written for 'the swear jar' on the golden snitch

school: hogwarts

house: slytherin

points: 5


(setting) the hogwarts library

(year) 1995

(scenario) blaise zabini has a secret, one he must hide from everyone

a/n: one of the restrictions for this was for no dramiones or drinnys, and my inner drarry heart was just CACKLING, but i decided to write about something else instead b/c i write too much draco. i have challenged myself not to use any restrictions here, and i have succeeded. praise me please because of all the editing i had to do

. . .

Blaise has always enjoyed being in the Hogwarts library. It's quite soothing, really. He tends to read — well, he reads whatever he can get his hands on. Sometimes he devours a book about Charms. Other times it's Transfiguration. Other times, it's not.

But there's the nasty hag Dolores Umbridge hanging over his shoulder sometimes. Therefore, Blaise often must read about boring magical theory, because imagine the hubbub if anyone found out...

. . .

So here's a secret:

Blaise hates purebloods. He wants to read about Muggles. Blaise finds himself fascinated by the non-magical people.

So he charms his books and he reads passively and he makes sure no one knows.

. . .

Sometimes he thinks he can see that girl, the Muggle-born — Hermione Granger — looking at the covers of his books oddly.

Finally she walks up to him, Gryffindor tie swishing in the air, and demands, "Tell me about that book you're reading, because that's not a Charms book."

"Okay, how about I tell you — this is a Charms book, Mudblood." Blaise doesn't want to say the word, hates it even, but keeps his words steady and venomous.

"Of course," she replies simply. "Of course not. Don't be an idiot, Zabini."

"Why would I be lying —" Blaise starts to interject, but Granger cuts him off.

"Because you don't want people to know the things you're really reading about."

"Mudblood," Blaise says regretfully, not letting that show, of course, "you don't know anything you're talking about. Get out of here and don't bother me again." He resolutely goes back to reading about the Muggle subject Physics.

"You wouldn't want Umbridge to know you're hiding something...of course, if you aren't hiding anything, she'll just extensively research you — not that you're hiding anything — of course," she smiles, thinly veiling a threat. Now Blaise needs to get her off his back. He needs some of his Slytherin cunning right about now — and that cunning promises in just one moment.

"So here's a secret: I'm actually reading about murder," fibs Blaise desperately. It works, apparently, seeing the horror on Granger's face. "Yes, that's right, Mudblood, I'm reading up on the best curses to use, the most painful...and I think, if you don't shut up...you might just be my first target…"

She's gone quite quickly, but not before she tells him, "You are a vile thing, Blaise Zabini. Vile."

Blaise laughs. "I am quite aware of the fact."