Bb's quest for equestria part one

One day bb woke up in his room that looks like twilight's room but yellow and saw Celestia was in his room.

Bb jumped because Celestia surprised him "What are you doing here princess Celestia? Bb asked.

"No time for that, come with me," Celestia said.

Bb nodded and Celestia teleported them to the forest outside of the yellow empire. (Bb's home is the yellow empire and the forest is the Whitetail woods.)

Right in front of them was tree with five necklaces on it and each necklace had a jewel that was in a shape that was unrecognizable.

Celestia looked around.

"Good nopony is here." Celestia said. "Now I can tell you something important."

Bb was really confused. Why did they have to be alone? Why here? What is this tree and those necklaces?

"Bb, my dear student of mine," Celestia started before bb interrupted.

"Why do we have to talk here and what is this tree?" Bb asked curiously.

"Hush bb I will tell you if you just listen," Celestia said.

Some time passed before Celestia continued what she was saying.

"There is a giant monster in equestria and it is your duty to take the elements from this tree and find five friends that the elements fit with," Celestia said.

Bb was still confused. "Why does it have to be me? Why can't Twilight and her friends use their elements to stop the monster? Bb asked.

"Well the elements of harmony have no effect on the monster so you are our only hope and you already carry one of the elements." Celestia said pointing to his animaltrix. (I will make another story explaining how Bb got his animaltrix so please don't ask)

"Okay I won't let you down. Just one question. How do I find the ponies the elements go with?" Bb asked.

"The elements resonate with the pony it goes with and they glow brighter the closer you are to the pony," Celestia said.

"Okay you can count on me." Bb said and grabbed the elements and put them in a container so he could see when they glowed and flew off to find some friends.

(Cue: My little pony intro) {Bb's quest for equestria edition}

My little pony! My little pony!

Ah ah ah ah

(Bb is flying down to ponyville and goes behind a cloud then a pony flies through the cloud busting it revealing ponyville)

My little pony!

(The pony flies down to ponyville and the camera zooms into bb landing.)

I used to wonder what friendship could be.

(Bb walks to the left and then stops)

My little pony!

(The camera pans over to looking over bb's shoulder)

Until you all shared its magic with me

(We see five ponies standing there with one pony flying over them)

Singing songs

(the camera cuts to one of the ponies singing)

Painting pictures

(the camera cuts to another one of the ponies painting a picture)

Discovering space stuff

(camera cuts to another one of the ponies studying a meteor)

Faithful and strong

(Cuts to another one of the ponies fighting stuff)

Sharing love and music

(Camera cuts to another one of the ponies sharing love and music.)

It's an easy feat

(Butterflies fly over the screen and when they clear we see twilight's castle)

And transforming makes it all complete

(Bb's transforms from an ant back into a pony and the camera zooms out revealing the other ponies next to bb and photo finish setting up her camera)

You have my... My little pony

(The camera flashes and we see spike using his fire to send the picture to Celestia)

Do you know you are all part of my

(The camera cuts to Celestia and Luna in their throne room as the scroll with the picture appears in front of them)


(The camera cuts to the picture on the scroll before the camera cuts to the title on a yellow background)

One of the elements starts to glow the closer bb got to ponyville. Bb lands right outside of Twilight's castle because that is where the element is glowing the brightest.

"I guess the pony this element goes with is in Twilight's castle." Bb said and goes up to the front door and knocks.

Twilight answers the door. "Oh hey Bb, what brings you here to my castle?" Twilight asked.

"Well according to princess Celestia I have to gather all the ponies these elements fit with and stop the giant monster in equestria and apparently one of the ponies is here," Bb said.

Twilight smiles. "Oh, that must be my stepsister Melody. I'll go get her for you." Twilight said and goes and gets Melody.

When Melody got there bb said hi and explained why he was there and opened the container and the element that was glowing gets magnetized to Melody and goes onto her and the jewel becomes a music note.

"Wow this is amazing I'm one of the members of the elements of creativity," Melody said.

Bb smiles. "Okay one down four more to go," Bb said.

Another element starts glowing and bb smiles bigger. "I know exactly who this element is taking us to," Bb said.

Bb and Melody go in one direction and the element gets even brighter and then they stop right at the front door of Peppermint Paint's house and the element is glowing really bright.

"I knew it. My good friend Peppermint Paint who I met when I helped her find the crystal heart and when she helped me find the yellow star." (the yellow star is a version of the crystal heart but for the yellow empire.) Bb said and recollects the adventure. (I'm sorry but the person who wrote that adventure deleted it because they don't like mlp anymore and nobody was reading it anymore so I can't put it on here so you may never know a little more about bb that that adventure would have shown.)

Bb knocks on the door and Peppermint Paint opens the door, jumps excitedly and hugs bb. "Oh, bb it's so good to see you again," Peppermint Paint said.

"It's so good to see you again too but I need your help." Bb said and explained why he was there and opened the container and the element that was glowing gets magnetized to Peppermint Paint and goes onto her and the jewel becomes a paint brush.

"Wow I can't believe that I get to go on another quest with you but this time as a member of the elements of creativity," Peppermint Paint said.

"Two down three to go," Bb said.

A third element glows and they follow the glow all the way to the Everfree Forest.

They head into the forest and come across a pony fighting some Timberwolves.

"Hey, I'm bb what's your name?" Bb asked.

"My name is Safire and I'm a little busy right now so can you please go away." Safire said while fighting the Timberwolves not even looking at Bb.

Bb didn't leave. "But we need your help." Bb said and explained why he was there and opened the container and the element that was glowing gets magnetized to Safire and goes onto her and the jewel becomes a flame.

Safire stops fighting the Timberwolves and they run away. "Wait, I am a member of the elements of creativity? Sweet!" Safire said.

"Okay now that's three members down just two more to go," Bb said.

Another element starts to glow but it is really faint.

"Wow this pony must be really far away and since we all can't fly we will have to take the train," Bb said.

I hope you enjoyed this part. If you have any questions please ask them in your review and hopefully it will be answered in a future part but if not, I will make a story to answer the question if I can but if not, I will answer the question. Give feedback if you want me to continue this. See ya later everyone.