Title: Destiny Ahead: Season 1

Description: This is the first season of an Angel spin-off. With AI going their separate ways Faith, Gunn, and Angel must now train the new slayer, Lela. Plus they have Connor and three other teens on their hands. Can they do it?

Rated: PG-13. (Rating just to be careful because of profanity, violence, etc. May change later. I don't know yet.)

NOTE: I own none of the fang gang and none of the Scooby gang. I could never be that lucky. But I do own the characters I make up. The other stuff belongs to Joss.

A/N: This is my backup plan in case Angel gets cancelled, which I doubt. I know the new slayer thing has been done but guess what? I'm doing it now. So that makes it unique. Got it? Good. And Lela isn't your typical slayer. Trust me on that. I've set this up to be a type of TV show. So this will be considered episodes instead of chapters. OK? Great.

Also: The fang gang has defeated the beast. But they've decided that they have outgrown each other. So now they're going their separate ways. Oh, and Connor's fourteen. Still no sex with Cordy but rain of fire, the beast, and everything still happened. Including Lilah's death.

Episode 1

Sunnydale, CA

          Faith was on a routine vampire patrol in an abandoned warehouse. The upper room she was walking around in was dark and quiet. Faith carried a crossbow, which she had down against her leg. She began to think that the building was empty. She had been there for a half an hour.

          All of a sudden three vamps at once jumped out at her. Faith quickly sprung into action. She back flipped onto a crate and shot one vamp directly in its chest, changing it to dust. She shot the next one as it jumped out at her. As the other leapt towards her, Faith leapt off the crate and flipped over the vampire. She aimed the crossbow and shot the last of the vampires in the chest quickly.

Faith released a satisfied sigh. "Now that was interesting."

          Suddenly another vamp leapt out of the darkness. Faith turned and saw it. She aimed her bow. The vampire kicked it right out of her hands. Faith tossed a punch but the vamp caught her hand and flipped her to the ground. He grabbed her by the throat and sent her flying towards a window.

          Faith crashed out of the window, glass stuck in her back. She landed on an old broken down car on the sidewalk. The slayer's eyes closed and her body became limp. She was dead.

San Francisco, CA

          Fourteen-year-old Lela Winters tossed and turned in her bed. Her chestnut brown hair was drenched with sweat. So was her face. Her latest nightmare was killing her inside of her head. Lela awoke with a shriek. She fell down against her pillow panting. It had happened again.

          Lela's dreams were getting worse. It'd been that way for over a week. She could have guessed that her mother wouldn't come running into the room at the sound of her daughter's shriek. Mrs. Winters and Lela had grown to be more and more isolated from each other. The reason was strange one.

          Mrs. Winters had changed. Not just any change. She'd really turned into a different person. Mrs. Winters had become a complete bigot and she spoke of the most ridiculous things. She went around saying she hates foreigners, different religions, and everyone else. She never cared about her daughter's feelings toward those things. Mrs. Winters had gone insane. Lela had no idea why. She and her mother were very close but one day it just all changed. And on top of everything else Lela was being haunted by nightmares. She thought she was cursed.

Sunnydale, CA

          Faith lay on the broken car. Her body was covered in scars and oozing in blood. Her scalp was also bleeding and blood covered her long hair. She was gone. Faith, the slayer, was dead.

          Just then sparkling lights began to pour from the sky. Cordelia appeared in a long white robe near the car Faith's dead body rested on. Cordelia had gone back to her higher being ways after the gang divided. Cordelia took one look at Faith's body and knew she was gone.

          Cordelia concentrated hard. Slowly lights began to glow all around Faith. She began to rise slowly up off the car, still lifeless. The blood practically washed away the cuts began to heal. Faith started to stir soon. Her eyes opened with a gasp. Cordelia made Faith stand to her feet.

"Cordelia?" Faith questioned. "What the hell—"

"Your welcome," Cordelia cut in.

