throat. "Ahem. Um...Star...Marco, dear." Star looked over, seeing Marco naked as she gasped, her tail quickly coiling around Macro to hide his crotch and rear from them as Marco turned dark red, reaching down and holding her tail close.

"Um..what's going on?" Marco asked as Moon's guards walked in, beginning to poke at and pry off the other girls from the walls.

"It's..a long story Star..maybe you should both get some clothes," Moon said as a soft flapping sound filled the air, catching Marco and Star by surprise.

Star let out a loud gasp, "Marco! Look!" she squealed, looking back at the small bat wings that adorned her back, where her once large ones sat as they fluttered softly. "Marco, Look! I got my Mewberty wings!" She squealed as Marco gave them a look over.

"Does this mean you can fly?" Marco asked as Star took his hand.

"Let's find out!" She said confidently, taking Marco's hand as her wings fluttered.

"Star, wait!" Moon called while Star lunged forward with Marco in tow.

"Let's GO!" they both smiled excitedly as her wings fluttered only for them to fall hard and flat against the gym floor.


To Be Continued...