Chapter 14

Unsure of what to do, Bernadette quickly jumped out of her car and ran around to the other side of the building to decrease the chances of the robot seeing her. She frantically climbed the fire escape up to the 3rd floor, climbed in the window of an abandoned apartment, ran through the apartment, and out the front door. Bernadette then ran down the hallway as fast as she could and banged loudly on the door of apartment 314 screaming, " Howard! You guys, get out of there now!"

" Oh shit, you guys it's Bernadette!", Howard hissed. Then he ran to the door and screamed, " Bernie, get out of here!"

" No! I'm not leaving without you! You guys need to get out of there now before you end up dead!", Bernadette screamed.

" Gee you think we don't know that?!", Leo screamed.

" Leo, shut up!", Amy screamed.

" Guys the robot is busting through the window!", Leonard screamed as the robo arachnid began chewing through the glass window.

" Oh god, we need to get out of here, like now!", Howard screamed.

" Oh you don't need to say that twice! Move you idiots!", Penny screamed as she shoved past them running out the door.

" Penny, wait up!", Leonard screamed as he ran after her running past Bernadette who still standing in the hallway. Howard wasted no time following him running past his freaked out wife.

" Gangway!", Leo screamed waving her arms in the air as her, Amy, and Sheldon ran out the door as well. Bernadette screamed as she slammed the door shut before following her friends. Seconds later the robot busted through the door and gave chase, still shooting lasers at the freaked out geeks.

" How did this guy know where I live?!", Amy screamed.

" He's an evil genius Amy! He probably put some kind of freaking GPS chip in the first one you destroyed!", Leo screamed.

" Wait a minute, this thing came from your enemy Leo?!", Bernadette screamed.

" Yes Bernie! This is actually the second one because Amy already just destroyed the first one when she whacked it with her purse!", Leo screamed.

" Oh god, what are we gonna do?!", Bernadette screamed.

" We don't know!", Leo screamed.

" You know what I'd like to do?! I'd like to punch that stupid, self-centered bastard square in the face for this!", Penny screamed.

" Penny, what good would that do?! It would just piss him off even more!", Sheldon screamed.

" You know what Sheldon, you are really starting to piss me off! Unless you want me to go all cornhusking yippee ki-yay on you I suggest you shut your condescending piehole before you end up looking like some tall weirdo genius that some hairy guy wants to make his girlfriend!", Penny hissed at him.

" Penny, that doesn't make any sense!", Sheldon screamed.

" Well neither do you half the time so shut up!", Penny screamed.

" Penny, stop screaming at my boyfriend!", Leo screamed.

" Leo, butt out of this! I wasn't talking to you!", Penny screamed.

" Penny, you butt out! We don't need to have this kind of conversation!", Sheldon screamed.

" Don't push your luck Dr. Whack-a-doodle!", Penny hissed.

" Penny, you calling me that right now is not helping!", Sheldon shot back.

" Sheldon shut up! We need to get somewhere safe, like, now!", Leonard screamed.

" Well where the hell are we gonna go?!", Bernadette screamed.

" Caltech, Bernie! Where else?!", Howard screamed.

Caltech University

" Oh sh*t, come on! Open!", Leonard hissed as he tried to open the main entrance door but it wouldn't budge.

" Leonard hurry up! That freaky robot's coming!", Penny screamed over the approaching firing lasers.

" I'm trying Penny but it's not budging!", Leonard screamed as he continued to rattle the door trying to open it.

" Oh great, we're locked out! What are we gonna do?!", Amy screamed. As the robot came closer and closer the others screamed, " LEONARD!"

" OH FOR GOD SAKES, I KNOW I"M GOING TO GET IN SO MUCH TROUBLE FOR THIS BUT…!", Leonard screamed as he suddenly punched a hole right through the glass and reached in unlocking the deadbolt before pushing the door open. Leonard's blood gushed out of his hand and all over the glass. He dripped some blood on the floor as well as he was running down the hallway with his friends. The arachnid came through the open doorway and chased the gang down the hallway, still firing lasers at them.

" Oh god, this is torture!", Leo screamed as they took refuge in Leonard's lab. She was clinging to Sheldon as they hid under a lab table.

" We are so dead!", Howard screamed.

" Now you guys see what I mean about my enemy?! He's insane!", Leo screamed.

" You think?!", Penny screamed.

" I will give you that, but, not entirely!", Sheldon stated.

" Sheldon, this not a Bazinga moment! We're litterally facing a life or death situation here!", Leonard screamed at his roommate/best friend.

