Lilo was already outside in the front of the yard shouting for Stitch's name. In the house, her older sister was tapping away on her phone. She was going to call the police so she could file a runaway report on Stitch.

Lilo continued to shout out for Stitch's name in the front yard of the house. Nani, Lilo's older sister finally was able to contact the police. She had almost jumped around for joy when they finally answered! She was able to hold the phone close up to her ear and heard the police officer from the police station yelling at people in the background. Nani talked to the police officer on the phone about what was going on,but, while she was on the phone talking to him,Lilo stopped calling for Stitch.

"Nani, have the police been of help yet?",asked Lilo wondering.

Nani pointed her finger at Lilo because she was on the phone. After a few hours of her being on the phone, Nani hung up to look at Lilo,

"They are now filing a runaway report.",said Nani.

Lilo stood silent as she ran up to Nani to walk

"It will be okay Lilo,Stitch would be home soon.",said Nani sweetly.