"Uh, thanks," said Faith. "But how did you—"

"Let's just say that the powers needed you. Not me."

"Figures. So what do "the powers" want? I know they didn't just give me the ultimate favor for nothing. So what's up? Why aren't I crossing over or whatever?"

"A new slayer has been born."


"That's right, Faith. And the powers want you to take charge over her. They want you to be her guardian."

"Guardian? What? What's wrong with giving her a watcher?"

"Well, for some reason they decided that they want you to be her guardian. They want you to train her, be there for her, do what needs to be done to help her become a slayer."

"What's so special about this girl? What makes her so different from me or B?"

"Something obviously does," said Cordelia. "Maybe she's superior to both of you." Faith glared at her.

"Look, I don't care if you did save my damned life. You can't just come down from your high horse and insult my abilities."

"I'm not. I'm just saying that this girl needs you. The powers need you, for some very weird reason. Come with me."

"Wait a minute. Hold on—" The next thing Faith knew she and Cordelia were standing in the beautifully decorated living room of a gigantic mansion. Faith's eyes grew slightly. "What just happened?"

"I've picked up a few things," said Cordy. "Welcome to your new home. We're in LA."

"I don't believe this. You honestly want me to be a baby-sitter to an impressionable kid? Have the powers lost it or something?"

"I think I asked that. They apparently know what they're doing. And they want you to do this. So I suggest you do it."

"And if I don't?" Faith crossed her arms.

"If you don't then you're useless. We'll take back the life force we gave you, it is technically ours, and we'll just let you die," said Cordelia. "And I could care less. You can burn in the four corners of hell, where you should be, as far as I'm concerned."

"Gotta love the sweet talk," said Faith. "Fine. I'll do it. I'll be the damn kid's guardian."

"Great. Glad we had this little chat."

"What's the kid's name?"

"Her name is Lela Winters. She lives in San Fran."

"That's it?"

"You'll find her. Trust me." With that Cordelia was gone. Faith was pissed. She'd have to get help to find that kid.

          Connor sat in the living room of the hotel, mindlessly flipping through TV channels. Angel walked in. Since the others had left there were very little cases to solve at the hotel. Angel had gotten pretty bored. That's why he was glad Connor had finally come around. They'd gotten on good feet with each other since the apocalypse scare.

"What are you doing?" Angel asked.

"I don't know," the teen replied. Connor sighed and put down the remote. "I'm bored."

"So am I. You want to go out or something? Or spar?"

"Yeah," said Connor, liking the idea of boxing with his father.

"Hi." Angel and Connor turned to the double doors of the hotel. Faith had just walked in.

"Hi," said Angel slowly. "Faith?"

"Yeah, in the flesh," she said, walking down the steps up to Angel. "Hey, Connor."

"Hey," said Connor.

"What are you doing here?" Angel asked. "I thought you went to Sunnydale."

"That was my plan," said Faith. "But clearly destiny has decided that it likes its plan better."

"What's going on?" asked Angel.

"Well, for one thing I died tonight."

"What? Are you—"

"Five by five. I'm fine. Cordelia came down from her heavenly plane and brought me back."

"That's great." Faith gave him a look. "Isn't it?"

"Yeah, but don't you think the reinstate thing comes with a couple conditions?"

"What conditions?"

"A new slayer has been born. Her name is Lela Winters. She's apparently so important they didn't even give her a watcher. They gave her a me."

"What are you talking about?" Angel asked.

"I'm this kid's new guardian. And now I have to find her. But I'm not in the mood for doing things solo. Think you can help me out on this one?"

"Always, Faith," Angel replied. He turned to Connor. "Up to it, son?"

"Uh… yeah?" Connor replied perplexed.

San Francisco, CA

          The next afternoon Lela awoke later the next morning and found that her mother had gone to work early. Lela was relieved. She did not want to talk to her. Lela walked to school. She got there just as the bell was ringing. Lela sat down next to her friend, Kelvin. Kelvin was African American and had black hair. He knew Lela had sat down. They'd sat next to each other for nearly every grade. Lela looked around.

