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Chapter 3

Honoka's Story

My name is Honoka Shirahama. I'm a rambunctious little girl. Fourteen years old and still single. And today I am all alone, sitting in an empty room on a bunk bed of a strangers house. I don't like it here. How did I get here you ask? Well, I'm living on the road. Sleeping in strange places is how it is now, I guess. It seems not that long ago that I was waking up at home and going to school like normal. Everything after that is a bit of a blur….

One Month Earlier

…Eh. Where am I. I pushed myself upright. Or at least I tried to. But something is holding me by the stomach. Also the ground is moving.

"Don't move tiny!"

I recognize that voice! "Natsu-san? Whats going on? Where are we?" I asked while trying to get my bearings.

*crack**swish* "Tch. Caught up to me. Hold your breath."


And suddenly we were both submerged underwater. All the sudden movements already had me dizzy, and then water went up my nose.

Another tug had me at the waters surface.


Natsu pulled me to shore by the collar of my shirt.

Without giving me a moments rest, I was once again hoisted up onto his shoulder and we were off into the surrounding forest. "Listen Tiny. We might not have much time. Your family is dead and gone. You're going to need to hide. Get far away from here. As far as you can go. If you can get far enough they probably won't bother hunting you down."

"What are you talking about?" I asked urgently. Whatever was happening was starting to freak me out.

"Yami, brat. Now stay quiet, we need to move." Quickly and silently Natsu carried me between the shadows of the trees.

Long minutes passed as we traversed the forest amongst the fading light of twilight.

We didn't get far before a man stood in our path. It was Akisame-san. He was somehow not as friendly looking as usual, even though he was as serene as ever.

"It's good to see that you are all right, Honoka-chan." In the waning light, I could just make out him stroking his mustache. "Though it makes one wonder... why you would be here of all places."

I could feel Natsu shift uncomfortably below me, though I don't know why. "Tch. I couldn't leave the brat to her fate. I would be dishonorable trash." His voice was as gruff as ever, but I could tell he was being a big tsundere again.

Another rustling began behind us, but from something much larger than last time. Natsu's arm tightened around my waist until it was uncomfortable to breathe. Not that that mattered to me, because I was frozen stiff.

Something is coming for me. Something is going to kill me. I need to leave. Run. Get out of here! DO SOMETHING! I DON'T WANT TO DIE!

As sudden as the intense fear came, it was replaced by calm.

I could blearily make out through my haze another hand placed on my back.

"Go." Akisame's voice softly spoke. "I will handle things here, and catch up later."

Natsu didn't waste a moment to talk and resumed his sprint. Not once turning to face the oncoming feeling of foreboding.

I looked back.

What I saw, was amazing. Akisame was confronting a burly man twice his size. Between them sparked an invisible energy I feel like I shouldn't be seeing, but through some miracle was. Potential unrealized, is what came to mind. Every move planned out ten, twenty, and even thirty moves in advance in an intricate dance of death. Like a game of Othello played with their lives on the line.

Then, without warning, they moved. It was at best a blur to normal eyes. And I could only look back at the changing landscape behind me as Natsu took me away, leaving Akisame-san to his fate.

Akisame was sweating from the strain of keeping up this pace.

He was one of the best of the best. But even he could tell, or because he was the best he could tell, that he was outmatched. Ma's strength was a level above his own.

Not to mention Kung Fu was almost always a bad match up for his grappling style. The hard and quick movements more often than not slipped through his fingers during any of his more complicated maneuvers.

By raw power alone, Ma Sougetsu truly was worthy of the title of Fierce Fist God of the One Shadow Nine Fists.

But this was no time for such thought. He let out a deep breath to help calm his mind and settle himself in a meditative battle trance.

Ma thrust forward with a wall breaking thrust punch that Akisame slipped past and levered the arm into a joint lock. Ma ignored the threatening movement and pushed forward into another jab with his locking arm nearly taking off Akisame's head.

Koetsuji used the moment of attack to slip along the side of the arm around Ma to pull on the back of his clothing into a textbook throw. Ma jumped into the throw and used the momentum to twist himself into a stomp kick aiming at Akisame's neck.

Akisame caught it with his hand and twisted the foot to once again slam Ma face first into the ground, but was forced to dodge backwards, lest he lose his fingers as Ma grabbed the ground and twisted into a flip.

Grabbing a tree with his fingers then tossing it at Ma to buy himself a moments respite yielded no results. It immediately cracked down the middle when Ma speared it with through with one hand. Then they were back at it.

But with each throw, twist, or lock Akisame would use, Ma would straight up power through any attempt at restraining him. At the same time, Akisame would redirect all of Ma's blows by the skin of his teeth. It seemed they would trade blows forever without result.

Finally he managed to get a hold of Sougetsu's knifehand fingers using a fake opening near his neck and perform a jerky overhead throw, making sure to pull loose as many joints as he could along the way.

Somehow he still took a knee to the back of the head during the maneuver though. Honestly, fighting this guy was like fighting a savage beast. No restraint at all.

With one useless arm, Ma Sougetsu still came at him with the force of a charging bull. Leaving him no time to gather himself and make any plans.

Well, If he was going for a final clash, now would have to be the time.

Together they ran at each other with their ki flaring. Abandoning all defense, Akisame let a punch connect with his faced in order to get a hold of Ma to smash him face first into the ground. Akisame managed one more overhead throw before Ma kicked him up by the chin.

