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Chapter XV

And so that's how my story goes.  I had to leave her; she was cool with that.  Wait, now I'm making it sound mellow-dramatic.  We weren't going to 'leave each other'; we were just going to leave each other… If that makes any sense.

I had passed my exams, I was accepted as the rightful commander to Balamb Garden and as much as I enjoyed living with this family, which wasn't what I anticipated, I wasn't going to let the opportunity of my life blow past me.  I had finally achieved what I had aimed for and that was that.  I was leaving.

Stu and Mikey were mostly concerned with the questions 'will you come visit? Can we go visit?'  The answer was an obvious 'yes' to both questions.  Joan and Julia's main concern was if I was going to eat the right amounts of food from each food group.  Frankly, I didn't even know what those food groups were but I promised them that I would eat well.  Caraway… Didn't voice his exact opinion however; I could tell his main concern was that I was about to invite his daughter to my place for a sleepover.  He was, nonetheless, nice enough to shake my hand and congratulate me.

Rinoa's main concern was my main concern.  Between me directing a military academy and her trying to complete her studies… Would we actually keep the relationship up?  I was afraid that the magnetism was pulling up an answer that I didn't want. 

Another main concern of mine was that I would never be able to finish the stupid Sly Cooper game and that bothered me.  I was kind of wondering what would happen at the end… Would the Inspector Carmelita Fox arrest good ol' Sly? Or would they do the typical romance thing and get married and crossbreed to come up with Focoons (combination of raccoons and fox)?

Ok, I'll admit, I would miss her a hell of a lot more than the game. 

It was quite a busy morning.  Every one was rushing around madly all because of me.  I must admit I did feel loved.  And surprisingly… Very surprisingly… Rinoa and me had a moment to ourselves. 

"You'll call me?" Her eyes narrow on mine, "You better…"

"You have a very low opinion of me, don't you?" I smirked, "Yes, I will call you.  And my phone number contains the same amount of digits as yours so it's just as easy for you to call me." I pointed out.

"Oh, smart observation." A smile from her at last. "However, you still owe me for the exams."

"Right, and you still owe me for a lot of things." I reminded her.  She wore this pouting look on her face.  Suddenly, I began to worry about a lot of things.  For example… What kind of hell would she have to face at school?  "Are you going to be alright?"

"Yeah, sure… Why wouldn't I be?  A few long-distance calls, two-hour car trip… It'll all be good." She gave me a sardonic grin and her words swelled with sarcasm.

"That's not what I meant.  With Jake… That's what I meant."

"Yeah, why wouldn't I be ok?  I've got a handy Swiss Army Knife." Again, the sarcasm.

"Rinoa…" I warned and she rolled her eyes.

"Squall, push comes to shove, I'll kick him in the crotch.  I'm not going to switch schools because of him or Jessica for that matter.  I just don't see what you're worried about."

"Fine." I said, frowning, "And for the long-distance calls and two hour car trips… I must remind you that Dawson College… Is in Dollet."

She smiled, "Yes, I realized.  The 30 minute ferry ride is less appealing."

"Do you find a fault in everything?" I looked at her exasperated.

"Yup.  Everything except you.  That's why I'm willing to take the ferry every Friday and spend the week-end with you." She kissed me quickly, "In any case, you should start packing more efficiently." She motioned to my nearly empty suitcase.

Two hours later I had said my good-byes to the whole family.  And that's the way things were.


(Now Rinoa POV)

And so that's how my story goes.  Between casual two-hour conversations every two days and occasional trips to Balamb everything worked out.  Exams were approaching, so was graduation, so was prom. 

Jake went on being his usual asshole.  Except this time with his nose covered in a mini cast.  He did eventually push me to the limit one day.  He came up to me in the cafeteria and sat right in front of me.

"How's the commander guy?  Haven't seen him in the longest time.  Apparently you and him are going steady.  So you know the meaning of steady now?  It surprises me…" And at that time the whole school was looking at us and Quistis was about to tell him to shut up but he just kept going, "I've never been much for commitment, but you've beaten me at every back-stabbing game.  How about your brothers?  Mikey?  How is he?  Has he started jacking off while watching Barney?"

I guess that's when I decided to grab him by the hair on the top of his head and slam his face down into his plate of macaroni and cheese.  He emerged and I knew that I had broken his healing nose again.  Surprisingly, I didn't get in trouble.  I didn't, for obvious reasons, mention the event to Squall… Ever.

"Anyways, so as I was saying.  I want to go to prom." I was kind of trying to convince him to go with me.

"Why would you want to go to prom?" His voice contained a tone of disdain.

"Because… It's prom!  Didn't you go to your prom?" I asked.  I wanted him to come with me… At all costs.

"I went to a Estharian military academy.  The closest thing we ever got to a prom was a good kick in the ass when high school was finished."

I couldn't help laughing, "Well here's you're chance to go through the magical feeling… Come to my prom."

"Wouldn't want to embarrass Jake, would we?"

"Aww… You're a boring old hermit, Mr. Leonheart."

"Mmhmm… Is Miss Heartilly still missing her sanity and still likes to watch the stars after standing out in the pouring rain?"

"Ha ha ha… Very funny, why do you ask?" I rolled my eyes, though he couldn't really see.

"Because forecast tonight indicates heavy showers.  I'll meet you in Dollet if you want.  We'll… Sum up the stars together again." There was a hint of amusement in his voice.

My heart fluttered slightly, "I think that would be a great idea." It was Saturday.

"Good, I'll meet you there at 6 P.M." There was a concluding tone in his voice.  "See you."


"Oh and Rinoa… No matter how many stars there are, they can't be more important than you are to me.  You realize I love you and can't live without you… Right?"

I felt my knees kind of weaken, "I… I love you too." And I replaced the phone on its cradle, still fairly shaken.

Two hours later, I was on my way to see him and I didn't know it then, but I was also on my way to spending the rest of my life with him.  And that's the way things were.

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