Scenario: Hifumi and Taka were offed in the blink of an eye! At their trial, however, Makoto and Co. can't determine how Hifumi's dead body managed to make its way from the first floor all the way up to the third floor. That is…until our resident detective makes a somewhat outlandish theory…

Kyoko: For now, we can't get fixated on who did it, or we'll just keep going around in circles.

Kyoko: So instead of "who" I propose we start talking about "how"…

Kyoko: In particular, I think we need to figure out how Hifumi's body got moved.

Makoto: That's true. We searched everywhere, but we couldn't figure out how to explain his body disappearing.

Makoto: And according to what Celeste said…


Celeste: We could not have been gone for more than a minute or two, though.

Makoto: So then, the killer was able to get in and move Hifumi's body in that short amount of time?

Celeste: It would seem so…


Makoto: His body apparently disappeared in the one minute her and Hina took their eyes off of it.

Makoto: But to carry that much weight from the 1st floor up to the 3rd, in that short amount of time…

Yasuhiro: …Oh man, yeah! There's no way! It'd be impossible!

Kyoko: Well, what if I told you there was a way to make the impossible possible?

Aoi: What? How?

Kyoko: If the dead body…were to move itself.

Makoto: Huh…?

Aoi: Th-The dead body m-moved on its own!?

Yasuhiro: N-N-N-No! Not another gh-gh-gh-ghooooossst!

Byakuya: I don't think it has anything to do with the occult. I think what she's implying is…

Byakuya: …we thought Hifumi was dead, but perhaps in reality he was still alive.

Aoi: He was…alive!?

Sakura: Are you saying Hifumi wasn't carried out of the nurse's office, but simply walked out on his own?

Aoi: But I mean…we found his body! He was dead!

Byakuya: Perhaps he was simply *playing* dead.

Celeste: That…It isn't possible…!

Yasuhiro: Y-yeah! T-There's no way that Hifumi would c-come back to l-life like that!

Byakuya: Are you truly this stupid? He was never dead to begin with.

Aoi: I don't think so…he seemed pretty gone to me.

Celeste: As he did to me.

Kyoko: But how can you be sure—


Monokuma: You all seem rather…divided…wouldn't you say?

Yasuhiro: Y-yeah…so what?

Monokuma: Was Hifumi dead or was he alive?

Celeste: Obviously he was dead—

Monokuma: If you're so sure then you shouldn't have any trouble proving it in our fan-favorite segment!

Byakuya: Let me guess, the mor—

Monokuma: Morphenomenal Trial Ground! You hit the nail on the head!

Makoto: Not this again, I guess…if I want to help Kyoko then I'll just have to argue that Hifumi wasn't dead!

Genocide Jill: Oooh! Things are finally starting to get interesting!

Yasuhiro: Uhh…isn't a murder trial interesting enough?

Byakuya: This an insane psychopath you're talking to, of course it's not.

Monokuma: Children, children. You can all throw your petty insults wants the debate begins!

Makoto: Looks like this is happening! But…I don't think many people believe Kyoko right now, especially Aoi and Celeste—they definitely thought Hifumi was dead.

Makoto: If I'm going to prove he wasn't, I'll need to use every last bit of evidence, then we can find the truth of this case!

[With his adrenaline pumping, and his resolve to help his friends, Makoto braced himself as Monokuma brought out his epochal key. The two-toned bear twisted the key into the device sat in front of him and in an instant, the witness stands began to rise up. However, there were far fewer than before, putting into perspective how much this killing game had claimed. But Makoto knew deep in his heart that he couldn't distract himself with the despair of his friend's deaths, because the truth was the only thing important at that very moment. Readying himself, Makoto came face to face with his gothic opponent.]

Left Side: (Hifumi was DEAD): Celestia Ludenberg, Aoi Asahina, Yasuhiro Hagakure, Sakura Oogami, Genocide Jill, Sayaka's Picture, "Junko's" Picture, Leon's Picture

Right Side: (Hifumi was ALIVE): Makoto Naegi, Kyoko Kirigiri, Byakuya Togami, Hifumi's Picture, Kiyotaka's Picture, Mondo's Picture, Chihiro's Picture and…Monokuma?

Debate Scrum…START!

Yasuhiro: You guys don't actually think Hifumi c-came back from the d-d-dead, right!?


Byakuya: *sigh* How many times do we have to say that we're arguing that Hifumi was never dead!

Aoi: But I was there! He looked pretty dead to me, Celeste can attest to that!


Kyoko: Just because he looked dead doesn't mean he was. You have heard of the term, "playing dead," right?

Genocide Jill: Oooh! But from you guys keep saying there was lots of beautiful blood there! Can't fake that!


Byakuya: Unless, of course, there was some usable blood nearby. But that wouldn't make sense unless they were in, I don't know, a nurse's office!

Celeste: You fools seem to have forgotten Monokuma's body discover announcement, it's proof he was dead!

I got this!

Makoto: The body discover announcement is proof, because Taka died around the exact same time!

Celeste: If there were other bodies discovered, maybe Monokuma got lazy and rolled the announcements into one.


Monokuma: I wasn't lazy, the only time I make a body discovery announcement is when three people discover the same body!

[Phase One: Complete!]

[Phase Two…Begin!]

Sakura: Does this new rule give us any new clues, what difference does it make?


Byakuya: The difference is that we know that when we rediscovered the bodies the announcement shouldn't have played!

Yasuhiro: This new rule could apply to Taka and Hifumi, there's more than one possibility!


Kyoko: Not true, there evidence to suggest there's only one possibility, evidence proving Hifumi was alive!

Celeste: N-no evidence could ever prove that Hifumi was still alive at the nurse's office, none!

I got this!

Makoto: Actually there is evidence, his glasses!

[Final Shot]

Celeste: H-how could glasses be decisive evidence, they don't prove he was still alive, they don't!

We got this!

Byakuya: Hifumi's glasses were wiped before we found him alongside Kiyotaka!

Kyoko: This is our decisive evidence, the only one who would do such a thing would be the glasses' owner, Hifumi!

Makoto: Proving once and for all that when we found him in the nurse's office, Hifumi was still alive!