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When the black haired and violet eyed Menma Uzumaki Namikaze woke up this morning, she expected the normal yet happy routine of waking up, going to the academy, and spending time with her two favorite Uchiha, with only one major deviation. It was October 10th otherwise known as "New Baby Brother Day". Kushina was going to give birth to her new sibling and she was ecstatic. No longer would she be an only child in the famous family of Konoha. By sometime tonight, she would have another someone to care for and look after. However, fate decided that today of all days would be the day Konoha would come under heavy assault and not by foreign Kunoichi.


There was no feeling in the world that compared to feeling the Killing Intent that leaked from the monstrosity known as the Kyuubi no Kitsune. Even from a "safer" distance the feeling of terror it unleashed was potent. Menma could only imagine what the kunoichi fighting the beast up so close felt. As she looked at the horror of her village being torn asunder while civilians and kunoichi scrambled around her, a giant cloud of smoke appeared and the dispersed to reveal-

"Gambunta!" Miraiya's famous summon dropped right down on the Kyuubi, pinning it to the ground with his staff. Some light was beginning to show on this darkest of nights.

Menma just sat by Kushina's hospital bed, watching her mother and newborn snooze with her red and puffy eyes..

This night was mostly a curse. The catastrophe that struck Konoha led to the death of of many, including the Yondaime herself. The damage done to the village wouldn't be irreversible, but the effects may last beyond a life time.

The one miracle however was the survival of Kushina and the birth of Menma's little brother, Naruto Uzumaki. He was the spitting image of his "father", so much so that you could hardly tell if Kushina had added anything to the genepool, physically anyway. Sadly, that miracle was quickly sullied by the Sondaime's news of hs condition. You see, Minako couldn't just seal the demon fox into just any random child, orphon or not, with a good conscience and force them to bear a harsh burden. As painful as it was, Naruto was the best candidate due to his background thus made into a jinchuuriki.

He wouldn't recieve as much scorn as most Jinchuuriki, but he wouldn't be welcomed with open arms either, especially from civilians. Most kunoichi would know better, but their resentment for the beast would still surface onto Naruto. The chidren wouldn't treat him any different since they wouldn't be allowed to know of his condition.

"Menma." Kushina whispered, catching her daughter by surprise. "It'll be okay." She said as she smiled. Menma couldn't help but gently set her head down on her mother's shoulders as she kept her eyes on Naruto.

'Maybe.' She thought as sleep struck her.

As the day went on in Konoha, we find Naruto Uzumaki, dressed in his black shorts, boots, and white shirt with his family symbol, playing ninja with his aniki. Menma, already twelve years old, was on her way to making ANBU captain alongside her secret crush Itatchi, but still had plenty of time for her lil' bro. All she usually wore was long black fingerless gloves with red straps, black boots, and long shaggy black pants. She wore no shirt, to many people's varying chagrin and/or delight, but had on black bandages as chest binders.

"Got ya aniki!" Naruto shouted as he jumped down from a tree, looking to pounce right down on her. She looked at him, smirking as she body flickered out of sight, causing Naruto to stab his kunai into the ground. Before he could do any more, someone 'bopped' his head with a light chop. "Jerk." He muttered.

"Word of wisdom, don't announce attacks. It's dumb." She chastised lightly.

Naruto pouted. "Yeah yeah. One day, being able to move like a psychotic vibrator won't save you from me, dattebayo." He stated hotly.

Menma raised an eyebrow. "Psychotic vibrator? Tch, no more Anko for you kiddo." She said as she placed Naruto on her shoulders. "Come on, the ramens probably done by now." She said to her brother's delight. They quickly left the park, making it home to sight of their mother waiting just outside the door to their home in the Uzumaki compound.

"About time you kids got here, the foods done and the tables set." The duo quickly rushed in, thanking their mother and chowing down on their meal before she joined them. It was moments like these the family was thankful for. All of them together, bellies full of kami's food. Naruto's life was alright. Civilians treated him funny but gave him a fair time, the kunoichi community even more accepting, he was pretty okay with the clans save for his pranks, and he had his family. His mother and sister pretty much felt the same way. The hardships of the family secret rarely ever showed itself.

"Hey Kaa-chan." Naruto said gaining her attention. "I've been thinking lately and... after seeing all the things Menma could do... I wanna be a shinobi." The moment those last words came out, both mother and daughter sputtered from nearly choking on ramen.

Being a guy in a world where only the ladies could do things like spit fire and make you hallucinate to the point where you could literally think yourself to death was pretty crazy. And biased. However, being a guy wasn't all bad. Only women could use chakra to do things like genjutsu and ninjutsu, but guys could still do, or only do if your the "half a glass empty" type, physical jutsu (stuff like kenjutsu and taijutsu) and fuinjutsu albeit with a little more difficulty, so they could be just as badass as their opposite genitalia companions. For Naruto, that was more than enough. Besdes, he had a sleeping demon in him. If that didn't help... well...

Anyway, Hiruko and Kushina were a bit worried when he said he wanted to become a shinobi but supported him when he joined the academy. Menma and Anko teased about his dream to surpass all physical fighters across the elemental nations but gave nothing but support for his goals and promised to offer him advice when he needed it. As for Itachi, Same thing as Menma and Anko only more "cool" and "stoic".

Today was his first day, the first step to greatness.

As he entered the academy, he came upon a myriad of students, including the clan kids. He'd seen a few of their faces before namely Ino Yamanaka and Sakura Haruno. They played together on the playground a few times and were on okay terms. Naruto was one of the few people who didn't make fun of Sakura's forehead. Then there was Satsuki Uchiha. They didn't really talk much despite him knowing Itachi but she projected "Rays of Bitchiness" in Naruto's mind and he was having none of it. Then there were the girls he didn't know. To his right was a feral looking one with a puppy and two red fang marks on her cheeks, a pineapple haired girl sleeping, and a hefty girl eating some chips. To his left was girl with a hoodie and shades on, a brown eyed girl with a kimono, and a lavender eyed girl with blue hair.

There were other students too, but for some reason, they all seemed... irrelevant. As if they just blended in with the background.

A few girls eyed him occasionally as he looked around and waited for the teacher. Well, until one of them decided to walk towards him, sit next to him and speak.

"Yo, what's a boy doin' in a place like this?" He quickly turned around to see the girl with the puppy talking to him.

"I don't know, whats a girl doing in a place like this?" He asked sarcastically. This noticeably agitated her a bit.

"Trying to learn how to be a badass kunoichi, something a guy couldn't be."

"That so. Well no crap, cuz I'm going to be a badass SHINOBI, dattebayo." The girl quickly scoffed at that.

"You seem more like some pretty boy than fighting material." This earned her a solid glare.

"Coming from you, ya overgrown sack of fleas, that's some insult." Dog girl may not have been the brightest, but she could feel the thickness of his sarcasm. Before she could say anything, a third voice came in.

"Hey, could you two not get into an argument, it be troublesome if the sensei had to walk in on her new students fighting on the first day." Came the lazy voice of the pineapple haired girl.

"Oh, and who asked you to butt in?" The dog girl asked, growing more agitated by the second.

"Nobody in particular, Inuzuka." The laziness Naruto felt from that girl was almost tangible. From his guess, she was a Nara. More intelligent than any scholar but lazier than a box of sloths. They were alright in his opinion, if a bit boring.

"Its fine Nara, if anything happens I'd put her to sleep before the sensei walked in." He stated non chalantly earning a sigh from the Nara and a growl from the Inuzuka and her puppy.

Before anything else could happen the sensei finally arrived in a burst of smoke, aready gaining the classes attention. "Good morning class, my name is Iruko Umino and for the rest of your time here at the academy, I will be your homeroom sensei."

As a ten year old Naruto strolled out of the academy, he arrived to the sight of his Baa-chan with a few kunoichi in the front court yard, all with grief on their faces. Hiruko was the one who spoke up. "Naruto, you need to come with us to the hospital. It's about your kaa-chan."

The group quickly rushed over to the hospital, Naruto nearly trampling over people in the hospital in a rush to see his kaa-chan. When he got to the room, the clan leaders that had gathered moved out of the room in a somber fashion, giving the two their last moment in private. Kushina, paler than the moon with so little life in her eyes, was lying in the hospital bed with machines attached to her in a desperate effort to keep her alive. She barely managed to turn her head to see her sochi. She weakly reached out her hand and Naruto quickly yet gingerly took it. "Sochi-kun... I don't have... a lot of time left..." Naruto couldn't help but whimper, trying to hold back his sobs. "I... know you'll both... be strong... you're both such wonderful children... great ninjas in the making... Naruto... Menma... I love you both..."

Naruto just sat there with her, holding her hand and resting his head on her shoulder. He didn't break until he heard the flatline. Just a few seconds later, Menma bursted through the door with a panicked look on her face. Coming upon the sight of her deceased kaa-chan, her heart nearly stopped and legs felt weak. Tears leaked forward but she couldn't breakdown. They both had a feeling this was coming, they just didn't say it. Uzumaki could survive having bijuu removed, but only for so long. They didn't tell Naruto due to his age, hoping they could tell him at a proper time, hoping that this wouldn't happen at all.

Naruto and Menma looked for each for a second before Menma walked up to her brother, placing him in a warm embrace as tears fell from both of their eyes.

They needed each other more than ever now.

"Good Kami." A twelve year old Naruto in his orange tracksuit said aloud as he dropped down to the grass tired from his hours of training with cheap weapons strewn all around him. His limbs felt totally hammered right now, mainly because he was smashing them against hard and thick rocks, trying to toughen his body after his intense workout of running, exercising, and combat practice with weighted gear on.

Truly, he was a child of stamina.

He had to do a lot of this self training more and more ever since Kushina died. The people were far more wary of him after finding out the news and Menma became more and more distracted with work. Whether it was on purpose or not, he didn't know. Even her free time was spent more on business than him, especially when this old woman named Danieru came by. It hurt but he didn't complain. Menma was a captain now. He couldn't and wouldn't get in her way.

Anko had been oddly been busy herself too, but she could give him the occasional help along with the Higurashi's, who offred him minor weapons training and gave him cheaper items in exchange for errands. He wouldn't ask Itachi for help for two reasons. She had a little sister in the academy and it wouldn't feel right to him to divert her attention, even if Satsuki was stuck up. The other reason is, you guest it, too busy being an Anbu captain.

As he laid down, he heard two sets of footsteps coming towards him. A jonin and a child. Both with Bowl cut hair styles, thick eyebrows, and green spandex. This wasn't just any weird looking jonin, it was the Mighty Green Beast of Konoha, Might-

"Gal-Sensei look, its-"

"I know Lei." She said seriously. Her face screamed nothing but serious at the moment which put Naruto off a bit."Another young academy student and a boy no less, training himself to the bone to reach new heights in the world of taijutsu just like us! Truly this boy is in his spring time of youth!" She cheered with her boisterous voice, her face becoming goofy and happy while her teeth seemed to really shine in the sunlight. "At this rate, you may have a rival amongst the Konoha ranks Lei."

"Really! My own Rival! Ooh Gal-sensei!"





