Gwen woke to the sound of someone knocking on the door. Half-awake she threw off the covers and answered the door. "Yeah?" she asked as she opened the door and found two people she didn't know standing there.

"I'm Annie, Annie Edison," the young woman introduced herself, "I'm here to drop off Ron's homework assignments."

"And I'm Abed," the young Indonesian man introduced himself, "I'm here to question Ron about the nature of reality, which has just gotten a whole lot more interesting now that you're here."

Annie looked shocked and horrified. "He didn't mean that!"

"Yes I did," Abed disagreed. "Her existence alone suggests a multitude of possibilities."

"You can't just hit on her like that!" Annie complained. "Hitting on a friend's girlfriend is in really bad taste."

Abed tilted his head and looked at Annie curiously. "Do you really believe I am... smooth enough to use lines like that?"

Annie paused and frowned. "No, I really can't say I do, even if it looked like you were doing so."

"Thank you and ouch," Abed said without changing expression.

"You could have been using lines from a movie you saw," Annie offered, "I could see you doing that."

"I'm only interested in people who share my love of film, so they'd recognize them right away," Abed replied.

"It's also a good way to find fellow film buffs then," Annie pointed out.

"I hadn't thought of that," Abed admitted. "I'll be sure to try it out in the future, however back to what I said before. This is Gwen Tennyson, she's... how much am I allowed to say?" he asked Gwen.

Gwen looked both amused and confused by the pair's conversation. "About me?"

Abed nodded. "Secret organizations and abilities aren't things to be casually tossed around."

"I don't have a secret identity and as far as I know I'm not part of a secret organization," she replied, wondering where he was getting all this from.

"Does that mean we are going with denial of their very existence or I'm supposed to share now? I seriously can't tell," Abed said.

"If you know something I don't I'd really like to hear it," Gwen said.

"Fine, but not in the hall," Abed said, prompting Gwen to let them in.

"I'll go wake Ron," she told them as Annie closed the door. "Be right back."

"Alright," Abed said as he tilted his head and examined the room.

"I can't believe Ron started dating someone and never mentioned her to us," Annie said with a frown.

"He didn't," Abed said. "I really should have a pipe for this."

"It was just a one-night stand?" Annie asked scandalized. "I didn't think Ron was like that and why would you need a pipe?"

"Because Watson, you have overlooked some elementary facts," Abed said, holding his hands up to mime lighting a pipe and taking a puff.

Annie's eyes lit up as she realized what he was doing and putting on a poor attempt at imitating a male voice with a British accent asked, "By Jove, Sherlock, what could I possibly have missed?"

"The couch is folded out and appears to have been slept on," Abed said before puffing on his imaginary pipe.

"I can't believe I missed that," Annie said before she started straightening up and folding the couch back into a couch.

Abed dropped his Sherlock impersonation. "We'll have to work on this bit later, but that was a good first attempt."

"Thanks," Annie said giving him a bright smile.


"Kim?" Ron asked bluntly as he was shaken awake.

"Wrong redhead," Gwen said, leaning down to give him a good look at her cleavage, having unbuttoned several buttons on her shirt, "not that I'm against a little roleplay mind you."

"Gwen?" Ron asked blinking sleep from his eyes and quickly pulling a pillow over the blankets covering his waist. "Did you want something?"

She smirked as her eyes darted down to the pillow for a second. "Abed and Annie are here."

"Oh," he said relaxing and giving out a yawn as he stretched. "Tell them I'll be out in a minute please."

"Will do," Gwen said, putting a little extra sway in her hips and resisting the urge to glance back and see what effect it had on him.

Abed perked up as she came out of Ron's room.

"He'll be right out," Gwen told them.

"Is this the part where we awkwardly avoid saying things while waiting for Ron to come out?" Abed asked. "Because if it is, can I suggest we play something instead? I'm just asking because holidays with my family provide all the awkward, stilted conversations I need for writing scenes about it."

"What kind of game did you have in mind?" Gwen asked before Annie could say anything.

"I picked up a new board game, well new to me, it was in a thrift shop," Abed explained. "It's called Jumanji. Want to play?

"Sounds fun," Gwen said.

"Great, I'll get it," Abed said, hopping to his feet.


Ron splashed cold water on his face and fumbled for his tooth brush. He was not a morning person. He was up and dressed, though only half awake, as he stepped into the living room and saw something that caused him to freeze in place.

Annie rolled the dice. "A seven," she announced and reached for her peace, only to have the obsidian crocodile snap at her fingers and move forward on its own, walking across the old wooden game board.

"I'm the monkey," Ron said with a sigh as he joined the three, the small monkey carved out of granite stood and stretched before climbing out of the storage space for the pieces and moved to the starting point.

"Should we be worried?" Annie asked nervously.

"Yes," Ron and Abed chorused.

"I thought this was just a game based on the movie, not the board the movie was based on," Abed apologized.

"It happens," Ron replied. "Gwen, get dressed, this is going to get dangerous and messy."

The half sphere set in the center of the board began to glow green, letters floating up out of the depth of the crystal.

"In the depths of the jungle a fortune rests, but what if it is just a test?" Annie read aloud as the sound of jungle drums filled the room and the shadows darkened.

"Not sure this is that big an improvement," Gwen said, dressed in her Genie outfit once more.

