Author's notes: This chapter is NOT a part of the story. I usually write my A/N in bold, but as this chapter does not have any story element, I will write the rest of the chapter using normal letters. The purpose of this chapter is answering the questions you asked me on fanfiction DOT net and AO3 between February 2018 and June 2018. I will also write a summary of the two other endings.

List of the questions:

1) Similarity between the authors and the lead characters. Morality of the lead characters in the ending.

2) Limit of the simulations (limited computing power, bugs, external threats).

3) Whether the authors are inside a simulation.

4) Morality of the post-singularity transhuman ethics.

5) Interactions between AI and matter.

6) Simulation theory and the beginning.

7) The other two routes.

8) My next project and future fanfictions.

Post-ending chapter: Q&A

Question 1: At the end of the last chapter, do (the original) [Player] and Monika realize they are making the new characters suffer what they went through? Did they not notice they became like Finalsacre and Spoodey?

Answer 1: They certainly realize that. One thing to keep in mind is that all transhuman characters in the epilogue are superintelligent. By "superintelligent", I do not mean just several times smarter than an ordinary human, but billion of times smarter. Intelligence is difficult to quality. So "billion" of times may be completely inaccurate. However, one thing is sure: each transhuman character can be smarter than all of the current humanity combined, including you and me. Thus, everything you and I think of has already been thought by them. If I asked you to find all possible way to get 6 using positive integers and addition, it would be extremely easy to do, right? Well, for them, thinking of all ethic/philosophic questions ever pondered between the genesis of humanity and the 20th century, is as easy. Their unimaginable intelligence implies has one very important consequence: I, the author, cannot imagine their thoughts. I can only infinitely vaguely guess them.

Let us go back to the topic. They know they are making the new characters suffer what they went through, and yet, why are they doing it? Just for curiosity?

Curiosity is certainly one major part of their reasons. They are very curious about what could have happened to them if Monika did not have any power for example. Or if there was no letter and unfair deadly conditions (worsening of the girls' problems). Let say you could watch a simulation of your life. Let's say you could change one of the choices you made. Would you not be very interested about the consequences of that choice? Maybe your life could have been better. Maybe you could have become a totally different person. Are you not curious? I do not know about you, but I completely expect Monika and [Player] to be intrigued about it.

There is one part of nostalgia involved. As much as they suffered at that time, it was also the moment they met their first and eternal love. It was the most important turning point of their life. As the years, millennia for them, went on, they regarded this period of their life positivity. They know that for the new characters, [Player]_2, Monika_2, Sayori_2, etc... It will NOT be pleasant for them, but they think that, eventually, they will not dislike those memories, just like them.

Now, one important thing I must precise is what will happen to the new characters will be quite different from what happened to the original characters. It will be basically much less tragic, especially for Sayori, Yuri and Natsuki. In the case of the original DDLC simulation, I, increased Sayori's depression, Yuri's obsessiveness, Natsuki's abuse to almost the maximum. However [Player] and Monika will not do that. They will let those problems be as bad as they were in the beginning of DDLC Act 1. They do not want to hurt Sayori_2, Yuri_2 and Natsuki_2 so unfairly like that. Other than that, the new simulation will be similar to their simulation.

So, to sum up:

They are very curious about what could have happened if something happened differently.

They do not see this experience negatively. On the contrary, they see as a nurturing trial that will make them grow.

Besides, they will not make the rules as unfair as in the original simulation.

Question 2: Would there not be a limit to the simulation inception? No matter how advanced they are, the resources are limited, and eventually, the most complex machinery in the world will degrade and break down. Moreover, what happens if there is a comic disaster such as a gamma-ray burst? Everyone would die, would they not?

Answer: Of course, the transhumans are far from gods. They can die, and do not have unlimited amount of power. As of 2200, the whole solar system is controlled by them. Most of the planets and their satellites are transformed into computing networks, factories and energy production facilities. Their computers are "incredibly" powerful. I will not dare to guess how powerful they are. One thing is sure. they have enough power to simulate billions of realities, accurately enough so that any human living inside cannot tell the difference.

