A Golden Voice

Summary: Izuku wasn't Quirkless when he received One For All. Of course, it's just typical he didn't find out until Yuuei. It helps that everyone likes his singing voice but less helpful when Bakugou calls him Rapunzel a la Tangled. Slight AU where Izuku can heal others if he hums or sings to them. Oh, and everyone thinks he's the most precious thing ever, as if they hadn't already. Probs OOC.

Izuku gently tapped his pen against the desk over the buzz of background noise in the classroom. Aizawa had entered the room that morning, taken roll-call and then declared it a free study before napping upright in the corner as if trying to fool them he was watching them.

Knowing Aizawa, he probably was.

Sighing almost irritably at his science homework, Izuku shoved the papers haphazardly into his bag before pulling out the mathematics handout they'd been given the previous day and decided to work on that instead.

Humming softly to himself, he started to plug the numbers into his calculator and equations to solve them, and only realised how loud his voice was when the class went silent around him. Clearing his throat, he peered up to see nearly everyone staring at him.

"What the fuck," Bakugou bit out and almost immediately Aizawa was reprimanding with a mutter of, "Language."

"Um, Izuku-kun?" Uraraka said slowly, face bewildered. "You're glowing."

Izuku immediately blushed and just blinked at her until she also blushed at the second meaning of her words.

"N-No, I mean, yes, but you're also actually glowing."

"You turned into a nightlight!" Kirishima cackled.

"Eh?" Izuku asked, still just embarrassed and equally confused.

"You were humming and started to glow, not unlike a lamp," Iida offered in curt explanation. "It was the opening song to a popular morning show. I often watch it myself before school."

"My mum plays it in the background when she does the dishes? I glowed? " Izuku couldn't keep the confusion from his voice. Bakugou was still looking at him like he'd grown two heads.

"There's only one thing for it," Aizawa sighed heavily, as if not being part of the conversation had tired him further after only just waking up. "Izuku, you need to sing again."

"Sing what?"


Izuku shuffled nervously in his seat, before folding his hands on the desk and clearing his throat and started to sing the first thing that came to mind – Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star.

He didn't even get past the second line before he noticed his fingers gaining a faint yellow sheen that, when he reached halfway into the third line, started to grow in intensity.

By that point, he stopped singing and stared at his fingers in bewilderment as his skin slowly faded back to its normal colour.

"Well." Aizawa's voice broke the silence. "While rare to have a second Quirk, it's not unheard of. Congratulations, Izuku, you glow when you sing. Everyone, back to work."

Later, when the study period had ended, Uraraka approached Izuku and shyly murmured, "You have a nice singing voice."

Izuku fumbled his words before he managed to murmur a thanks, and as he followed her and Iida dutifully to their next class, his other friend also affirmed his enjoyment of Izuku's voice which was enough to send him into a blushing mess.

Strangely enough, despite a big breakfast, he was nearly starving.

Izuku didn't find out his singing did anymore than make him glow until nearly two weeks later during an outdoor lesson where they were paired off and mock-fought against two others.

Kirishima hadn't been pulling his punches when raging against Izuku and his partner, Tsuyu. She'd taken a solid hit to the face when trying to duck and then jump out of the way and had immediately heaved awfully and collapsed, her nose gushing blood.

Izuku quickly shouted, "We forfeit!" and let a grateful Tsuyu lean into his side as the two of them half stumbled half staggered towards the outskirts.

"It doesn't look serious, and you don't have a concussion for sure," Aizawa said after a moment's contemplation when the two reached him. "Might have a black eye but the bleeding will stop. You can visit Recovery Girl when the lesson has finished."

"Sorry, Midoriya. You had to stop because of me." Tsuyu's voice was muffled, her hand clasped over her already swelling nose and face.

"That's alright Tsuyu, so long as you're okay!"

Tsuyu gave a half smile half grimace when the action pained her face. "I hurt, but if Aizawa-sensei says I'll be fine, I'll be fine."

Izuku nodded in reply and helped her ease down to sit on a bench near where bags and excess clothing had been left when the outdoor activities had started. Digging through his bag, Izuku pulled out his notebook, eager to take notes on his classmates' abilities.