"Le-" (BONK) Naruto couldn't take this weird student-sensei relation he was witnessing, so he decided to end this the only way he knew how. By throwing the weights at their heads as hard as he could.

"By the way, I have plenty more in this sealing scroll if you do that again, now if you'll excuse I'm gonna relax a bit then head straight back to training." He said as he collected the gear on the ground and sealed it back up. 'Thank you Menma.' Thanks to her, he had minor fuinjutsu skills and it made carrying things SO much easier. Great for pranks too. But just as he was about to walk away, Might Gal stopped him.

"Actually, I came here to talk to you. Are you Naruto-kun?" She asked hopefully.

"Um, I am Naruto, yes." He answered nervously.

"Well, A certain someone told me of your aspirations and how far you would be willing to go to achieve those means." She said placing a hand on his shoulder. "To put it simply, I'm here to offer you some guidance and training alongside Lei." Said girl began to eye him excitedly. "I don't know much about kenjutsu though, but I can offer a few pointers and I know someone else who can help you a bit." She finished.

Naruto then starting eyeing the jonin carefully. "Why do you wanna help me?"

"Because you're youthful!" She exclaimed excitedly.

"Well yeah, I am twelve... Alright, you're weird but you're strong so I accept!" His mood was starting to pump up. He would finally recieve some more help and from a taijutsu master no less.

He just hoped he wouldn't have to wear any green spandex. Orange would only be slightly better.

The day had been fairly normal. Go to the academy, learn stuff, show Satsuki-teme who the boss was, eat with Choume, train with the bushy brows, and finish a little project Iruka assigned them with his partner... Satsuki-teme. To say it was a suck fest of an experience for Naruto would be an understatement. However, despite the constant arguements and few bouts of violence, they completed their assignment. Now all they had to do today was tolerate a little dinner at Satsuki's house.

"I still can't believe Kaa-san invited you over." She said quitely but still loud enough for him to hear.

"Well, unlike you, she doesn't have the personality of sand paper."

"You're really good at running your mouth dobe, if only you were just as good at being a shinobi."

"Considering I kick your ass in taijutsu, I don't think your one to talk, jackass."

"In a real fight, I'd burn you alive before you could get three feet in front of me."

"If you could catch me first, which you can't."

"Yeah, you say that now." You know, the only good thing Naruto could say about Satsuki was that she didn't look down on him because he was a male. She looked down on him because he was him. Not a special case, not a lesser male, just Naruto the dobe. He wouldn't tell her that though and he would murder Menma if she told Satsuki his secret respect.

When Naruto and Satsuki saw the Uchiha gate in sight, he became a bit nervous, but not enough to show it. Uchiha were notable for there, shall I say, "I'm better than you" attitudes and that attitude seemed to only increase in the presence of men. That and Naruto had recently pulled a prank on the compound inolving a ton of dye, panties, meat, and the Inuzuka dogs. He really needed to thank Kiba for that. He was okay with Satsuki's birth mother, Mikoto, her sister, and cousin. On the other hand, Her father, Fugako, was not on his list of favorites. She wasn't horrible or anything, just too stern and serious.

He was swiftly broken from his thoughts when they neared the gate and noticed no guards there. That was odd. Without a word, they carefully went inside and noticed that it was too quiet. As they went deeper into the compound, they began to see sights that made even seasoned chunin gag. Blood and bodies, sprawled across the ground. They're eyes were torn out or punctured. It made both their hearts nearly stop. Satsuki quickly rushed towards her home with Naruto following right behind her. When they arrived there, Satsuki wasted no time in nearly busting down the door. They quickly made it to her parents room. They weren't prepared for what they saw next.

"Aniki?" Especially not Naruto. Standing in Satsuki's parent's room was one of the most important people in the world to Naruto, if not, then the most important person in his life. Menma Namikaze. Her fists were covered in blood and Satsuki's parents had holes in their chests. It didn't take a detective to figure out the problem going on here.

Satsuki was pretty much frozen at this point and could only choke up one word. "Why?"

Menma didn't say anything. She just turned around in one fluid motion and Satsuki fell to the ground, catatonic. Naruto was about tell yell until Menma spoke. "Don't worry, she's simply in a Genjutsu. She'll be fine in a few hours."

This didn't ease Naruto's growing panic. "Menma what the hell are you doing? Why are your eyes-"

She started wincing in slight pain and noticed that her eyes were leaking blood. 'Already? Goddammit!' Her eyes quickly became their normal violet color and she faced Naruto again. "Naruto... in this world, fate is decided by those with the power to invoke their will. Those with the means to conquer others are those who decide how the world works." Faster than Naruto could blink, a fist smashed into his stomach leaving him on the floor, gasping for air. She swiftly caught him before he could fall and held him in a tight hug. "Those with the true will of fire, so strong that the inferno of the sun pales in comparison, are the ones who rule destiny. That is why I need to cast off my restraints and take what is mine." Her hug became viscously tight. "My revolution starts tonight."

The snap seemed to echo through the night as Naruto's vision faded to black, his sister's apathetic face being the last thing he saw.

When Naruto woke up, a sewer with a giant cage inside was the last place he expected to find himself.

"What the fuck?" A booming demonic voice groggily muttered. Naruto caught sight of what lurked in the darkness and felt his heart leap into his throat. His heart ndarly lept from his body when two demonic eyes looked into his. "Seriously? What. The. Fuck?!"

Naruto could only stare in aw at the beast before him. Hearing about the Kyuubi no Kitsune was one thing. Knowing it was your prisoner was another. Actually looking at it was indescribable.

"So this is my prison now?" She asked rhetorically. "Great. I'm in a brat with a broken spine. Terrific. And he's an uzumaki no less... got nothing to say gaki?" She asked irritably.

Barely registering what she had just said, Naruto took a few seconds before mustering up the courage to speak, asking a question that plagued many minds since he was born. "Why?"

The Kyuubi rose an eyebrow. "Why what?.. speak worm!" She shouted causing a boom with her voice.

Naruto had to get his composure together before he spoke again. "Why d-did you-u attack Konoha?" He tried to sound assertive but his fear broke though his voice hard.

The Kyuubi gave him a questioning look. "Attack konoha? What the fuck are you talking about? Last time I checked, I was in your mother." She said. 'Unless...'

This comment reopened some wounds in Naruto's heart. "My kaa-chans dead. Someone ripped you out of her and she died years later." He answered loud enough for her to hear.

This news seemed to irk the beast at most. "Really. Tch, I knew she was a shit host and her son seems to be no better." She scoffed.

This comment turned Naruto's fear into fury. "What did you just say?" He asked quietly. The Kyuubi sensed his negativity and smirked, slightly unnerving the boy but not dousing his anger.

"You heard me." She said condescendingly. "Your mother was shit when it came to my power. Had me all her life and could barely muster up a tail of force. And to top it all off, her seal was far more stable and I was far more docile. And then there's you, her product, sprawled out with a severed spine." Naruto winced at that, rubbing his back as the memory of intense pain came back. "This is beyond unacceptable. I can't have this." Naruto began to feel an intense heat around his body. "Listen to me as hard as you can: this power I'm bestowing you is for my benefit. You are weak, pathetic, and I will NOT tolerate it. Thanks to the damage done to your spine, I have to manually repair it by forcing my chakra into your sysytem. Before you ask, no, this will not make you into a hannyo. That's a dumb urban legend."

Naruto gave her a look. "I wasn't going to ask any thing relating to that."

The Kyuubi shrugged. "Well you may have been thinking it." She wasn't wrong. "Anyway, you essentially have a deeper piece of me inside of you. What this does to your overall power, I don't exactly know, but it will definitely increase your usefulness. Now get ready."

"Wait!" Naruto shouted. "What if it kills me or something?"

Kyuubi scoffed. "Then neither of us really have anything to lose." She stated contently. Naruto didn't have time to comment before his vision was enveloped by a piercing white light.

Hiruko was not in good spirits to say the least. The Uchiha were decimated, except for Izumi and her now traumatized sister, Satsuki, and if that wasn't bad enough Naruto had his spine crushed. It would be a miracle if he could even stand again, much less walk. And all because of Menma no less, now an S rank nuke-nin. One night of disaster yet again. How many disasters would she have to witness in her lifetime? Especially in her twilight years?

She was broken from her thoughts as she entered the hospital room of the now awake Naruto. His eyes were glazed over for a split second before he shot up and swiftly jumped to his feet. "What the hell?! Where am I?! What's going on?! He frantically shouted before Hiruko gently set a hand on his shoulder, hiding her shock at seeing Naruto get up like he's fresh from a nap. He quickly turned around and instantly calmed down.

"Naruto... are you all right?" She asked.

He looked around for a bit before he answered. "I guess. Where's Menma?" He asked.

"Long gone... Naruto, how are you able to stand?" She finally asked.

Naruto rubbed the back of his head. "You really want to know?" She immediately nodded her head. "I don't know either." He sighed out.

"Damn right you don't." His tenant said inside his head. The less they knew about her awakening and their cooperation the better. The last thing she needed was outside interferences and suspicion.

Hiruko sighed. 'Probably the kyuubi's chakra trying to keep him alive. I didn't think it's regeneration powers stretched that far though. Then again, bijuu.' She thought to herself. "I see." She said before promptly enveloping Naruto in a warm hug which he returned. "I'm just glad your alright, Naruto-kun. I understand that this may be beyond hard for you and if you need anything at all, don't hesitate to ask me." He just looked at her for a bit, contemplating before he spoke.

"Baa-chan... I wanna be shinobi. More than ever." He said with a heavy tone of determination. "I want the power to cause change. The power to reign in fate and make it my bitch."

She scowled a bit at him cursuing but ultimately paid it no mind and smiled. "That's gonna take a lot of hard work Naruto-kun. If anyone can do it, I'm sure you can though."

Naruto grinned. "Thanks Baa-chan." He said happily before he pulled her into a hug which she immediately returned. "Who knows, I may take the title of hokage just for the hell of it."

"Ha!" She mirthfully exclaimed. "You behind that desk. I don't think I'll be able to die content knowing that." She teased. They both laughed for a bit before Naruto spoke again.

"So, did you bring any ramen or that orange book you love so much?" Before Hiruko could retort another person entered the room. An elderly woman who was covered in bandages carrying a cane.

"Hokage-sama, the council is assembled and are waiting for your presence." She said before her eyes landed on the preteen and gained some sort of gleam to them.

"Right." She sighed out. "I'll see you later Naruto-kun." She said before she walked out with Danieru in tow, leaving Naruto alone.

"Gaki." The Kyuubi called out. "Stay away from the old crone with bandages. Something about her screams suspicious." Naruto already kind of figured that. The way Menma acted when she was around or mentioned. It wasn't right.

After a few days in the hospital, Naruto was allowed to return home. He was officially at a social lowpoint with many of the population now, demeaning his presence as a curse while the ninja population treated him roughly the same. That was fine with him. He'll show them that he's 110% curse free by the time he makes chunin.

"Gaki." His tenant called out. "Head to a secluded training ground. Now that I'm pulling the strings, I'mma work your candy ass over time."

Naruto groaned. "Can't I get some ramen first?" He whined. "Aren't you MY prisoner anayway."