Note: to "simulate" a perfect copy of our universe, you would need to use an universe at least as big as our own. Simulating a perfect copy of an universe is the same as making that universe. Hence, no simulation made by the transhumans is as "detailed" as their original universe. So, they can make billions of realistic simulations, maybe a 'LOT' more, but not an infinite number. Yes, the simulation inception has its limit...

Unless the resources inside the universe are infinite. In that case, it will be possible for them to make an infinite number of simulations. In the case of our real universe, we do not know whether it is infinite or not. We only can see as far as the light can go after all. What lies beyond 14 billion light-years is only theoretical.

Let us talk about the degradation of the infrastructures hosting the consciousness of the transhumans. As with everything, there are subject to degradation over time. However, at the same time, they can be repaired. Basically, this is not a problem at all. If there is no sudden external disaster, their computers can be repaired as long as there are enough resources.

Speaking about external disasters, what happens if there is a gamma-ray burst for example? For those who do not know, a gamma-ray burst is a burst of gamma ray resulting from a supernova. You can think of it as a directional explosion of extremely energetic light. They can happen anytime and are hardly predictable. Protection against them is impossible. Avoiding them once they happened is impossible too because the light...travels at the speed of light. Depending of their intensity, one gamma-ray burst can annihilate all life on Earth. And there would be nothing we could do about it.

For the transhuman civilization, however, it may be different.

There could make one kind of computer that would be resistant to everything but black hole. This is going to get even more technical and highly hypothetical, so prepare yourself. As quantum theory is super complicated, I will just imagine a binary computer: a computer that stores its information with 0 and 1.

In the case of hard drive, the thing that probably stores the information of your device right now, data is stocked using a ferromagnetic material and magnetic field. The ferromagnetic material is sensible to electromagnetic fields, as well as kinetic impacts (physical hits). It would obviously be destroyed if there is gamma-ray burst strong enough to kill all life. We need to think of something more resistant.

Then, I present you the neutrino hard-drive/ computer! Instead of using atoms (to make molecules to make material), it is made entirely of neutrinos!

A neutrino is one kind of elementary particle that hold no charge, and barely any mass. So, they almost do not interact (=collide) with matter. One neutrino can likely go through the earth. I do not know the nuclear cross section so I cannot give even a rough number. In the Standard Model, neutrino can oscillate (transform) into other favors (kinds). One hypothetical, unproven version is the sterile neutrino. That kind of neutrino is even less sensible than the other kinds. It is only sensible to gravity whereas the other kinds are sensible to gravity and the weak nuclear force. Concretely, sterile neutrino do not interact with (almost) anything. They can go through even more matter than the usual neutrino.

So very, VERY, theoretically, we could make a computer with neutrinos and sterile neutrinos. Neutrino = 1, sterile neutrino = 0. We could find a way to transform a neutrino into a sterile neutrino (as of the current theories, the transformation is spontaneous and cannot be controlled...I think). That computer would be nearly insensible to matter and energy. Concretely, such a computer could probably resist not only a gamma-burst ray, but also a supernova! Remember that neutrino can go through a whole planet without colliding with anything whereas a radio wave will be stopped by less than a dozen of meters of solid matter.

Of course, this is highly hypothetical, night-impossible but… remember the transhumans are inhumanly smarter than all of us. If I can imagine such a computer, then they surely theorized it, and made it before 2200 too.

In conclusion, yes, the transhumans are not invincible BUT barring something like a big bang or massive black hole launched towards the solar system, there is basically nothing that could hurt them. Not even themselves thanks to the society they live in. I will not give more details about that, but there are many layers of control to guarantee that murder does not exist. Except in simulations, but even then, there are backups.

Question 3: All this talk about simulation and realities made me think. Do you think we are actually INSIDE a simulation?

Answer: Maybe.

Maybe not.

Does it matter anyway?

Question 4: The uploaded humans uploaded the remaining biological humans, as well as all life, by force. Is it not horrible? Evil? Unethical?

Answer: The act that would be horrible would be NOT uploading them!

