It had been a year since El was kidnapped by the lab, which was subsequently burned to the ground and on August 3rd had given birth to a baby boy, who they named Nathaniel, both Mike and EL were ecstatic to greet the new member of the Wheeler family, Hopper shed a tear at being a grandfather.

The love that El and Mike shared never stopped growing, its brightness eclipsed that of the Sun and the love they had for their son was unparalleled, they were happy.

But for Mike something still tugged in the back of his Mind, it had done ever since he was resurrected, there had been this nagging feeling in the back of his mind, he knew why, it was the price of his resurrection and the happiness that he had been feeling was short-lived because whenever he felt true happiness with was always over-shadowed by it.

One particular night this became evident.

Mike was brushing his teeth, humming to himself a tune. His University job was going great, he had a beautiful child and a angelic wife, El came up beside him brushing her own teeth.

They stood together in blissful silence as they completed this evening ritual.

He rinsed his mouth as did she, wiping her mouth she gave him a kiss on the cheek, he grinned like he was a kid again, it never failed to give butterflies no matter how old they got.

He pulled her in, she giggled, they leaned in to press their lips together that was until a cry interrupted them, Mike sighed good naturedly.

"I got the little monster" she giggled, she turned to leave the bathroom

"don't be too long" he said teasingly

She turned to look back at him

"Promise" she said with a smile and with that she slipped out to tend to Nathaniel.

Mike looked back into the basin and washed the used toothpaste away with water.

He looked up to gaze at his reflection in the mirror.

And there behind him in the doorway it stood.

Mikes eyes made contact with his fourteen year old self and the Entity starred right back at him, Mike turned to look behind him and there was nothing, his head swivelled back to the mirror and the Entity was still there, A chill went down Mike's spine as in the reflection behind the Entity and out the window there was a storm, the sky was lit up with flashes of red every couple of seconds as white flakes of ash floated to the ground.

The Entity turned to regard the storm behind it before looking back at Mike, his fourteen year old self smiled like a Cheshire cat which upon his face was utterly spine-chilling. The Entity turned to a black like smoke before it shot out towards the storm in the background and out of sight.

Resurrection came with a price.

It always did.


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