The Kyuubi scoffed. "Sorry, what was that? Was that the sound of an ungrateful monkey?" Naruto sighed and made his was to a clear training ground. it was relatively hidden to most and was usually for the more moderate practices. "Yeah this'll do for now. Alright candy ass, from what I've gathered in this hollow you call your mind and assess from the meat rag you call a body, you have a solid build for your age and your combat skills with bukijutsu and taijutsu are adequate, taijutsu being your strongest build." Naruto beamed at hearing that. A bitchy demon calling your skills adequate is nothing to scoff at. "Oh don't get cocky. Those weren't compliments. I'm actually quite disgusted with you. Your ancestors were true fighters who took care of themselves both mentally and physically. You've done quite the opposite. You're dumber than a brain dead raccoon and your diet is atrocious."

That tore it with Naruto. "Now hold up asshole!" He began before his tenant cut him off.

"(Sigh) you can talk to me with your mind moron." She said tiredly.

'Oh. Anyway, FUCK YOU! Ramen is the food of the gods and don't you tell me otherwise furfag!' He mentally yelled.

"Pathetic. Lowbrow tastes just like your simple insults. Now that we're... allied, you will sustain your body on a proper diet and your training regimen shall be far stricter. I'll make a worthy vessal out of you by tearing you down then working from the ground up. You know, I've always wanted a project." She began to chuckle darkly while Naruto began to pale. Maybe death was a solid alternative.

From this point on Naruto truly learned the meaning of overtime and harsh work. His tenant made him train until every single part of his body felt numb and made him eat only the most nutritional foods. If he didn't listen, she'd cause him intense migraines and would practically nag him to near suicide. It was horrible but hot damn did these harsh four years bore results. He was far stronger than the average kunoichi his age and his mind, while held within a mask of stupidity, could beam rays of intelligence once allowed to shine on the battlefield.

Ever since the Uchiha massacre, Satsuki became more distant and her attitude much colder, to the point where she even began to reject her sister's company. She wanted revenge while Naruto wanted answers. This caused clashes in their strained friendship and things didn't seem to get better.

Everyone else in the class relatively treated them the same, except for their respective fangirl clubs. At first they were at war over who was the best, but then they decided to cooperate thanks to their leaders, Sakura and Ino, making some sort of agreement. Then they became the "Uzuchiha Fan Club!". Yeah, it got that bad. Luckily, things calmed down once their puberty became more solid and graduation arrived. Speaking of which. He wore his hitaite the usual way.

"Are you all just as excited as I am?!" Naruto yelled giddily as he and his friends entered the classroom. His new outfit was reminiscent of Menma's. He had on long fingerless gloves with dark orange leather straps and dots on the knuckles, black skintight pants with knee and crotch padding, dark orange straps around his right upper leg keeping three holsters in place for his weapon scrolls, and simple black combat boots. He wore no shirt, to many people's chagrin and delight, simply opting to wear a simple leather strap with a sheath for his chakra bokken and a five fanged necklace.

"Hell yeah!" Kiba agreed. Choume tried agree through her munching and shikamari gave a lazy thumbs up. They all immediately took their seats and began to chat as more and more people went into the class room.

Everyone had physically matured so much over the years, gaining curves and musculature in all the right places. Some girls defiantly had more curves than others (Choume and hinata), others a more feral beauty or strong beauty (Kiba and Satsuki), others a bit more delicate (Ami, Ino, Sakura, and Yakumo), and others with their more mysterious look or lazy look (Shino and Shikamari).

The whole class didn't come in today since everyone didn't graduate, so there was a lot more space to move about and very few fan girls for people to worry about. Unsurprisingly, the clan heirs all made it. Also Sakura and Ami. And a pale chick nobody knew about... wait a minute.

"Who is that?" Naruto asked turning to Shikamari as he pointed to the new girl. She was pale, had short hair and wore some type of light weight outfit that showed her midsection. She was soft and plastic looking, also an artist apparently, with a note book and a tanto. Shikamari lazily looked up at her and shrugged.

"Don't know. She might be a special case." She answered before lowering her head and going back to sleep. Naruto turned around to look at the student again just as she got up from her seat and began to walk towards him.

"Greetings senpai." She said as she came up to him and held out her hand with a very fake smile on her face. Naruto grasped it and shook her hand. "My name is Sai."

"Naruto Uzumaki." He greeted simply.

'Now to lure him in with with my feminine charm.' Sai thought deviantly. "You know, your body is quite well toned." She said as she got a little closer. 'Not enough to make him too suspicious. Just enough to let him now I want to get friendly.'

'Fucking hell, another one.' He mentally sighed. He gave her credit, she was way more chill, but soooo fake. And a bit creepy, especially up close. "Yeah, a lot of people tell me that." He said as he backed up.

'Aha! He's becoming flustered by my advances.' Sai thought as her smile turned coy. Before she could say any more, a pink haired and platinum blonde jumped between her and her prey with folded arms.

"Back up hussy!" Sakura yelled.

"Naruto-kun is ours! Go back to where ever it is you came from and take your cheap outfit with you." She said with a classic hair flip. Sai kept up her friendly facade while coming up with different solutions for this situation. None of which she would time to implement and the class sensei entered the room along with her white haired assistant, misuzu.

"Alright class, sit down and shut up!" They did so with no prodding needed. Now for this segment of the story let's listen to her announce the important teams.

"Team 7: Naruto Uzumaki, Sai, and Yakumo Kurama." Naruto was fifthy/fifty on that arrangement. Yakumo was cool despite the Kyuubi always saying something was off about her, but that Sai girl unnerved him in multiple ways. Sai saw this as a perfect way to reach her target. Yakumo was pretty happy to be put with Naruto. He was down to earth and kinda funny in her opinion. She was also inspired by his determination through his hardships.

"Team 8: Sakura Haruno, Ami Uzuki, and Satsuki Uchiha." Said Uchiha groand and slammed her head down on the desk. She was stuck with two of her hardcore fangirls. 'Fan-fucking-tastic!' She mentally cursed. Said fangirls cheered in success before giving each other harsh glares.

"Team 9: Ino Yamanaka, Shikamari Nara, and Choume Akimichi." Both latters groaned at being put with the bossy one while she groaned at not b being put with either of her 'destined ones'.

"Team 10: Hinata Hyuuga, Kiba Inuzuka, and Shiko Aburame." They were all cool with this.

"Your senseis will arrive at varying times to pick you up. Until then, feel free to socialise with your new squad. Oh! And team 7, don't hold your breathes." Iruko said before she walked out with Misuzu. Said team questioned that last statement but quickly brushed it off and grouped up.

Yakumo, who was wearing dark blue pants, boots, and a dark brown yukata with crimson floral paterns on the edge with her fishnet shirt underneath, wearing her hitaite around her neck, decided to start them off. "Naruto-san, Sai-san, greetings." She said with polite bow. Naruto smiled at her.

"No need to be so formal, Yakumo-chan. Just Naruto will do." He said as they pleasantly shook hands.

"So, a genjutsu specialist and a brawler. With our skills combined we'll make for a powerful assault team." Sai stated. This comment got her a mixed look of appreciation and inquiry from Naruto.

"Yeah, what are your skills anyhow?" He asked. Sai smiled before pulling out her notebook and brush then going through hand signs. From her book sprang forth an ink mouse. "Is the size limited?" He asked and she shook her head.

"I could make a dragon if I wanted to. Maybe a person if I wanted to." She said to her teammates looks of surprise.

"Damn that's cool. I just hope you don't draw something that goes berserk and tries to erase us or something like that." This earned Naruto raised eyebrows. As if that would ever happen.

They simply chatted for an hour before sitting in a slightly uncomfortable silence, waiting for their sensei to arrive for another hour. At the two hour and thirty minute mark, Naruto lost it. "Where. Is. That. BITCH!" He yelled angrily.

"Everyone else's sensei came two hours ago. What the hell is this nonsense." Yakumo muttered. Sai just doodled in her notebook, but agreed with them mentally. How irresponsible is this sensei?

Just as Naruto seemed ready to tear down the building, a women came in. Kagome Hatake, the famous white gravity defying haired kunoichi of Konoha in an outfit that had the hidden sexy vibe. She looked around the room before speaking. "My first impression: I'm unimpressed. Follow me to the rooftops." With that she body flickered away.

The genin all glanced at each other, all mentally agreeing on one thing. 'Fuck this lady and her hip attitude.'

When they made it to the roof, they saw three lawn chairs layed out for them while Kagome leaned on a railing, eyes concentrated on a book. The genin quickly sat down all around her and she began to speak. "Alright kids, lets start off with getting to know each other. My name's Kagome Hatake. I like stuff, dislike things, and my goals in life are on a need to know basis." Yakumo and Naruto gave her deadpan look while Sai remained stoic and expressionless. "Now, how about blondie next." She said looking at Naruto.

"Fine. I like many things and dislike many things-" Kagome bopped him on the head.

"Nice try smartass." She chuckled. "But as your sensei, I reserve the right to be a hypocrite. Now, be serious." Shs said in mock scolding tone. Naruto sighed.

"Fine. I like ramen and my companions, I despise crybabies and assholes. My goal in life is to be strong." He actually said that last part very seriously. Kagome nodded and turned to Yakumo.

"I like art and I dislike judgmental people. My goal is to become a worthy clan head for the Kurama clan." Kagome then turned to Sai.

"My personal information is classified. My goal is to simply provide Konoha with strength." Kagome nodded, but before she could speak-

"What the hell?! I thought you said YOU reserve the right to hypocrisy?" He questioned incredulously.

Kagome shrugged. "Eh, I like her better." Naruto had resisted the urge to maul her much to his displeasure and his tenant's delight. "Now, onto more serious matters, tomorrow morning will be the day I test you to see if your worthy of being leaf-nin. Now before you say anything, no, you're not officially genin yet. I have to test this team to see if it's ready tomorrow morning. If it's not, you'll go back to the academy and you'll have to wait another year before your able to become genin again. More if I really don't like you." She stopped to see if they had anything to say. Judging from their looks, this either didn't surprise them or they didn't care. "Now do you have any questions?"

Yakumo spoke up. "What's the test."

Kagome gave her an eye smile. "Nope, no spoilers. Anything else... no. Alright, see you in training ground 28 tomorrow. Oh, and don't eat before the test. Bye." She said before she body flickered away.

Team 7 just gave each other glances before saying their farewells and heading home after a tiring day of doing nothing.

The next day found team 7 all relaxing at training ground 28, having waited for hours for their sensei to arrive. Sai doodled while Yakumo watched her and Naruto layed atop the trees in a peaceful manner. "You're late." Naruto said as he hoped down from the trees next to his teammates.

Said sensei finally flickered into reality with an eye smile. "Sorry, I was attacked by a pack of black cats on my way over." Kagome lamely excused.

"If only they won." Yakumo said, high fiveing Naruto without even looking.