"What's going on?" Annie asked. "I need details, so I know what to panic about."

"Cursed board game, we win everything goes back to normal, if anyone cheats they turn into a monkey," Abed quickly explained.

"Does anyone hear the sound of rushing water?" Gwen asked.

"Grab the table and the game, don't let go," Ron ordered just before the door to the closet burst open swamping the group ankle deep in gold and jewels.

"Now what?" Annie asked, as they all stared around in shock.

"Each turn sets off a magical effect, usually dangerous," Abed noted. "This seems... either off base or more balanced."

"We're safe for the moment," Ron said. "Until the next person goes we have time to get ready."

"Why don't we stop while we're ahead?" Gwen asked, picking up a handful of gold coins and examining them.

"We could," Abed admitted, "no one is stuck in the jungle."

"The game doesn't end until someone wins," Ron said with a frown.

"And time rewinds," Abed agreed. "So, if we wait until we're sixty we could get a complete redo of our lives by playing the game, provided we survive to sixty, and then someone lives long enough to win of course."

"So... we're rich?" Annie asked.

"If this is all real," Gwen agreed searching for some emerald earrings to go with the necklace and tiara she'd found.

"I guess so," Ron said.

Relieved the girls broke out in smiles.

"Unless this is the test," Abed said suddenly.

"It probably is," Ron admitted with a sigh. "Not sure what the test is. Greed? Is it seeing if we turn on each other?"

"No, not a one of us has that kind of flaw," Abed said shaking his head.

"How do you know I don't have that kind of flaw?!" Gwen demanded. "With all I've seen and what I've been through a little greed seems like a good idea!"

Abed nodded agreeably while Ron put a hand on her shoulder. "A little greed is a good idea, but regardless of what you've been through you will never value money over the life and happiness of others."

"I... no, I wouldn't," Gwen agreed. "I still want to know how you know me though."

"Did I miss something?" Ron asked.

"Abed says he knew Gwen and is being all mysterious about it," Annie replied.

"I'm not trying to be mysterious, I just don't want to give away any secrets of her's that aren't mine to share," Abed explained.

"Abed is a mystic," Ron explained, "he saw your life in detail the same way I did or at least the life you should have had."

"I... we are going to have to have a long talk about that," Gwen said.

"It's a bit complicated and hard to explain," Ron said. "I mean I know the broad strokes to a degree, but the details have probably shifted and I have no way to tell how."

"Broad strokes are; your family has protected the Earth from invaders from other planets and dimensions for generations. Ben was to accidentally receive a powerful tool that would allow the wearer to take on various alien forms. It was meant to go to your grandfather Max, but Ben picked it up and it bound itself to him instead. While it would function best as a tool to allow understanding between vastly different species it also function as a decent tool for kicking their ass instead."

"Ben tended to jump head first into everything," Ron added.

"You had to deflate his ego on a daily basis," Abed continued. "He would have died early on without you to lean on for stability and emotional support."

"Plus the odd moment of ass kicking yourself," Ron added.

"Later you find out that your absent grandmother is actually an alien being of immense power and little self-control who Grandpa Max hooked up with," Abed said.

"Ben seemed to inherit the lack of control," Ron noted.

"While you inherited her powers," Abed explained.

"What?" Gwen asked stunned.

"That's what Zatanna was sensing," Ron realized.

"You wore a cat themed outfit and called yourself Lucky Girl," Abed explained. "Those abilities relied on you using magical luck granting artifacts which were eventually destroyed."

"I'm all about getting lucky," Gwen said with a smirk. "Where do I find these artifacts?"

"Good luck for you was balanced with bad luck for who you were closest to," Abed explained. "Besides they were holding you back. The full range of your powers is similar to Martian Manhunter wielding a power ring."

"What?" she asked, forcing herself to pretend to be calm and not squeal for joy. Powers like that meant she would never have to rely on anyone ever again! She'd be safe!

"Your grandmother is an energy being called an Anodite, who manipulate energy as part of their nature, it synchronizes with you being human to allow you to be a very high-level magic user," Abed explained. "Add in your obvious talent in martial arts and tech skills and you are one hell of a hero with an obnoxiously long list of powers and skills."

"Abed!" Annie exclaimed.

"What?" he asked cluelessly. "She was an overpowered Mary-Sue with almost no flaws."

Gwen laughed and kicked her feet spreading gold and jewels around as she fell back against the sofa.

Ron grinned. "I would kill to be an overpowered Gary-Stu."

"I think you were more comedy relief sidekick," Abed answered.

Ron nodded. "I know, I did have some moments when I was called up to play hero, but comedy relief sidekick is just so much fun!"

The sound of drums crept up on the group causing them all to turn to the board. The crystal dome began to shine with a bright green light.

"The clock ticks down on your next round, the monster you must now sate... is DR. FATE?!" Annie read aloud.

The door to the apartment tore open revealing a figure wearing a golden cap and helm over a blue body suit.

Ron's smile at seeing a familiar hero began to fade however as he noticed the red light leaking from the helm's eye holes and the flicker of green flames running up his arms.

"Aw crap!" Ron cursed.

Typing by: Lohoydo

TN: I almost made Annie imitate "a mole voice" and named Gwen "Lady Maid" instead of "Lucky Girl". Had to look at a few wikis to fix that one.

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