Hello there, everyone. First of all…I totally blame a friend of mine that will not be named for this. I started playing Overlord 2 out of curiosity a few days ago, the idea popped on my head, I mentioned it to him, we talked a bit and…this happened.

On a positive note, this shouldn't go beyond this, at all, and it only took me a day to made it so…have fun?

Disclaimer: Neither SAO nor Overlord belong to me. I'm just mixing the characters and plots for fun because I'm weird like that.

Prologue: Evil Finds a Way…whether you Want it or Not

In hindsight, 10-years-old Kirigaya Kazuto had no one to blame for his current situation but himself.

While some may have called the kid reckless or stupid, the fact was that, at the end of the day, he was a child that had found it his family wasn't actually his 'family', his sister and parents not really being those, but instead his cousin and uncles. He had discovered his parents had died before he could even remember them and had been adopted, and that neither his aunt nor uncle, who he had called mom and dad for his whole life, had ever told him so.

Of course, many would say that the black-haired boy was wrong and that he was exaggerating things way too much, and that his adoptive parents/uncles were waiting for him to be older before telling him, but to the confused and saddened Kazuto, sound logic didn't exactly apply.

And that was why he had grabbed his meager savings, stuffed them on his jacket and ran out of the house, making sure to be as silent as possible so that Suguha (Who was practicing kendo on the dojo) didn't hear him.

Running away from home had probably been a little extreme, but it hadn't been by far his worse decision of the day. Nor had it been getting on the train in Kawagoe Station then hiding inside all the way to Tokigawa as he stared aimlessly out of the window before getting off in Myokaku Station (Though a part of him was more than surprised no one had caught him while inside the train). Randomly deciding to take a bus with what remained of his savings towards the nearby area of Mt. Raiden, famous for its Buddhist Temple, hadn't been it either. Deciding to get off the road and head up towards the mountain, though? Now THAT had been when his stupidity reached its peak and the emotionally-stunned boy came to his senses and out of his inner reflections about his 'family', as he realized he was lost in a mountain/forest way too far away from home, with almost no money, no way to call for help and no idea of how to get back to the road.

Surprisingly, he had spent very little time scared and crying for help. Perhaps because of how much of an unusual kid he was (Your average boy couldn't build a high-end computer piece by piece and then use it to hack into erased Juki Net records to accidentally discover he was adopted at age 10, after all), perhaps because he was too emotionally drained after his discovery earlier that day or perhaps because the area around him was actually very peaceful and nice-looking; whatever the case, the kid had simply decided to not stay still and walked on, hoping he would find the road soon enough and ask for help to get back home, unknowingly getting deeper and deeper into the mountain.

A couple of hours later, the exhausted Kazuto could be seen resting against a tree, sitting on the ground while lamenting having dropped kendo for the first time since he did so. If he had kept his body in shape, he probably wouldn't be feeling as if his feet were about to break off from his legs.

"Gotta…keep…moving…" muttered the little boy to himself as he stood up and pressed on once again, trying to ignore his hunger and tiredness as the sun started to set beyond the mountain's horizon. "The road…can't be…much farther…"

Repeating those hopeless words to try and not think he would be soon lost and hungry on a mountain at night, Kazuto kept walking…until he reached a strange-looking clearing among the trees.

Strange in the sense that it was almost perfectly circular, with tall and ancient-looking stones carved with countless Buddhist symbols surrounding its edges, and a temple covered by ofuda (Paper talismans), which the kid was barely able to identify as having the kanji for 'Forbidden', 'Evil' and 'Seal' all over.

Even more disturbing, though was probably the strange 'drawings' of small devilish creatures charging against all kind of magical spirits and ancient armies, all led by a sinister-looking armored figure shrouded in darkness, which were cared on the inner faces of the surrounding rocks…and that Kazuto sadly didn't pay attention to as he walked towards the temple with a curious and hopeful look in his eyes.

"Hey, this has to mean that the main Buddhist temple they said was in this area is close by, right? If I get there, surely someone will be able to help me get back ho…Uh?"

