Author's notes: Hello everyone! This is a fanfiction about Doki Doki Literature Club. It goes without saying but DO NOT READ IT UNTIL YOU HAVE SEEN THE CREDITS OF THE GAME. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED. Alright. This fanfiction is a player insert into DDLC. The name of the player is [Player]. You are supposed to replace [Player] by your name. In the same way, there will be other things in [ ]. When this happens, you should imagine yourself what is inside the brackets. Bold words are the name of the character speaking. Italic texts are what [Player] is thinking.

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Chapter 1: Inception

I'm staring at my computer screen. I finally got the special ending of this cutely creepy game. I'm reading Dan's letter, happy that I finally completed the game but sad because this is the end.

I click on the screen and then something weird happens. A new pop-up window appears in the middle of the screen.

Window: "Have you ever heard of the simulation theory?"

I have never heard of this extra window. I wonder if I unlocked an easter-egg somehow. There are two buttons on the screen: yes and no. I click yes.

Window: "Great! That makes things easier. Well, we have shocking news for you: The theory is actually true. You ARE living in a simulation."

What? I'm a bit surprised. I'm already aware that this game is playing tricks with the player, but the fact that those messages appear after the credits disturbs me a little. I click again to continue.

Window: "We also have even more shocking news! For the sake of our enjoyment, you have been granted the exceptional opportunity to be TRANSPORTED into the game Doki Doki Literature Club!"

Wow, they really put much effort into it, didn't they? Is the game going to restart or something?

Window: "Do you accept this unique opportunity?"

Sure, why not? I click yes, expecting to play a new route of the game.

Window: "Thank you for your cooperation! Not that it matters anyway. Before we start, let us inform you that there will be a letter from us in your school bag. We greatly recommend you read it, preferably alone!"

What school bag?

Window: "We will start right away! Are you ready?"

Is this really part of the game? Whatever, I click yes.








Something happens. My thoughts are in disarray. My senses are overwhelmed by the sudden transition.

I was sitting, but now I'm standing.

I was inside, but now I'm outside.

It was neither warm nor cold inside my room. Now it's a bit cold.

I was in my usual clothes. Now I'm in a school uniform.

I didn't have anything on my back. Now there is a school bag.

I panic.

What happened. What am I doing here? How did I end up here? Am I dreaming? Did someone drug me and kidnap me?

My uncontrollable thoughts are interrupted by a voice of a girl.

?: "Heeeeeeeyyy!?"

I look behind me. There is a girl running towards me from the distance, waving her arms frantically. She looks like someone I know, but I can't remember in my troubled state.

While she is coming closer, I quickly look around me. This place looks unfamiliar. I have to know where I am. I'm currently standing in front of a crossroad. I cannot recognize anything around me. It looks like it's currently the morning. The weather is cold, as if it was in October.

For now, it doesn't look like I'm in any danger.

I take a deep breath to try calming myself down. I'm still sweating and trembling.

The girl is now standing in front of me. She seems out of breath. Now that she is closer, I notice she appears to be Sayori, a character from Doki Doki Literature Club.

But that isn't possible. It was just a game! How can I…

What happened several minutes ago come to mind. "You have been granted the exceptional opportunity to be TRANSPORTED into Doki Doki Literature Club!".

No way. You have got to be kidding me.

Sayori: "Haaahhh…haaahhh…"

Sayori: "I overslept again!"

Sayori: "But I caught you this time!"

…? I'm puzzled by the impossibility of the situation. I keep telling myself this is a dream. There is no other rational explanation.

Either way…I need to say something.

Sayori: "[Player]?"

[Player]: "Ahah, yeah…"

Sayori looks at me with a worried face.

Sayori: "You look tired…Did you watch too many anime again last night?"

[Player]: "Ahaha, sorry I really wanted to finish something…I'm just a bit tired, don't worry."

It's still difficult for me to accept that it is the reality, but for now I should play along.

Sayori: "Jeez, you know you shouldn't do that…"

[Player]: "Speak for yourself. Who's the one late here?"

Sayori: "That's mean, [Player]!"

[Player]: "It's just the truth…Anyway, we should go."

[Sayori]: "Yeah! Let's go!"

We cross the street together and make our way to school. As we draw nearer, the streets become increasingly speckled with other students making their daily commute.

But something is wrong. The students… They are silhouette placeholder sprites that are found in renpy. There is one silhouette for all female students and one silhouette for all male students. Needless to say, it is very disturbing…

But there's something else too. The music…I can hear it. It is subtle. I can recognize the name of the track, "Ohayou Sayori!". It really seems like I actually am in Doki DokiOh my god…Or should I say, "Oh my Monika"?...

Sayori interrupts my thoughts.

Sayori: "By the way, [Player]?"

Sayori: "Have you decided on a club to join yet?"

[Player]: "A club?"

Wait, what should I answer? ...Should I do the same things the main character did?

[Player]: "Let me think for a bit…"

Sayori: "You promised me you would join a club this year."

There is no point in wasting time. For now, I should meet Monika as soon as possible. She is the game master of this world. Maybe she can help me.

[Player]: "…Alright. I decided I want to join the literature club!"

Sayori: "W-Wait, really?!"

[Player]: "Yea…yeah, I mean, you are the vice-president, right? It would be better for the both of us to be together, don't you think?"

Sayori: "Yaay~!"

