chapter 22-what is the truth

Emma got back to Stroybrooke and took a walk when she ran into Zelena.

"Miss Green Hi." "Hello Emma, what are you doing out this late." "Nothing, I just needed a walk. I`m going to head home." Emma said as she walked home.

years ago in Oz

Zelena sits at her desk watching Regina through the mirror. She was watching Regina talk with Rumple about the dark curse and when she heard something a name that interested her. Emma.

Sometime after that Zelena found a spell to get what she wanted and all she needs is the product of true love.

The day the curse was cast Zelena was in the Enchanted forest and when she saw the purple cloud, she took a potion to remember who she is.

Storybrooke present day. the next day, Zelena watches Lily leave the barn. Zelena turns to the table and picked up the spell. "I`m so close."

Emma is sitting on a bench looking out at the sea when David walked up to her and sat next to her. "Mary Margent is looking for you, you sneaked out."

"Ya, sorry I needed to get out. " "What`s wrong?"

"Someone wants me to believe in something and save everyone but I can`t. I`m just a lost girl."

"Lost girl? Like Peter Pan lost boys."

"A foster brother used to read the story to me when I was younger. I arrived here I thought my parents were here. Now I don`t know."

"Emma you`re just a kid, go hang out with your friends."

"That`s a good idea, see ya again." Emma ran off but Emma isn`t going to Grace`s no she`s running away.

Emma sneaked out of her room with her bag full of her stuff and started running to the town line.

At the town line, Emma got to the sign and turned around. "I thought Storybrooke could be my home, thought it would be different."

At the same time cross town Zelena sits at the table looking in a crystal ball at Emma at the town line.

"No this can`t be. why is she leaving? My plan I need her to stay."

At the town line, Emma faces the town. Goodbye Storybrooke I thought I`d found a home.

Emma turned around and started walking to the town line.

Oh no, is someone going to stop Emma?

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