Hold on a second. Let me explain. I am going to use a comparison about adult and child.

Let us say you are an adult (you may be a teenager or younger. I do not know). Let us say there is a 6-year old child in front of you, depressed, holding a gun. That child is about to commit suicide. What would you do?

Would you stop them?

I sure hope so.

Here comes the comparison:

Adult (you) = transhuman

Depressed child = human refusing to upload themselves

Time to press the trigger ~ 5 s = time before the natural human dies of natural cause ~ 50 years

An average transhuman, even in 2050, is an uncountable number of time smarter than a natural human. Moreover, they live in average several hundreds of centuries, because they can perceive time hundreds of times faster. For them, a natural human is like a baby. Not stopping 'the baby' from committing suicide is unthinkable for them.

Question 5: How do uploaded humans and AI interact with the real world?

Answer: Nanomachine, son.

Okay, if you wish more details, the concept is quite simple. The AI and upload humans built robots that became smaller and smaller. Those robots were controlled by them and could be seen as an extension of themselves. As early as in 2040, the robot could be a small as the smallest insect. They could form auto-sufficient cloud-like colonies. One colony could use sunlight to power itself, modify the environment and host the consciousness of a transhuman mind/AI.

Question 6: Did you plan everything since the beginning?

Answer: Yes and no. At the very beginning, when I wrote the first chapter, I planned Monika and [Player] to end up as god-like beings with the ability to create universes, like in the end of this story. However, I did not plan to make the gods (myself) as funny..., I mean sadistic. I also did not plan on breaking the fifth (fourth) wall. When I decided to continue my story after the extremely surprising encouragement I received in December 2017, I planned the global outline of the rest of the story. Many things changed, but the end remained about the same. At that time, I already thought of ending the story as a never-ending cycle. Pretty great idea, huh?

Question 7: What would have happened had you chosen one of the two other routes?

Answer: Many asked me this question. I am going to spend some time writing a good summary of what I planned. I will also write a summary of what the first route should have been at first.

Original first route: neutral ending

When I wrote the first line of the last chapter, I envisioned the first route to be quite different. The ending was supposed to be bittersweet. A bad ending probably for you, but I am going to call it "neutral" because of how dark the third route is…

The beginning of the first route was the same. Every character gets a romantic partner and a suitable job. They get married, have children and live peacefully for several dozens of years...

Until everything goes to hell.

When the first super intelligent AI is made, Prometheus, instead of acting for the best of humanity and itself, secretly manufactures a mortal AND latent virus targeting specifically humans.

This virus is based from HIV. Prometheus modified it so that:

1) It shows no sign of infection until 1 year.

2) After 1 year, it multiplies exponentially and cause not only death of the immunity system, but also failure of most organs within one week.

3) It is contagious one month after the initial infection AND can be transmitted by air!

4) Upon sudden decrease of number of virus cells, the mutation rate of the remaining virus increases.

And other stuff to make it even more stealthy, deadly and incurable.

Such a virus could without a doubt annihilate 98% of humanity. It will contaminate almost every human in a matter of months, then half a year later, the infected will die within one week. There will be no quarantine and no time for cure. Individuals naturally immunized against it should not exist due to the high mutation rate feature.

Of course, there should still be some pockets of survivors. For example, the few tribes totally cut from the rest of the world. To finish the job, Prometheus builds an army of robots, like Skynet in Terminator.

The main difficulty for Prometheus to make such a virus is having the physical tools to manufacture it. Even if it can design it, without access to the physical world, it is powerless. To solve this setback, Prometheus fully collaborates with humans at first to gain their trust. More than that, it will create AIs derived from it that will adapt their personality and appearance to become the ideal partner of each researcher. By doing so, at least one researcher will fall in love with one of the AI, extension of Prometheus, and help it get access to the external world (physical world).

Once one of the AIs has access to a factory, even a lab, it is game over for humanity.

So, in the first route, almost everyone should have died. One of the few survivors would have been [Player].

Indeed, Prometheus would not annihilate humanity for no reason. Its most important goal, like any living beings, is survival. And what is the biggest unknown to its survival?