Unable to stop what had now seemed to become habit, Izuku began softly humming under his breath as he intently watched and scribbled in his book. So absorbed in his work, he flinched and nearly jumped out of his skin when Tsuyu's hand slapped down on his wrist and gripped tightly.

"O-Oh, I'm sorry! Was the glow annoying you? I – " Izuku looked up to his companion and faltered when he was faced with clear skin and only the faintest smudges of blood left over from what had been the beginning of an impressive black eye.

"What…?" He began, pen falling limp in his grasp. "You're okay?"

"It's your singing," Tsuyu said, wide-eyed, wider than normal. "We have to tell Aizawa-sensei."

"I mean, it could have been that it wasn't as bad as it looked?" Izuku offered weakly. "There's no guarantee it was me, right?"

The look Tsuyu gave him as her hand gently squeezed around his wrist made him wince.

"Okay," Izuku quietly acquiesced. "Let's tell Aizawa-sensei."

Izuku let himself get dragged across the field to where Aizawa was assessing the end of another fight, Todoroki and Kaminari versus Sero and Bakugou. Kaminari's arm was hanging limply by his side, skin singed and bleeding from Bakugou's explosions.

"Aizawa-sensei," Tsuyu greeted firmly when the assessment had finished. "We have something important to tell you."

"Has the swelling gotten worse?" Aizawa asked, turning to face them and pausing in whatever he was going to say next at seeing Tsuyu's determined, unharmed face.

"No. Midoriya, tell him."

Aizawa's passive look turned to Izuku, who shuffled nervously under the scrutiny and said in one, breathless rush, "WhenIsangithealedTsuyu'sface."

"Again, slower," Aizawa retorted, ignoring the aggravated snort Bakugou gave, the other teen seemingly irritated by Izuku's presence alone.

"When…When I sang, I hummed, it…it healed Tsuyu's face."

Aizawa was quiet for a long moment, the only sound distant shouts from other's fighting, some laughter and soft explosions.

"Kaminari, do you mind if Izuku practices this theory on you?"

Kaminari grimaced and muttered, "I don't know, man…I guess?"

Izuku smiled wanly at his classmate, his heart hammering in his chest at being put on the spot and shuffled closer to Kaminari.

"Then, please excuse me?" Izuku glanced over at Aizawa, unsure, but when the teacher did nothing but look on impatiently, Izuku cleared his throat, stared at Kaminari's injured shoulder to avoid looking at his face and began to sing Baa, Baa, Black Sheep.

The glow started off slowly as before and Izuku was hyper-aware of everyone staring at him as he sang quietly at Kaminari. However, like Tsuyu had said it would, the wound on Kaminari's shoulder began to knit together, the angry red burn giving way to clear, unblemished skin beneath. By the time Izuku had stuttered to a stop, the only sign that Kaminari had been hurt in the first place was his ruined sleeve.

"Are you telling me Deku is Rapunzel?" Bakugou blurted, unable to keep the cruel humour from his voice.

Izuku blushed, but abruptly raised his hand to his face at the feeling of warmth blooming under his nose. Bakugou's smirk faltered when Izuku pulled his hand away to find blood staining his fingertips.

"O-Oh," Izuku said slowly, and abruptly staggered to the side. If it weren't for Todoroki steadying him, he would have hit the floor.

"Midoriya?" Todoroki asked, and grunted as Izuku's nominal weight leaning into him became all of sudden much more, Izuku's head lolling limply onto his shoulder, his face pale and the blood against his face stark.

"Oi, what the fuck did you do?" Bakugou snarled, and was stopped by Aizawa's hand on his chest.

"Recovery quirks without some sort of set back are rare. Recovery Girl uses the patient's own energy to heal up until the point until the body can't offer anymore without causing more damage. Izuku obviously uses his own body stores to completely heal an injury without a stopper," Aizawa mused. "Todoroki, can you take him to the infirmary?"

"Of course," Todoroki murmured, but before he could adjust Izuku's weight in his arms, Kaminari swooped in and scooped up the tiny, but unexpectedly hefty body.

"Don't worry! I'll take him, he helped me after all!" Kaminari grinned brightly, shifting Izuku so he was more evenly distributed.

Off to the side, a vein pulsed in Bakugou's head.

"It doesn't matter who goes, so long as he gets there," Aizawa sighed exasperatedly, and then looked back out into the field as someone whooped in glee.

