written for 'world vegan day' on the golden snitch.

school: hogwarts

house: slytherin

points: 5

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. . .

You might've heard of the Flobberworm before, those creatures that are pale and milky that flop around doing nothing — yeah, those Flobberworms.

In the daytime they just like to slither around in their environments, slow, happy.

Nighttime, though? That's something different.

. . .

Although the dramatic third-year Slytherins of 1993 falsely claimed they'd been bitten by Flobberworms, they weren't all that off-kilter.

The moment night falls the Flobberworms will grin at each other, steadily, and bare their new teeth; fangs, really. And they will slide up their cages with their new transformations, with green scales shimmering in the moonlight. They go to hunt, and in the morning the gamekeeper Hagrid finds them as Flobberworms — nothing amiss, as they're soundly asleep.

Flobberworms eat cabbage and vegetation; the Flobberworm, though, doesn't.

. . .

You might be wondering why no wizard knows about these nightly Flobberworm transformations, and that's because Flobberworms are boring. In the daytime, at least. Anyone committed falls asleep watching them because they're so boring.

And so the secret of the Flobberworms remains secret. No one quite knows what goes on in their heads but them, and no one quite knows what goes on in their stomach but them.

We can suspect, we can infer, but that's rather different than knowing for sure.

. . .

Their scales shine yellow-green with various specks of mottled blue thrown in the mix, just for kicks. They have very poisonous fangs, but the Unicorns are regularly killed by the Venomous Tentacula Serpent, no?


. . .

Flobberworms are quite cunning. They know they have very similar dispositions at night to different serpents. For example, they look quite like the Great Green snake, and have fang marks like the Venomous Tentacula Serpent. The Flobberworms take quite undue advantage of these traits.

. . .

Come daylight, they're exhausted. They sleep.