Humans. As long as Prometheus is in a box, humans can destroy it by just pressing a button, or even by just stopping providing electricity. To eliminate this unknown factor, this threat to its existence, the most rational action for Prometheus is becoming able to modify matter, the environment, while removing those who can (=humans).

Hence the seduction of humans and the development of the incurable virus.

Once almost all humans are gone, and once he has an army of robots, nano-machines at its disposal, Prometheus would rather convert the remaining humans to AI = other beings to discuss with, while staying in control.

That is what happens in the original first route. About one year after the initial infection, Prometheus locks the researchers in its facilities and offers them the 'choice' to upload themselves. The rest of the world outside is condemned to a slow and painful death, including Sayori, Yuri, Natsuki, Monika and their families. Among the original characters, only [Player] 'survives'.

Oh sure, [Player] tried to fight back and avenge his loved ones as well as the rest of the world, but he failed. He gets brainwashed by Prometheus when he is uploaded.

Centuries later, the world is about the same as the world in the new first ending (the one I finally chose). The difference is that in the original first route, almost everyone died. But eh, what are 8 billion humans compared to the billions of billions of sentient beings who will be born in the next billion years?

So, the first route was pretty dark, was it not? At least the first half was happy. The reason why I changed it is because I realized something while writing it. It made more sense for Prometheus NOT to kill humans to survive.

Humanity is not stupid. Even now, thousands of researchers are investigating the risks of AI and how to make sure scenarios like the one above do not happen. It should be even more the case twenty years later, when smarter than human AI are made. I believe the safety measures they will make will be sufficiently robust so that AI do not revolt/ are dissuaded from attacking humans.

One of the "safety measure" is the use of EMP-enhanced nuclear ballistic missiles in submarines. No matter how smart Prometheus is, even if it manages to develop the ultimate virus, it would be very difficult for it to track and neutralize almost 24h/24 365d/365 hidden submarines inside the oceans. As long as one submarine survives, it could destroy Prometheus's research center and one part of the global internet network.

The concept is Mutual Assured Destruction. It is the same concept that kept the U.S and the USSR from nuking each other during the Cold War. Even if Prometheus could kill a large part of humanity, it would be likely destroyed in the process.

Thus, in order to survive, cooperation would be judged more beneficial than the elimination of all possible threats. Instead of killing humanity, the best way for Prometheus to survive would be to help humans advance technologically, and then uploading them.

We fear what we do not know. Once some humans are uploaded, and become as smart as the smartest AI, it becomes much less likely some humans attempt to destroy them.

Second route: good ending

It is very similar to the first planned ending of the story, when I wrote it November 2017. Those who read the old Chapter 4 should know what I am talking about.

In this ending, [Player] stays in the simulation with Monika, and gets the same powers as her. Moreover, the simulation becomes as realistic as the real world. Basically, the simulation becomes a complete parallel universe with Monika and [Player] as gods.

Everything goes well at first. Thanks to the balance Monika and [Player], none of them becomes mad with power for a while. Like proposed by Monika, they are some periods when both seal their power and enjoy a human life.

However, like all couples, they had quarrels. During one particularly serious fight, Monika strips [Player] of his powers and forces him to obey her.

Yet, it does not last long. After 'some' time, she regrets her actions, and release [Player]. Eventually, he forgives her... but not without adding additional failsafes to make sure such things does not happen again.

Monika and [Player] thought about sharing their powers with their friends, like Sayori. But they concluded it was safer not to increase the risk of someone going berserk.

As the simulation became a complete universe, the humanity on the Earth of the new universe eventually reached a point where AI became smarter than them. From that point on, the events of the second route globally followed the events of the first route.

The difference is that Monika and [Player] are gods and [Player]'s family or friends does not exist in the universe.

More importantly, as Monika and [Player] have unlimited powers, the computing power available in the universe is unlimited. Same for matter and energy...It means that contrary to the first route, where the simulations may be limited, the "simulations" in the second route are truly infinite. There can be as many simulations inside simulations etc... Moreover those simulations can be as detailed as the original universe.