Kagome fake gasped as she put a hand over her heart. "Such mean students." She fake cried before going back to normal. "Alright children, are you ready for the test. Of course you are." She said before pulling out two bells. "I'll make this short and sweet: you kids need to take these bells from me. And there's only one for each of you." This visibly surprised both Naruto and Yakumo while Sai quirked an eyebrow. "Yep, that means one of you will not pass." She said as she put a timer on the log. "You have an thirty minutes to take 'em from me. Starting... NOW."

The teens immediately scattered across the forest, leaving Kagome to her graphic novel for her research.

Meanwhile, Naruto hid in one of the trees, not just trying to keep an eye out on Kagome, but looking for his teammates. The bells weren't the only objective, they couldn't be. Menma had once told him the importance of teamwork and the Importance of the prime objectives, how you needed to balance both. You can't save everyone, but you sure as hell can't just abandon them.

He was cut off from his thoughts by the tapping of his shoulder. He quickly looked behind him with his bokken ready to strike but qickly pulled back and held back a scream. Right in his face was the face of Sai. Otherwise known as the living mannequin. "Naruto-senpai. Good to see you're on full alert."

Naruto sighed. "Just a heads up, next time I won't pull back." He quickly looked around to make sure Kagome was still in her spot. She was. "Sai, about the test-"

"It's a test trying to assess our cooperation." Naruto nodded, not minding her interruption. "We figured as much."

"We?" Naruto asked. Sai gestured for him to follow and he quickly did, regrouping with Yakumo a few trees over. "Well, the gangs all here. So how do you guys wanna do this?" He asked.

Yakuma choose to speak up. "Well, I'm a genjutsu practioner, Sai uses ink, and you're an up close fighter. I say our skills speak for our team dynamic."

Naruto couldn't help but get a wicked grin on his face. "So you pull some sick as genjustu on her before me and Sai go for the kill."

Yakumo shook her head. "Nope. When you guys get into the thick of it, I'll make my move. My mother always said the best illusions are the believable ones." She stated sagely. Sai and Naruto nodded before moving out in different directions.

Kagome wasn't a hasty person, but she found it odd how her genins hadn't made a single move yet. She was about to go stir the pot herself until Ink birds with paper bombs attached to them came swooping down on her from multiple sides. She quickly went through several hand signs after putting her book away.

'Water Release: Water Trumpet Jutsu!' She quickly doused most of the birds but a few got through. They didn't hit her directly, but exploded on the ground around her. The explosions weren't explode-y as much as they were smokey. 'Smoke bombs huh. Not bad.' Kagome thought. The moment she was surrounded by smoke, shuriken were thrown at her from different directions. She quickly went through hand signs while trying to avoid the projectiles, some actually scratching her clothes.

'Wind Release: Great Breakthrough Jutsu!' Kagome fired the jutsu off just as she jumped in the air, easily clearing the smoke from the area to reveal two ink dragons rushing at her with Sai and Naruto riding atop both of them. Kagome quickly shot fire balls at Naruto's dragon only for Sai to command her dragon to take the first shot. It worked, letting Naruto and his ride quickly close the distance, leaping off at the last second with his bokken drawn. Kagome quickly blocked it with two of her kunai, their weapons clashing midair. Kagome was actually taken by surprise with the force of his attack and how it cracked her blades. Quickly and slightly rough landing didn't through her off. The ink snakes coming from underground did though, especially when they hastily bound her arms together. Naruto smirked as he ran towards her looking to get those bells.

Sensing something amiss, Kagome mentally uttered 'Kai'. This quickly dispeled the illusion and allowed Kagome to whip out her fuma shuriken just as Naruto was a foot a away. Naruto swiftly jumped back before he could be hit by the weapon. With a bell in hand. Kagome whistled at the sight. "Gotta hand it to you kids. Took me surprise. Heh, definitely can't let that happen again." She then dsplayed her fuma shurikan, with eight explosive tags on the blade, then threw them into the trees. Right near Yakumo's location.

"Woah!" She yelled as she leapt from her spot in an effort to avoid the blast. Luckily, one of Sai's ink lager birds aided in her escape before dispelling. Unluckily however, she was out in the open now.

"So you have one bell and plenty of time to spare. Shall we continue?" Kagome asked. Her answer came in the form of Naruto and Sai charging with their weapons drawn. Naruto and his chakra bokken were definitely the more threatening of the two, but Sai was more than capable of being a noteworthy threat with her tanto. In fact, their movements seem to get more blurry as the fight moved on. Weird, because Kagome was not getting tired from what amounted to a light work out. 'That kurama girl is looking prettty deep in concentration. A little too deep for for my taste.' She thought to herself. Kagome believed that her cute little genin wasn't getting enough attention, so she decided to replace herself with a log just as her other two students impaled her at the same time. Said log had smoke paper on it, allowing her even more distraction time.

'Crap!' Yakumo metally squeaked as she stopped her concentration when her sensei quickly closed the distance between them. She hastily whipped out a sleeve kunai in an effort to stab Kagome, but her attack was easily deflected before Kagome delivered a light jab to her chest, knocking the breath from her. Said jonin had to swiftly turn around with her kunai drawn as her perceptive hearing caught the whoosh sound to her right. She quickly blocked Naruto's attack with a kunai but had little way of countering the five ink snakes that leapt from his pants.

Yes, his pants.

Kagome kicked him back just as the snakes landed on her and manage to slash three of them away. As quickly as they pounced, they leapt away. One of them carrying a bell In its mouth. Honestly, she wasn't surprised. She kinda blamed herself for holding back a bit more than she thought she should have. To be fair, most genin didn't have the skills these teens did and Kagome put in a fair bit of effort. Now we go to the final part. "Well, Sai and Naruto have the bells. You know that means Yakumo." Before said genin could answer, Naruto came to her side, helping her up as he placed the bell in her hand.

"Without Yakumo-chan here, we would've had a way harder time one-uping you, Kagome-sensei. I was just the brawn really, my teammates deserve to be genin more than I do." He said. Before Yakumo could protest, Sai came up and threw her bell to Naruto.

"Naruto-kun's more suited to the all-around fighting. In all honesty, my ink jutsus are my only useful trait. Naruto is far more deserving than I."

Yakumo was about to say something until Kagome cut her off to her chagrin. "Alright, alright, enough with the sappiness. I'll die from the cuteness. Look, you've displayed highly tactical thinking and combat, pretty much coming up with a solid strategy right off the bat AND figuring out the point of this test. As far as I'm concerned you've passed. You're officially my cute little genin." Naruto quickly enveloped his team in a group hug at this declaration with a loud 'Whoo!' to go with it.

'Did you hear that Kyuubi?! I'm officially a shinobi now!' He mentally screamed.

The Kyuubi scoffed. "Didn't your sister become a genin at half your age?"

'...You just can't let me have a win, can you furfag?'

"Fuck!" Naruto yelled as Tora the lovable cat scratched the hell out of his arms. It took so much will power not to kill the furry demon.

"Don't shake her Naruto-kun. She gets way more hostile when you struggle." Kagome warned from experience. The other teammates tried holding the cat only to receive the same treatment, Sai suffering the worst facial wounds. How keeping the creature alive was beneficial to Konoha, she didn't know.

"Not to sound like a whiner, but this mission feels far below our standards as leaf-nin." Yakumo stated hesitantly.

Kagome sighed. "D-ranks are important for development. Starting up small and working up increases team unification and helps develop your work ethic. It's not like higher rank missions just drop out of nowhere either." She said in an effort to placate her students. It failed.

"Did the bell test mean nothing?" Naruto asked sarcastically as they neared the 'drop-off' location, AKA one of the Daimyo estates where madame Shijimi was waiting. Before Kagome could respond, the door flew open with a guard ready to escort them to the main room. Once they were there, Madam Shijimi rushed over to get her cat and Naruto wasted no time in handing Tora over.

"Oohhh my precious little baby!" The noble said as she began cuddling the cat while cooing in affection. The genin were starting to see why it was so angry all the time. Didn't mean they felt sympathy though, especially Sai. "I knew the leaf-nin could do it! Speaking of which..." She stopped midsentence when her eyes caught sight of Naruto. "That's odd. Are you an actual shinobi? I thought only women could be ninja." She said as she looked him up and down critically.

Naruto scratched the back of his head. "Common misconception. Shinobi are around, you just don't see 'em that often."

Shijimi nodded. "I see... well bless your heart, I'll be sure that you're all happily compensated for you efforts! Dismissed." She finished happily. The team bowed politely before exiting the estate. The moment they were gone, Shijimi clapped, summoning her personal messenger. "Contact my daughter. We have a code delta on our hands."

After the team disbanded for the evening, Naruto decided to distract his poor soul with a late work out at his personal training. "Yosh!" Correction: his formally personal training ground. He soon spotted team gal training in the somewhat open field, Lei on her taijutsu, Tenten on target practice, and Nejie on her byakugan. He could see her notice him, but she gave him the cold shoulder as usual. The rest of the team didn't notice until-.

"Dynamic Entry!" Might Gal yelled just behind him. Naruto barely managed to dodge that kick, jumping out of the way and into the clearing where all three sets of eyes were on him.

"My eternal rival!/Hey Whiskers." Lei and Tenten respectively greeted as the former glomped the boy in a bear hug. Thank god the flashbacks ended by the time he was fourteen or... woof... anyway. "We heard the good news from a few days ago my youthful rival! You're finally amongst our ranks which now means our rivalry is back to full force! Naruto intimation!" She yelled the last part just as she was about to suplex him, only for Tenten to throw kunai around her feet as a warning.

"None of that! From the looks of it, he just came back from dealing with Tora, right?" Naruto nodded miserably. "I feel your pain."

Lei quickly put Naruto down just as Gal rushed over to place a hand on his shoulder and give her signature "Nice Gal" pose to Naruto. "Congratulations my youthful student! I'm glad your youthfulness will now shine among Konoha's forces." She finished with a smile, nearly blinding Naruto with that shine. Odd seeing as how the time was at dusk.

"If my youth is brighter than your teeth, I'm gonna need shades for my future." Naruto stated happily as he began to talk and train among life time friends. And Nejie.

Team 7 was called to the Hokage office around 5 in the morning. "Team 7." Hiruko greeted as the genin entered the room, their sensei already there having been informed earlier.

"Baa-chan, I'm sorry to complain but these past missions have been lame." Naruto groaned. "Come on and give us some cool missions please!" He practically begged. His teammates silently agreed with him despite not openly doing so.


"Look, I know D-ranks are important for developement and all that." He began.


"But our team dynamic is already somewhat figured out and awesome."


"And-OW!" Seeing no other way to shut Naruto up, Hiruko threw a book at him with a deadpan expression plastered on her face.

"Now that I have your attention, I wanted to let you kids know today is your first C-rank mission." She happily informed them. Naruto inwardly squealed, annoying his tenant as a slight bonus. "Team 7, you are to escort the bridge builder Tazuna to Wave Country and watch over his construction. Your client will be right outside the east gate, waiting for you to get ready for the mission that should span a couple of days. You'll be able to tell it's him by the scent of heavy alcohol." Naruto rose a hand to speak. "Yes?"

"Is he a man with glasses, gray hair, a bear belly, and a pointed hat with a towel around his neck." Hiruko nodded. "I think we literally saw him yesterday, drunkenly cussing out a bird."

