Title: Destiny Ahead: Season 1

Description: This is the first season of an Angel spin-off. With AI going their separate ways Faith, Gunn, and Angel must now train the new slayer, Lela. Plus they have Connor and three other teens on their hands. Can they do it?

Rated: PG-13. (Rating just to be careful because of profanity, violence, etc. May change later. I don't know yet.)

NOTE: I own none of the fang gang and none of the Scooby gang. I could never be that lucky. But I do own the characters I make up. The other stuff belongs to Joss.

A/N: This is my backup plan in case Angel gets cancelled, which I doubt. I know the new slayer thing has been done but guess what? I'm doing it now. So that makes it unique. Got it? Good. And Lela isn't your typical slayer. Trust me on that. I've set this up to be a type of TV show. So this will be considered episodes instead of chapters. OK? Great.

Also: The fang gang has defeated the beast. But they've decided that they have outgrown each other. So now they're going their separate ways. Oh, and Connor's fourteen. Still no sex with Cordy but rain of fire, the beast, and everything still happened. Including Lilah's death.

Episode 11 San Francisco, CA

          Kelvin took a train ride to San Francisco the following Saturday. He took a bus to his old neighborhood and walked down the street up to his grandfather's house. Kelvin gave the bell a ring. After a few seconds the door opened. However it wasn't Kelvin's grandfather, it was his uncle on his father's side, Jed.

"Hey, Kelvin," said Jed. "Where you been, kid?"

"Been keepin' busy," Kelvin replied. "How you doin', Uncle Jed?"

"Pretty good. You need somethin'?"

"Yeah. I need to talk to grandpa about something I found. It's about the family."

Jed's smile faded. "This has something to do with the demon hunter thing, right?"

"Yeah. How you know?"

"Come on in, Kelvin." Kelvin entered the house then.

Los Angeles, CA

          Connor and Angel sword fought downstairs in the basement of the mansion. Connor used the sword Faith had given him to have. Lela and Gunn watched them from the steps.

"So who do you thinks gonna win, Gunn?" Lela asked the bald man.

"I'm puttin' my money on the bone crushing vampire," Gunn replied.

"Ditto." Lela turned back to the sword fight.

          Angel and Connor continued to cling swords. Finally with one quick swing Angel knocked Connor's sword out of his hand. Connor looked at his empty hand, amazed at how fast Angel moved.

"Good job, Connor. But you have to keep your guard up. Be prepared for any attack," said Angel.

"Fine." Connor picked up his sword. "Wanna go again, Dad?"

"Let's do it," Angel replied.

"I think I'm going to sit out this performance, Gunn. Catch you later." Lela got up and left out of the basement.

San Francisco, CA

          Kelvin followed Jed upstairs to the attic. The attic was large and dusty. The only light in the attic was the bright light coming for the four windows. The light glowed on the antiques, boxes, and other old trinkets.

"I can't guarantee but you might find what you're lookin' for up here," said Jed.

"Thanks, Uncle Jed. I'll look around."

          Jed went back downstairs. Kelvin started to move around in the attic. He noticed a large trunk in the corner of the room. Kelvin managed to pull the trunk over towards a small arm chair. He sat in the chair and tried to pull the trunk open. There was a large lock on it.

          Kelvin looked around for something to break the lock off with. There was a hammer on an old workbench. Kelvin grabbed the hammer and banged it hard on the lock of the trunk. He managed to break it open,

          Sitting back in the chair, Kelvin pulled open the trunk. He took out a couple pair of old fashioned pants, which were on top. The next thing Kelvin noticed was a dusty photo album. He took it out of the trunk and started to flip through the pages. He saw pictures of his aunts, uncles, and… a photo of his mother. She looked to be around sixteen in the picture. Kelvin quickly shut the album, feeling his heart going tender.

          Something was below the photo album. It was a book. Kelvin couldn't believe what the front of the book read, Andersone. And there was a small cross at the end of the name, just like in the other book.

          Kelvin opened the book and began to read. It said the Andersones were hunters, fighters, and champions over evil. The cross was the symbol of the family name. As Kelvin continued to read he learned that the first Andersone hunter had been his great-great-great grandfather, born in Africa, later came to America. He killed a demon that murdered his wife. He then decided that he wanted to continue to do away with evil. And every son in his family would carry on the tradition.

          Kelvin could not believe what he was reading. He hadn't heard anything like it before. Could it be true? Could the words that were printed on the old yellow and torn paper be telling the truth?

