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I never thought Forks would be like this, with a near-permanent gray cloud that hung over the town as a reminder of its lack of promise for a day without showers. I had heard stories from my mother, about how she and her sister Celia, would play in the creek behind their family home, one of the only entertaining things to in this small, dreary town. I never perceived the stories to be the whole truth though, as I was fortunate enough to grow up in a thriving city of Ridgeland Mississippi, where it was mostly sunny, and had many parks where my sister Cynthia and I would often play.

That was until I was thirteen, and my parents were in a terrible accident. Whilst taking a back road home, their car ran off the road by another car, the crash killed my mother instantly and left my father with a cracked rib and a sprained wrist. My sister, who was only eight at the time, seemed to have the same awful feeling as I did, that it was no accident. The opposing car was never found, and no one else had seen the black car my dad described take the exit off the busy highway.

My father was a cruel man, who had no respect for me as his daughter. To him I was a freak, born out of wedlock, despite the features of him I dawned on my face, we shared the same slender nose and dark brown eyes, and I had the same inky black hair. He adored Cynthia, as did his new wife, Amber. They had wed six months to the day, after my mother's death. Amber treated me coldly, as I was not as easy to persuade of her pure intentions as my sister was. I could see through them, in my dreams, which guided me in life, more than what may be normal for the average teenage girl.

Each night, a new vision like dream plays in my mind and I see who I know to be my future, a blonde man with beautiful topaz eyes. My dreams tell me where he is, with his family in their gorgeous home in the woods.

My dreams have often strayed away from him though, and have left me in a trance-like state, where I am able to see what happened the night of my mother's death. My father, who was behind the wheel, unbuckles my mother seatbelt, and before she can question why, he speeds off the road and into a tree, crushing my mother on impact.

I awoke with a scream, which alerted my sister, who often slept in my room. I told her it was a nightmare and sent her to her room. I called my aunt Celia immediately, who told me I had inherited my family's 'sight' which skipped through generations, blessing whoever was most in need of it in their lifetime. The 'sight' acts like visions, though I'm unable to control them, and even then, it's never certain. The weather was easy, if I focused hard enough on it, I could see the weather while awake. People were harder to read, I could try and focus on someone's future but, they would change their mind before I would be able to see anything, my dreams are always stronger, and more certain.

This all brings me here, to Forks, away from my cruel father, who was happy to send me on my way. I had tried to bring Cynthia with me but, he wouldn't allow it, saying it was 'hard enough saying goodbye to one daughter' though, to him, I was never his child.

"Alice? Are you almost done unpacking?" My aunt called up to me in my new room with her, the room that had once belonged to my mother, was now mine. "Almost!" I replied and set down the last box on my bed, it was full of my sketchbooks, and my copious amounts of pencils.

"Dinner's almost ready!" Celia called up and that's when I realized how hungry I truly was, placing a hand on my roaring stomach, I immediately moved to join her downstairs. My aunt was an eccentric woman, who never married and collected many gemstones, claiming each had its own special power, placing Rose Quartz in my room to 'soothe' and 'calm' my ever frantic mind.

"What's for dinner?" I asked her sweetly as I entered the kitchen, where she stood over a too big pot of spaghetti sauce. "Oh! Spaghetti, I made a bit too much though, so you can take some to school tomorrow." She said sweetly, pushing her thick-framed glasses higher on her nose. She shared many resemblances to my mother, the same dark brown hair as her; though Celia's seemed to be permanently pinned back in a bun perched on the top of her head. She had kind blue eyes that were magnified by her glasses, and her fashion senses needed work but, they were unique and fit her personality well as well.

Grabbing the bowls out of the cupboard, I set the table for the two of us. After dinner, I returned back to my room to finish unpacking my last box. I placed my sketchbook on my bedside table and the pencils in the drawer. Sitting on the plush yellow comforter on my bed, and opened my sketchbook. Each page had something out of my visions on them, either faces or scenery from what I could remember. The unnamed blonde from my visions was on most of the pages, though I had also taken to drawing his home, and others who appeared in the dreams. There were faces that had no voices, though I knew that they were not people I would want to be near. Leaning back against the headboard of my bed, I began to touch up the most recent drawing of the blonde man. After I deemed the drawing perfect, I placed it back on the table and turned on my laptop, and played a movie I could fall asleep to. My vision was based off my first day at school.

