The workload that the two friends and partners had endured over the past few years had been difficult, but very rewarding. Each took their job and perspectives seriously. It was interest that Dana picked up the new assignment.

As the two friends headed out to Bradley Airport in Connecticut they went over the files. There had been three disappearances in a small New England town with many witnesses. The story was interesting as the disappearance had been witnessed by a group of over twenty people.

Mulder looked over the folder and shook his head. It seemed as though a group of twenty-five people had been at an old mansion doing a ghost hunt when they ran into trouble. According to the report they had been in one of the allegedly extremely haunted rooms when some of the hunters equipment began to go off indicating the presence in the room.

Each of the hunters began questioning the entity that they felt that had been reached. To their amazement they were hearing knocking at their request and had received several evp's. Each member of the team insisted that there were no falsifications and that everything that happened was on tape.

While the group continued asking questions of the spirit, the room had become very cold. They had been conversing with the spirit for about twenty minutes when a light appeared over the doorway of the room. As the people looked on the light became brighter and seemed to stretch across the room.

As the people watched in horror the light appeared to go from person to person. The light would disappear over one person and then would go to the next person. After this light went to each person the light then pointed itself directly towards three people, a woman who was in her thirties, a man who appeared to be about the same age and a young child of ten. Then without warning the light disappeared and along with the light the people had disappeared. Each of the people in the room searched in vain, but the three people were nowhere to be found. They had called the police, who in turn had contacted the agency.

Dana was going to have to examine each and every person who had witnessed the incident. As a doctor she was well versed in how a crowd mentality can be perceived as reality, by suggestion only. There had to be some kind of explanation, of that she was sure. With that thought Dana went to work writing notes. She read the report completely and attempted to familiarize herself with each of the witnesses.

Fox Mulder read the same report completely and found a few points very interesting. There were four very experienced ghost hunters, as such they are, in the room at the time of the disappearance. The group that the investigators were a part of had a good reputation . He believed that such things as spirits were in fact a reality and had followed certain ghost hunting teams himself.

As the two got off of the plane and headed into the town, they discussed where they would first go. It was decided that they should go to the house and see for themselves the room and the location where the disappearance happened. As they approached the home they took note that the home looked as many other homes did in the area. It was not particularly large,, but it was a home built sometime in the nineteenth century.

The two agents were greeted by other agents who had been busy checking out the home and the room completely. There had been no evidence of a hidden room or a chamber that the three people could have escaped from. There was no increase in radiation or anything out of the ordinary in the room or inside of the home at all.

Mulder saw the owner of the home sitting in the living room with his wife. Mr. Hescott was very shaken up by what had happened and his wife Jenna could barely speak. It was going to be difficult to speak to the people, but they needed to know their story. After all they had called the paranormal investigation team in for some reason.

Mr. Hescott cleared his throat and began to tell his story. "My wife and I moved in here about six months ago. We had been here for just a few days when things began to happen. At first the things were small, but after a while there was no denying them. The first time I was really frightened was the third night that we spent the night here. We had gone to bed around ten and I had just drifted off. I was awakened by a noise downstairs. There was no doubt about the noise, and I could hear the sounds of someone going through the items that I had in my desk." he stopped as though he was trying to keep his emotions in tact.

Mulder and Scully both knew that it was best to let the man speak so they waited patiently for the man to go on.

As the main regained his composure he told them "I was trying to be very quiet and I grabbed a baseball bat that I had on the side of the bed. Crawling down the stairs as quietly as I could, I headed down to my home office. There was still someone in my office as I could hear him clearly. But , just as I went to enter the room the noise stopped. Without warning I felt fingers around my neck. Someone was trying to choke me. I couldn't yell for help, I couldn't move and without any change that I felt, all of a sudden the fingers were gone and I was free. That night I ran upstairs and found my wife frightened but unharmed."

Something about the man made Mulder think that he was telling the truth. In his years of working for the FBI he had seen all kinds of thins that could not be explained. He looked over at Scully who had been busy listening to the story with interest. Mulder then asked the wife Jenna if she had seen anything.

Jenna didn't want to talk about what had happened at the house, but she knew that she must tell her story once more. She cleared her throat and wiped her eyes. "I was in the kitchen one day and I heard who I thought was my husband call my name. I called back, but nothing happened. I received no answer. This was very unnerving and when I found nothing I went back to making dinner. That is when someone pulled my hair, while I was standing at the sink. This was not a slight pull, the force of the pull pulled my head back hard. When I turned there around I didn't see anyone."

Each night the couple endured several things and had finally decided to call in a paranormal team. Each story was interesting and Scully and Mulder thanked the couple for the information. But, as Scully and Mulder turned to leave Jenna told them "Hold on I need to tell you something else. At first I thought that I was losing my mind, but I have been thinking about it lately and it have something to do with the disappearance of the three people."

With this both Scully and Mulder sat back down. They waited for Mrs. Hescott to begin her story once more.

With another deep breath Jenna Hescott told them about what had happened to her three times since she had moved to the new home. "You need to understand that the first two times that this happened I was sure it was because of nerves or something. But, the last time I was positive. Ever since we have moved into this house, I am always finding things in the wrong place. The one thing that I was sure of, though, was that the other day my car was not where I parked it. I had parked my car in it's normal parking place and had made sure of it as I went in the house. But, when Dan came home my car was in his spot. This doesn't make sense to me, but I hope that it will help you. I have the only keys and the keys were still on the hook where I had left them."

This was indeed interesting information and Scully and Mulder thanked them as they left to do some more investigating on their own.