"That was him." Hiruko confirmed.

"So it's gonna be that type of mission... cool." Yakumo gave the blonde a deadpan look while Sai stayed indifferent. Kagome kept on reading.

After that briefing, Team 7 quickly rushed to their houses, quickly gathering the essentials for their travel. But not before Naruto ran into a familiar group of faces otherwise known as Team 10. The good one. The one not turned into a worldwide laughing stock. "Yo guys, how's it hanging?"

Kiba fist bumped him as she answered. "Lower than yours numb nuts. Why are you off in a hurry?" She asked.

"Cause I'm off to wave country for my first C-rank." He answered to Hinata's and Kiba's surprise. If Shika was surprised then she had one hell of a pokerface. "What do you think of that?"

"Whatever." Kiba scoffed. "We'll probably be doing A-ranks long before you guys anyhow." She boasted.

"That's highly unlikely." Shika droned. Kiba shot her a look for her boast busting.

"W-well I wish you luck, Naruto-kun." Hinata said.

"Thanks, Hinata." Naruto responded with a smile causing Hinata to go a litttle pink. "See ya Shika. Suck it bitch." He playfully said as he ran off. Shika nodded while Kiba gave him the bird with a smile on her face.

'I could grind meat off his abs.' The feral teen inwardly mused.

Naruto quickly made it to the gate along his team, all packed and ready to go. "So this is the team huh?" Tazuna burped out. "Could be because of my light drunken stupor but tbey Look decent enough." He said as he began to walk off with Team 7 in tow. The journey wasn't that bad, even with the heavy drinker who didn't present that much of a burden despite his previous display featuring spiel against 'the rats with wings'. The group was quiet overall, save for Sai's budding interest in Kagome's Icha Icha.

Overall, Naruto was sorta bored but still thankful for a chance to get out. He was also feeling uncomfortable with Sai's interest in Icha Icha. He didn't feel the need to watch his privates, but did feel the slight need to whack Sai a bit more for her "subtle" advances.

"Hey kid." Tazuna began. "How you likin' the pale girl over there. You seem to be eye sampling her quite a bit." He said gesturing to Sai chatting with Kagome.

"I'm not eying her, just studying her. She's socially dead but also a bit too flirtatious for my liking you see. I mean she's better than my old fangirl club, but still irritating. And creepy." He answered. "She's an alright teammate, great support, just socially... a mannequin. That tries to be flirty. It's weird." He nearly whisper shouted.

Tazuna nodded. "I see what you mean. She's hot, but looks a bit off." Naruto gave him a look for that comment. "I-I didn't mean that in a w-weird old man lust way. I'm just saying she looks good. For her age I mean." He loudly sputtered out.

"Yeah, right." Naruto said waving that conversation off and continuing the walk.

Meanwhile, with Kagome and Sai chatting on the subject of literature. "So the Warriors duel for the right to be on top?" Sai asked.

Kagome shook her head. "No it's deeper than that. The dominant warrior is the one who holds control over the relationship, whoever wins carries the others heart on and off the battlefield."

Sai gave her a look. "So the right to be on top?"

Kagome sighed. "Well if you wanna look at it so goddamn tastelessly then sure." Sai hummed in thought. After walking for a while, they made it to the docks where they had to take a short boat ride across a river bordering Wave and Konoha. Once they eached the docks, they all took note of the heavy mist setting and becoming thicker as they went further ahead.

"Are the mists always this thick?" Yakumo asked.

Tazuna shrugged. "They're not uncommon." He answered. Naruto felt uncomfortable for some reason. He mentally asked his tenant if something was up but her response was this.

"If you can't tell then I'm certainly not gonna help you. Figure out for yourself."

Naruto's responded in kind. 'I will drag you to hell fuckfox.' Shaking off his tenant's provocations he quickly chucked a kunai in the direction of noises in the bushes. Yakumo quickly went over to check on the culprit only to be surprised to find it alive.

"It's just a white bunny. That's odd, it isn't winter-guh!" She had no time to finish however, as Kagome quickly tackled her to the ground, saving her from decapitation while Naruto and Sai managed to save Tazuna.

"You guys avoided my throw... not bad." A tough female voice said. The leaf-nin's eyes widened in recognition of The Demon of the Hidden Mist: swordswoman Zabuza Momochi. "Kagome of the Sharingan. Been a while. Who are these fleshlights?"

Naruto spoke up first. "Team 7. I'd say it's an honor, but it be a lie. What's with that expression by the way? I'm genuinely asking because it's hard to tell with your eyebrowless mug."

Zabuza had a slight tic mark appear. "So who's the dead kid, Kagome? He's dead now." She said jumping off her blade and carrying it with one hand, the blade over her shoulder. Kagome blocked her off from her students who quickly gathered in a defensive position around Tazuna. She smirked at their readiness.

"Sorry Zabuza. It's just you and me." She said before rushing forward to combat the swordswoman. While they were fighting, this left the genin prey to other demons. Sensing the danger, Naruto jumped back while holding onto Tazuna and Yakumo while Sai followed, all of them avoiding getting sliced to bits by bladed chains. The team watched where the blades retracted and listen to the sounds of footsteps in the mist. Naruto and Sai looked at each other and nodded beforehand signaling Yakumo to stay with Tazuna. The moment those chains came forward, the two genin used their talents to divert the chains.

Naruto diverted the chain into the ground with his bokken and rushed towards the target while Sai did the same with her tanto as she threw an explosive tagged kunai towards the origin of the chains. Naruto met Meizu in a head on attack, hammering her stomach with a knock out thrust before she could attack with her gauntlet or properly retract her chain. Sai used the short time her explosion bought her to unleash two ink lions, who quickly assaulted and took down Gozu down amidst the mist.

Yakumo made kept her guard up around Tazuna while keeping an eye on Kagome and her battle with Zabuza. She was simultaneously guarding Tazuna while looking for an opening to help her sensei with a genjustu. That pretty much looked unnecessary though as her sensei had the nuke-nin on the ropes with her sharingan whipped out for the action. Until she was trapped by a water prison. 'Crap.' Yakumo thought as Zabuza created a water clone and sent it straight towards Tazuna. Yakumo quickly went through a series of hand signs.

'Sight Illusion: Copy Cat Jutsu.' "The fuck?" Zabuza muttered as Yakumo had apparently made several Water clones of her own and sent them towards her clone. 'Damn. Kid must have some serious coils. Or I'm in a genjutsu and I can't release. Shit.' Luckily, her clone was made for Tazuna and would avoid the clones if plausible.

Said clone didn't have to worry about the fake threats however though, as two ink lions came straight towards her. The clone ended up taking the closer one down but in turn, was killed by the other. At least she was a sore loser though, because she managed to slip said clone a paper bomb, hoping to at least Kamikaze the old man. She didn't have time muse on this however, as she had to dodge a Kusarigama's blade sent her way, courtesy of the only blonde there. This lapse in concentration sadly caused her the water prison, allowing Kagome to escape. Kagome, with her still active Sharingan, locked on to her target and noticing her going through hand signs, began to follow suit until she took the lead.

'Water Release: Great Waterfall Jutsu!' The jutsu then crashed down upon the nuke-nin, taking a good chunk of fight out of her. "It's over Zabuza. Come in quietly and this all be over sooner." Before the demon could respond, her eyes flashed in surprise before falling face down, revealing senbon embedded into her neck.

"I have to thank you for helping me out." A new voice spoke up before someone stepped out of the mist wearing a pinstripe outfit and a Kirigakure mask, signifying herself as a hunter-nin. "This one and her lackeys have been giving me trouble for a while now. If you don't mind, I'll be taking them in now." She said as she lifted up Zabuza and set her down somewhere before moving towards the sisters. Kagome was about to speak up before her limbs turned to jelly and she she just about fainted on the spot.

Naruto and the gang reluctantly decided to roll with this, Sai being very reluctant, as they had a constructer to escort and a now downed sensei to look after. Naruto had to ask one thing though. "You gonna need help with those? The sister are still alive, just barely."

The hunter-nin casually waved him off. "Thank you, but this is official Kirigakure business. I'll take it from here."

Naruto nodded. "Alright, just be sure to send some that bounty our way. Don't wanna have to come all the way out to Kiri because someone pulled a bounty steal." He joked. The hunter-nin giggled and proceeded onto her work while Team 7 did theirs.

The moment they were at a good distance from the huner-nin, Sai swiftly turned around with her tanto pressed against Tazuna's gut. "Mind telling me why an A-rank nuke-nin and her C-rank associates attacked us? There's no way that was by coincidence." Tazuna looked towards the other two genin for help. He received none. He sighed in defeat.

"Okay." He began before telling his story of tyranny from the shipping company owner named Gato. The bridge Tazuna planned on building would essentially create a gateway to the outside world and help free the poor country of waves from isolation, something Gato wouldn't want. Tazuna hoped it wouldn't get this far, but money was tight and he felt that he had swindle Konoha to get some protection. The team understood his plight, but he put their lives and potentially others at risk.

"I think we should still help." Yakuma blurted out.

Sai shook her head. "I don't think so. He tried to cheat us financially and put our lives at unnecessary risk. We need to head back to Konoha and inform the hokage on what's going on."

Naruto clicked his tongue. "No way. Not while people are suffering and live are on the line." Yakumo looked at Naruto with appreciation, Tazuna in thankfulness, while Sai sighed. "We're here now anyway. Let's at least take the old drunk home and get Kagome some rest. She can decide on what to do." Thus the matter was settled for now.

It didn't take long for the teens and their contract to reach the house, even with a comatose Kagome. They were quickly greeted at the door by Tazuna's daughter. Also now known in Naruto's mind as MILF. "Tou-san your back! And you've brought guests?"

Tazuna smiled. "Their more than just guests, Tsunami. Heh, their the reason I'm still alive."

Tsunami perked up at hearing that before her eyes wandered to the comatose lady. Naruto took notice and decided to speak up.

"Don't worry about her. She's just suffering from a light case of chakra exhaustion. Some rest and she'll be up in no time." Naruto said. Tsunami nodded before moving out of the way and ushering the group in. They could hear the light stepes of a child climbing up the stairs in a rushing fashion.

"You can set her on the couch. If you ninja need anything at all, don't hesitate to ask." She said before heading into the kitchen. Naruto unceremoniously dropped Kagome on the coach.

"Ouf! Yeah, just flop me down, I'm not hurt." She lazily retorted as she woke up. "We at Tazuna's home?"

"His daughter's." Yakumo corrected.

"I see. Did you guys take care of that hunter-nin?" She asked and they shook their heads. "That's fine. It's definitely gonna make our job harder later on though."

"What do you mean?" Naruto asked.

His tenant answered for him. "It was a trick, you clueless wretch. That wasn't a hunter-nin and Zabuza's still alive."

'Why didn't you say anything before?!' Naruto inwardly screamed.

"I am not you babysitter." Kyuubi said simply.

Naruto decided to cuss her out later in favor of listening to the team conversation. "It was trick, used to give the demonic trio an escape." Sai said aloud. "I'm guessing the senbon attack was simply a way for Zabuza to fake being dead?" Sai asked to which Kagome answered with a nod. "I figured something was up when she didn't decapitate the bodies."