"Everyone, Ms. Brandon here is new to Forks; I hope you'll all treat her with more respect than you treat your homework assignments." Mr. Greene joked with a lopsided smile when two or three students laughed out of what I assumed was a pity, he sighed and looked down at his paperwork. "Well, Ms. Brandon, there's a seat in the back beside Mr. Hale, I'm sure you could borrow his notes to get caught up." He said to me, and I nodded before I turned to take the seat in the back.

"Alice, rise and shine! It's your first day." Celia said walking across my room and pulling the curtains open to show off the cloudy skies of my new home. "I'm awake," I said, reaching over to press the off button on my alarm clock since I had already pressed snooze twice. I sat up and smiled at her as she handed me a cup of tea and said she would be leaving to in an hour to drive me to school. I sipped the tea before I moved to take a shower in my attached bathroom.

Once I was clean, I moved to pick out my clothes, deciding on a pair of light wash denim jeans, and a white turtleneck sweater. Fixing my short and spiky hair to be the way I liked it, I put on my eyeliner and some lip balm. My dream had indicated that I would be in front of many classes today; I needed to look fantastic to put my best foot forward.

Going downstairs I was surprised to hear my aunt talking to someone, turning the corner into the kitchen, I froze when I saw the blonde man's mother in my kitchen.

"Oh! Alice, this is Esme Cullen, Esme, this is my niece Alice." Celia said, taking my empty mug from my hands and placing it in the sink. "Her kids go to the same school as you." She informed me and I just nodded dumbly. The caramel haired woman approached me and smiled brightly. "It's a pleasure to meet you, Alice." She said and moved to hug me; I quickly blinked through my shock and reciprocated her hug.

Her touch was cold, though the embrace made me feel warm inside. She pulled away and smiled softly. "I'm glad I could catch you before school, I was hoping if I dropped off the herbs early I could meet you." She said kindly and only then I realized that there was fresh mint, parsley, and basil on the counter. "Well, I'm glad you got here in time too," I said honestly. "Your kids go to Forks High?" I asked, in person, she looked no older than twenty-five.

"Yes, my two adopted child go there, and my niece and nephew too." She said kindly, and I nodded. "That's nice, they're all close then?" I asked, moving slowly to make myself a to-go mug of tea. "Oh, yes, very." She said and my aunt smiled uncomfortably, and I raised a brow at her. "Well, I should get going, I have some more running around to do, it was a pleasure to meet you, Alice," Esme said, hugging my aunt once more before she left quickly.

"Very close indeed." My aunt said with a small chuckle once the front door closed behind Esme. "Her son is dating her niece." She said and I raised a brow. "Well, they're not related by blood...it's still a little weird though," I said softly.

After I made my tea and grabbed my lunch, we left for school. Celia teaches her own art class at school, which is how she was able to tell me all about the gossip of the school. Including the Cullen's, mainly how Emmett was dating Rosalie, I knew no one else's names. I sighed as we parked, suddenly feeling anxious as I looked at my new school.

"Where should I go?" I asked softly, looking to Celia who smiled softly and pointed to the main entrance. "Inside, to the right, there's the main office. You'll get your class list and a map of the school." She said and I nodded, getting out of the car and walking alone to the main entrance.

After I got my class list and map of the small school, I managed to find my way to my locker, placing my lunch inside of the small, moldy smelling cubby, I locked it and walked towards my first class, following the map and a student I overheard complaining about the biology teacher, Mr. Greene. I walked into the familiar classroom and went straight to the front desk.

"Hi there, I'm Alice Brandon." I introduced myself to the man cheerfully, and he eagerly shook my hand. "Nice to meet you, Alice, I'm Mr. Greene, are you nervous for your first day?" He asked me curiously. "A little," I admitted, knowing what was coming next. The bell rung and he smiled brightly, moving to step in front of his desk and beside me, a clipboard in hand.

"Everyone, Ms. Brandon here is new to Forks; I hope you'll all treat her with more respect than you treat your homework assignments." Mr. Greene joked with a lopsided smile when two or three students laughed out of what I assumed was a pity, he sighed and looked down at his paperwork. "Well, Ms. Brandon, there's a seat in the back beside Mr. Hale, I'm sure you could borrow his notes to get caught up." He said to me, and I nodded before I turned to take the seat in the back. Walking down the middle aisle, I froze when I saw the blonde man from my visions. He gripped the edge of the desk, his pale hands like claws that clung to the table; he leaned away from the empty stool beside him, closing his eyes. I continued forward and took my seat beside him.

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