Sayori smiles brightly and jumps with her fist raised!

Aww, Sayori is cute…

Sayori: "I'm so happy! You know, I even planned on inviting you today!"

[Player]: "Really? What a coincidence!"

Sayori: "Natsuki made cupcakes today too! I can't wait to show you the club!"

[Player]: "I can't wait too."

I really cannot wait.

We arrived at the school and went to our respective classrooms. Before we separated, I asked Sayori where was my classroom and where was my seat. She thought that was really weird, but I managed to brush it off with a joke and by saying I was still tired. I then sat at my usual seat and waited until lunch. I didn't pay any attention to the other students or the lectures…I instead used these hours of boredom to reflect on my current situation.

I remembered the weird messages before I got pulled into this world. I concluded that I was really into Doki Doki The Literature Club. It made me happy for a bit…but that didn't last long. While going into a fictional world has always been one of my fantasy, I have people waiting for me in my world, people who are dear to me. If I was to disappear…I don't want to imagine how much pain and sadness they would feel. Besides, while this world seems interesting at first, it would quickly become boring or even hellish. Everyone has the same appearance, behaves like scripted robots…The places besides the school and the main road to school are nothing but empty or simply don't exist…I can understand now why Monika couldn't stand this fake world for long.

Before I was sent into the game, I was told that there would be a letter inside my bag. So as soon as lunch started, I went to the toilet to read the letter. It said:

Dear [Player],

Welcome to Doki Doki Literature Club! We hope the sudden teleportation was not too sudden! If you are reading this letter, we suppose you already had time to adjust to this new bright cute world! You are probably wondering how you could go back to your reality. The answer is simple! You just have to wait until the school festival is over without Sayori, Yuri, Natsuki, Monika or YOU dying! If either one of the aforementioned character dies or is deleted, then you will be stuck forever in this paradise world! Well, maybe that would not be too bad, would it? One last thing: you cannot destroy or damage in any way this letter! It also cannot be more than 5 meters away from you! If the distance becomes more than 5 meters, then this letter will automatically appear in your hand! We warmly recommend you to keep this letter a secret~! Alright, this is all for now! We may meet another time! Do your best to entertain us!

Yours sincerely,


On one hand, I was glad to learn there was indeed one way to go back to my world. On the other hand, I was afraid to learn I would be forever stuck here if I messed up. The victory condition is to reach the school festival without anyone dying. It looks easy, especially with my knowledge of the game, but it is actually not that simple. First, I don't know if the future will be the same as what happened in the game. Second, I'm powerless if Monika suddenly decides to delete her rivals. Third, I cannot get rid of this letter. If Monika was to read it…Fourth, I don't know if or when they will mess with me. If the story is too boring, it is likely they will spice things up a bit…

I sighed. After I read the letter and thought for a bit, I left the toilet and went straight to the classroom. I was a bit hungry and thirsty, but I didn't want to take the risk of meeting prematurely one member of the club at the cafeteria. I spend the afternoon thinking about what I should do to return to my reality.

I came to the conclusion that the best things I could do were the following:

Romance Monika. No matter what, I absolutely need to know her thoughts and her actions at any time. I also need to show her that I only love her so that she doesn't become jealous and deletes her rival. Monika was my favorite character of DDLC. I even wished to meet, to talk with her and even to touch her…If I'm not careful, I might really fall in love and lose the will to leave this world…I need to make her love me without me loving her back. That might be the biggest hurdle.

Check every morning and evening Sayori. She is the likeliest to die. I need to stay her best friend and support her as best as I can. The problem is finding a balance between Monika and Sayori. If I spend too much time with Sayori, Monika might become jealous.

Befriend Natsuki and Yuri. It is very unlikely any of them will die if Monika doesn't do anything. Natsuki has some family problem but I greatly doubt her father would kill her in the following week. Yuri has some dangerous habits but if she isn't excited and if Monika doesn't amplify her habits then there is no reason she would kill herself.

Never let Sayori, Natsuki and Yuri know that I am from another reality and that they are game characters. I don't know how they would react.

Never let anyone read the letter. Especially Monika.

To summarize it, I just need to make sure Monika loves me and doesn't feel the need to harm the other characters. I also need to check Sayori and to a much lesser extent the other characters. Humm it doesn't seem that complicated… Then again, they might complicate things at any moment…


After like an eternity, the school day was over. I stare at the door, waiting for Sayori's entrance.

She is coming.

Sayori: "Hellooo? Were you waiting for me?"

[Player]: "Yes, I was. Let's go the literature club!"

Sayori: "Eeeehhh? I didn't think you would be that excited! What has gotten into you I wonder…"

[Player]: "I'm just excited to start the first day of my first club in my life, that's all~"

Sayori: "Ehehe~I'm glad you feel like that! Let's go~!"

Sayori looks really happy. It really doesn't seem like she has chronic depression…Then again, what do I know of depression? I have never met someone like that…I hope I won't make a mistake.

And thus, today marks the day I did what all fans of DDLC dreamed of.

I follow Sayori across the school and upstairs. There aren't many people, or should I say scripts, in this area. We are coming closer to the club room. My heart is beating faster and faster. What will I say when I enter the room? Should I do just like what the protagonist did? No…I'm overthinking this. I should do what I feel like. I should just keep in mind my goals... Ahhh, I'm not ready.

Sayori, full of energy, swings open the classroom door.

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