"Why didn't you say anything?" Yakumo asked incredulously.

Sai gave a small shrug. "I didn't want to put us in any unnecessary risk. With Kagome down and a nuke-nin of unknown strength, the cost could've outweighed the gain. So what's the plan Kagome-sensei? Stay and help, call for back up, or retreat back to Konoha?" She asked drawing all eyes to Kagome.

"Option 1 Sai-chan." She answered to two of her student's approval." She'll be down for just as long as me which gives you all time to prepare for the inevitable." She finished before entering a look of contemplation. "Alright, since I have chakra exhaustion, you guys are gonna have to train yourselves when you aren't on guard duty. You each know your own strengths and weaknesses right?" They nodded. "Alright then, tomorrow you'll use your knowledge to learn how to cover each other and play off your dynamic better. Judging from your previous work, that shouldn't be too hard to build up."

Hours later, inside a hut in a forest. "Fuck, my stomach feels like solid cement hit it while going supersonic..." Meizu groaned on the futon next to her sister.

Gozu gave her sister a tired look. "At least you weren't mauled by art." She retorted.

Zabuza mustered up just enough strength to give the sisters a harsh glare. "Both of you shut up. You're both disappointments and you should equally feel bad." She grunted. The sisters deflated at the harsh yet fair treatment. "I gave you the element of surprise and you get your ass handed to you by genin. If I weren't weakened I'd chain you to the underside of a boat."

Haku sighed at her master's mildly livid attitude. "To be fair, I don't think any of us expecteing the genin to be that strong." She said as she began working on her medicinal herbs.

Zabuza sighed in irritation. "What did I tell you about making excuses for dumb and dumber. What are you, their mother?" Before Haku could placate her master, two men, one shirtless and the other with a beanie, barged through the door along with an elderly gnome. "What now Gato?"

The short man shrugged. "Nothing. It's just, when I hire an A-rank nuke-nin and her pack of fodder to murder a drunk bridge builder, should I not expect results?" He rhetorically asked before looking around. "I see that you're lying in bed and the sisters resting on the futon. Where's the body?" He asked.

Zabuza snorted dismissively. "Patience is a virtue Gato. This was a fluke, that bridge builder's as good as dead when I can walk."

Gato hummed at that. "Yeah, you see that problem with that statement is that you said that the first time and yet, here you are. Your idiots bruised and your body in hibernation. I want results Zabuza." He finished in a far more terse tone, causing Haku and the sister to tense up, his guards tensing in response. He held up a hand to ease them both. "Fail me again and Yagura gets a new stress toy." He warned before he snapped his fingers, his ronnin following his lead.

Haku's face morphed into disgust. "Of the people in the world I've had to kill..." She muttered darkly. Zabuza whistled for her attention. "Zabuza-sama?"

"Heals." She said gesturing to her aching body with a pained nod. Haku nodded and got her herbs ready for remedies.

The next two days were fairly normal, Team 7 practicing and measuring skills, Kagome lying in bed mostly, and the occasional guard duty on the bridge. The group pretty much agreed that the lands of waves was somewhat of a shit show. Broken and borded up buildings, poverty and disease stricken residents, and occasional noises of crime really cemented the lands less than welcoming state. The fact Tazuna's family even had a functional home was definitely astounding considering where they lived. As for the residents themselves, they were alright. Tazuna was gruff but pleasant, Tsunami a wonderful hostess, and the kid kept to himself, albiet throwing glares here and there. As for the team itself, again with the usual.

"Sai, what are you doing?" Naruto asked slowly. During their spar, Sai had managed to trip Naruto before falling down herself, angling it so that her modest breasts fell into his open palm as he tried to counter, leading to their awkward position.

"Kya! Naruto-kun, you pervert!" She "shouted" before smacking him with the pummel of her tanto really hard. 'Tsunadre step one: flustered anger.' She mentally listed off.

"Ow! The fuck?!" He yelled before punching her in the nose.

"Gah!" Sai reeled before giving Naruto a light glare. "What was that for?" She asked with genuine confusion, much to Naruto's disbelief.

"You hit me with your pummel you clueless husk!" He yelled. "Why wouldn't I hit back?"

"That's not how they reacted in the books..." Sai mumbled. Naruto heard and face palmed.

"Jackass, this isn't a story or manga, this is real life and even if it was, I wouldn't let some chic hit me like that and let it slide." He said with a bit of deadpan in his tone.

"Even if she was your crush?" She tried to ask coyly. It was as just as robotic as usual.

"She wouldn't be my crush for long if that's the case. And to be very clear, we're not even friends yet." He retorted with folded arms before Yakumo entered the fields.

"Did I miss anything interesting?" She asked.

"Nah." Naruto answered as he got up to walk away. "Is it my shift now?" He asked.

Yakumo waved it off. "The builders are on break for an hour or two." Naruto began to walk off at hearing that. "What are you going?" She asked.

"I'mma take a nap somewhere since I've got the time." He said as he went off into the forest, leaving Yakumo and Sai to their own devices.

Just as Yakumo and Sai began a light series of kicks and punches, Sai decided to ask a question plaguing her for sometime. "Yakumo-senpai, may I ask you a question?" She asked as she blocked a light kick.

"Technically, you already did." She chuckled to herself. "But sure, go ahead." She said, barely ducking under a chop.

"How do I earn Naruto-senpai's trust and sexual attention?" She asked casually, causing a chain reaction. Yakumo sputtered, tripped, and a fist met her poor face. "You really need to work on split concentration by the way."

When Haku went out for some herbs this afternoon, she didn't expect to find a rather handsome young man resting in the fields. Nor did she expect said boy to be one of her enemies. Now the training and years of tactical experience screamed for her to take the advantage of this and execute the boy quickly and quietly. Her 'soft heart', as her master like to put it, screamed for her to leave him be. He was just a genin protecting an innocent man whereas she was working for a 'short can of shark shit', as her whole team like to put. Including her, and Haku had a minor no swearing policy. Despite years of murder and the usual ninja work, she still found vulgarity unbecoming and classless.

Just as she reached out and touched the boy, his eyes popped wide open and an awkward silence filled the air for a moment.

"So." Naruto began breaking the ice. Pun somewhat intended. "You like what you see?" He jokingly asked.

Haku quietly giggled a bit. "Well I certainly don't hate it. You shouldn't be sleeping out here all alone, you know mister~." She said as she got back up.

"Naruto Uzmaki. Not a lot of nice locals like you I take it miss~?" He asked as he got up.

"Haku Yuuki." She intoduced herself. "What I meant though was that you could catch a cold out here." She said as she took a note of the hitaite around his head. "Ah, you're a shinobi I take it."

Naruto snorted. "Nah, this is all for show." He joked while pointing at himself. "Seriously though, I'm out here on official ninja business. I'd tell you more but I'd have to kill you." He teased.

Haku giggled. "Well I certainly wouldn't want that." She said as she began her task of herb collecting.

"Need any help, I have a decent knowledge of herbs myself."

She smiled. "Sure." And they began to pick some herbs up together. "So what drove you to being a shinobi?" She asked.

Naruto hummed a bit before answering casually. "A lot of things. The need to be strong, my true calling, finding myself. Lots of factors really."

Haku nodded at that. "I understand. Do you have any goals?"

Naruto didn't speak for a moment. "Well, there's someone important to me." He answered.

Haku smiled. "A precious person perhaps?"

Naruto choked up a bit but soldiered on. "In a way." He vaguely stated.

"That's good. We all need precious people in our lives to fuel our wills." Naruto gave her a curious look for that and she decided to elaborate. "I think people are at their strongest when they have someone to protect. People are dangerous when they have nothing to lose, but people with someone to lose are the ones people should watch out for."

"Why?" Naruto asked. "Say for example, a no name punk with a family faced off against a warlord? I don't think determination determines victors."

Haku sighed. "You'd be surprised what determination for loved ones can do. Caring and not caring, apathy and empathy... they can make a lot of diffrence." She said wistfuly. They just kept harvesting in silence after that. Naruto thinking on Haku's words and Haku not wanting to interrupt Naruto's philosophical debate. His tenant was awefully silent during Naruto's inner debate.

Until now. "Hey dumbass." The Kyuubi barked. "Let go of that herb."

'Why furfag?' He asked with an annoyed tone.

"It causes intense nightmares and ass ripping explosive diarrhea." Naruto promptly let go of the plant without question. "Be sure to wash you hands when you get back. No, you know what, I have a better idea. Give yourself a second degree burn to get rid of the germs. It benefits both us."

'How does it benefit you? No wait, my suffering right? Yeah fuck off Kyuu-bitch.' Naruto thought back to the bijuu as he finished his task and handed the herbs to Haku. "Nice meeting you Haku. We should hang out again later." He said with a smirk.

Haku smiled in kind. "I'd like that. Nice meeting you Naruto-kun and good luck with the mission." She finished as she began walking away with a wave. She groaned inwardly. 'I really am soft.'

After Naruto's rather thought provoking encounter with Haku, he went right back to the bridge to go on guard duty for a bit. After that, he and Tazuna went right back home just in time for dinner. A rather enjoyable meal when regarding the living conditions. "Thanks for the meal Tsunami-chan. Your meals are quite the taste for sore bodies." Naruto complimented. Tazuna shot him a raised eyebrow look.

Tsunami smiled at his praise. "Thank you Naruto-san, but it's a rather modest meal. There's no need for such praise."

"Nonsense. Your cooking skills are only matched by your beauty. Oh, and there's no need to be so formal Tsunami-chan, just Naruto will do." He said, earning a raised eyebrow look from his entire team. Just as the conversation was about continue, a tiny fist slammed on the table. "Somethin' on your mind sport." Naruto said as he looked at Tsunami's son, Inari.

"Why are being so happy." He asked. "Why are any of you here?! It's pointless!" He yelled.

"Gonna have to be a little more specific than that. A lot of things are technically pointless." Naruto recommended only serving to annoy Inari some more.

"You're all training so hard for a pointless cause, just like grandpa trying to build a pointless bridge! Gato's just gonna tear it all down like he does everyone else!" He said as the twars started to build up. "The strong always tear the weak apart!" He yelled, ignoring his mother's scoldings to settle down.

"You got the last part right." Naruto said with a calm chuckle. "Gato's weak compared to people like us. Once that bridge is up, he's as good as done." Inari slammed down on the table once more.

"And there you go again with that dumbass smile! Stop smiling all the time!" He barked out. "People like us?! We're nothing alike! You're just some happy go lucky punk from a village who has a carefree life!" Kagome gave Naruto a wary look upon Inari's comment. His smile was quickly fading. "What do you know about suffering?! Not a damn thing!"

"Enough!" Tazuna barked out, finally silencing his grandson. Naruto stopped smiling for a moment before taking a deep breath and putting on a fake smile like Sai.

"Naruto..." Kagome called carefully.

"It's fine. He's entitled to his opinions and know it all attitude." Naruto said as he stood up. "He's entitled to expressing himself, even if it makes him look like a big fat sack of pussy. He's right about the whole carefree life thing too."

