A/N: I'm sorry to begin with an author's note but I just wanted to say thanks for viewing this Fanfic and strap in cos it's about to get real. The characters are:

· Mike Wheeler

· Eleven

· Will Byers

· Lucas Sinclair

· Dustin Henderson

· Jim Hopper

· Joyce Byers

· Maxine "Max" Hargrove

Chapter 1: The Beginning

Eleven suddenly jerked awake. She was sweating. El looked at the clock. 7:45. Perfect timing. It took a moment for her to realise that she was home. Home. She paused on the word for a minute saying it over and over again quietly. She was grateful to have a home. Ever since she had escaped the bad men at Hawkins Lab, she would occasionally have nightmares about her time there. Last night was a particularly bad one.

She dreamt about the night that she had been forced into a water tank and first made contact with the monster that had terrorised Hawkins only 2 years ago. It didn't feel that long ago.

She got up, had a shower, had her breakfast (Eggos, obviously) and got ready for school. El had her first day of school after Christmas Break '84. She had gotten used to the school environment pretty well and had most of her classes with her friends Lucas, Maxine, Dustin, Will and Mike. Oh Mike. She had been in a relationship with him ever since she had come back last year. The only classes she didn't have with them were P.E. and Religion. She made friends with some of the girls but usually kept to the group of friends that had protected her.

Now she was 14, 15 in a fortnight's time. She couldn't wait for her birthday. Presently El was living with Hopper who had moved in with Joyce a few months earlier. Hopper had adopted her (a concept she still didn't understand fully) and when he moved in with Joyce she had moved in as well. Hopper married Joyce in the summer and that meant that Jonathan and Will were her brothers. She enjoyed living here and it meant a lot that people finally accepted her.

She waited for Will to get ready before saying 'Bye' as she and Will hopped on their bikes that had been bought for them last year as Christmas presents from Joyce. They rode to school where they met up with Dustin, Mike and Lucas. They didn't see Max but then again she was always a little late for school. They went into their homeroom. They sat down at the front as Mr. Clarke took the register. The subject of today's homeroom was the transition into high school. After summer break next year they would all be heading into Hawkins High School. But that was still a long way off yet and there were still many more important things to think about.

When Homeroom was finished Eleven went up to Mike and said 'High School?'.

Mike explained, 'It's a place that we go once we are too old for middle school.'

Eleven asked 'Will you be there?'

Mike gave an answer in the affirmative.

'Great' said Eleven, 'Anywhere you are is good'.

Mike blushed but acknowledged the compliment.

The day went as smooth as school could be with everyone getting more and more homework to do as the tests were coming up soon.

Once she had finished one of the girls she knew (not that well) came up to her and asked her a very personal question.

She asked 'Are you and Mike Wheeler dating?'

El responded with a simple 'Yes'.

She asked another question; 'Have you and Wheeler you know… done it?'.

'Done it?' She replied inquisitively.

'Had sex?' the girl whispered.

'What is sex?' El asked.

Just then Mike came along and the girl retreated back to her group of friends and they started giggling.

They all rode home and Mike asked Will to remind Joyce that it was Friday and that it was weekly Sleepover night. This was something that had been established last year and that all the parents agreed to let happen. There was a schedule. It would go Dustin, Lucas, Mike, Will and El, Max. This week it was Lucas's turn.

What's gonna happen in the next chapter. Will be uploaded by next Tuesday.