Sonic At Hogwarts By Andy Prosser

"How could they done this to me?" angried Shadow.

Tails, Sonic & Knuckles were threwing a celebration at Shadow's funeral. "Hooraaaaay Shadow is dead!" they were so happy.

"I'm a ghost now" said Shadow, revealing that he's a ghost.

"You're too good for them," says Omachao who was also a ghost. (Note: Omachao got killed by a cop)

"But I thought we were friends..." saddens Shadow.

"It's okay to kill those who hurt you, Shadow. They may be your friends but they should also share your pain." says Omachao as he gives Shadow a gun.

Shadow jumps into the funeral, "Time to eat a dick and a bullet, fart albatross." and Shadow unloads his magazine on Bean.

Then Shadow pulls a knife on Tales, "This is what you get for playing One Direction at my funeral." And Shadow shoots a laser out of the knife. (It's the future so knifes shoot lasers now)

Shadow then did a roundhouse kick at Knuckles, butt Knuckler was able to dodge the kick by using a new technique he learned at karate class. The technique was called roundhouse kick dodge.

It worked by going under and not towerds the roundhouse kick so the kick didn't ht Knuckles at all. Shaadow was ashocked.

"How you dodge my ghost kick?!"

"Too bad you... will die" And Knuckles uses a ghost trap to trap Shadow's ghost.

"Quick! Sonic! Do something!" Shouted Doctor Quack

Sonic had to act fast.

Just then Sonic did something and the ghost went away forever.

"Yay the funeral is saved!"

"Good thing I went to Hogwarts and met Harry Potter and learned that spell to banish ghosts," said Sonic.