" Would you quit being a grouch Leonard?! I was just trying to lighten the mood!", Sheldon shot back.

" Well it's not appropriate right now! Just shut up!", Leonard hissed.

" Ok that is it!", Sheldon hissed as he strained his face placing a finger on each side of his head.

" Sheldon, how many times do I have to say that you can not blow up my head with your mind?!", Leonard screamed.

" Then I'll induce myself to an aneurysm!", Sheldon screamed.

" You're being a nutcase!", Leonard screamed.

" Sheldon, Leonard, stop it! You two are best friends! You shouldn't be fighting like this, in fact, you shouldn't be fighting at all! This is just what my enemy wants us to do! He wants to get inside our heads and turn us against each other! Are you guys really gonna fall for that?!", Leo screamed at her boyfriend and her friend as she got in between them. But before anyone could say anything they were suddenly whacked on the head and consumed by darkness.

Dr. Stormbender's underground lair

Fear and panic began to set in as Leo came to and found herself, her boyfriend, and her friends trapped inside a large, metal cage that glistened under bright, flourescent lights. As she adjusted her eyes to the lighting, she looked around and saw a giant computer screen and several other equipment.

" Oh my god, guys wake up!", Leo screamed which instantly got their attention.

" What?! What is it Leo?! Oh god, where the hell are we?!", Penny screamed as she looked at their surroundings.

" We've been captured, Penny!", Leo screamed.

" Great Ceasar's ghost! This is madness!", Sheldon screamed.

" You would be correct on that assumption.", Dr. Stormbender said with an evil smirk on his face as he stood in front the cage. The gang screamed at the top of their lungs.

" Dr. Stormbender, I should've known this was your doing! Let us out of here or you're gonna be sorry!", Leo screamed as she banged her hands against the bars of the cage.

" I don't think so you little snot-nosed nosy brat! You can't get rid of me that easily! For years I've been trying to track you down again so I could destroy you once and for all! And it looks like today may be that day! You fools will never see the light of day again after I'm through with you Leo!", Dr. Stormbender said with an evil laugh.

" Look, you can do whatever you want to me, but, leave them out of this! They have nothing to do with this!", Leo screamed as she gestured toward her friends and her boyfriend.

" Oh on contrary, they do! Your pathetic friend Amy here destroyed my first arachnid and then your other friend here threatened to punch me in the face!", Dr. Stormbender shouted as he first pointed at Amy and then Penny.

" Excuse me?!", Amy angrily shrieked.

" You deserve it you crazy wacko! You sent this crazy deathrap after us to begin with in the first place waking us up in the dead of night!", Penny angrily shrieked banging her hands against the metal bars.

" Well, I don't give a d*mn Penny!", Dr. Stormbender shouted in her face.

" Firstly, you're really damn lucky we're trapped in this cage right now, because if we weren't, I would've already gone all Nebraska on your stupid a**! And secondly, how the hell do you know my name?!", Penny hissed.

" I heard all of your pathetic names through my wiretap, not just your's!", Dr. Stormbender shouted.

" Leave my friends out of this Devon!", Leo shouted.

" Shut your mouth Leo!", Dr. Stormbender shouted at her as he banged his fist against the cage.

" Don't shout at my girlfriend like that!", Sheldon shouted.

" What was that Sheldon Cooper?!", Dr. Stormbender snarled at him.

" You heard me and it's Dr. Sheldon Cooper to you! I'm a theoretical physicist!", Sheldon shouted.

" Yeah and I am one too so you need to shut your trap before you get someone's fist shoved into it!", Leo shouted.

" Well he's getting it first!", Dr. Stormbender shouted, He ripped open the door and yanked Sheldon out by the collar of his shirt causing Sheldon to scream.

" Oh god! Let go of me, please!", Sheldon screamed.

" SHELDON!", his friends screamed.

" Leave him alone Dr. Stormbender! You do anything to my boyfriend and I swear to hell I will bust you up so bad that you won't even be able to speak!", Leo shouted.

" I said shut up Leo! This smart a** is going to get it for interrupting at me!", Dr. Stormbender shouted as he punched Sheldon in the face making his nose bleed. Sheldon then fainted at the sight of his own blood.

" SHELDON!", the others screamed.

" OH THAT'S IT!", Leo shouted as she headbutted the door of the cage, busting it out.