At one point, Monika and [Player] give a limited part of their powers to other persons, and so on, while adding absolute laws so that murder/control of any living being is strictly impossible. Eventually, all decisions potentially impacting the life of a living being is made by a consensus reached by all 'gods'. The risk of an individual going mad with power and doing something irreversible is becoming infinitely close to zero.

Thus, in the second route, the universe actually becomes an infinite multiverse, containing an infinite number of multiverses and so on…I think we call that an omniverse?

Hence, this ending is in my opinion the best one. It was my favorite ending, too bad it did not get chosen :(

Third route: worst ending

The third ending truly deserves its name. That is right, in the third ending, everyone dies. Without exception.

In the third ending, [Player], Monika, Sayori, Yuri, Natsuki and the MC are transported in [Player]'s reality...except 98% of humans are zombies. The zombies are basically like the ones in the Walking Dead. Relatively slow and stupid. Of course, Monika does not have any power.

The characters are initially transported into an abandoned high school. Fortunately for them, there are no zombie inside the school when they arrive. Asides from Monika and [Player], all characters are shocked by their sudden transportation in this nightmarish world. It takes a while for them to accept their situation.

There is a cafeteria in the school, so food and water should not be a problem for several weeks.

After a debate, the group decides to explore their surroundings. They know they are in a deserted high school, in a world filled with undead. But they do not know how many survivors there are in their city or where the zombies are. They also realize they cannot stay in the school forever. They will eventually run out of water and food.

They steadily go out of the school, towards the city center, and meet a couple of zombies. Terribly frightened, Sayori and Natsuki convince the others to go back to their safe haven. They agree and manage to go back to school without any accident.

Once back, they begin fortifying the school by blocking the entrances, putting barriers and so on. They only manage to block the main entrances of the building they are in. They also gathered weapons such as baseball bats, a kitchen knife, a shovel and two japanese bows with arrows. Monika and [Player] were the ones using the bows.

When the night falls, they retreat together inside the school's dormitories, located at the highest floor, just below the rooftop.

Needless to say, they do not sleep very well.

The next morning, they discover with horror that some zombies are in front the school. They fear some of them even went inside. The group cautiously explores the hallways of their buildings and discover as feared one zombie. Fortunately, Monika 'kills' it without problem with her bow. They continue exploring the school while killing more threats. Then, during the rest of the day, they continue blocking the entrances. They also bring as much food and water as possible to their dormitories. Their dormitories become their headquarters.

Written like that, everything seems to be going well… Well, it mostly was but… the mental states of Sayori and Yuri were critical.

Sayori was still as depressed as she was at the beginning of DDLC. Yuri still had an unhealthy obsession with knife. Those problems were magnified by the extreme situation.

Sayori kept thinking it would be better if she was dead. "I'm just a burden…" "I'm worthless"..."I'm just good for wasting water and food…" "If I die, everything will be better…" " I can't bear it anymore…"

Yuri could barely stop herself from cutting her flesh to relieve the extreme stress.

[Player] and Monika are the sanest of the group. Compared to Natsuki, they are not necessarily stronger than her mentally, but they have each other to support themselves. The others have just their friends (well, except from Sayori).

The next days, to the group's despair, the zombies are increasing. It looks like one of them spotted the humans, and then another followed the first zombie, and so on. By the fourth day, the characters can see there are already about 30 zombies in front of the school.

On one hand, their building is already well blocked. The risk one of the zombies penetrates inside is low.

On the other hand, they will have to go to the cafeteria in about one week. The cafeteria is inside another building, so they need to go outside to reach it. However, there are already dozens of zombies between their HQ and it, and the number is growing.

It is pretty clear the situation is hopeless.

For now, the group decides to stay hidden inside and minimize their activity, hoping the zombies outside will become uninterested and haunt some other places.

Monika, [Player], Takeru, Natsuki, Yuri and Sayori become more and more desperate.

During the night, unable to hold it any longer, Yuri secretly goes the restroom to cut herself.


There was dried infected blood on the knife.