"Naruto..." Kagome warned feeling his boiling emotions.

"I do life a carefree life Inari. I have no parents, live alone, my sibling tried to kill me, and almost no one wants to associate with me." He listed off to the resident's shock. "I don't know a damn about suffering because my life is so FAN-FUKING-TASTIC Inari." He said with emphasis on his fan-fucking-tastic. "You know, if it's one thing I absolutely LOVE, it's being lectured on the hardness of life by a whiny brat whose balls haven't even dropped yet, because that pussy of a boy totally knows suffering far better than me, living off of his kaa-chan and jiji's hardwork to give him a better life!" He finished sarcastically and angrily as his voice began to rise.

Kagome slammed down on the table to get Naruto's attention. "Enough." She ordered in a calm but harsh voice. Naruto glared at her impassive face for a second before walking out the door without a word. Kagome excused herself as Inari cried before he ran up to his room with his mother following, leaving Yakumo, Sai, and Tazuna alone.

"I believe this situation would be regarded as awkward." Sai announced. "Shall we eat in silence?" They promptly did so.

Naruto sat in silence on the porch of the house, staring into nothing as he mulled his thoughts over his past. "Naruto, we need to talk." Kagome said as she sat down next to him. "That was unnecessary." She simply stated.

"Not really. I educated that kid after his dumbass spiel. Nothing unnecessary about that." Naruto retorted.

Kagome sighed at his hardheaded stubbornness. "He's like that for a reason. Let me tell you something Tsunami told me. Years ago, a man named Kaiza tried to stand up to Gato's tyranny. In the end, he was caught and tortured to death in public as Gato laughed in glee. That man was Inari's tou-san and he was there to witness the horror of his tou-san being brutalised in public. Imagine that for a second, being a little child and watching someone you love being murdered. Does that sound like an easy thing to bounce back from."

Naruto didn't say anything for a moment. "No. Not at all. But moping about it for your whole life won't fix anything." He finished with exasperation, images of Satsuki flashing through his head.

"Listen. Inari's comment on your life wasn't right but yours wasn't any better. Especially since you're supposed to be a professional shinobi... people deal with grief in many ways and recover at their own pace. Some better than others." She said as she gave Naruto an understanding look. "We all can't bounce back like you." She finished as she got up and walked back in the house and left Naruto to think.

The next three days were a bit awkward in the beginning, Naruto's and Inari's previous arguement having made the air somewhat uncomfortable between them, but things slowly got better over time, with the two coming to an eventual understanding. Naruto even decided to show him some moves with his bokken to the boy's enjoyment.

"So if I swing this hard enough, I can actually break down a stone wall?"


"That's hella cool!"

Kagome eventually got her true strength back and was able to help the team in their skill development. Yakumo was the physically weakest of the group but highly adept in the art of genjutsu, thanks to her Kurama blood and practice. Sai was good in taijutsu and kenjutsu, but her primary skill was in the art of ninjutsu, so she was by far the most adaptable member of her team. Naruto was the physically strongest, being very skilled in unarmed and armed combat. He also had a knack for genjutsu breaking despite being a male. The group balanced each other skill wise and they're dynamic was rather easy to create and improve on, especially since they didn't mind sharing individual knowledge amongst each other. Within given time, Team 7 could be made into a powerful force. As for their social connection-

"Sai?" Naruto questioned as he walked in the house.


"Why do you have my bokken?" He asked slowly as he pointed to the weapon in Sai's arms.

"I wanted to shine it for you as a token of friendship." She said before she handed it back to him, the wood shining like it was new.

"Uh... thanks." Naruto said with both genuine confusion and appreciation before walking outside to practice.

"Did you see that Yakumo? He said thanks."

"Told you it wasn't that hard." Said girl chirped out with a smirk as she stopped faking slumber on the couch.

-It was actaully improving.

"Now do I began working my way to stimulating him."

"No. Not until your actaully dating. And I'm not around."

Mostly. It was mostly improving.

The seventh day of the mission found Team 7 with their only male member still asleep on the couch with some bruises on his knuckles.

"Looks like he went out to train himself silly last night." Yakumo said as she stretched out herself. "Want me to wake him."

Kagome shook her head. "Let him rest. I'm feeling good today anyhow. I'll watch Tazuna and the builders while you spar for a bit." She said as she led the team out the door before stopping at the doorway. "Oi! Tsunami-san! Let him know that we're at the bridge site okay?!" Tsunami gave her a thumbs up from inside the kitchen door and the group left out with their client.

When the group came close to the bridge, they noticed the very heavy mist setting in and prepared themselves for a possible confrontation with the demons. Once they got to the bridge, they found many of the builders sprawled all over the construction site, with cuts and senbon on their bodies, most of it non-lethal. Chains then shot out of the mist towards Kagome's direction and she quickly leapt out of the way while her genin leapt back with Tazuna.

"You're one genin short of a squad Kagome. You send the boy toy runnin' for back up?" Zabuza asked condescendingly.

Kagome gave her a lazy look. "No. Left him asleep on the couch. Can't let my kids go on a mission while drowsy can I?" She asked while making mental notes of the chunin rank-nin going for a flank."Three on one this time Zabuza? Am I really that scary?" She cooed lazily.

"After the shit you pulled yesterday?" She snorted. "Let's call it payback." Despite the heavier mist providing her cover against Kagome's Sharingan, she wanted to get rid of Kagome as fast as possible and get out of there. She didn't trust Gato enough to really pay up and wanted time to potentially double cross his double cross if possible. They needed that money and the faster they were out of what could be considered enemy territory, the better. 'Haku shouldn't have too much trouble with the leaf brats. Worst case scenerio, we kill Kagome at the cost of the demon sister's and Haku keeps those brats off my ass.'

Speaking of which, Sai and Yakumo were currently dealing with the fake hunter-nin. "Please get out of the way. We just want Tazuna." She tried to warn the genin.

"No. Konoha could use more trading partners and the Land of Waves has decent exports. If you come any further, you will be eliminated." Sai warned. Yakumo took a defensive back step towards Tazuna.

Haku sighed. "I warned you." She then bolted off at Tazuna in a blinding speed, Sai barely managing to stop her with an ink lion, which was swiftly disposed of by a sharp kick. The moment Sai came close enough she pulled out her signature technique. 'Ice Release: Demonic Mirroring Ice Crystals!" Sai suddenly found her target turned into a mirror image as the dome of reflective ice formed over her.

Naruto found himself awakened from his dream as the ramen king by the sounds of shouting outside the house. "If you lay a hand on my boy, I'll drag you to hell myself!" Tsunami shouted. Naruto immediately jumped from his bed at hearing that, going towards the sounds of a scuffle outside. Gato's men, zori and Waraji, were holding Inari hostage.

"Big threat coming from a wench armed with a butcher knife." Zori taunted. "Waraji, grab her and let's get going." Just as Waraji was about to move forward, a bokken flew from the house faster than anyone could see and impaled Zori's head, his body flying with the wooden blade. Waraji barely had time to get a scream out before Naruto sprinted towards him. He delivered a kick right rown on his left knee, breaking the limb with a sickening crunch, the criminal buckling in agony. Waraji yelped as Naruto put him in a headlock and twisted his neck in a bone cracking angle, falling limb as life began to leave him. Inari and Tsunami stared in horror in what they just saw, but slowly turned into appreciation as they got used to the deaths of criminals in front of them.

"Are you guys alright." Naruto asked. They nodded wordlessly. "Good. Where's my team?" He asked.

Inari was the one who actually calmed down first. "Their at the bridge with my jiji." He answered slowly.

Naruto figured His team was dealing with the nuke-nin right now as he ripped his bokken from Zori's head with a sicking squelch and slight crunch, not minding the blood and gray matter. "Alright. You guys head somewhere safe. I gotta get to the bridge ASAP." Naruto said quickly as he made a break for the bridge. Inari and Tsunami stood there for a bit before Inari snapped out of it and ran to town.

"Inari!" Tsunami called out.

"I'm not gonna be a coward. Not when I can do something." Inari told himself, ignoring his mother's calls.

'I'm quickly finding myself losing control of the situation.' Sai thought as she lost a good portion of the feelling her body. Physically I mean. Her body was a literal pin cushion at this point, with dozens of senbon embedded into many parts of her flesh.

Haku, being the kind soul she was, decided to give Sai another chance. "If you surrender-" She retreated back into her ice mirrors the moment several spiked ink birds came her way and crashed into the mirrors. "Have it your way." She sighed.

Outside of the dome, Kagome was dealing with Zabuza and the sisters. 'Earth Release: Earth Dome Jutsu!' A dome of earth quickly ensnared the sister's chains and Zabuza's blade embedded itself into the rock. Not a second later and two Kagome's burst below the ground, one sprinting towards the twins and the other leaping at Zabuza. The swordswoman did a hand stand on her blades handle and delivered a kick to Kagome's side while the sister's chains retracted to slice up the leaf jonin. These were mistakes seeing as how those were both 'Lightning Clones'.

"Gah!" Zabuza yelped as an electrical charge flowed through her. The sisters disconnected their chains at the last second, feeling the electricity make their arms to spasm.

The earth dome opened up to reveal Kagome who had just finished going through some hand signs. 'Fire Release: Great Fire Ball Jutsu!' She blasted the sphere of death straight towards the sisters. They weren't hit directly, but received some first and second degree burns on their bodies as they were blown away. Kagome had little time to dodge a much more powerful swing from Zabuza, leaping from the dome but still receiving a light slash on her back. "Congratulations Zabuza-chan I'm bleeding. To be fair though, I bleed more than that on a monthly basis."

"Tough bitch huh?" Zabuza growled before smiling. "Good. I like my targets tough." Before more could be said, a loud crash was heard as someone busted a mirror. They looked at the ice dome to find someone actually jumping in. "Isn't that the blonde?"

Kagome's eyes widened a bit. "I believe it is. Speaking of short and feisty little cuties~" 'Summoning Justu!' "Meet my ninken."

Meanwhile, inside the ice dome. "Hey Sai." Naruto greeted, not paying attention to Sai's indiffrent glare.

"Naruto-senpai. Why are you in here?" She asked.

"Saving your now prickly ass. Duh." He responded.

"Why aren't you Tazuna with Yakumo-senpai?" She asked with slight irritation in her tone.

"What I'd just say?" Naruto said with an irritated tone of his own.

"If you survive this, you better not turn this recklessness into a habit."kyuubi grunted.

Haku had shown herself on all the mirrors. "You shouldn't have come here Naruto-kun."

Naruto eyes widen in recognition of the voice. "Haku? You're the fake hunter-nin." He stated in a tone of shock and slight hurt.

"Yes." Haku answered with no small amount of hesitation in her tone. She liked this boy, but fate was cruel and her precious person needed her. "Naruto. Leave and I will spare you."

He shook his head with his teeth bared in anger. "No way. Not with people who need help on the line." He growled out. "You told me that people with the determination to protect others could take down a warlord if they wanted to. So why? Why are you fighting for that warlord?"

