Autumn had long since been his favorite season. There was something about the way that the world slowly changed from vibrance and youthfulness to the dreary and worn. A feeling in the air as though the earth itself was releasing a sigh that caused a great depression amongst the masses as the overcast skies blotched out the sun. It was both draining and invigorating at once to watch this happen, to see these changes take place. A familiar pattern that never ceased, the world spun, the seasons changed, green became shades of red, orange and yellow. Soon to be followed by gray and white, a magnificent and altogether wonderous to watch.

It had been something he'd enjoyed during the days of his youth as well. That much he could remember. Watching the sky and the vast landscape as they transformed before his eyes. As a boy he had never been granted the luxury of travel, to see this change happen in other places. But it had not mattered much to him then, the importance of the never changing pattern had failed to be grasped by his frivolous younger self. Too many things had been taken for granted back then. Simple things that he now wished he had understood the importance of.

Texas had been free of the snow that plagued the areas that they now were forced to reside in. It was wild and free when he was younger, nature taking its course out on everything. Mother nature tearing through the towns with bitter winds and rainy storms, displaying her might for everyone to see. Clanging doors and slamming shutters were his memories of winters from childhood. Riding out to the words with his father to retrieve fire wood was another, one of few to survive the years as they faded from his consciousnesses.

These memories of watching fields gray and colors change were held greatly close to his heart. Treasured deeper than perhaps any he owned of the current times. A nostalgic look into times past, the beginning to a story that would never have an end. At least not the kind of ending that would be worthwhile in the grand scheme of the lives of those he had been around back in those times. To them the things he had done were of as little consequence as failing to note the hints of a storm on the horizon. Lackluster and with little fancy he was treated in those simpler times. Craving yet again for that youthful invigorence that seemed to elude him since the day after his turning.

He could remember the feeling of adrenaline as the winds whipped around his body on horseback. Tearing at his skin as the days grew colder and the nights longer as the end of the war grew ever closer. As though he had been born for this he flew across the plaines of Texas, a major in the Confederate Army, fighting for what he believed was their rights. Thinking he was invincible with his handgun in its sheath and his wits about his head. How wrong he had been.

If he could go back and change the outlook he had maintained he would have told himself to not be so cocky. Reminded himself to follow the instincts that had screamed for him to leave the three women alone and run as far away as possible. Foolish was something he had been, even as he had approached his twentieth birthday, thinking he was above things that he knew nothing about.

That last day before the change was the only thing that he could recall with absolute clarity. Everything else remained jumbled snippets of conversations or pictures out of a silent movie. Disjointed, not entirely easy to make sense of and uncomfortable to focus on. Almost like everything he attempted to bring forth from the depths of his human memories was static and covered with a veil of sorts.

It was a thin veil, one that seemed as thought it could be removed with the right amount of willpower. However he lacked both the strength and the motive to attempt to retrieve such trivial things from his past. It was a frivolous experience that neither sated his ever present anxiousness or served to enhance it. The deepest emotional turmoil it could manage to evoke these days was a deep sense of longing for the past.

Autumn was a truly interesting season, for the powerful monologues it seemed to bring forth from the soul. It contained both the peaceful air of summer and the silence of winter. A blissful combination that usually ensured the relaxation of those who set out to enjoy it. However he was acutely aware that this wonderous interlude was nearing it's completion. The world was beginning to learn more towards the depths of the snowy winter than the airy open feelings of the summertime. He was willing to establish and acknowledge that it would probably not be much longer before the snow began to fall again.

And fall it would. Year after year, winter after one. One blizzard would turn into the next and slowly you would begin to forget just how many you had seen. Perhaps that was why he loved the gray space in between as much as he did. It was a force of nature, changing in its tone but never straying from the pattern that it has been set on. The world followed its natural course and he was set aside, caught in an infernal limbo with the time that he never wanted.

He had been wonderfully naive to the true nature of the creatures that surrounded him. Within the same blissful ignorance that encompassed every other member of the human race. Thinking wholly that he would live life until he died, whether it be of old age or some other cause. He had been raised to understand that he should not partake in reckless behavior as any day could become his last with just the slightest mistake. And he supposed that was something that he did miss. The rush, the energy that came with knowing that you could die any second in battle.

The first rays of sunlight were making their appearance over the horizon as he continued to watch the landscape. He loved the mountains that surrounded him in rural Washington, the trees providing the needed cover during days where the sun wanted to finally make itself known. The world before him was beginning to look much like the photos that everyone saw but never imagined that they would get the chance to experience.

Shades of orange, red and gold intermixed within the various tones of blue that claimed ownership over the night sky. Fading stars glimmered slightly at the onslaught and slowly disappeared at the force that was the sun. Moving quicker than the eye could process the light traveled beyond its domain in the sky, warring with the moon for the ability to stay present above human kind. At least that was how he imagined it, a never ending power struggle between the two greatest lights that anyone could ever set their eyes upon.

Closing his eyes he soaked in the rays of sunlight as they hit his face. Providing a needless, but much appreciated warmth to his body as it traveled over the forest and mountain range. There were few things that he found enjoyment in these days, very few pleasantries that he allowed himself to partake in. It was a menial thing, watching the sunrise, under appreciated by most who saw it. He did not fail to realize that he had once been one of those people lost to the true beauty of the world. Taken in and captivated by dangerous desires and other terrible things that had been given too him. It was a wonder that he had ended up the way he was now, not at peace, but content he guessed was the right word. In a place where he was neither living nor existing, just satisfied to remain forever in the gray area between humanity and beyond. Though his moments were growing every shorter the more that the morning dragged on. Closer and closer to the inevitable time when his control would be tested and he would attempt to reclaim a sliver of the humanity that he had lost all those years ago.

A voice broke him out of his revere, breaking through the sounds of nature that surrounded him. But still managing to sound both alluring and almost boisterous at the same time.

"Jasper, come on and get ready. You don't want to miss today, do you?" Alice.

He opened his eyes and took her in, watching as her beauty glimmered in the sunlight. The diamonds that appeared to be embedded in her skin offsetting her magnificently wild midnight hair that splayed around her head like a crown. She looked almost like a woodland fairy, with her doe shaped golden eyes. He was immediately drawn into her just like every time before this, the absolute joy pooling within her emotions driving his lips into a slight upward turn.

"No ma'am, of course not. Lead the way." She laughed at this, it sounded like a chorus of bells in the air. Echoing throughout the range as she took off running into the woods. Looking every bit like the sprite that she could be compared too as she bobbed and weaved in and out of the trees and underbrush with grace. Following her movements he could not help but smile as the scenery changed before his eyes, taking in the last vestiges of the sunlight before the cloud cover took back over its rightful place. The world around him was teeming with life and he could almost swear that his life was complete. If he were to die now, he would die a happy man.

With that last thought he closed off his deeper thoughts and began to enjoy the sensation of running. It was a speed he would have never known you could travel at during his human days and sometimes he was grateful for the life he had. Other times he wanted nothing more than to be human again.

Destiny enjoyed games of its own.