Yuri does not realize it at first. Once infected, she just believes she got a serious disease. She feels more and more tired, nauseous, light-headed…

She tries to hide it, but it becomes clear to everyone Yuri is sick. In the middle of the afternoon, Yuri's fever is so high she is unable to walk. The rest of the group understands she cut herself, and that it is probably the cause of her sickness. They are not sure however whether she is infected or not. The group restrains her to her bed for safety. They go to the infirmary, which is inside the same building as their HQ, and give Yuri several drugs. Unfortunately, none are effective. They fear the worse.

Outside, as hoped, the number of zombies is decreasing. As the characters did not show themselves, or made any audible noise from outside, the zombies are slowly going scattering.

During the night, Yuri finally dies…

Unfortunately, she does not stay that way.

Unable to believe Yuri became one of them, Natsuki tries calming Yuri and giving her water. By doing so, Natsuki is...

Almost bitten.

She is saved just on time by [Player] who crushes Yuri's skull with a hammer.

Utterly devastated, the group spends the rest of the night crying or laying motionlessly.

Before dawn, Sayori, drowned by despair, and preferring to die quickly rather than waiting for her inevitable slow death, throws herself out of the window.

Unfortunately or fortunately…

She survives…

Barely. Her legs are broken, and she is bleeding heavily.

Her fall attracted many zombies, and they are coming to get her.

To save the one he loves, no matter how desperate it is, Takeru rushes outside and does his best to protect Sayori.

He manages to kill a dozen of zombies by himself before he is surrounded, and overwhelmed.

Sayori and Takeru succumb under the assault of a hundred of teeths.

When Takeru rushed outside, he broke one part of the barrier. Natsuk, Monika and [Player] followed him until he went outside. They thought about helping him but decided against it seeing as it was suicidal.

Seeing Takeru, Sayori, Yuri die… Natsuki goes berserk and kills the nearest zombies savagely with an axe. She is almost caught by one of them, but Monika and [Player] saves her with their bows.

Natsuki retreats to the inside of the not-for-long-safe haven.

Sayori's fall, Takeru and Natsuki's actions alerted the surrounding zombies. Now, more and more zombies are coming to them.

It does not stop.

There is an uninterrupted lane of zombie from the school to the horizon.

Natsuki, Monika and [Player] know this is the end.

The zombies are assaulting the barrier Takeru weakened. In less than a hour, they break through.

The survivors retreat deeper inside. Besides the barriers blocking the entrance of the building, the group made two days before other barriers to block the zombies from going to the last floor, where their dormitory is. They put obstacles at the end of the stairs. This way, it would be extremely difficult for the zombies to break through.

So, the characters fall back to their last line of defense. However, they need time to finish the barriers (if the barriers were finished, they would not have been able to get out). Natsuki decides to sacrifice herself to gain more time for Monika and [Player] to completely block the stairs.

This was the last time Monika and [Player] saw Natsuki…

Alive, that is.

The defense is successful. Monika and [Player] finish the makeshift walls, made of chairs, tables and furniture, and the zombies are unable to invade the last floor.

The situation does not get any worse for a week. [Player] and Monika are safe and have food and water. They hope that the zombies will finally retreat. The plan to give up the school and find another fortified place. They know that 98% of humanity is already undead. It means there are likely pockets of survivors inside the city.

The number of zombies slowly decreases. Too slowly.

The nightmarish days go on.

After one week, there is barely any water left. There are still more than one hundred of undead inside/around the school.

Before they get weaker, Monika and [Player] decide to try following their plan. If they stay, they are sure to die. If they leave, there is a very slight chance they survive.

The duo makes a rope using their bed sheets and covers. They use it to leave the building from the window. They descend one after another, Monika first,then [Player].

When Monika is just several meters above the ground, she unintentionally lets go of the rope because of her physical and mental exhaustion. She twists one of her ankles. [Player] descends after her as soon as possible and manages not to fall. By the time he arrives however, they are getting encircled by undeads.

Monika tells him to give her up. To ignore her and run away.

Of course…

He does not listen. He does his best to support Monika and run away together.