"Because my precious person needs me to." Haku said before ice needles rained down in volleys. Thanks to the kyuubi's chakra coursing through his coils, any that did him were quickly pushed out with little effect on his muscles. Naruto unsealed his kusarigama and tried to swing it at Haku's position, only for it to hit the mirrors and bounce off the ice while Sai could only watch the apparent stalemate. Naruto's stamina was an endless ocean while Haku was running on short time. She could NOT do this forever.

'I have no choice.' She inwardly sighed. 'Ice Release: Black Demonic Ice Dome.' Sai and Naruto were enveloped in darkness. 'It's time to end this.' Haku, barely being able to see, launched towards the blonde, channeling chakra in her palm, poised to strike Him and take him down for good. Sai, with her enhanced training, could faintly hear her movements in the dark.


The light in the dome quickly came back on to reveal Sai with blood gushing from her mouth as Haku's palm in he stomach. She fell over lifelessly. "Sai!" Naruto yelled. 'My teammate. My partner.'

Haku could practically feel the grief coming from Naruto. "She was strong, committed to completing her assignment for the leaf village's best interest. She has my respect."

This comment didn't make Naruto feel better. In fact, his sadness suddenly turned into rage. "Is that your way of trying to ease the pain." He said quietly through seething. "Your respect? That doesn't mean jack shit to me or anyone!" He reached out faster than Haku could react and grabbed her by the arm in a vice like grip, a dark aura seeming to radiate from him like heat from the sun.

'His chakra. It's so vile.' She barely managed to think as her body palpitated due to the terror surging through her very being.

"Despite her quirks, she was a person, my comrade, irreplaceable member of Team 7!" He was so furious that he didn't hear his tenant laughing in his mind. His eyes were glowing crimson and the air around him seemed heat up as the air raged to and fro. Haku swore she saw a demonic fox in Naruto's eyes. "RRRAAAAGGH!"

Haku's world spun into near blackness as Naruto unleashed a devastating punch to her face, sending her crashing through on of her mirriors. The dome dissipated like snow. In midair, her mask shattered, revealing her now bruised face with Kagome and Zabuza barely witnessing the final moments of the event, having felt the dark chakra emanate from Naruto. This lapse in attention led to Zabuza being pinned by one of the ninken.

As for Naruto, the power was gone in a matter of a few seconds and he slowly made his way over to Haku, idle thoughts of vengeance lurking in his mind along with encouragement from his literal inner demon. He walked right over to Haku, who was barely awake after the blow. Before he did anything else, he decided to ask the question that plague his mind. "Why Haku? Why do you work for someone like Zabuza? For someone like you to say those words yet work for a demon-"

"Naruto... may I tell you a story?"

Naruto gave her a look of confusion. "In the middle of a battle. While our respective leaders fight? Do we have time for that?" He asked.

Despite the situation, Haku chuckled. "The one thing anime and manga always has time for, it's dialogue."

Naruto folded his arms at that. 'Did I... did damage her brain?' Shaking off those thoughts, he gestured for her to go on. Haku had proceeded to tell him about her origins, the Yuuki clan, and the bloodline war being waged in Kiri, and her master's goal. Naruto's call for revenge began to fade as he listened to her, seeing a girl whose life was pretty much taken away rather than a just a team murdering enemy nuke-nin.

"Naruto... kill me. I've failed Zabuza-sama... I have no purpose anymore." She begged in a broken tone.

He didn't completely hate her, but now he was torn. Did he want to deliver justice for Sai or did he want Haku alive?

Luckily for him, he didn't need to make that decision, for the mist currently surrounding them was quickly dissipating, revealing Zabuza pinned down and her arms broken by numerous ninken and Kagome charging up her signature move: 'Chidori!' Haku seeing what was about to happen to her master, gave Naruto one last look of apology. Naruto was about to perform an execution with his kusarigama until Haku tossed the last of her senbon towards Naruto's face. This caught him off guard and gave her time to fullfil her most important purpose. Protect Zabuza-sama.

Just as she was about to take the blow for her master, she was pushed out of the way by Naruto at the last second.

"Naruto!/Naruto?!/What!?" Kagome, Haku, and Zabuza all yelled respectively. The 'Chidori!' was lodged right in Naruto's stomach.

"You fucking dolt!" The Kyuubi yelled. "Do you want an early grave!? Goddammit, I'm gonna have to work overtime to repair this shit, DO NOT MOVE!"

Naruto couldn't move if he wanted to since his master currently had her arm in his chest. With a squelch, she pulled out, catching Naruto before he fell. "Why the hell would you do that?!" Kagome yelled, fearing for her student's life.

"I don't...(cough) know." His vision faded quickly and returned oh so slowly. He could barely make out the shocked and horrorified faces of his sensei and Haku. Meanwhile, Yakumo was looking over the broken body of Sai, desperately trying to figure out if she was alive.

"She's fine." Her inner voice casually whispered. "We should worry about the blonde." Yakumo quickly looked around and saw a bleeding Naruto with Kagome and the enemy ninja looking at him, Haku and Kagome in concern, Zabuza in perplexed shocked.

"My god, you all must've had quite the spectacle." A slimy business man voice yelled out with amusement. Gato and nearly a hundred of his goons that consisted of low rank criminals, ranging from street thugs to low rank criminal kunoichi, had all appeared on the bridge. "Well as entertaining as that probably was, were gonna have to called it quits now. Zabuza, I would say it was fun working with you and your merry women, but it would be a lie." He said as his gang began to spread out. Kagome wasn't liking this. Zabuza was debilitated and the sisters were down and If that wasn't bad enough, two of her students were near death and there was no way Yakumo could help that much with all these hostiles around.

"Oh, wait your Tazuna right?" Gato fake asked. "Would you like to see your daughter?" One of his men came out with a battered and bruised Tsunami. "Couldn't find your grandson either thanks to this uppity bitch but hey, better one than none right? Now turn yourself in to me and I'll spare her life. Fair trade right?"

Tazuna gritted his teeth and just as he was about to comply, a new voice spoke up. "Wait! Take me instead!" Naruto yelled out to everyone's surprise and shock as he barely stood up, ignoring two voice's protesting.

Gato just scoffed. "Why the fuck would I do that. What do you have to offer?" He asked skeptically.

Naruto winced as he came up with an answer to that question. He knew this would be very dumb to say, but he was too kind hearted to simply let an innocent die when he could stop it. "I'm the son of the yondaime and the Red Queen." He yelled, getting everyone's shock. His mother told him about his "father" when he was younger and instructed him to keep it a secret until he was in the clear. Oh well. "You could use me for a lot of things. Money, power, or even breeding if you give Tsunami back and spare Tazuna's life."

Everyone was silent for a moment until Gato laughed. "Y-you really think I'll believe that! Do you even have proof." Naruto actaully whipped out a piece of paper and threw it to Tazuna. "What the?" It was an official birth certificate. "Why-why did you have this on you?"

"That's not important. You have proof! Let go of Tsunami!" Naruto gritted out

Gato sputtered for a bit. "You ninja's forge shit all the time! As if I-ow." He muttered as a paper plane hit him. It was an actual picture of Kushina and Minako. "Why'd you carry this on you?!"

"It doesn't matter, NOW TAKE ME!" Naruto yelled. "And before you scream "fake" or something look at Minako's features and mine!"

Gato swapped his vision from Naruto to the picture for a few seconds before gasping. "Holy shit, your practically royalty! Deal fucking accepted!"

"No!" Kagome yelled. "I am your sensei and I will not let you do this!" She said grabbing his arm.

Naruto didn't even bother to look in her direction. "And I'm Naruto, so your rank is invalid!" He said pulling away from her with surprising strength. He straight up ran towards Gato and his group.

"Stop right there! I know how ninja work! Throw your weapons to me then slowly walk on over. When you get close to us, then I'll let this bitch go." Naruto tossed his kusarigama and bokken right on over gently then walked over. Idiots didn't pay attention to his scrolls. As soon as he was close, two goons went out to grab him. He knew better than to trust Gato and unsealed his Naginata faster than most their could react, impaling Tsunami's captor.

"Get moving!"


"Go!" Tsunami decided to listen and quickly made a break for it while Naruto tried to tear his way through the crowd to get to a fleeing Gato, abandoning his Nagainati in favor of taking a dead goons tanto, since he did better with swords than pole weapons and needed something he could use with greater speed. He quickly stabbed another goon in her gut before taking her tanto, now duel wielding two cheap tantos for the battle. He jumped right over some goons, slicing someone's shoulder as he landed and deflected a spear to the side before cutting the bandit's arms off. He winced as a great sword grazed his back and a sword swing whooshed pass his right ear, but he pushed the fight forward in order to reach his target, deflecting two poorly thrown kunai into another bandit's body.

"You're going to get killed!" and "Don't fuck us both over!" Were among the many things his tenant yelled in his mind as she worked to keep him alive. His stomach wound wasn't fully healed and despite being a prodigy, taking on numerous thugs with weapons was not easy. For every kill he got, a wound was his next reward. Kagome and a few of her ninken went after Naruto, but found themselves blocked off by other goons, and Naruto was more than halfway through the crowd, already bisecting another rogue kunoichi.

The bandits there couldn't believe their eyes as they witnessed a genin manage to tear his way through the onslaught, some actually backing away in fear, especially when Kagome rushed to join in, easily cutting her way through the bandits on the fringe of the mob.

Gato had ran straight towards the edge in panic, breaking into a cold sweat as the sounds of death drew closer. "GATO!" The angry voice of Naruto called out as he burst from the crowd, smashing someone's face with his foot as he landed. Gato then found a tanto thrown into his shoulder before he cried out in agony, dropping his glasses in his panic on the ground along with his cane. "DIE!" Naruto yelled as he plunged his other tanto into Gato's heart right near the edge of the bridge. "Hows it feel?" Naruto gritted out. "Knowing that the gates of hell are wide open for you."

Gato just gurgled out blood in response before Naruto tossed him over the edge. Naruto turned around in time to find a naginata stabbed into his stomach. Finally succumbing to his wounds, he fell back, right into the river.

"NARUTO!" He heard Kagome scream right before he lost consciousness.

Kyuubi grumbled. 'I hate Uzumaki.'

Kagome had lost a student on their very first C-rank mission. Time had seemed to stop as the crashing weight of reality bore down on her. Haku cried for tha boy while Zabuza stood there, lost in thought over what had transpired. Yakumo and Tazuna couldn't see what had happened, but neither had liked the feeling in their guts or the sounds they had heard. The bandits, having just lost their boss, mostly turned tail and ran, a few staying to try and collect the bounty on either Kagome or Zabuza, maybe both.

"Attack!" Until a very large mob of pissed off villagers came forward with Inari leading the charge, chasing the thugs out of Wave.

"Yakumo-senpai..." Sai breathed out to said girl's surprised relief. "Where's Naruto-senpai?"

Non-Canon Jutsu: Ice Release: Black Demonic Ice Dome-The ice crystals turn black and close up, trapping the targets in darkness and muffling the users movements to their perception. However, this technique requires intense concentration and usually only gives a chance for one or two surprise attacks. Those using the technique are recommended to use this only if they have very good senses themselves.

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