Akisame flipped through the air, but caught the trunk of a tree and managed to use it to rebound right back at the still rising form of Ma Sougetsu.

Akisame's left arm wrapped around Ma's jugular and his right around his armpit in a formidable strangulation technique. For precious seconds Akisame was forced to hold onto the beast with all his might in a last ditch attempt to win this fight.

A tearing sound graced the night.

With the all the grace of an angry badger, the light slowly faded from Ma Sougetsu's eyes.
"Jeez. Nearly breaking my finishing technique with brute strength. You really are a monster." Akisame laughed as he dropped the unconscious Ma and clutched his shoulder. After making sure Sougetsu was really out for the count, he got up and started running after his late pupils younger sibling. Leaving behind one unconscious Master and one mangled and cooling arm on the forest floor.

2 years later

In an undisclosed location in the mountains of Japan, two martial artists were sparring at a pace that would be hard for a normal person to follow. They flipped, repositioned, grasped and feinted in a dizzying show of acrobatics. But at a rustling of leaves, they stopped.

"Honoka, step behind me." Jujutsu Master Akisame Koetsuji commanded with ease and familiarity of a Sensei commanding his student.

Materializing out of the branches of an old tree, none other than Niijima Haruo stepped out.

"Oho. I was wondering who could be following us that had such a masterful use of stealth. But if it isn't Haruo-kun. What brings you out here to such a place." He Akisame commented as he relaxed slightly.

The devilish alien like man looked a little ruffled and somber. The past few years and weeks in particular had been rough on him as he kept running interference between the Shinpaku alliance and Yami. The problem in front of him in particular was troubling. "You can't keep running like this forever. He's been gunning for a rematch with you ever since you last separated."

Akisame hummed thoughtfully at that. It wasn't surprising news, in fact it was expected of a man like that. "I see. That is serious. But how is that any of your business?" He asked genuinely curious. It took more than a warning for the information general to move.

Niijima nodded and replied seriously. "I came to take Honoka away from you."

"What! You can't just do that!" said Honoka, outraged at the prospect of leaving her teacher.

Niijima ignored her and continued talking to Akisame. "You can evade faster if she doesn't drag you down. And if… no, when it comes down to a fight. I want her to not be there."

"Akisame-sensei can handle anyone that comes after us. And what's it to you what happens me anyway. I don't even know you!"

Niijima was barely acknowledging her existence, but still took the time to answer her. "…You're brother was my best friend. As his little sister, I have to do everything in my power to make sure you're safe." He solemnly told her. 'That and I need to get Tanimoto off my case' is what he secretly thought.

Honoka was brought up short by his blunt statement. It wasn't often anyone brought up her brother anymore. It was still a sore point for her. "… Well I still don't need your help!"

Akisame put a hand on her shoulder, half to comfort her and half to restrain her from assaulting Niijima. "No. Perhaps this is for the best."

"Akisame-Sensei!" Honoka protested feeling betrayed.

He pressed on, "As good as a teacher I am, this is no way for a girl your age to live. You should be making friends and going to school," he turned back to Niijima, "I trust you have a way to make sure she is well taken care of."

Niijima let out his creepy alien laugh. "Of course. I have the forged transcripts and some suckers ready to adopt the first thing waved in front of their faces. Hyehyehye!"

"Then I will leave her in you're care." He nodded at the decision they reached.

"You're just going to leave me!" Honoka looked pleadingly at Akisame-sensei. He just stared off into space contemplatively before giving her a warm smile.

"I truly enjoyed spending my time with you. I'll have to make sure to break our tie in Othello if I ever have the time." He gave her a knowing smile. "But, in the end, you never were suited to learning my Jujutsu techniques."

"So I'm not good enough to be you're apprentice." She muttered dejectedly.

Akisame shook his head. "You have the talent to be spectacular in any field you apply yourself. But I know my style was never the one that held your interest. Don't think I haven't seen you practicing Hikaken during your free time."

Honoka flinched at his amused tone. It only sounded condemning to her. Because it was true. Ever since Natsu first showed her his style. "I-it was just a passing interest. Right. I'm always up for learning whatever you have to teach me Sensei."

Akisame-sensei gave her a pat on the shoulder. "I enjoyed teaching you as well Honoka. But you should be free to pursue your own interests, not forced to follow mine."

He once again turned his attention back to Niijima. "I assume you could carry Honoka to wherever it is you are going."

"Err. Yeah." He confusedly sweat dropped in reply.

"I see. Then this is goodbye, Honoka." And after a faint pinching sensation on her neck, Akisame's faintly smiling face was the last thing she saw before her world faded to black.

Present Time

My name is Honoka Diaz. I'm a rambunctious and cute girl. Sixteen years old and still single. And I'm spending the day with my new family. They're a little strange, but then who isn't. I'm so far away from everyone else. It's a little sad. But someday I'll be strong enough to go see them again. Someday.

Authors Notes: I'm in a bit of a writing mood, so here's another chapter. With this you get a peek at the type of setting I'm going for. Although I do feel a little bad for Honoka, it's all for the sake of the plot.


Honoka gained status: Jujutsu expert, Kung fu practitioner

Akisame gained status: Handicapped -1 arm

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