Los Angeles, CA

            Faith and Lela sat in the terrace, outside Faith's room. Faith sat in a patio chair staring up at the sun with sunglasses on. She drank a diet coke. Lela hadn't really said anything to her. She sat on a stool near the terrace door.

Finally Lela broke the silence. "What's wrong with me?"

Faith turned to her, taking off her sunglasses. "What?"

"I mean I've been killing vamps and plucked deformed birdies. That's what makes me the slayer. Yet, I've been depending on the rest of you for my very life. I might be the slayer but I don't think that exactly defines me. I mean who am I?"

"Uh, what's with the ranting? What are you talking about?"

"I mean I totally lack personality. I'm all… yuck. Even Angel has a personality and he's a broody vamp."

"Wow. When you look at it that way the dead are more festive than you are."

"Thanks," said Lela sarcastically.

"What's with all of this? What's going on?" Faith asked.

"When I was arguing with Lyn. She said some things that are sinking into me. I don't know who I am. I've just a come across as a charity case. Am I just a pathetic girl who's mother went insane and who lost her family friends. That's all I am, is pathetic. But I haven't even defined who I am."

"First of all, I've known you were pathetic from the start. Second of all, I think I have a clear idea. You're special. The slayer."

"Is that all I am? Who was I before I became "the slayer", Faith?"

"Can't answer you on that one."

"Well, who can? It's like besides just their family and love life everyone has something that says who they are. Connor was raised in a hell dimension, Angel's broody but a champion, Gunn is an awesome fighter who grew up on the streets, and even Kelvin knows who he is. He's known who he is since the day I met him. But who am I? Just a slayer?"

"Kid, I can't tell you who you are. I can just go along with you when you find out. But when you find out I'll back you up."

Lela was surprised. Was this a pep talk, from Faith? "Thanks."

"Oh, and if you ever tell anyone about this pep talk thing you're as good as dead," said Faith.

"Um, gotcha."

San Francisco, CA

          Kelvin carefully and quickly read the rest of the book. He could not believe what he was learning. Kelvin became so involved in the book that he did not notice it when someone entered the attic. Kelvin felt a tap on his shoulder. He looked up and saw his grandfather.


"Kelvin, what you doin' up here?"

"I found this." Kelvin handed him the book.

"Good God. I haven't seen this thing in ages. Where did you find it?"

"In this trunk." Kelvin pointed at the trunk. "Is that book real?"

"Real as your or me. Every word in here is true."

"I don't get it. Why is that book Andersone when we're Andersons?"

His grandfather sighed and pulled up a chair. "The family name, it changed over the years. Some heard the story of the Andersones and other the Andersons. But it mostly was written as Andersone. Anderson could have been any folk."

"Which name right?"

"Both and neither. It's hard to explain."

"This all real then?"

"Everything you read in this here book."

"Why ain't I ever heard it before?"

"That blasted father of yours. That man put this family through shame when he said he wanted nothing to do with any of this. He said that went for his children, too. And we all had to respect him, the damn fool."

"I know. But I still should've known."

"You right, boy. You should've. Parents ain't always right."

Kelvin sighed. "I'm go head back to the mansion, talk to Lela."

"Tell her I said hi."


Los Angeles, CA

          Lela and Kelvin sat side by side on the porch bench as the sun was setting that day. Kelvin told Lela everything he had learned. Lela had as much trouble believing it as Kelvin did.

"Man, Kelvin. It's weird how life takes interesting changes," said Lela, kicking her legs a little.

"I know," said Kelvin. "All this time... I can't believe my father."

"I can. He was never the most popular dad in the neighborhood."

"I noticed. So what you been up to?"

"Confronted by Lyn and dumped by a malnourished albino prairie dog."

Kelvin gave her a funny look. "What?"

"Uh, never mind. And I'm on my own journey of self discovery because currently, I'm nothing but a blank slate."

"We go find out answers together."

Lela smiled and added, "Just like we always do."

A/N: A bonding moment between buddies, gotta love it. All right, people. I know some of you are going to hate me but I've decided to shelve this story for a while. As in I don't want to continue for a long while if ever. I'm sorry. And I know some of you will be royally pissed about this. Also Lela referring to Connor as a malnourished albino prairie dog doesn't belong to me. It belongs to the wonderful and all powerful fruitcake alliance. You can check out all the animal look-alikes, fan fiction, and other cool stuff here: It's totally cool!