The reason why the little boy's monologue was interrupted was because his eyes had stopped upon a particular ofuda, this one of a golden color unlike the rest, and with silver ink instead of black one, put exactly in the middle of the small stone temple's top.

Kazuto could almost feel…something resonating within him at the sight of the kanji written on it, as if the word carried a weight bigger than any written symbol should have ever done.

"How do you read this…?" whispered the black-haired boy as he reached out to touch the ofuda. "Hmm…Over…lord?"

As soon as the full word finished exiting his mouth…the kid's hand casually tore off the sealing talisman, blinking as he stared at the half of it now in his hands.

In that moment, eldritch green light and arcane bluish one exploded all around the clearing as if they were raw lighting, Kazuto screaming as all of it cracked the rocks surrounding it and then swirled ominously around him, incinerating the rest of the ofuda covering the temple, then breaking it apart.

It was at that moment that the black-haired boy realized the earth itself was cracking under his feet.

Barely having any time to turn around and start screaming, Kirigaya Kazuto could only reach out with his hands helplessly as the ground broke apart under his feet and he fell into what seemed like never-ending darkness, the rocks' remains and everything 'unnatural' that had filled the clearing falling with him.

Seconds later, the massive hole that had replaced the clearing shone with eldritch power and then closed itself, dirt and tree-roots quickly hiding there had ever been anything out of the ordinary there.

In that same moment, back in Kawagoe, on the Kirigaya household, 9-years-old Kirigaya Suguha knocked on her brother's door a couple of times, an innocent smile on her face.

"Onii-chan, time for dinner! Mom made our favorite, and she says that you should get off your computer already if you want to eat some! Also, you didn't play with me at all today because of that!" cutely pouted the little girl, though the childish happiness in her voice couldn't be hidden as she kept staring at the door…until the utter silence she received made her hesitate. "…Onii-chan? Are you there?"

When no answer came, Suguha worriedly put a hand over the handle and opened the door, blinking at being greeted by the silent and empty room of her brother, his window open and his recently built computer having been left on.

Confused and wondering where he could be, the little girl's eyes were drawn towards the computer, not because of the machine itself (She had never been too interested in them unlike her brother), but because of the complex-looking document being shown on the central of the screens, which apparently her brother had been looking at, some parts of it specifically highlighted by the machine being where her eyes were immediately drawn.

"Adop…tion…certificate…Kirigaya…Kazuto? Onii-chan…eh?"

And as the life of a little girl was turned upside down as much as it had been for her sibling hours ago, not to mention that his absence was finally noticed…the aforementioned boy grunted in pain as he tried to open his eyes.

He…wasn't sure exactly where he was, he was hurting all over and could barely see, not to mention that his head was pounding painfully and his vision swam without control. Still, if the size of the…cavern (?) he was in was anything to go by, he was more shocked by the fact that he hadn't died or at least been left crippled with the fall, especially given the strange ground filled with sinister symbols in a circular pattern under him was made of solid rock and…uh?

Weakly, the black-haired boy managed to get on all fours, looking up to see the strange and vaguely circular 'area' (Because it couldn't really be called a room), strange and half-broken spires and constructions, not to mention a couple of ancient and abandoned oversized musical instruments (?) and destroyed pieces of cloth that may have been flags or carpets once upon a time.

But what truly drew the kid's attention was what stood not far from him, towering over the room and seemingly intact (If dirty) despite the pass of time and the lack of care.

A throne of obsidian rock, majestically sinister, which despite the lack of light seemed to shine with an otherworldly presence and that somehow seemed to…draw the boy towards itself.

Still feeling pain all over, Kazuto almost didn't hear the skittering sound of several feet against the rocky ground, but the wrong and unnatural feeling of being watched suddenly assaulting him from all sides was something he could have never missed. Suddenly, his eyes (Even as his vision remained wavering and unfocused) realized that he was surrounded, dozens of strange and short inhuman figures filling the room, yellowish eyes gazing at him from the darkness.

If he hadn't been feeling as if he had just fallen to his death (Which he should have), the kid would have probably screamed in fright. As it was, he barely managed a whimper before one of the 'creatures', markedly different from the rest, walked forward, letting him see its greyish skin, hunched form and its sinister/broken garments, a pale and clawed hand of four fingers stroking its dirty-looking beard.