" YOU REALLY ADDED FUEL TO THE FIRE NOW DEVON! NO ONE AND I MEAN NO ONE, HITS MY BOYFRIEND!", Leo shouted as she lashed out at her enemy. Her friends bolted from the cage and split up around the underground lair looking for items to fight with. They each grabbed a blunt object and Penny screamed, " GET HIM!" In an instant they all ganged up on the mad scientist beating him senseless with the objects they picked up. Sheldon then came to and joined the fight as well. But then in the midst of everything, a metal folding chair suddenly came flying out of nowhere and smacked Dr. Stormbender in the face, sending him careening into the wall but as he tried get back up the fire extinguisher fell off the wall, hitting him in the head which knocked him out.

" What the frack?!", the others exclaimed.

" Where the hell did this folding chair come from?!", Leo exclaimed. The gang turned their heads to see a young caucasion woman with straight ginger colored hair in a pixie cut, wearing a dark blue crop top, a blue jean jacket, blue skinny jeans and black two inch heeled shoes leaning against the wall with a smug smirk on her face. Her eyes were crystal blue as well.

" What's up Fordyce?!", the woman exclaimed.

" Dakota?!", Leo exclaimed.

" Dang girl, after all these years you still remember my name!", Dakota exclaimed as she pulled away from the wall.

" Oh come here you crazy bi**h!", Leo exclaimed with a laugh as she and Dakota threw their arms around each other.

" I haven't seen you in over 25 years! Where have you been this whole time?!", Leo exclaimed.

" I've been living in Fort Knox, Kentucky training with a local gym.", Dakota said.

" You're an MMA fighter?!", Leo exclaimed.

" Yep.", Dakota said.

" Oh my god, that's so awesome!", Leo exclaimed.

" You two know each other?!", Leonard exclaimed.

" Yeah, Leonard! This is my old elementary school friend Dakota Harris! Dakota, these are my friends Dr. Leonard Hofstadter, Dr. Amy Farrah Fowler, Dr. Bernadette Rostenkowski-Wolowitz, Howard Wolowitz, Penny, and this is my boyfriend Dr. Sheldon Cooper!", Leo exclaimed.

" Hi it's nice to meet you! I'm Dakota Harris!", Dakota exclaimed with a smile.

" So what are you doing here?!", Leo exclaimed.

" Well I started thinking about you and I just had this gut feeling that something wasn't right, so, I came here as fast as I could.", Dakota said.

" You're the one that threw that folding chair at my enemy?!", Leo exclaimed.

" Yeah, that was me Leo! Who did you think threw it?! A ghost?!", Dakota laughed.

" You're so crazy Dakota! I think you being an MMA fighter totally fits your personality!", Leo laughed.

" You think Leo?!", Dakota laughed.

" You're a mixed martial arts fighter?!", Sheldon asked.

" Yep, they call me Dakota ' Skullbreaker' Harris!", Dakota said as she showed off a few moves.

" Why Skullbreaker?", Howard asked.

" Because when I hit my oponents so hard I busts their skulls!", Dakota said.

" Well that makes sense.", Penny said.

" Hey! Who threw that folding chair at me?!", Dr. Stormbender shouted as he came to.

" I did that you a**hole buckethead!", Dakota shot back.

" What?! Who the hell are you and what are you doing in my lair?!", Dr. Stormbender shouted.

" My name is Dakota 'Skullbreaker' Harris and it doesn't matter what I'm doing here because I'm about to take you down for screwing with my friend!", Dakota shouted.

" You think you're tough enough to fight me?!", Dr. Stormbender shouted.

" Oh hell yeah, I'm a world-class MMA fighter! Prepare to get your skull busted up jackweed!", Dakota shouted as she stood in a fighting stance.

" We'll just see about that! Come and get me Skullbreaker!", Dr. Stormbender shouted.

" Ok, you asked for it!", Dakota shouted as she threw a punch at him, nailing him square in the face causing him to stumble but not fall.

" Is that all you got?! Hit me again Dakota! I dare you!", Dr. Stormbender shouted.

" You got it, punk!", Dakota shouted as she threw more punches at him as well as some kicks.

" Yeah, get him Harris!", Leo shouted as she encouraged her friend.

" I told you to shut up!", Dr. Stormbender shouted as he lashed out at Leo. Both women suddenly found themselves in a fight for their lives until a voice shouted, " Go to hell you son of a bitch!" before a shot ran out startling the two women. Dr. Stormbender fell to the ground in a pool of blood with a bullethole through his chest. The others looked to their left to see Sheldon standing there holding a pistol.