"Almost late," said Kelvin. "Mm. Mm. Mm. You know better."

"Come on, Kelvin," Lela moaned, still looking around. "Where's Lynette?"

"She missin' school again. That child go be left behind again," said Kelvin in his usual "grandfather" tone.

"Great," Lela sighed. "Her mom probably had her stuck at home again."

"That's a sin and a shame to make your child miss school that much," said Kelvin.

"I know."

"Your mama takin' the night shift?" Kelvin asked.

"I think so. Which means I'll be alone again," Lela replied.

"I'm go walk you to your house. But you can come to my house."

"Thanks, Kelvin. But I don't think so. My mom barely lets me walk to school by myself so you know she's not going to let—"

"Let you go to somebody's house," Kelvin finished.


"I know. That's another sin and a shame."

          Lela just nodded and smiled at him. Lela had known Kelvin since the second grade. He always took a big brother role over her and most of the other kids in their class. And with his country way of talking and grammar he usually sounded more like a grandpa than a kid. But Lela liked Kelvin's brother act, usually, and considered him her brother. Her real brother was in college along with their sister.

          After school Kelvin walked Lela to her front door and they said goodbye for the day. The day became particularly cloudy. A storm was probably on the day. Lela buried her face in her homework for half an hour. As she finished up the assignment Mrs. Winters stormed into the house, slamming the door.

          Lela jumped at the crashing sound of the door slamming.  She saw her mother come into the living room, with one of her usual grimaces on her face.

"Uh, hi, Mom," Lela greeted quietly.

"Stupid lousy son of a bitch," Mrs. Winters grumbled, locking the door and ignoring Lela.

"Mom, what's wrong?" Lela asked.

"I'm sick of the trash that comes over to this country. I'm sick of the foreigners I work with. I wish them all a horrible painful death."

"Mom, calm down. You sound ridiculous."

"Shut up!" Mrs. Winters nearly screamed at the young teenager. "Shut your dog on mouth."

Lela couldn't believe it. Why was her mother so pissed at her? "Mom, don't get mad at me."

"I said shut up," Mrs. Winters hollered.

          Lela did not feel like a shout fest with her mother. She gathered her things and went upstairs to her bedroom. She really wanted to get away from her mother as quickly as possible.

          Lela stayed in her bedroom until it was dark. Her growling stomach finally made her head down the stairs towards the kitchen. As Lela approached the kitchen she heard her mother talking to someone on the phone.

"What the hell do you mean I'm fired?! What? I'm fired because of that ass hole? Well, tell him he can drop dead and kiss my ass!" Mrs. Winters slammed the phone down so hard Lela jumped.

          The fourteen-year-old was very upset. Had she overheard what she'd really overheard? Had her mother really just lost her job? Lela didn't have much time to mope over it when her mom came storming by her. Mrs. Winters marched upstairs muttering. She slammed her door.

          Not too later that night Lela was reading her latest book in her room. Abruptly she heard breaking and shattering coming from her mother's bedroom. Lela left her own room and went to her mom's. Lela peeked in the door and saw Mrs. Winters throwing breakable items around. The room was completely trashed. Lela couldn't believe her eyes.

"Mom, stop it!" Lela suddenly yelled.

"Get out!" Mrs. Winters yelled. She threw a clay pot towards Lela. Lela gasped and shut the door before the pot could hit her. "Get out!"

          Outside Faith and Angel were walking toward the house with Lorne. Angel had called Lorne in to help he and Faith find Lela.

"Come on, green dude," said Faith. "You have to help me find this kid. We've been looking over this damned city all day."

"Hang on. I'm getting a slight vibe, peach pie," said Lorne.

"Good. You're sensing her then. Right?" asked Angel.

"Well…" Lorne started. Lela stormed out of her house then. "It's a safe bet."

