"Sleepless in Western Capital"
by ladymoonlight

Disclaimer: I do not own Dragonball Z or the movie from which I got the title. So don't sue me.
A/N.:: This is another story in the growing Goten/Trunks saga. It takes place after the events of Goten and Trunks Bogus Journey (a few months after the Buu saga). This is a pro-Yamcha fic. I'm a Yamcha fan and proud of it! I refer to Pu'ar as a female in this fic (I know there is some ambiguity about Pu'ar's gender). And this is not a Yamcha/Pu'ar pairing.
Goten happily slurped at the half-melted strawberry milkshake, his feet dangling over the edge of the bench. Beside him sat his best friend in the whole-wide-world, Trunks. On either side of the "partners in crime" were their mothers, Chichi and Bulma. The group had come to spend the afternoon at Western Capital Metropolitan Zoo. The two demi-Saiyans were consuming their sixth milkshake of the day. Normally, Goten would be gabbing away, much like his mother and Bulma, but there was an intense look on Trunks's face that told him that the other boy was paying attention to their mother's conversation and didn't wish to be bothered.

"So, Pu'ar is worried about him, huh?" commented Chichi as she leaned back against the bench, tilting her head back to greet the warm sunshine.

"Yup. She called the other day. Which isn't unusual. But I could tell something was wrong by the tone in her voice," stated Bulma, licking her index finger and scrubbing a smudge on Trunks's cheek. "She says he just hasn't been the same lately. That he mopes around feeling sorry for himself."

"Poor dear…" murmured the brunette.

"I feel partly to blame…you know…for everything," Bulma glanced down at Trunks and then back at Chichi. The women nodded to one another. They both knew things had been rough right after Trunks's birth for all parties involved. "But honestly, I thought he was over all of that…"

"And it's been at least three years since he referred to Vegeta as 'that lousy girl-friend stealing jerk'," added Chichi. Granted she did edit the phrase. Vegeta usually used the noun 'bastard' instead of the more child-friendly 'jerk.'

Bulma let out a heavy sigh. "I know…but still, it must be hard on him. Goku, Kuririn, and I are all married with children. He's just…all alone."

"Yes, very true," concurred Chichi. "But there's nothing that we can do, is there?"

"No, there isn't. Oh well. Okay, Goten, Trunks…are you ready to go see the monkeys?" asked Bulma, trying to smile away her worries.

"Alright!" cried Goten, jumping to his feet and doing a little dance.

Trunks calmly stood up and threw away the empty paper cup. It was true that his mother probably couldn't do anything about Yamcha's loneliness. But that didn't stop *him* from trying.
Goten let out a small noise of delight as he watched the angelfish swim lazily past the glass. "Look, Trunks-kun! Fishies!" he shouted, calling his friend to his side.

Trunks dully watched the fish for a moment before commenting. "Nice." He glanced over his shoulder to make sure his mother and Chichi-san were out of hearing range. The women were preoccupied with a jellyfish display on the opposite side of the cavernous room. Leaning in close to Goten, he whispered in his friend's ear. "Hey, Chibi. I need your help."

Goten turned and stared skeptically at his life-long companion. The last time the lavender-haired boy had asked for help he had been grounded for a week for hog-tying Mr. Piccolo. Whenever Trunks was involved, it was sure to mean trouble. But the glowing innocent look in the other boy's baby-blue eyes melted Goten's resolve. The words slipped out of his mouth before he could stop them. "Sure…what is it Trunks-kun?"

Trunks flashed a dazzling smile. "Remember what our mom's were talking about a little bit ago?"

"Oh, about the number of calories in those new diet ice cream bars they've been eating?" chirped Goten obediently.

"No, baka. About Uncle Yamcha," replied Trunks, rolling his eyes in frustration.

"Oh. You mean about Uncle Yamcha being lonely?"

"Yep. That's it!"

"What about it?"

Trunks took in a deep breath. He always found that it took a great deal of time and patience to explain something to Goten. "I think I have a plan on how to make Yamcha-san feel happy again."

"Oh! Oh! Tell me! Tell me!" stated Goten excitedly, jumping from one foot to another.

"Hush! Don't let them hear you," ordered Trunks, jerking his thumb in the direction of Bulma and Chichi. "My plan is simple. My guess is that he's lonely because he doesn't have anyone to love. Everyone else has husbands and wives except for him and he feels left out. All we have to do is find Uncle Yamcha a wife and then he'll be happy."

Goten scrunched up his face. "But Trunks-kun, where will we find him a wife?"

Trunks sighed and rolled his eyes again. "Oh, come on, Goten. How hard can it be to find a wife? Anyway, ask your mom if you can come over tomorrow and then we can get started. This plan is foolproof. It's gotta work!"

Goten frowned, but didn't say anything. There was no stopping Trunks once he set his mind to something. Maybe Trunks was right. How hard could it be to find a wife for Yamcha anyway?