" Sheldon Lee Cooper what the hell did you do?!", Leonard screamed.

" I had to Leonard! He left me no choice! It was either kill him or let him kill my girlfriend! I wasn't going to let that happen!", Sheldon shouted.

" Oh Sheldon you just saved my life, again!", Leo shrieked as she ran to him and threw herself into his arms sobbing dramatically as her legs gave way.

" Ok ok take it easy Dr. Fordyce! You're crushing my spine!", Sheldon shrieked as his legs gave way as well bringing the two of them to the floor.

" I can't believe it's finally over! I love you Dr. Cooper, I love you so much!", Leo cried with relief into Sheldon's shoulder. Then she kissed him.

" I love you too.", Sheldon said as he kissed her back.

" Damn girl, you're so lucky! I wish I had a guy that treats me like that!", Dakota exclaimed.

" What do you mean Dakota?", Leo asked.

" Well…", Dakota started to say but was interrupted by her cell phone ringing.

" What do you want Rico?!", Dakota hissed into her phone.

" Where the hell are you Dakota?! I've been trying to text you and call you for several hours now! Why aren't you answering me?!", Rico shouted into the phone.

" Chill the hell out, I'm visiting a friend right now! I don't need to answer you every freaking hour of every freaking day! I'm not your property Rico!", Dakota shouted.

" Well you're my girlfriend and I would like to know where you're at! When I call you and text you I expect you to answer me! For all I know you could be cheating on me with another dude!", Rico shouted.

" I would never cheat on you asshole! I'm not that kind of girl! I'm just with my friend Leo!", Dakota shouted.

" I knew it, you are with another dude! I can't even trust you Dakota!", Rico shouted.

" I am not with another dude Rico! It's a she and she has a boyfriend!", Dakota shouted.

" You really are a stupid bi**h Dakota if you think I'm going to believe that!", Rico shouted.

" You know what Rico, I'm done with this conversation! Goodbye you stupid jackhat!", Dakota shouted as she hung up on her abusive boyfriend.

" You ok Dakota?", Leo asked.

" Yeah I'm fine Leo.", Dakota said.

" Who was that on the phone?", Amy asked.

" My stupid jacka** boyfriend Rico Boriellas! He called me to scream at me, asking me where I was and he called me a stupid bi**h!", Dakota said in an angry tone.

" Well that's not nice! He shouldn't talk to you like that if you're his girlfriend!", Bernadette said.

" Yeah, well, I don't know what to do Bernadette! I've told him several times to back off and let me live my life the way I want to and yet he continues to act like a jerk! That motorcycle gang he's in really messed him up! He used to be so sweet and charismatic and now he's just a complete a**!", Dakota hissed.

" Well if things aren't going right in your relationship Dakota, you probably should consider calling it quits and break up with him. Because this isn't good if it's turning abusive.", Leo said.

" I don't know Leo. If I break up with him, he's going to get mad.", Dakota said.

" Dakota, listen to me. Abusive relationships always end two different ways. One, someone gets really hurt or two, someone ends up dead. This the same thing I told my sister Kennedy when she got herself into an abusive relationship with this guy named Richard. You need to end things with this Rico dude now before things get worse and you become a statistic. You may be a fighter but you're really no match for that.", Leo said as she placed a hand on her friend's shoulder.

" I guess you're right, Leo. I really should end things with him before they get out of hand.", Dakota said. Just as she said that, her phone rang again. It was Rico again.

" Do it now Dakota. Don't let this abuse continue anymore.", Leo said.

" Ok.", Dakota said before she answered the phone.

" Dakota, I'm really sorry for yelling at you. I don't know what I was thinking." Rico apologetically said.

" Rico, we need to talk.", Dakota said.

" About what?", Rico asked.

" Look, I don't like how you've been treating me these past few months and I just don't know how much more I can take.", Dakota said.

" What are you talking about Dakota?! What are you saying?!", Rico asked with a bit of anger in his voice.

" I'm saying I'm done with you. I'm breaking up with you Rico.", Dakota said.

" I can't believe I almost bi**hing made up with you! So you're telling me that you want to throw away 5 years together?!", Rico shouted.

" Yes I am!", Dakota shouted.

" You know what, screw you Dakota! I'm coming out to find you so we can settle this the hard way! Nobody breaks up with me and gets away with it!", Rico shouted.

" Good luck with that dingbat! You don't know where I am!", Dakota shouted.

" We' ll see about that, bitch!", Rico shouted before he hung up on her.

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