          Lela was wearing a jacket, her arms were crossed, and she was crying. She couldn't believe what was happening with her mother. Lela had gotten out of there before something worst happened.

"Wait. That's the kid?" asked Faith. "Come on. Any vamp can take her out in a split second. She's a string bean."

"Faith, come on," said Angel. "Call her."

"Fine," Faith grumbled. "Hey!"

Lela turned to the three of them. When she saw Lorne she released a horrified scream. "What is that?" she exclaimed.

"Calm down, kiddo," said Faith.

"Who are you? What do you want?" Lela demanded, keeping her distance.

"It's OK. We just need to talk to you," said Angel.

"And don't let the green skin fool you. I'm as friendly as a teletubie," said Lorne.

"And you probably have the personality of Tinkie Winkie," Faith said to herself.

"Leave me alone," said Lela terrified.

"Look, kid. We didn't come here to listen to you whine so why don't you just come with us and maybe you won't get hurt?" said Faith. Lela took off and ran then. "I might have pushed it a smidge too far."

"No," said Angel. "You think?"

"Well, I doubt you two need me to freak out the kid anymore. So why don't you handle this solo from here on?" said Lorne.

"OK. Thanks," said Angel, as he and Faith raced off after Lela.

Lela looked behind her and saw the duo. "Get away from me!"

"Lela, wait," Angel called.

          Lela soon had to stop running. She'd run out of breath. Lela quickly moved into a building that was being constructed near by. She ran up behind a bulldozer. Lela peeked out from behind the machine and saw that Angel and Faith had followed her. Lela ducked behind the machine again. She felt a tap on her shoulder. Lela looked behind her and saw a young woman of about twenty near her.

"What are you doing in here?" the woman asked.

"I'm being followed. These people are stalking me."

"Don't worry. No one can get to you. Let's take you home." She reached out her hand. Lela felt the kindness radiating off of her. She took hold of the woman's hand.

The woman's face suddenly vamped out and fangs began to extend from her mouth. Lela released a horrified scream. Angel's ears quickly picked up on the scream. He led Faith behind the dozer. Lela was struggling to get away from the female vampire's grip. She finally managed to snatch away.

"Are you OK?" Angel asked.

"What is she?" Lela shrieked.

"Not even worth being called a vamp," said Faith.

          Faith and the vampire began to exchange blows. Faith, bored with the fight, pulled out a stake and stabbed the vamp in the chest, turning her to dust.

"What just happened?" Lela asked.

"We have a lot of talking to do, Lela," said Angel.

"Wait a minute. How do you know my name? Who or what are you people?"

"God, I am not up for all of this explaining," said Faith.

"Uh, let's just say you're special," said Angel to Lela.

"Special? What are you talking about?" Lela asked.

"Well, you're… a slayer," Angel told her.

"I'm a what? What's a slayer?"

"A girl who goes around kicking vampire ass," said Faith.

"Are you kidding me? Vampires aren't real."

"Then what was that thing I was just fighting?" asked Faith.

"I don't know," Lela sighed. "I've had a rough night."

"Lela, we're not your enemies. I swear," said Angel.

"I get a better vibe from you than I do my mom. What do you want with me?"

"To help you. And to talk to you," said Angel.

"OK. A lot of weird things have been happening. Dreams, my mom's gone… I can't even talk about it."

"It only gets more hectic from now on so why don't you just come back with us?" said Faith.

"Uh, I don't know."

"Is this going to be one of those "my mother told me never to talk to strangers" things? Come on, kid. We don't have time for this," said Faith. "Would you just come on?"

"Please?" Angel added. "We're walking. No cars. No kidnapping."

"O… K. Fine, I guess," said Lela.

"Great. Let's go then," said Faith annoyed.

          The trio left out of the construction site. Unknown to any of them someone watched them from up in a tree. The person leapt from the tree and was gone in the night.

To… Be… Continued!

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