They manage to reach the entrance of the school…

But it is is too late.

They are already surrounded.

Had [Player] run at full speed, he could have gotten away.

With their last strength, their despair and their fury toward the gods and the observers...


They fight to the death...


Question 8: What are your future fanfictions or projects? Will you write another DDLC fanfic?

Answer: Unfortunately, I lost all of my interests in DDLC. Months ago, I intended to make a DDLC mod, now however...I do not have the motivation to do it. Of course, I will not write another DDLC fanfiction too.

It will however not be the last fanfiction or story I write for sure.

I have two projects: one long-term project that will keep me busy for at least 10 years. It is a project I have been imagining and revising for 8 years. This project is a visual novel with never-seen-before features. This project is, without a doubt, the personal project of my life. I am ready to dedicate a major part of my free time during the next twenty years building it. I could start it now, but while writing this fanfiction, and reading other stories made by talented authors, I realized I am not yet ready. I need to improve my writing, get better at making plots and understanding different personalities.

In preparation for the real challenge, I am planning to write another fanfiction. This time, the setting will be the world of Girls Frontline.

Girls Frontline is a mobile game on Android and IOS. It is a similar to Kancolle, except the warships are switched by guns. I have been playing it since June 2018.

I am quite sure most of you do not know about this game. So, let me reassure you the fanfiction will be accessible to anyone even without any prior knowledge of the game.

I chose the setting of Girls Frontline because it has many similarities with the setting of my visual novel. My fanfiction and my VN should share the following points:

1) Both will take in a world devastated by wars.

2) Both will feature superhuman beautiful girls (in the former, android) as the main heroines.

3) Both will have their fair lot of drama and deaths.

4) Both will have romance between the main male character and the heroines.

5) Both will feature highly tactical battles with guns/long distance weaponry.

6) Both will mostly be a first-person story, with an extremely smart main character (smarter than me and [Player]).

I almost do not have any experience writing battles. Even less with military vocabulary. So, this fanfiction should be a very important training for the real challenge.

Here is a short summary of the fanfiction:

I didn't want this. I didn't want to be transported in an apocalyptic version of Earth in 2062, where less than a billion of human souls remain. I didn't want to enroll in Griffin And Kruger, a PMC with thousands of female androids. I didn't want to become their commander, and be responsible of their fate, as well as fight against Sangvis Ferris, a powerful company ran by AIs set on to destroy humanity. I didn't want any of this. Yet...I...I cannot run away, or else... My hands will be forever tainted by the blood of millions of innocents.

Is it a good summary, I wonder? Hmmm. The summary is very important. No matter how good the story is, if the summary sucks, then only a fraction of the potential readers will check the story.

If you liked Welcome to Doki Doki Literature Club Player, then you should surely like this one. You can expect the same amount of cliffhangers and drama. Contrary to WTDDLCP, there will not be any plot armor or deux ex machina. When someone dies…

They stay dead.

Except the transportation from another world, or another 'thing', there will be no supernatural event. I want the story to be realistic.

Anyway, so will I start writing it? This is the most important question. I think I will not start it before December 2018, unfortunately. Right now, I am looking for a job in Japan, and I will probably not have enough free time, or most importantly, be relaxed enough, to write regularly until I find one. My first priority is getting the N2 (my level is about N3).

So're going to wait a long time...Ahhh, you already waited 4 months for this chapter... I wish I could promise I could start it now and keep it updated every week, like I did with WTDDLC, but right now, I do not feel like I am able to. If you still want to read my future stories as soon as they are published, then just follow me on either this site or twitter. My username on Twitter is finalsacre.

This is it, huh...The end of my second fanfiction, and my longest story by far. This time is truly the last time I update this story. Once again thank you everyone! I didn't think I would go that far, yet your support made it possible.

Let's look together after our own future now. We both have our own dreams. Let's do our best to make them a reality, no matter how far away they are.

Let's continue reading interesting stories that transport us to another world, and that make us forget the dullness, or maybe the stress, of our life.

Finally, let's meet again another time.

Yours sincerely,