"Awake, awake after long nap!" came several voices from the darkness, which honestly sounded a bit…stupid. "Very long nap! Who's the humie who wakes us up? Is he new master?!"

"Hmm…this one…oh my, what a surprise. I had never felt such bottomless potential from a human so young before…" spoke the leader-like creature while looming over the whimpering Kazuto. "A lot of rough edges to polish, but with time and the right training…yes, I believe we may be before the beginning of the greatest Age of Evil!"

Amidst the sudden cacophony of joyous laughs and screams of the creatures in the darkness, the black-haired boy was barely able to mutter a single phrase.

"I want to go home…"

"Oh, worry not, my young lord. You're home now." spoke the hunched creature in a very bad attempt at a soothing voice, even as Kazuto felt his consciousness slipping away. "And soon, the world shall kneel before the new Overlord! After all…Evil Always finds a Way."

And while above the ground life went on as if nothing had happened except for a missing child, under the Earth, inhuman beings got to work, for the time of Evil was coming once again…

November 6th, 2022. Japan, a hidden cabin somewhere in the countryside. 19:00…

With a satisfied sigh, Kayaba Akihiko kept typing on a keyboard of the pseudo-lab he had prepared on his 'hideout', finishing the last touches and checkouts he had to do before Diving once again, ready to enter his world as just another 'player'.

It had been a bit over an hour since he finished the 'Tutorial' of Sword Art Online, and he assumed that by that point most of the trapped players would have already dispersed from the central plaza of Starting City, be it to try and hide to deny reality or to rush off into the fields to start clearing the game. Either way, at this point no one would notice when a new player showed up out of nowhere and started walking among them, none of them ever wiser of his identity as their jailer.

His dream could finally begin, to see that world he had longed for since he saw that floating castle in his dreams. And nothing would be able to stop it, not as long as the Cardinal System existed. At this point, even HE himself would be unable to stop the Management AI if he didn't have the only remaining Admin. Account, so advanced and self-improving his greatest creation (Not counting Aincrad itself) was.

Truly, there was nothing now that could stop his dream from being reali…

The man's thoughts found themselves brutally interrupted by the ground starting to shake, making his eyes widen as he looked around. An Earthquake? But why did it seem like…?!

A sudden sound outside made the father of virtual reality stand up and rush towards the closest window, suddenly on edge, wondering if somehow the impossible had happened and someone had found him…

…in time to see a massive (Almost as tall as his cabin and half as wide) and sinister-looking 'altar' finished emerging from the earth, claw-like pillars with a hole in its center and steps surrounding it making the obsidian structure seem like something straight out of a Lovecraftian novel.

For a moment, Kayaba wondered if maybe his consciousness was purer than he thought and a part of him had descended into insanity to try and deal with the guilt of his actions.

When bluish eldritch energy started to flow from within the alien-looking altar, though, and inhuman shapes started to literally materialize from within, his screaming survival instincts took over and the man bolted for the backdoor, his heart suddenly hammering in his chest as his mind tried to make sense of the impossibility that was taking place…

And then the putrid smell of rotting flesh hit him head-on just as he reached the door, his hand moving away from it as he saw rusty metallic claws tear through the wood and metal as if it was paper, taking it down with laughable easiness.

For a moment, he could almost have sworn that there was Nothing there, but the nauseating smell was quickly accompanied by eerie laughs as three greenish and goblin-like creatures appeared seemingly out of thin air, long fangs on their grinning face and spikes coming from their tails, their yellowish eyes fixed on him.

"Found evil humie! Evil humie who thinks himself eviler than our master!"

The creator of SAO didn't even stop to be horrified before turning around and running as fast as he could towards the front door, hoping against hope that he could still escape that surrealistic nightmare.