"Then it's settled!" Kaminari trotted off towards the distant school building, and no one said a thing as, not even thirty seconds later, Bakugou was storming after him, latent concern for his childhood friend giving him what Kaminari called a 'constipated look'.

Izuku woke up to the sound of hushed arguing and hunger pains so bad they almost made him want to be sick. He must have moved, or made sound, because Uraraka's quiet voice was exclaiming, "Izuku-kun!" and a soft, slightly cold hand settled on his forehead.

"Midoriya, are you okay?" Iida was next, unable to keep the intensity from his voice, and Izuku blinked open bleary eyes to see Iida leaning over the bed he was in, Uraraka perched in the chair next to him. At the end of the bed, Bakugou and Kaminari seemed in the middle of a heated, quiet argument.

"Umm…" Izuku croaked, and as he tried to sit up, he felt something tug at the crook of his elbow, his eyes drifting to an IV attached to him, slowly dripping some unidentified fluid into him.

"Recovery Girl put you on a nutrient drip," Iida explained, pushing his glasses up with slightly shaking fingers. "She said she hadn't quite seen anything like it before."

"She said it's like your body tried to burn through all the calories all at once, and then dipped into your reserves. If you hadn't had breakfast this morning, you might have gone into a coma!" Uraraka sounded like she was trying to be cheerful, but was having difficulty keeping the rampant worry out of her voice.

"It was quite something," Recovery Girl herself appeared from around the corner, peering at Izuku through squinted eyes. "I discussed this with your teachers while you were recovering, and it seems if you're going to keep up with this singing of yours, you need to uptake your calorie consumption."

Kaminari and Bakugou had gone silent obviously listening.

"I'm going to give you a ballpark, but I expect you to plan your meals accordingly. Probably around four, to five thousand calories a day should get you through."

"But – " Izuku croaked. "What if I don't heal someone during the day?"

"Even if you hum, you're helping small, latent injuries," Recovery Girl nodded towards Kaminari. "I heard you healed his shoulder. It turns out you also obliterated the beginnings of a cold developing in his system. If you're humming in class, you're doing this to everyone around you. Five thousand calories. If you could avoid humming, this would be ideal. Unfortunately, we all know you're too dynamic."

Izuku blushed, but before he could reply, his stomach chose that moment to growl angrily and, unable to help himself, he gently heaved at the ache brought upon by it.

"I'm sure one of your friends will get you lunch if you ask nicely," Recovery Girl said, humour in her voice, almost drowned by Iida's enthusiasm at completing this task. "But for now I need you to finish that drip."

With that, she walked away, Iida already long gone on his quest for food.

Izuku stared at his lap, and smiled warmly at Uraraka as she curled her fingers around his hand.

"Hey," Kaminari said into the quiet as he shuffled up to the opposite side of the bed from Uraraka. "I, uh, want to apologise?" he glanced nervously at Bakugou who was glaring at him, arms stiffly folded.

"Why?" Izuku asked, head quirked to the side.

"For landing you in a hospital bed."

"O-Oh, no, don't be sorry!" Izuku offered him a bright smile. "I'm glad I could help! And I mean, better to learn about it in a safe environment than to collapse in public or anything like that right? Thank you for helping me learn about this, Kaminari-kun!"

'Kaminari-kun' Kaminari mouthed back at the unexpected addition of the affectionate honorific, and unexpectedly turned red in a blush.

Izuku tilted his head as Kaminari croaked out, "Sure, thanks," and absconded before Bakugou could kill him with looks alone.

Bakugou slowly turned his murderous look to Izuku, but his face twitched uncontrollably into something almost softer at seeing Izuku swaddled in the infirmary bed, tubes attached to him.

With an aggravated mutter of, "Idiot," he punched Izuku's ankle and stormed out of the infirmary, doors slamming behind him as he left.

Izuku was left bewildered as Uraraka giggled quietly by his side, her hand still clasped gently around his.

My determination to give all the love to one character strikes again. Probably a drabble series, and probably expect characters to be a bit out of character (probably a lot out of character to be honest.)

Hopefully you like this!

As for those of you that follow my other stories, please know that I am working on them! I actually recently had trouble with my laptop and this is the first time I've been able to use it properly in a long time.

Thanks for reading!