Title: All the things she said

Chapter Eight

Author: Kiss This

Disclaimer: I don't own shit. [Except for the plot o course]

Summary: AU. Usagi is a famous singer, and is the younger sister of Setsuna, a prominent female model. When Usagi and Setsuna organize a fashion show at their mansion, in order to raise money for a good cause, by selling all the clothes they invite all the biggest celebs; actors and actresses, athletes, politicians, everyone who's a someone. One of those select few is the racecar driving champion, Haruka Ten'ou who finds something she wants that isn't on the order form.

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Haruka cursed as she hit another red light. Her fingers clutched to her steering wheel so tightly, they were a ghostly white against the black leather.

"There's not even any cars coming!" She growled to herself.

Her foot was jerking so much in anticipation for the green light she couldn't wait any longer and slammed on the gas. The sleek yellow convertible shot out like a rocket and swerved sharply right with a loud squealing of the tires.

The airport was almost in sight when she glanced at her dashboard. The little flag was resting on the E side of the fuel gauge. Under any other circumstances she would have immediately detoured to a gas station. But she didn't even care that her "baby" was running on fumes alone - not now.

"Please, baby, just hold out a little longer." She pleaded under her breath for the car to keep running just long enough for her to get to the airport...and Usagi.

Michiru's words echoed in her head.

She's the one who comes along once in a lifetime...

The car sped up even more and she didn't even notice as the flag crept past 85 on her acceleration gauge. She turned into the airport parking lot A just narrowly missing a collision with a pick-up truck.

Kami is helping me... Haruka thought as she swerved into a parking space right in front of the main entrance before another car could get the chance.

Conventions, such as car doors, where lost to Haruka as she leapt over the side of her car. She landed easily on the cracked and broken pavement then started her sprint into the building.

Elbowing bustling people aside she made her way to a line-free Customer Service counter. The woman behind the counter was obviously not paying attention to her work as it took Haruka several, previous seconds, to get her attention.

"Hey lady! I need to know which gate the earliest plane leaves for America from." She snapped, her patience wearing thin.

"Hmm. Let me check that out for you."

Clackety. Clack. Clack. Clickety. Clackety. Tickety. Tick. Tick. Tick.

"That would be..."

Clackety. Tickety. Tick. Clickety. Click. Click.

Haruka was just about to violently lash out at the woman and most likely cause a scene when the annoying clacking of computer keys ceased. The blonde-haired baka of a woman turned to Haruka with a smile.

"Gate F9 - departing in 20 minutes. That's up those stairs to your left and then just follow the signs to the other side of the airport."

Even as the words were spoken Haruka was already pushing off from the counter and dashing towards the marble stairs. Years of track told her to keep her breathing steady and constant, but Usagi's face - no, her eyes - filled her entire head until she could see nothing else, think nothing else,...feel nothing else.

Soon her breath was coming in ragged gasps and a stitch was already forming in her side. A two-way corridor popped up in front of her making her stop.

She was forced to back track in order to read the sign hanging from the ceiling behind her. Her sea-green eyes darted across the fading sign until the found the directional arrow for Gate F9.

Left it is... She muttered to herself.


Usagi glanced at the clock, and then at the crowds of passing travelers. The minutes ticked slowly by until all the coach passengers were finally boarded. Then came first class.

Usagi motioned the Lights to go on without her. Her eyes scanned the crowd hopefully, but as the moments passed, that last, futile reserve of hope began to ebb and fade.

One of the flight attendants came up behind her and tapped the blonde lightly on the shoulder. Readjusting the strap of her carry-on over her shoulder she turned her head slightly to acknowledge the woman. "If you're traveling on this plane you'll need to board now."

Usagi glanced at the clock almost reflexively and felt her heart drop all the way down to her toes. She nodded briskly in affirmation and the woman disappeared back through the tunnel connecting the building to the plane.

Usagi felt torn. Part of her wanted to stay and apologize to Haruka for leaving her. The other wanted to be free - free of a relationship that wasn't going to go anywhere unless one of them did something. Her stylish ankle boots were super glued to the carpeted floor of the Gate's waiting area.

She didn't know what she was going to do. Her hopes had rested on the fact that her threat of leaving would make Haruka realize what had been going on.

She had hoped her lover would have come to her...

She took one step away from the plane, but something inside her made her hesitate. With one last look at the passing crowds, Usagi sighed and turned towards the tunnel access.

"Looks like I'm going to America alone..." She said aloud, to no on in particular.

"Of course you are," The familiar husky voice compelled Usagi to whirl around in shock, "And I'm coming with you."

Haruka was bent at the waist and her hands were resting on her knees as she tried to steady her ragged breathing, but her eyes were always on Usagi and she was smiling.

"Haruka?" Usagi herself was breathless.

Haruka tossed her head in an attempt to clear the hair from her line of vision, but only succeeded in knocking more hair in the way. Her sea-green eyes were wide and she gave Usagi a roguish half-grin.

"Michiru had to verbally beat the sense into me, but I realized what was wrong." She straightened, "I thought I might have realized to late."

Tears pricked at the corners of Usagi's eyes, "I waited for you..."

I will not cry...I will not cry...

The warmth from Haruka's hand as she caressed her face spread through Usagi's body like a flood of fire. Haruka slowly trailed small kisses up Usagi's neck, pleased with her responsive "Mmmm". When she reached her mouth, Usagi immediately responded, kissing her back with passion. Haruka pulled back and looked down at the shorter woman.

"Can you forgive me?"

Usagi face broke into a sweet smile.

"Take me with you, Koneko?"

Usagi nodded and reinstated their previous kiss-a-thon while dragging her girlfriend down the plane tunnel. "I have an extra ticket..." Usagi whispered between kisses, glad to have her girlfriend's arms around her and her lips against her skin.


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