His hopes were crushed as said door was broken apart just as he was about to reach it, a literal horde of creatures similar to the ones from before rushing into his cabin, though these ones were brownish in color and lacked tails. Not to mention most of them were dressed in fur loincloths and armed with kitchen knives, baseball bats, crowbars…and a rubber chicken in one case. Ironically, that particular creature was also wearing primitive-looking metal armor and had a Dragon Ball mask (The kind you could find in festivals being sold to kids) on. And was riding a dog who someone had stuck a paper with the label 'not-wolfy' on its side.

Just as he was wondered if he should just fall to his knees and beg that this was only a dream, Kayaba froze as the laughing creatures opened way for an otherworldly presence to enter the room.

A dark figure entered, clad in jet-black armor that covered him wholly, a wicked-looking blade filled with arcane symbols of evil tightly gripped in his hand, the white mantle he carried seeming a bit too thick for the warm weather they were having, but doubtlessly fitting with his sinister image, especially with the glowing golden eyes that stared at him from within his darkened helmet.

…he was also not very tall. In fact, Kayaba was probably a couple heads taller than the imposing dark being, who couldn't be more than a teenager given the evidence.

"Kayaba Akihiko." spoke the Dark One with a sinister and soul-chilling voice before pausing, making a gesture with his empty hand…which made several of the creatures rush forward and form a makeshift inhuman stepladder, over which he quickly stepped to now tower slightly over the man. "Good minions…ehem, Kayaba Akihiko! Your days of trying to do evil are over."

"Yes, yes, as master said!" grinned the creature riding the dog while waving his rubber chicken from side to side. "You tried to be more evil than him by trapping all those innocent humies and threatening with killing them! But no more! Now you have fallen before his mighty evilness!"

"…ehm, yes, that's right. Totally right. And that's why you're now going to release everyone from SAO…because I can't allow you to be eviler than me. Not because I'm trying to save all those innocent people. Not at all."

Blinking, the scientist STARED at the dark and imposing figure, the oddly specific denial having somehow been weirder than the entire situation, even if none of the creatures surrounding him (And those green ones from before had arrived to join in) seemed to find anything weird with their master's words.

"So, uhm…are you going to kill me after I release everyone?" ventured the man while trying to recover his lost cool.

"NO!" shouted the Dark One before quickly coughing in his fist and adding more. "That is…I could use your talents for Evil under my command. After all, my Evil Army could benefit from a slave of your caliber. Yeah…that."

"And…if I refuse?"

"…then I will sick the minions on you, I'm afraid." sighed the dark figure while making wild gestures with his empty hand and trying that his 'minions' wouldn't notice, as if urging him to accept the damn offer.

"…just who the hell are you?" was what Kayaba said instead, feeling completely and utterly lost.

At his words, the minions stilled, before all of them started to sing praises and words in a sinister tone, chants about Evil and Death and Destruction…and the annihilation of cute and adorable things.

As if that was a cue, the Dark One stood taller, raising his sword over his head while eldritch power gathered on his empty hand.

"I'm the Supreme Ruler of the Netherworld! The Master of Darkness! The Future Owner of this World!" shouted the teenager in an overly dramatic and 'evil' voice, which the minions seemed to love as they started to celebrate louder. "I'm Overlord Kirito! And today, with your fall, Kayaba, is the day when the new age of Evil begins!"

And as the minions cheered and screamed and started to randomly break things (One of them accidentally ramming his head on a computer and frying himself to death), the most wanted 'terrorist' in the world could only stare at 'Kirito' as he looked down at him, for the first time noticing the almost desperate look the very much human black eyes behind the golden glow seemed to have, as well as the single plea they carried within.

"Fucking please, help me."

SaintInfernalNeos presents…


Author's Notes: Welcome to a completely evil story about the evilness of Kirito, the Overlord, who totally wants to take over the world and impose Evil as the supreme power. Really :D

Being serious, though, and while the number of amusing ideas for this madness are bursting from my head, I promise you that this will be it for now. I have more than enough writing "OPG: Chains of Fate" and two other fics to go back to after that to start yet another one. If anyone is interested in adopting this, though, feel free to PM me so we can talk, you will be more than welcome to it. After all, you know what they say, evil is fun and it always finds a way…even if the one supposed to be evil doesn't want that at all XD

Till next time, this has been Saint for you all, folks!